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Chapter 16: The Reckoning

This is beyond irritating. I left that fool there for a reason…and fifteen minutes later this happens.

Speak for yourself. I'm getting my fetish on overdrive and the souls are a filler.

Dimitri killed another thug who tried to gut him, glaring at the drug dealer who cowered in fear. He had been interrogating various low lives like this one over here on their sources, thinking that demons would be involved somewhere along the line. So far, none had shown any signs of demonic involvement, and none had stopped trying to kill him on sight.

Humans are so fickle minded it nearly pains him to deal off with stupidity with bone and sinew.

"Has my stunt with the Wreckers really made me so notorious?" He asked himself, pulling out Chaos from the limp body of the thug.

The drug dealer answered, unaware he wasn't being addressed.

"Yes! The Wreckers kept us safe from the rare guard patrol that made their way down here. You killed them, and now we have to protect ourselves by garnering and paying every available thug in here to do that!"

Dimitri whipped his head around, growling at the man cowering on the floor.

"What is your product specialty?" The man looked slightly surprised, the fear melting away slightly to be replaced by greed.

"It is called Hellfire Snort."

Dimitri's ears perked up. Now we're getting somewhere. Not that creative though.

Sounds like bad coke dumped in hell and Cerberus decided to puke it out here.

"It is the strongest drug in the market." The man declared, standing up warily. He was avoiding the blood mess on the floor of his stall. "One sniff, and you'll wake up a month later, naked in a snowbank spooning a seal and a bunch of women, probably a geezer also, and maybe a lifetime's worth of insurance payment to a city you trashed."

He made that shit up.

Well one can never know till he tries…

"Sounds like what I seek." Dimitri commented.

The man stopped shaking, his face regaining a small sense of calm despite the bloody mess around him, "Well…then, would you like -."

Then, Dimitri's face abruptly became stormy, which alarmed the drug dealer before he could reach for his dagger within the folds on his clothing. He was slammed against the wall of his tin stall with a kick.

"Where do you get it all from?"

"I-I-I-" The man was shocked when Dimitri's hand squeezed his windpipe. "I just sell it! The arena bitch Kira g-g-gives it to me!"

"He's lying." Came a female voice. Dimitri turned around, and saw a young woman, looking no more than eighteen standing at the entrance to the stall, leaning on the wall with no care, arms crossed and completely at ease. She looked Asian in ethnicity, had black hair with blood red highlights tied up in a ponytail, with a tight black shirt and leggings, paired with black leather boots and matching jacket with a flared collar. Her lips were blood red, and if he didn't know better he would say she was either Goth or Demon. And a hot one at that.

Aren't they the same deal? Chaos asked.

Don't be a stereotype fodder.

"Who are you?" Dimitri asked.

"Saphere." (SA - FEAR) She said, her accent unable to be placed. It was exotic, but seemed familiar, almost like his own…

Too familiar.

"I've been trying to track you down for years...and luck has apparently decided to favour me"

"What do you want, and how do you know this man is lying?" Dimitri demanded. "In reverse order."

"I've been watching him." She explained in a bored tone. "He gets shipments of the drug from a man who is obviously a demon."

"Demon?!" The drug dealer choked. "You're a crazier bitch!"

"Second question, and answer carefully." Dimitri growled, squeezing tighter and choking off the drug dealer with a gurgle.

The woman (girl?) gave a short laugh, settling into a smirk.

"Times change Blodfel." She said, making him stiffen at the mention of his name. "You aren't alone anymore."

The hell is that supposed to mean.

"What are you talking about?"

She gave him an all knowing gaze. "Why…have your senses gone dull after killing so much? Can't you sense it from just looking at me?"

Sense…what exactly? Wait...that feeling. That familiarity on my skin…it happened again. That malevolent aura…I never felt that since…no…

No fucking way.

"Hell no…" Dimitri breathed, almost staggering back. His grip on the man's throat almost loosened.

Chaos shouted. HELLO! Can someone feed me what's going on?!

"Hell yes." The girl responded. "I'm an Arch-Demon Halfling like you."

Ohhhhh…never mind me, shit just got real!

