Sora walked up to his house, in his mind still at what had happened today. He, Kairi and Riku had been at the play Island, like most days and had talked a lot about their plans for the journey. The day had still been a lot of fun, but one thing bothered Sora. Riku had returned to the main Island earlier than him and Kairi. They had sad at their usual place for what felt like hours . Kairi seemed to be very nervous about something. When Sora had asked her, what was wrong, she had suddenly kissed him and then had run away.

Sora had pondered the entire way back to the island about what had happened, but came to absolute no conclusion. Sora had finally reached the door and was about to open it, as his gaze dropped on a strange looking box lying in front of the door, a letter attached to it, addressed for him. He picked the packet up, curiously examining it. There was no nothing to indicate who had sent the box. He pushed the door open, going upstairs to his room, after poking his head into the leaving room and greeting his mother.

Sitting on his bed, he took the letter first, opening it and started to read:"Dear Sora, you sure are wondering, what the meaning of this is. I assure you, all your questions will be answered soon. This box contains six items from great importance concerning your coming journey. I would like to ask you, to assemble your friends, Kairi, Riku and their parents at one place. As soon as you are assembled further instructions will arrive. I understand, that you have no reason to trust me, but I mean you or your friends no harm. If you still don't believe me think back ten years. I'm a friend of Ventus, the name should mean something to you!"

As soon as Sora had read the last word, a sharp pain shoot through his head. He now remembered what had happened ten years ago. and knew, that the person was trustworthy He would need to contact Kairi and Riku. But first he would check the box. He opened it carefully, revealing six video games. Sora just raised an eyebrow, shifting through them. The first one was labelled Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Sora somehow recognized one of the persons on the label as Ventus. When he saw the next label he was even more shocked. The pictrure showed himself, Kairi and Riku. The third, called Chain of Memories displayed the three again, the fourth 358/2 days, showing someone looking a lot like Ventus. The fifth, simply called Kindom Hearts 2 showed himself, Kairi and Riku. The last, Dream Drop Distance, showed himself and Riku alongside the mouse again.

The Words Kingdom Hearts sparked a memory inside of him, but he was not sure, if it was his own, or one of Ventus. He closed his eyes and pictured a heart shaped moon. Yes that was it. Kingdom Hearts the source of all hearts. This was important there was no doubt. Sora quickly grabbed his handy, quickly dealing Karis Number in. Then he remembered the kiss again. He still had no answer. Before he could think much about it, Kairi answered:"Hey Sora, what is up if it is about the kiss, I'm sorry!" Sora quickly answered:"Hey Kairi" No this is not about the kiss, but we should probably talk about it anyway. I need you to come to my house as quickly as possible! Could you bring Riku with you as well. He has a new number and I haven't gotten it yet!"

Kairi quickly confirmed and hung up, which left Sora with nothing else, but his thoughts about the kiss, newly reawakened. Could it really mean, what he thought it meant. Did she saw him as more as a friend. No, that was impossible or at least Sora thought so. Sora still pondered about this, when the doorbell rang. Sora quickly got to the door. Just as expected, Riku and Kairi were there. They followed Sora to his room. As soon as they were all seated, Sora started to explain what had happened and showed them the games. He also explained what had happened ten years ago. Riku was the first one to interrupt:"Why do you believe this letter? It could be a joke!" Sora answered:"I thought so at first as well. But there are two things that make me believe it is genuine. First how do they know about our planned journey? We haven't told anyone and second, how do they know, about what happened between me and Ventus!" The following silence was only interrupted by the appearance of another letter, which seemed to come out of nowhere.

Sora quickly grabbed the letter and read:"Dear Sora, Riku and Kairi, now that you three are assembled, I thought I should explain some things, you can repeat to your parents when they join you. The first game happens 10 years ago and was send to you, because it's happenings will have a big influence on the journey ahead of you. All three off you will have a very important part in the upcoming war, we hope to either prevent or at least to reduce the casualties. Before we can start I want to ask something of you. All of you should be able to wield a keyblade, a weapon that will play a central role in the war. I would like to ask you, to try and summon yours. Stretch out your hand in front of you and picture it. To let it disappear just think of it vanishing!"

The three locked confused at each other, but followed the instruction. Kairi got Raindrop, Riku a smaller version of Earthshacker and Sora got Weyard Wind. They quickly let the three blades disappear, which was followed by the appearance of another letter.

This time Kairi grabbed it, reading it out loud:"Very good, this solved a few problems. I was worried, if Sora would be able to use it, but it seems he inherited the ability from Ven. Anyway, I would like all of you, to go to your cave and use the key blades open the door. It should open to a save place. Your parents will arrive as soon as the door is open! Please convince them, that this is of utter most importance! I'll send you a massage as soon as you are in the cave!"

The three of them looked between each other. The task was clear. Looking outside their room they saw it was already dark. They would start tomorrow. Riku and Kairi both got up from the bed, attempting to leave, but Sora quickly grabbed Kairis arm and said:"Could I talk to you? Just for a moment? Alone?" Kairi obviously knew what this was about, but nodded anyway. Riku quickly disappeared, leaving both of them in a nervous silence. Finally Sora was the first to speak:"Kairi, you know this is about the kiss. I'm not angry or anything, I would just like to understand, why did you kiss me? I thought a lot about it and I came up with only one explanation!"

Kairi was obviously unsure how to answer the question. Finally she said:"You are correct, it meant what you thought it meant. I understand, if you don't feel the same way, but please, at least think about it!" She wanted to go, but Sora quickly said:"The kiss felt good, but I don't know what I'm feeling now. Give me some time!" Kairi quickly nodded und disappeared through the door. Sora sank down on his bed, even more confused than before. Kairi really did love him. But what did he felt? With these confusing thoughts, he finally fall into an uneasy sleep.

It felt like only a few minutes, when Sora opened his eyes. He stood in a large, completly white room. In the middle of the room was a single throne. Sitting on the throne was Ventus, rubbing his eyes, like he was still half asleep. He greeted:"Hey Sora, nice that you finally visit me!" Sora asked:"Where are we? How are you even awake? Is your heart finally repaired?" Ventus couldn't help but laugh at the storm of questions fired at him.

After a few seconds he answered:"This is castle Oblivion, formerly known as the Land of Departure, before my friend Aqua turned it into this, in order to hide me here. For your other questions, the process is nearly complete, thanks to Kairi. Her power as a princess of Heart unknowingly speed up my healing process considerably, but I contacted you for another reason.

You are wondering who this friend of mine is, that send use the package. If I had to guess, it would be probably either Mickey, the humanoid mouse on the cover, or Yen Sid, a former Keyblade Master. I wouldn't exactly call Yen Sid a friend, more an ally, but that is beyond the point. I wanted to warn you, Kairi and Riku, so you don't get a wrong image from the games about being a Keyblade wielder. The life of a keyblade wielder is very dangerous, you see where I ended. To put it bluntly, we are soldiers in a never ending war between Light and Darkness. I don't think anyone ever put it this way, but it is accurate. You three will face many obstacles on the journey ahead of you and even if the games are going to prepare you, it won't be easy. Which brings me to my last point, the games. Whoever send you these games is taking a major risk, meddling with time like this. Add in the mentioned war and I'm afraid to learn about the future, because it must be dire, for someone to take this risk!"

Just as Ventus ended, the vision of Castle Oblivion disappeared and Sora awoke in his bed, the sun already shining into his room.