A new Story from me, published on the day of my birth, so please enjoy an don't worry about the other stories of mine, i'm still working on them, the next chapter of Brother of the One-Winged Angel is nearly done so expect that sometime in the near future.

The Flickering light of the candles illuminated the students of Hogwarts school as they sat for the opening night feast, situated at the head of the hall was a long table which seated a wide range of people, there was a man in robes the colour of a peach, a toad pretending to be a human, a woman who looked so strict that even Lucifer himself would do as she said, Batman, and many others.

When every student had settled down into their house tables, the man in the peach coloured robes stood up and an instant hush fell over the students

"Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts, now before we have dinner, due to some students that shall remain nameless for now, we have some new rules in place and with the help of the more inventive Muggle studies students we have a way to see the rules and why they were put in place, Students"

At that a seventh year student from each house stood up and made their way to the front of the hall.

"Thank you professor for this opportunity, now to do this we have used the spells that are on a pensive and joined them to a contraption similar to what the muggles call a projector," the Slytherin seventh year said as his companions set it up, "this little box has a crystal vial inside that when light is shone through the memory which is inside the vial it will project the image onto whatever surface we like which is the wall to the left of the hall."

The other three students had finished putting everything in place and had gone up to Dumbledore for the memory.

"Now as this is different to other years dinner will be provided while you watch and announcements will be made tomorrow so please enjoy." with those las words Dumbledore sat own, dimmed the candles and motioned for the students to start.