Dimitri thundered. SHUT IT!

"Bullshit." He growled, snapping the drug dealer's neck with a jerk, dropping the body and walking over to the girl, towering several inches above her. "Satan wants me dead for what I am and what I'm capable of. No way would he let another of my kind be created."

"Tell that to Belial." She said nonchalantly. "He got free with the help of my mother and escaped to the surface with her. She had a kid, and I got trained by your old man to come and find you."

Daddy dearest is free? Chaos mused.

Dimitri was no convinced easily though. She's bullshitting. Has to be bullshit.

"How long did it take you to think of that little story?" Dimitri growled, reaching for Chaos. Before he could blink though, a pitch black katana with a red and sliver hilt was in the girl's hand, the blade hovering just in front of his knuckles.

He froze in his place, but his glare remained murderous.

"I wouldn't." She said lazily. "Chánràng might not be alive like Chaos, but it can still cut through pretty much anything."

Dimitri's glare bore down on her.

Sa-fear and Demise. A fitting combination. Chaos commented.

I don't give a flipping fuck.

"Prove you're my kind." He challenged. "Prove you are really a child of an Arch-Demon."

"If you're looking for a fight, you won't get it." Saphere smirked. "My gifts are different from yours, being the daughter of Jadis."

"I don't recall that one." Dimitri said thoughtfully. Do you know anything about this?

Me neither.

"Minor Arch-Demon. Briathos's counterpart." She replied. "But either way, I'm not able to match you in combat, regardless of your fathers training. You have centuries on me."

At least she isn't devoid of common sense. Chaos chuckled darkly.

"How old ARE you?" Dimitri asked with a raised eyebrow. This farce was strangely getting amusing.

"Only fifty." She replied. "I've been tracking you for the past twenty years. Will you come to see your father? Or do I have to bring him to you?"

"I'll be here." Dimitri condescended. "If the bastard really has busted out of Hell, he can drag his ass here if he wants me. I'm on the trail to assassinate an Arch-Angel, and I'll be damned if I'm going to give up that chance."

"Then I'll stay and help." Saphere said with utter conviction, straightening up and looking straight in his red eyes. Dimitri noticed for the first time, that he eyes were strikingly similar to his own. "Until I bring you to Belial, I have to stay with you."

Bitch has determination. Can we kill her? Pretty PLEASE?

No. She might prove useful. And Satan forbid what she says is actually true…

Father son reunion?

You just had to give me that horrible afterthought didn't you?

"Fine." Dimitri said. "You can come. Get in my way or mess my mission up in any way, and I'll cleave you in two."

Saphere gave a cocky grin. "Go ahead. You won't notice I'm even here."

"Good." Dimitri growled, pushing past her brusquely. "Explaining a new friend to Elsa would be complicated at best."

Saphere dusted her shoulder off, keeping a straight face as she walked beside Dimitri. "Elsa? As in the Snow Queen Elsa who governs this kingdom?"

"Yes." He replied, supressing his irritation. This girl would have her use eventually…just not now though…

"She's my ticket into the castle. Briathos is there."

"My mother's counter?" Saphere thought aloud. "That would make for an interesting fight."

"I intend it." Dimitri grinned fiercely. "Now where is this demonic drug supplier?"

"Just off shore." Saphere replied, changing direction as Dimitri headed for the opening in the black market's cavernous structure. "Wait a moment. How did you get into the Queen's confidentialities?"

"If you were truly watching me, you'd know." Dimitri smirked.

Saphere grumbled with discontent, but she held her tongue.

As per usual, they were ambushed when they reached the warehouses, but this time they were surrounded by hundreds of thugs. It looked like every gang in the cavern had teamed up.

"Another raid?" Dimitri drew Chaos with a steely rasp. "You idiots never learn."

"It's not you we want, devil." One declared. "It's the bitch. She's been causing trouble for everyone. Give her to us, and we'll leave."

Saphere's nonchalant attitude grew grim as she drew Chánràng. "Try me, you smelly thug."

She gave a sidelong glance at Dimitri, and he saw worry there, like she thought he would hand her over.

What do you think? Dimitri asked Chaos. Should I give her over?

