Before we begin, Silver's New Friends is going a small hiatus until next year because I want to do more of Fight for Freedom Season 2 and I wanted to do a Christmas Story. Sonic character are owned by Sega and the story which inspired this, A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens. So enjoy.

Christmas Eve. The streets were filled with Mobians and Humans alike, both adult and child. Adults were doing their last bit of Christmas shopping, while the children were playing tag and other such childish games. The snow was falling heavily, causing snowball fights, with some hitting the shoppers in face, dropping all their shopping in the cold wet snow. However, all of that stopped, when a hedgehog, blacked fur, in a trench coat and top hat, walked pasted, carrying a walking stick. His very presence, cause the whole street to gloom, with kids hiding behind one another. Carol singers stopped when he walked passed. The hedgehog walked up to a door, with a sign, saying, 'Shadow and Vector,' to the left of it. However, the second of the two names was nearly scratched off, almost being unreadable. He unlocked the door and opened it, walking in. Shadow hung up his coat and hat and sat at his desk, writing a document on a piece of paper. He owned a money lending company, where he lends people money and they give him back more. He was checking his list to see who paid back, who needed late fees, and who were completely in his debt. Shadow's only employee walked in, quickly hanging up his scarf and hat and hurrying to his desk and started slaving away, writing checks for those who asked for money.

"3 minutes," Shadow said. "And 28 seconds late, Mr. Silver."

"Sorry, sir," Silver said, not looking up. "It won't happen again."

"At this time of the year, we afford lateness," Shadow said. "Do you know my favourtie thing about Christmas?"

"No, sir, what?" Silver said, shivering. Shadow refused to pay for heating.

"The money," Shadow said. "At this time of year, those idiotic people go off, spending money on pointless things for each other. And that means, we, the money leaders, can get really rich, really quickly!"

"Where you keep all that money," Silver said, under the breath.

"What was that!" Shadow yelled. Luckily, Silver was saved as Shadow's Nephew walked in.

"Merry Christmas, uncle!" Sonic said.

"Merry Christmas? Humbug!" Shadow said, going back to working.

"Surely you don't mean that, uncle?" Sonic asked.

"I do and you know very well I do!" Shadow said. "The only thing about this damn holiday I like is that it makes my business bloom!"

"Well, this holiday may of never made me a ring richer, unlike you" Sonic said. "But I do believe it has done me good, even if you don't believe that!"

"But it's made you poorer," Shadow said. "Spending money on pointless gifts."

"Well, I found something greater than money or gift one Christmas," Sonic said. "True Love."

"Love?" Shadow laughed. "You hear this, Silver? Like love is better money is any universe! Next thing you're going to tell me is that you've married her!"
"I did!" Sonic said.

"And didn't send me an invite to the wedding?" Shadow asked.

"Didn't bother," Sonic said. "You would've just turned it down and told me to go away."

"True, true," Shadow said. The door opened. Espio and Mighty walked in, with Mighty holding a can with rings in.

"Hello, there," Espio said. "Shadow and Vector's, I presume?"

"Just Shadow's," Shadow said. "Vector passed away seven years ago today."

"Well then," Mighty said. "We would to ask you, Mr. Shadow, if you would kindly donate some spare rings for those less fortunate than us?"

"As we know, thanks to the war against Dr. Robotnik and the taxes that come with it, many are left homeless this Christmas!" Espio said.

"Are there no prisons?" Shadow asked.

"Plenty of prisons," Mighty said.

"Are there no roboticization chambers in the Eggman Empire?"

"Sadley, there is still plenty of those," Espio said. "How much should we put you down for?"

"None," Shadow said.

"You wish to be anonymous?" Mighty asked.

"I wish to be left alone," Shadow said, banging on his desk. "Those who are homeless on the streets can be roboticized into Robians and made to do hard labour for the Eggman!"

"Some would rather die!" Espio said.

"Well then they better do it!" Shadow yelled. "And decrease the rising population!"

"Surely, uncle, you're being too harsh!" Sonic said.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" Shadow asked.
"Sadly, I do," Sonic said, getting out a couple of rings. "I'll just put my donation in and I'll be on my way." He put the rings in the can.

"See at the party, Mr. Sonic," Espio said, tipping his hat to Sonic.

"Of course you will!" Sonic joked. "Good day to you all." He waved goodbye to Silver, Espio and Mighty as he walked out.

"No then, back to your donation, Mr. Shadow," Mighty said. Shadow gave him a stern look. Before the charity collectors knew it, they were kicked out the building and into the cold snow, though the snow was nowhere near as cold as it was in the building.

