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Chihiro felt as her body was carried out of the water, it was less graceful than it normally did in her dreams, more painful, her throat hurt. She felt as her body was laid on a hard surface. Muffled voices were all around her but she couldn't quit hear. Chihiro felt as two strong hands pressed down on her chest,then the pressure was gone only to be replaced by a soft tiny pressure on her lips.

"Come on Chihiro, wake up." Urged a sweet, familiar voice. It was the voice that made her open her eyes as he returned his lips to hers an energy tingled her lips and slipped down her throat. It felt like it was pulling the water from her lungs up her throat . Water burst from her mouth in a coughing fit as soon as the lips left hers. Chihiro shot up and turned over as she coughed, and tried to catch her breath.

As Chihiro tried to even out her breathing, she heard a cacophony of voices, but one voice penetrated her ears more than the others. it was only a tiny whisper of gratefulness, but it was the only one that matter.

"Thank goodness." She heard him say. The words were full of praise and love? He sounded so familiar. Chihiro's head snapped to the left, sitting next her, in a soaked school uniform, was the boy who saved her life. Sea foam green eyes locked on to her plan, ordinary brown one's. As he looked at her, into her, existence halted. As she searched his face, it was lean, soft, feminine, yet defined, and distinguished, her eyes looked into his and she was transported back six years ago.

They held hands as they ran giddy, and ecstatic that she had passed the test, and saved her parents.

He stopped just as the riverbed came into view.

"The water's gone I can cross!" Chihiro exclaimed, but then she looked to the boy whose hand she still held. "Will I ever see you again?"

He smiled, " I promise."

He smiled a smile she knew so well, a smile she felt was reserved only for her.

"Hi." He squeezed her hand, "Welcome back."

"Koha..." She didn't finish the word. Couldn't say it. Because it was him, but if it wasn't... she couldn't bare the devastation it would bring. Chihiro wouldn't do that not to herself. She rather never know. It had been too long for her give in to the hope that was budding. Her Haku was shorter, younger, yet so was she back then, in the spirit world. This Haku's hair was longer, longer than most girls hair, it went down to the small of his back. It was black, with a green tint to it. Chihiro had expected that if she ever saw him again it'd be the boy she'd met, not a teenager. Chihiro just could not believe. She had come to far to allow her self to fall for anything anymore. So instead she tore her hands away and held it close to her heart to protect it, "Thank you."

Her voice quivered, and she knew tears were forming in her eyes. Chihiro blinked, and rubbed her eyes. Trying not to focus on the concern in his so familiar eyes, or the fading smile on his lips.

"Chihiro!" Mica yelled as the rambunctious blonde tackled Chihiro hugging her tight. Kira was right behind her, trying to pull her off.

"Stop it, Mica! She just almost drowned! Give her some air!" finally Kira pulled Mica to her feet.

Yusuke grabbed the hand at her chest and held it tight. Chihiro tried to ignore the momentary glare the boy next her gave as he did so, "Are you okay what happened?"

"Yeah, care to explain how my best swimmer started drowning, the day before our meet?" Coach Takanada asked. His voice was stern but his eyes were full of concern.

"Well..." Chihiro trailed off looking around the hoard of people that surrounded her until her eyes settled back on the stranger. She blushed and looked down with a muttered 'Eeep.' "I thought there was a bee in the pull, And inhaled to scream, but I swallowed water instead." She lied quickly.

"You dope!" Kira chided flicking Chihiro on the nose, "We were worried about you!"

"Yeah! you could have died if this guy," Mica pointed her finger at the drenched boy next Chihiro. She paused looking him up and down, "this really really really cute guy hadn't dove in and pulled you to safety!"

"Oh." Chihiro looked from Mica to the mention boy, "Thank you."

The greens eyes held hers, as he looked at her with such earnest all he said was, "Always."

Chihiro felt her heart beat thrash against her ribs as he said the word. Her breathing became shallow. Her mouth hung open and her eyes couldn't look away. She must have resembled a poor deer caught in the headlights, and this stranger, with his eyes that were so familiar was the car.

"So I know everybody at this school and I've never met you before. Are you knew?" Mica asked pursing her lips and placing her hands on her hips attempting to size up the boy that was staring at her best friend.

"Yeah, and who are you by they way?" Yusuke asked standing up attempting to intimidate the Chihiro's savior. "This isn't exactly the biggest town. I'm sure I would have you here before."

The stranger stood up as well. "I'm a new student here. I was told you," He turned to address the Coach, "were who I talked to about joining the Swim team."

"Hmmm," the coach looked him up and down. He placed his hands on his narrow hips and scrunched his nose as he examined the strange kid, "Ever swim on a team before?"

"Not for a school, I was home schooled, but I have the best swim records for a club I swam for." He answered pulling out a piece of paper.

Chihiro saw the aw of surprise in her coaches boys numbers must have been really good. Coach Takanada closed his mouth and shook his head.

"We're half way through the swim season, boy. But if your numbers are as good as this paper says they are well, I'll give you a try out Monday 3:15. Be dressed, be stretched out, don't be late."

Yusuke narrowed his eyes. Chihiro knew he felt jealous and insecure. He was by far the best swimmer they had on the boys side. No one came close, but if the coach was going to let someone try out half way through the season he must be amazing. "What's your name?"

The stranger glanced down at Chihiro who still sat sprawled out on the concrete floor, and smiled a tiny smile that resonated in her entire being. "Haku."

Chihiro's breath caught in her sore throat.

She felt her chest squeeze, and her heart beat rapidly. She simply couldn't take him. He was too similar yet not similar enough. Chihiro scrambled onto all fours and then onto her feet. She dashed for the girl's locker room. Bursting through the heavy metal door, Chihiro glanced around as if she'd never been in the room then she ran behind the wall in the middle of the room where the showers were before collapsing on her hands and knees attempting to breathe.

The tile was stained and grime grew in the cracks but none of that mattered, all that mattered were those eyes, that voice, and the fact the Chihiro just couldn't take a proper breathe no matter how hard she tried. Tears began to form in her eyes as memories high jacked her mind.

Moments later Kira and Mica burst through the door and hearing Chihiro's gasps and sobs they ran around to try and help her. What they found was their best friend in the fettle position crying.

"Jesus, Chihiro!" Akira exclaimed taking in the sight of her friend waling, and rocking back and forth.

"Oh, Chihiro." Mica whispered as she gathered her devastated friend in her arms.

Chihiro, still crying, latched onto her friend and wept into her bosom. She wept for the memories that would not abandon their assault on her mind. She wept for the friendship that was left untouched for six years. She wept for the ten year old whose heart was filled with faith, trust, and love. And she wept for the promise that was never kept and could never be kept.

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