Nah. Chaos said. She could be handy, and if your father really sent her, then you'll need her. Besides, you know what they'll do to her. I rather like her.

As a meal maybe.

No actually. She reminds me of you.

Me? What the hell is that -


With that interesting little comment in mind, and ignoring just how quickly Chaos can switch its moods, Dimitri lowered his stance, mentally breaching the barrier in his mind that contained his true demonic powers. This situation here was about to get ugly.

"How about you all leave before I wipe out the black market, starting with you?" Dimitri growled. Saphere flashed him a grateful look before raising Chánràng, holding it in both hands diagonally, the blade stretching from her shoulder to her hip.

The gangs looked nervous, apparently uneasy with facing Dimitri, but lost the uneasiness when their leaders whipped them into a frenzy pitch.

"Kill the devil! Rape and kill the bitch!" Was the war chant, and the gangs drew their various weaponry.

"Keep yourself alive." Dimitri said in a low voice. "Kill the stragglers, and I'll kill the rest."

Saphere nodded, looking determined, but with a trace of something else in her voice. Fear perhaps? Or possible anticipation?

Then, the gangs attacked, and Dimitri literally unleashed Hell on Earth.

Waiting until they got within a few feet, Dimitri swept Chaos through the frontal ranks, killing a dozen thugs with one blow. Others clamored to take their place, and Dimitri saw the thugs packed tightly in an attempt to kill him. He also heard Saphere killing thugs behind him, silent save for the sound of metal rasping against bone.

Fire coursing through his veins, Dimitri unleashed a burst of hellfire, coating his body in the fiery element. Several thugs recoiled in horror, and Dimitri leapt skywards, intent on ending this murder spree quickly and savagely. He unfurled his wings to allow himself to gain extra height, reaching the roof of the cavern before they disappeared, and he entered freefall, headed straight towards the ground with a feral roar.

Saphere looked up at the roar, as did the thugs. Everyone spotted the fiery meteor that was Dimitri.

"Oh, you have GOT to be FUC-" Saphere began, only to be cut off when an almighty force shook the foundations of the cavern.

Dimitri hit the ground with a colossal crash, the hellfire spreading out in a circular radius that instantly roasted the thugs nearest to him. The ground roiled in response to his violent landing, and it heaved, a massive shockwave of roiling and flaming earth emanating from his impact point like ripples from a pond. It threw the thugs off their feet, the hellfire killing those who didn't die immediately, and the following shockwave destroyed buildings with shrieks and crashes following suit. The destruction spread out for a full block in every direction before finally stopping ten seconds later, revealing Dimitri kneeling in a crater that glowed cherry red with heat, Chaos embedded into the ground. All the thugs in his vicinity were charred, dismembered, and dead.

Also there was no sign of Saphere.

After a moment to regain his breath after such a massive burst of power, Dimitri jerked Chaos from the ground, sheathing it as it groaned with satisfaction. He looked around, but couldn't spot Saphere anywhere.

"Pity." He said to himself. "Chaos was right. She reminded me of me."

"Nice to hear." Came Saphere's voice as she landed near him.

She lives! Chaos chirped.

"Where did you go?" He asked, staring at her lack of injuries.

"Over there." She said, pointing at a building that was a good mile away. "My gifts are suited for agility. It seemed prudent to use them so I didn't get killed. Really, was the flashy show really necessary?"

"No." Dimitri shot back smugly. "But it was worth it."

Oi, you better clean me off the dirt later.

Yeah yeah...

Without waiting for an answer, Dimitri turned and continued towards his destination as Saphere stared at him, shaking her head.

"Your boy's changed Belial." She softly whispered to herself. "He may not help you."

Then, she ran after him, intent on keeping up.

Elsa's POV

I tore through another target, my anger at the mere image of a demon fueling me, giving me the strength to kill, even if it wasn't real. Nightshade kept correcting small things, like my stance, but otherwise seemed satisfied with the offensive use of my magical prowess. Eventually though, she stopped throwing targets.

"Why…why have you stopped?"

"We're done with offensive magic." She said firmly. "You've obviously mastered that art. It's fighting with a weapon that you must learn now, Snow Queen."

