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11) I am no longer allowed to sing my "own personal spy music" when I wander around the hallways.

Anthony knew that Michael was raised to know his mothers muggle heritage, so it was no surprise when he saw Michael doing something weird. Roughly 2 days after midterms ended Anthony came across Michael sneaking around the fourth floor, humming a random tune.

"Duh duh duh doo, duh duh duh doo, duh duh duh do, do do, do dodododo do do do do-"

"Dude what the hell are you doing?" Anthony asked

"I'm looking for the hidden swimming pool, Rumbleroar said that it was the portal to Pigfarts" Michael replied.

"Mr Goldstein, Mr Corner, it would be my hope that being ravenclaws you would be able to tell the time and as such would not be making fools of yourselves by breaking curfew, you have ten minutes to get to your dorms or you will be in detention for more than the three days you already have." Professor Snape said coming out of the shadows like he was made from them.

"Sorry sir Michael hasn't had much sleep what with the exams and all, so we'll just head off now and I'll get him to sleep right away." Anthony said as he ushered Michael away.

"Phew that was close wasn't it Dumbledore?" Snape said morphing into Cedric Diggory.

"Indeed Mr Diggory we certainly cannot let the younger students find out about the Swimming pool."

12) I am not allowed to hand out red shirts to all of the DADA professors and say they are standard uniform.

"Here you go Professor Moody, it's a little gift from us to you, we give one to every DADA teacher we have, just a little joke gift." Justin said as he gave Moody a red shirt in Moodys size.

"Thank you Mr Finch-Fletchley, it's an honor to get such a gift from the students."

Outside with the rest of the joint Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw class.

"You know it's weird ever since Potter came to the school, the red shirt of Death has really lived up to it's name" one of the students remarked.

"Yeah" the others agreed.

13) Starting a betting pool on the fate of this years DADA teacher is Tasteless and tacky, not a cleaver money making scheme.

"I say 10 Galleons for, trampled in the forest at the end of the year"

"Thank you Luna"

"So that's 10 on Trampled, 50 on something to do with Harry, 5 on nothing, and 75 on their own hubris… whatever that means." Fred said as George collected the money.

"We'll see you all again when the event happens." George called as everyone left.

14) I am not to refer to the Accio charm at "The Force"

"Professor Flitwick sir, are we going to be learning to call things to us using The Force today or will that be next lesson?" Dean asked the teacher.

"Learn to use the force we will not, Learning the spell Accio we will be." The professor replied already having dealt with muggle born and raised children doing the same every year since the first Star Wars movie.

15) I will not bring a magic 8-Ball to Divinations Class.

"Will this class be useful to me in the future? Hmm it says no."

"Hermione… you don't even take this class anymore, what are you doing here?' Ron asked.

"Proving that this class is a joke," Hermione replied shaking up the magic 8-Ball again, "Will anyone in this class room die within the next ten years?"

Stopping the shaking of the ball it landed on 'Most definitely'.

"Huh… who in the class will die in the next ten years?" Ron asked shaking the ball.

The answer was something no one expected the answer came up as a white triangle with two arrows pointing at both Harry and Lavender.

"Well… that's not a good sign… I didn't know those things could answer those questions." Harry said only slightly surprised.

"That's the thing Harry… they can't answer those questions.

In the Hall a few of the Hufflepuffs stood up, in hand was a red shirt somehow both the size and style for the new female DADA teacher.

"As tradition Dictates the Hufflepuffs gift to the teacher." Susan Bones said walking solemnly up to the head table.

The toadlike teacher accepted it, not knowing that it sealed her fate tighter than the curse that had been placed on the DADA position.