Author's Note: Back as promised. Let's have a look at how Dimitri gets a first glimpse of Arendelle's royalty. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: The Visitor

The Next Day

Black Market

Sophia Purity's House


I starting to think she might not crack.

For the rest of the night Dimitri had been doing everything he could to force Sophia to talk without breaking his code. A ruthless and remorseless killer he may have been, but he had his own code of rules, including avoiding harm to humans when possible if they weren't serving angels or demons. The gang had been an exception as they would have all attacked if he hadn't killed the leader, but some of his other rules were getting in the way right now. Mainly, no maiming of woman unless they were trying to kill you, and no rape. Not that he WOULD perform the second option.

Sophia had shown surprising resilience to his Chains of Hell, and his fists, refusing to speak even after they had charred her skin nearly to a crisp. The spikes that gored her skin had also failed. She was resilient, and Dimitri had been starting to have doubts that she would break as how he thought. Still, he had one last ace up his sleeve. If that didn't work, he would let Chaos, as he mentioned, drain her life and kill her before leaving. After all, being a heaven speaker, she was a servant to heaven, and thus exempt from the no killing rule of his code.

"Last chance Purity." Dimitri demanded. "Tell me where they're hiding."

"Never." She rasped, spittle frothing on her bloody mouth. "I will not betray the angels, neither will I allow you to contact the demons and get the angel base from them."

"Suit yourself." He grunted. Dimitri stood back, looking at the rune circle on the floor with anticipation.

Chaos insisted upon this plan much earlier. He did so with a few adjustments of a chalk, some live virgin blood (he checked) and the removal of the holy objects present on it, the job was partially done.

Now to finish it…

He started to chant, ancient twisted words of darkness, death, and despair sounding like an unholy hymn. Sophia watched with horror as a cloud of red smoke sprang into being from the now unholy rune circle, concealing a small portal to Hell she knew was there. The cloud cleared, revealing a large yellow scorpion-like demon, easily the size of a wolf.

"There is your victim." Dimitri said, pointing at Sophia. "Don't kill; just poison her until she gives up the information I desire."

The scorpion-demon turned to Sophia, and she could have sworn that its mandible mouth clicked repeatedly, as if it laughed when it neared her.

She closed her eyes when it drew back its bulbous stinger, not wanting to look at the demon's horrifically disfigured face.

All she saw next, was darkness.

The stinger entered her stomach, piercing the flesh with ease. Dimitri watched with sick fascination as the stinger pulsed with effort, pumping Sophia's veins with its hellish poison. Dimitri had summoned a Yellow Scorpiok demon for this very reason, its venom's purpose wasn't to kill. Still, in her weakened state, death was a risk if too much of it was in her body system. He commanded the demon to back off after only a moment.

Sophia shuddered as the venom entered her body, working its way through her system. Then, she began to thrash as the Scorpiok's poison began its true work, inducing hallucinations of fear, painful events of her past, and making her entire body feel like it was on fire. Blodfel knew because he had felt the effects before.

Sophia continued to convulse, screaming more loudly than before, as the venom did its deadly work, and it wasn't long before she collapsed in a heap all together. Dimitri tsked and shook his head.

"Can't have that now." He muttered to himself, looking around at the various bottles of holy substances around. Surely one of them would heal her injuries yet leave the venom intact.

Apparently not. The closest thing he could find cured all, so he was forced to change tactic as he grabbed the cure. Blodfel grabbed a bottle labeled "Nephilim Blood Tonic", and trickled a few drops into Sophia's mouth. She began to stir once he had given her the appropriate dosage, but didn't wake.

"Faker." He spat. "Blood Tonic could heal a missing limb. You're fine." Giving her a hard slap, she awoke with a gasp of pain.

"Don't toy with me Purity." He growled, his red eyes now glowing. "You have information I want, and you know damn well I won't stop until I get it."

Sophia just glared at him, the red slap mark on her cheek standing out against her bruise riddled pale skin. "Never."