I nodded, shivering slightly as the rush of adrenaline left me. I felt like the anger should have scared me, but…I couldn't bring myself to care at this point.

Was I enjoying this more than I should?

"What do you want to wield?" Nightshade asked. "Your choice and only yours."

I thought for a moment before settling on the weapon that people used to the most deadly effect, Dimitri included.

"A sword." I told Nightshade. She nodded in approval.

"The most common choice, but with good reason." She said. "The most lethal weapon, it balances skill, speed, and power, and while it's the most complex to master, you can counter any weapon with it."

"Dimitri's proved that much." I replied, smirking. Nightshade returned the smirk.

"Indeed. Though his blade is a monster…let's see what we can do about getting you a sword, shall we?"

I followed Nightshade through the castle and back to the room she had been summoned in, and she turned to look at me.

"I'll need to know how your body reacts before I can craft you a blade." She said. "So hold this."

She handed me a blade hilt, and as soon as I touched it, a blade popped out with a metallic rasp, making me squeak with surprise.

"Keep your calm, girl." I heard Nightshade chastising me. I said nothing, calming down as I held the sword.

"Show me how you would stand." She instructed. "Good. Now show me how you would strike."

She continued instructing me to show her various postures of the sword, according to her expertise of course. I'm not sure if I did everything correctly, but I followed her commands nonetheless. Half an hour later, she finally stopped giving me instructions and I returned back the sword hilt to her.

"I've seen enough." She said. "I need to speak to the best blacksmith this town has."

"That's going to be Ingrid, of the Phoenix Feather Forge." I replied. Nightshade cocked an eyebrow.

"Ingrid?" She said questioningly. "Isn't that a female name?"

"It's a ruse." I explained. "Her husband handles the business, but she secretly does the work. My father found out when he commissioned a new rapier, but no one else knows. I would prefer to keep it that way, since as improper as it is, I have sympathy considering I'm not exactly the image of feminine behavior. Nor is Anna, so we can't judge."

"True enough." Nightshade shrugged. "Lead the way."

"You still need me?"

"Yes. The grip for the sword that's needed for someone like you here…well simply put it needs proper measurements and of exceptional craftsmanship." Nightshade said. "Also, I'm supposed to keep an eye on you. Unfortunately, that means leaving your sister in charge until Blodfel returns."

I groaned comically. "She won't like that."

"You're the queen. She can help you out occasionally." Nightshade briskly waved it off. "Now let's go."

I relented silently, following her. However, we both saw Kai as we reached the main halls again.

"Kai!" I called. He looked up at me, surprised to see me, and rushed over.

"Yes ma'am?" He asked. "Are you well? And…who is this?"

"Yes Kai, thank you." I replied. I then gestured simply at the foreign lady next to me. "This is Nightshade by the way, a long-time friend of Dimitri."

Nightshade lowered her head. "Butler Kai."

Kai was nervous at this new guest, but he nevertheless lowered his head in greeting. "Lady Nightshade…welcome to Castle Arendelle…I suppose?"

"Pleasure's all mine, thank you." She replied curtly.

I coughed, to regain Kai's attention.

"If you see Anna, can you tell her I have business to attend to, and that she's in charge again?"

Kai flinched. "She won't like that. A lot."

"I know." I sighed. "But it's necessary. I can't say why, but just know this. Dimitri Blodfel is here to protect me from assassins who have already tried to kill me once. Until he returns, I have to go with Nightshade, who is serving in his place."

Kai looked alarmed.

"Assassins?!" he demanded. "Why didn't you simply recruit more guards?"

Nightshade shook her head. "It's not as easy as it would sound."

"Why's that?"

"Because they would just be killed." I replied, allowing a chill to creep into my voice. "Know this Kai. I'm not alone."

We then left the once unwavering, obedient, dutiful and caring butler I knew since I was a child, alarmed and flabbergasted beyond belief.

We reached town without an issue, although Nightshade looked uncomfortable with the attention she was receiving. Men ogled her from afar, but didn't approach, mindful that I was here. Women glared at their husbands and Nightshade, but likewise did nothing except crack their husbands on their head.

