Shadow woke up! He jumped out of bed and looked down.

"I'm still here!" Shadow yelled, laughing. He turned around. "My bed curtains are still here! Oh, thank you, spirits, I will live in the past, present and future!" He ran to his window and saw Charmy Bee walking by.

"My boy, what day is it?" Shadow asked.

"What day is it?" Charmy asked. "Why, it's Christmas day!"

"I haven't missed!" Shadow yelled. "Those clever spirits. They can do wonderful things, those spirits, can't they?"

"Yes, sir," Charmy agreed, confused.

"You know the store with the prize winning turkey?" Shadow asked. "Not the one with the tiny ones."

"Yes sir," Charmy said.

"Clever boy! Smart boy!" Shadow laughed. "I want you to buy!"

"Buy it?" Charmy questioned.

"You heard me!" Shadow smiled, throwing a few rings to him. "Buy it and bring it back here and I'll pay you 50 rings! Do it in five minutes or less and I'll give 50 more rings!" And with that, Charmy flew off to buy a turkey. Shadow got ready for the day and walked out of the door. Charmy was there, carrying the Turkey in hand.

"Good boy!" Shadow said. "Deliver it to Silver the Hedgehog's house. And don't tell him it's from me!" He slipped the rings in Charmy pocket and with that, he was off.

Shadow walked into town and saw Espio and Mighty.

"We better get going," Espio said. "Don't want to be late for Sonic's party!"

"You two, wait there!" Shadow yelled. "I am deeply sorry for yesterday and I wish to make up for that my donating a few rings!"

"Why of course!" Mighty said. "How much?" Shadow whispered into his ear. "That much!"

"And not a ring less!" Shadow said, handing him a cheque.

"At this rate, we're going to late for the party!" Espio said.
"Not to worry," Shadow said. "I will inform my dear nephew that you'll be late!" Espio and Mighty ran off to the bank while Shadow ran off to do some Christmas shopping.

Shadow hung something above Shade's door and knocked on it. Shade opened the door.

"Shadow?" Shade said, confused. "What are you doing…" Suddenly, Shadow kissed her on the lips, catching Shade off guard. But she soon joined in until she pulled away.

"Why?" Shade asked, blushing. Shadow pointed up, making Shade see a mistletoe that Shadow hung up. Shadow then pulled a box from behind him and handed it to her.

"You didn't need to give me anything," Shade said, putting it down on the side.
"Come with me, Shade," Shadow said, holding her hand. "What do you say to coming round to my nephew's party?"

Shadow and Shade walked in, holding. They heard Sonic, Tiara and Honey playing Yes or No.

"I know who it is!" Tiara yelled. "It's your uncle…" Shadow walked in.

"Hello, nephew," Shadow said.

"Shadow, Shade, what are you two doing here?" Sonic asked.

"To inform you that Espio and Mighty are running a bit late," Shadow said. "Charity work. And, if we may, please can we join you today?"

Sonic was speechless. Tiara smiled and allowed the both of them to have a seat to have a seat.

"It's a Christmas miracle!" Sonic yelled, hugging Shadow. Espio and Mighty soon arrived and the six of them celebrated Christmas together, with Shadow giving each of them a gift.

The next day, Shadow sitting at his desk, counting how late Silver was. Shade was with him. Silver ran in, hoping not to be caught.

"Come here, Silver," Shadow ordered.

"It was a busy day, yesterday, sir," Silver said. "I overslept!"

"This is what happens when I give employees the day off!" Shadow yelled. "You were later than you were on Christmas Eve and I asked you to come all the earlier!"

"I know, I know," Silver said.

"And that is why, Mr. Silver," Shadow yelled. "I am giving you a raise!"

"Pardon, sir," Silver said, not believing what Shadow said.

"Merry Christmas, Silver," Shadow laughed, getting up. "I hope you enjoyed your turkey!" He lead Silver out of the building, with Shade following.

"Are you ok, sir?" Silver asked.

"Better than that!" Shade said. "He prefect!" She held his hand.

"I hope you and your family don't mind a second Christmas Dinner!" Shadow laughed. "Don't worry, I've got the rings for another turkey!"

So the three Mobians walked to Silver's home. Shadow and Shade become like a second father and mother to Tiny Tails, who did not die. Tails soon got better, thanks to Shadow paying for his health. Robotnik still did roboticized Shadow but he was freed after the Eggman's defeat, ending the war, as well as deroboticizing all the Robians and Eggmanland blew up with Shadow and Shade both far away from the city!

The End!

Hope you enjoyed that! I now want to write more ShadowXShade fanfics! Bet that'll be fun!