"Are you really willing to die for your beliefs? Willing to be tortured to the brink of insanity to protect creatures that are not even of this world?" He asked softly, running a finger down her face. She shuddered with supressed revulsion.

"Yes." She spat. "I would die a hundred times over for my lord. Nothing will change that."

Dimitri felt a wave of anger rise up within him, tinged with a trace of respect for her conviction.

Drag her outside. The night has sapped her will, so now you stand a chance of taking over her mind. Chaos suggested with sadistic glee. Dimitri gave a grim smile, this has not gone in vain after all.

He freed Sophia from the chains, the thick links twining around him once more as she collapsed once again on the floor.

Dimitri slung her over his shoulder, the poor battered woman too weak to resist, much less move a finger. He carried her outside, and dropped her on the ground a few meters away from the house, before grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to look at his eyes.

Sophia cried out as Dimitri's vicious mental probe broke down her barriers and took over her mind. She had a powerful will, but it had been sapped by the last 24 hours, and without the holy protection her home provided, she was overwhelmed in short order.

Standing back a few paces, Dimitri watched as her eyes took on that cloudy look. Satisfied, he asked in a much more…kinder sounding tone this time.

"Now, where are the bases of the angels and demons?" Sophia wrinkled her brow as if remembering something troubling, but spoke anyway.

"The demons have various clans hidden here in the black market. They are wide spread and scattered to prevent the angels or yourself from taking them out in one swoop. I know only of two clan's locations."

"Tell me of them."

"The home of the information seller contains a small assassin cell, and the gang called the Wreckers is led by a small group of demons."

Realising that he had already met the Wreckers and been to the home she spoke of, Dimitri asked after the angel's base.

"Same story, only with the city above. The Angel Briathos, thwarter of demons, hides in Arendelle's castle. I know not of the remaining cells, as they thought I would be safer if they did not tell me where they hide."

She laughed ruefully, surprising Dimitri. "Look where that got me."

Strange. She isn't supposed to be aware she is under mind control. Chaos said.

Must have something to do with all the contact she has had with the divine. Dimitri replied, both putting aside their mutual dislike for a moment.

"If you want to find Briathos, you'll need regular access to the castle. There are many places to hide, and even more underneath." Sophia continued.

"Thank you for the information." Dimitri said, releasing the control. As soon as he did so, Sophia blinked, and then collapsed, sobbing madly.

"What have I done…?"

"You've been a great help." Dimitri knelt before her, caressing her disheveled hair tenderly. "Now you live with the knowledge that it is because of you there are no angels or demons in Arendelle."

Sophia just stayed there on the ground, sobbing to herself. Dimitri got up and walked back into the heart of the black market, ready to perform his bloody task.


The barely-repaired door shattered with a burst of wood and splinters as Dimitri kicked it with more force than a cannon shot. He stomped into the house in a footstep, and with another he was greeted by a loud squelching sound on his chest.


"It didn't work the last time." Dimitri growled, ripping out the axe, the wound healing itself again. The man cowered like a jackrabbit upon this sight. "What fucking makes you think it'll work this time?"

He hardly backed up a few inches before as Dimitri grabbed him by his throat, lifting him up.

"I swear I have never seen you before in my life!"

Oh yeah, I wiped his memory out earlier. Dimitri remembered. He still raised his voice so the man could hear. "I was here yesterday, and wiped your memory before I left. It seems I didn't need to bother, since you already knew about demons in the first place."

The man turned pale. "You're crazy! I know nothing about demons!" He screeched.

"Liar!" Dimitri snarled, tightening his grip. His claws cut into the man's throat, making him gurgle more than choke. "You're harbouring a cell of demonic assassins! Purity told me everything!"

The man's fear was replaced by rage for a moment. "That bitch! How did she-"

Dimitri tightened his grip again, cutting off his words with another strangled gurgle and it nearly crushed his windpipe.