"Is this…what human men usually do?"

She was speaking in hushed tones, obviously embarrassed to this new form of interaction with humans.

"Not that I would know…but it's human nature for one to admire beauty." I tried to supply an inch of positivity within the demon.

She snorted with unladylike fashion. "Easy for you to say. You're not wearing a disguise that hides the monster inside you."

I nearly stopped walking upon hearing that sentence.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing…nothing, just…keep walking."

I had reacted to that word. But Nightshade was oblivious when she said it…she was referring to herself and no one else. She was displeased with the attention -


I tried to shake that feeling off. I had other things to worry about right now…

We reached the slightly seedier part of town where most of the poorer citizens lived. Arendelle was devoid of beggars, but when push came to shove…some wanted more than the bare necessities, thus Arendelle's criminal problems. Most of it was connected with the black market, wherever the heck it was.

But some of its associates seem to be present.

We rounded a corner near the forge when a small group of thugs decided to try their luck, apparently too stupid to realize who I was. They surrounded us, cutting off all escape, and one pointed a rusty short sword at me.

"Well hello ladies." He leered, electing cruel laughter from the others. "What are two lovely beauties such as yourselves doing in a ratty place like this?"

"We have business." Nightshade declared, tightening her fists. "Move out of the way."

"Like bloody hell we will!" He roared with laughter. "Catching a hot leggy yummy like you and the queen is too good to pass up!"

Check that, they do know me.

Before I could react, one of the thugs behind me put a rag over my face while another bound my arms behind me, putting metal cuffs over my hands to stop my ice.

What - how did they know to do that!? Where did they get them!?

The rag smelled like chemicals, and I held my breath before I could inhale any. I was helpless as I watched them swarm Nightshade. She was quickly buried under a pile of warm bodies, but with a roar, she burst out, slashing out with razor sharp claws that had grown from her nails.

"Try me, you filth!" She shouted. "I've killed angels! You are nothing but a mild amusement at best!"

"Huh, killed angels?" The leader snorted, ignoring the claws. "Bullshit. You'll make a feisty one in bed once we beat some servility into you."

My chest was feeling tight by that point as I ran out of air, and I went limp in an attempt to make the thug think he had knocked me out. It worked, and he dropped me to the ground as Nightshade slashed one of the thugs, his face bleeding and the man himself crying out in pain, the claws having destroyed an eye.

Thinking of how I had escaped Hans, I imagined Naamah in my mind, and the strength of anger recalling all about that sadistic whore hit me like a hammer blow.

This was POWER. My father has said to conceal, and don't feel it. It appeared that my power came from allowing just that though.

With a crack, the metal cuffs dropped to sub-zero temperatures before a burst of ice make them explode, shrapnel raining down on the thugs and making them cry out in alarm. I stood up, and reveled in the strength that flowed through me.

"I am the Ice Queen." I declared, my voice low and menacing as I lower my stance, like a panther ready to pounce. The thugs stared at me, and Nightshade just watched wearily, several feet off to my right. "You dared to attack me, insult me, and then attempt to rape my guardian?"

"You've just made a big mistake."

I shoved my hands forwards, and a storm of icy shards launched from my hand, cutting them to ribbons as they screamed. I kept up the stream of death until they were nothing but slashed bones stained red, and blood on the ground. Nightshade watched me, her face unreadable as I breathed hard, the anger beginning to fade.

"At this rate," She said slowly. "You and Blodfel will wipe out every criminal in Arendelle."

"Good, it'll easen my workload." I growled, lowering my hands. "Let's go."

We reached the forge without any similar life threatening incidents happening along the way, and by the time we DID reach it, my anger had drained away, leaving me troubled and scared. I had turned so easily to using anger and completely murdering those criminals. I had given in to my darker emotions with no hesitation, when normally I kept them under control.

What was happening to me?

When we entered the large building, the interior was revealed to be filled with weapons mounted on all walls, secured there with thick locks threaded through rings in the hilts to prevent theft. There was a large counter against one wall, with several ornately designed weapons against the wall behind it, and a man sharpening a claymore. He had crew cut chocolate hair, and wore a leather apron over a tan shirt and brown pants.