Later that day, Shade the Echidna walked in, carrying a bunch of letters.

"Good Afternoon, Shadow," she said, flicking the through letters. "Silver."

"Afternoon," Silver said. She handed Silver a letter with his name on it.

"Ah, finally, someone who I can put up with!" Shadow said. Shade was the only person Shadow considered a friend, nowadays. "What brings you here, Shade?"
"Just delivering my last few Christmas cards," Shade said. "Don't worry, I know how much you hate the holidays so I skip over you when writing them."

"Thank you," Shadow said. Shade noticed a dent on Shadow's desk.

"Charity Collectors been again?" Shade asked.

"Every year," Shadow said. "I should put up a sign over Vector's name, telling them to stay away!" Shade laughed. Many wondered how she could put up with him. To tell the truth, she had a bit of a crush on Shadow. Every Christmas, she would always try to get him under a mistletoe.

"Do you mind looking up for me?" Shade asked. Shadow sighed, looking up, only to see her holding a mistletoe over the both of them. Shadow smiled.

"Nice try," Shadow said, going back to work. "But it doesn't count if you're holding it!"

"Damn," Shade said, giggling while walking out of the door. "I'll get you one day."

"Keep wishing," Shadow said, chuckling.

I was closing time for Shadow and Silver. Both of them walked out of the building, with Shadow locking the door.

"Sir, with it being Christmas tomorrow and all," Silver said. "Please may I talk the day off so I may celebrate with my family?"

"Fine," Shadow said. "But be here all the earlier the next day!"

"Thank you, sir," Silver yelled, running home to tell his family.

Shadow walked into his yard, locking the gate behind him. He walked up to the door, trying to find his keys. When he found the key, he looked back at the door, only to noticed the door knocker, which had turned from a lion into the face of a crocodile, but not just any crocodile! Shadow fell backwards in shock as the face made a moaning noise. Once Shadow had recovered, he walked back up, however, the knocker was a lion once again. He unlocked the door and walked in.

After making himself dinner and watching a bit of TV, he walked up stairs to his room, dressed his finest robes. His room had it's own fireplace, with two chairs nearby. So he made himself some hot chocolate and sat down, reading a book. Yet, the image of the crocodile's face was still on his mind. He couldn't rest, as he wondered what it was. Suddenly, bells, that were above his fireplace, started ringing. Shadow threw the book down and stood up in shock, stepping back. The fire in the fireplace began to simmer down, until it went out for good, as did all the lights in the room. The bells then stopped ringing and Shadow could hear chain being moved around the room.

"Hello?" Shadow yelled. "Who's there?" He crept around the room. Suddenly, in what seemed like a flash, a light blue, transparent crocodile appeared in front of Shadow. The crocodile hand chains all over him, even some around his mouth.

"Y… you…" Shadow said, in shock. "You're…"

"I was…" the crocodile said, having a hard time talking with the chains round his mouth. "In life, I was your partner, Vector the Crocodile!" Shadow blinked and rubbed his eyes, to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Sure enough, he wasn't.

"Vector…" Shadow said.

"What's the matter?" Vector said, floating closer. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"Still the joker, I see!" Shadow said, warming up to seeing his old friend again. "What happened to you?"

"For my selfish acts of greed," Vector moaned. "I was made to wander Mobius with these bounded chains!"

"Selfish?" Shadow asked confused. "You lent money to people!"

"I put them in debt!" Vector moaned. "I put them into bankruptcy. Those who did not pay, I sent to Robotnik to roboticized them, so then he would pay me!"

"Why are you?" Shadow asked.

"To warn you, Shadow," Vector moaned. "Tonight, you will be visited by 3 ghosts, each, more menacing than the last!"

"And what will they do?"

"They will haunt you…" Vector said. "They will make you change your ways?"

"Good luck to them," Shadow said. "I'm not changing!"

"Neither did I…" Vector said. "And for ignoring them, look what happened to me! Without them, you cannot hope to avoid the path I took!"

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked.

"Your chains are formed by your sins!" Vector moaned. "By what you say and do!"

"I can break any chains place on me!" Shadow said. "I'm strong enough."

"Not these ones…" Vector said. "Expect the first ghost tonight, when the bells tolls 11!"

"Can't I meet all three at once and get it done with?" Shadow asked.

"When the bells tolls 11, just before midnight!" Vector moaned, with his chains being pulled, pulling him backwards.

"Vector!" Shadow yelled, reaching out.

"It's too late for me!" Vector said. "I am forever in chains… unlike you! Save yourself!" And with that, the crocodile disappeared, with the lights turning on...