He glanced at us when we entered, and did a double take, dropping the whetstone and quickly got up from his bench. Albeit a few intelligible curses at his lack of proper appearance, he still had the decency to give a bow at my appearance.

"Your majesty!" He stuttered. "It's an honor to have you in my shop."

"You mean Ingrid's shop." I said warmly, amused by his bumbling attitude and already liking him. "My father told me."

"Sorry for the deception." He apologized, straightening himself and giving a sheepish smile. "But we wished to preserve our reputation."

"I'm not judging." I assured him. "We're here for a sword."

"A custom forged one, more specifically." Nightshade interjected. "The Queen needs a weapon."

"A-a w-weapon for Q-queen Elsa?!" He stuttered. "It w-would be an honor!"

"Can we at least know your name?" Nightshade asked dryly as he opened the side of the counter.

"Fritz." He replied. "My name is Fritz."

Opening the counter hatch, he gestured for us to step through. We did so, and he led us through a door into a large forge, with a blazing furnace against one wall and a heavily muscled woman beating a bar of metal with a hammer.

"Ingrid!" Fritz called. Ingrid just kept hammering. Her unflinching focus on her work and the sheer rawness of her effort on doing her work was indeed admirable. Of course, it did look like she absolutely oblivious to everything else around her -

"Ingrid!" He yelled again, grabbing her arm just as the hammer hit the still incomplete sword, preventing her from drawing it back again. She looked at him, genuine surprise on her face.

"I did it again, didn't I?" She asked, shooting a quick glance at the metal before sliding it into a long and narrow oven with a pair of tongs. "Sorry. You know how I get when I'm working."

"I know dear." He said. "We have visitors here for a custom blade."

Ingrid gave a sideways glance at her guests, and her eyes widened as she realized who I was.

"Queen Elsa?" She asked incredulously, her work forgotten totally. She came within a few feet of me and kneeled down on one knee. "It's an honor."

"Thank you Ingrid." I said, holding out a hand and helping her up. "I would only visit the best, and my father convinced me of that fact."

Ingrid grew a surprised look at the implications of what I was saying.

"The sword is for you?" She asked. I nodded imperceptibly.

"I'll need some information then." Ingrid intoned, suddenly all business.

"I already took care of that." Nightshade interrupted, walking over to a wall covered with various hilts and blade styles and pointing at a few parts as Ingrid stared at the strange woman who acted like a professional bladesmith.

"She'll need something along the lines of this." She said, taking them off the wall and assembling them with speedy efficiency. My breath caught at the sight of the blade.

It had a slim grip that was long enough for two hands, but weldable with one, wrapped in molded leather with slight indents for my fingers to grip. The guard was a set of outstretched angel wings, with microscopic lines carved into the steel to imitate the texture of a feather. The entire sword standing point first in the ground would have reached her just below my breast, and the blade had a different design, being perfectly straight and parallel until four inches before the edge, where it became a wedge, perfect for piercing armour.

"It's beautiful." I breathed with awe.

Ingrid raised an eyebrow at Nightshade before looking at me.

"It's unorthodox, but it should fit her well." She admitted grudgingly. "If you think the model looks nice, wait until I craft the real thing."

She turned and grabbed several rods of steel, only for Nightshade to stop her.

"Use this." She said, handing Ingrid a chunk of metal that looked like polished silver.

"Silver is no good for blades unless you want ceremonial." Ingrid shook her head.

"This sword is meant for combat, and this isn't silver." Nightshade replied. "It will react the same way as steel to your forging, but it is much stronger once tempered."

Ingrid looked at her skeptically before grabbing the chunk. Her eyes drifted along the piece of metal, inspecting every inch and edge of it. After a while she returned her attention to me.

"Does her majesty agree with this?" She asked.

"I do." I said, nodding. Ingrid nodded back.

"So be it." Ingrid declared loudly. "It would be an honor to forge such a mighty weapon for the Queen! Now out you go ladies, I have work to do!"

Fritz quickly ushered us out, explaining himself once the door to the forge slammed shut.

"Ingrid is very…er...passionate about her work." He explained. "Once she is given a challenge, she pursues it with single-minded determination. She also becomes very easily angered by anyone who interrupts her." He added with a comically displeased look, "Me included."

"I understand." Nightshade said. "I used to have a hand in making weapons, but those days are long gone."

Fritz nearly blanched with surprise, but he held himself in check. "Would you like us to deliver the sword when it is finished?"

"No." I said immediately. "It's too dangerous. Just send a messenger."

"With all due respect," Fritz said hesitantly. "It's more dangerous for you to come down here than it is for us to come out. Ingrid could handle any of the thug gangs around here, and most of them know it."

"If you're sure then." I said reluctantly, not wanting Ingrid getting hurt.

"Perfect." Fritz said. "How do you plan on getting back to the castle? The gangs are on the prowl now, and even the Queen isn't safe."

I know. I killed one on our way here.

"We'll make due." I said. "I'm not helpless, and Nightshade has more to her than meets the eye."

Fritz nodded. "Be safe, My Queen. Be safe, Lady Nightshade."

"Thank you." Nightshade said, looking slightly confused. "We shall."

Once we had left the building and started down the street, Nightshade spoke.

"He was…kind…for a human. So different from the ones we took out." She said.

"There are still good people around the world." I said. "Look at Fritz. Look at Anna and Kristoff. Look at me."

Nightshade flinched slightly when I mentioned myself. I hardly took notice of it.

But it unnerved me.

Dimitri's POV

Once we reached the hole in the wall, I looked at Saphere.

"You had better find a way to follow, because I'm not waiting." Saphere just smirked at me.

"I said that most of our powers were different." She said. "Not all."

Black wings sprouted from her back, feathery like an angels, but with the taint of the Fallen.

"Not bad." I said, unfurling my own wings. "Try to keep up."

I took off and flew outside the cavern, not bothering to look if Saphere had followed me. I flew out to sea, keeping a steady course as I took the monotony as a chance to speak with Chaos.

This just seems to be getting more and more complicated the farther into this we get. I sighed.

Agreed. We've caused mayhem before, but this entire situation has been blown way out of proportion compared to what it should have been.

That's generally what happens when you get involved with other magic users. I replied dryly, seeing Saphere settling in beside me and steadying her flight.

True, but Elsa is a whole 'nother being all together. Arch-Angel Halfling, another Arch-demon Halfling, Belial escaping, Azazel attacking you, and you hunting Briathos…damn…this has been the most chaotic hunt I've ever been on.

Same here. Even retrieving The Armor of The Fallen wasn't this confusing.

No, just harder to survive. But ahh, did I feast well that day!

"How far is the demon stronghold?" I asked Saphere suddenly, raising my voice to be heard over the wind.

"About five miles off shore." Saphere called back. "And cloaked under enough spells to keep the army from finding them.

"Pity I'm harder to fool." I said quietly to myself.

Then, I spotted a hazy dome out in the ocean below. Looking closer and activating my demon vision, the dome itself dissipated before my vision. Demonic cloaking magic is only rendered useless by demon sight of course. Underneath it were hundreds of demons on a massive vessel that looked like it had been cobbled together out of hundreds of man-made ships. It was easily the twice size of the entire black market, probably thrice, and teaming with demons. There was also something glowing at the center, covered in a structure of diamond and letting off a bloody light.

Ummm….am I seeing that right? Chaos asked.

I hope to Hell not. I replied. I'm seeing more demons then even I can deal with, but the red glow? I pray it isn't what I think it is.

Note, you don't pray at all. You're a living blasphemy FYI!

It was a figure of speech. I rolled my eyes.

Saphere shot me a gesture, waving a hand before diving towards the black, cold water below. I followed, cursing under my breath. I HATED going under water. I could still swing Chaos, but my hellfire would be weak, and my other powers were unpredictable at best.

Still cursing, I held my breath and dived into the water after Saphere, disappearing into the black and briny depths with naught to indicate I had been there but a single ripple, unnoticed by the demons on deck.

What lies in Dimitri and Saphere's search next? And what's next for Elsa?

Next chapter is gonna raise some eyebrows. I give my guarantee on that. :)