"Sophia is a good woman. It was regrettable I had to do what I did to get the info, but she is willing to die for her beliefs and help anyone in need, even if it was a demon. Are you willing to die for your demon masters?"

The man tried to shake his head, but he was unable to move much. Dimitri loosened his grip slightly so that he could speak, even a few words will suffice.

"Where. Are. They?" He asked each word as if proclaiming a death sentence.

"Fireplace…" The man choked out. Looking at the lit fireplace of the man's hut, Dimitri's demonic vision picked out signs that a panel behind the flames had been pulled out recently. A secret entrance to another room, probably.

"Please…" The man choked again, his eyes pleading for mercy.

Dimitri flashed him an annoyed look. "Right, I'm supposed to let you go."

He tightened his grip on the man's throat, and threw him with inhuman strength straight at the fireplace, the man's form hitting the panel with enough force to go right through. A surprised guttural grunt came from the forced opening as Dimitri stepped through the hole and over the burning corpse of the man, the body being half pulped by the impact.

On the other side of the opening was a large room with no windows and with only a few torches mounted of the walls for light, with ten lizard demons within. Their scaly, ugly, brutal looks suggested a lot, but Dimitri knew that they were all assassins judging from their equipment and reptilian eyes. It seems earlier they were all preparing for a mission, as all of them were cleaning weapons, brewing poisons, or strapping on their gear. They had all frozen with shock when the body crashed in the one way entrance of their domain, and were now staring at the man who had so brazenly entered then.

"You have five seconds to tell us why you are here human." One of the assassins hissed.

"And you have three seconds before I kill you all." Dimitri replied, drawing Chaos. Eyes blazing with sudden recognition, the demons scrambled for their weapons.

None of them made it.

Dimitri exited the house, stepping over the shattered chunks of wood that had been the door as Chaos gave a mental sigh of contentment.

Assassins taste sooooo good. Chaos said. Dimitri ignored the contentedness of his blade, because sooner or later he would ask for more souls to feed. He made running dash towards the open cavern wall, sprouted his wings and took off. Once he exited the vicinity, he flew out and over back towards higher ground, heading back towards Arendelle.

What about the cell in Wrecker headquarters? I'm still hungry. Chaos asked like a child wanting something sweet to suck on.

Point proven.

"Suck it up for later." Dimitri replied. "I must rest. The night on holy ground sapped my power."

Chaos's curses on Sophia followed suit as he flew.

Reaching Arendelle a short time later, Dimitri landed just outside of town, disguising his demon features in the shadows before walking in with his illusionary features. People in general had an annoying habit of remembering faces they shouldn't, and he didn't want to draw attention to himself. Unlike the ruckus he had caused in the black market, he had a liable excuse for that, his code prevented him from causing similar incidents to innocent men, women and children who he saw as…naïve and predictable creatures not worth his time for.

Maybe a shred of pity as well stopped him, not that he would acknowledge it though.

He went to a small bar and ate his fill, sending out a wave of chaos to start a bar brawl so he could sneak out unseen. Once he had done that, he found a tavern doubling up as an inn and 'coaxed' the inn keeper into renting him a room without getting his name recorded. Once he had done that, he went up and slept immediately. Being a hunter can be tiring…

By late evening Dimitri had woken up, hunger being the fault for that.

Chaos stayed propped up opposite the bed. The blade in the sheath rippled. Now you know my pain of this unrelenting hunger…

Dimitri stretched his limbs. Stop the drama. You're a sword, act like one. Besides, compared to you I can go weeks without eating…and I won't whine like a bitch about it.

Hmph, easy for you to say, since you're the living creature here and I'm just a talking soul thirsty sword of Hell.

Patience goes a long way, Chaos. You'll get your fill sooner or later.

He exited the room, ignoring Chaos's whiny protests.

Dimitri sought out an isolated table downstairs before ordering a simple dinner of roast turkey and mashed potatoes. About half way through his meal, three shady men sat down at his table.

"May I help you?" Dimitri asked in a bored tone. The three yanked out small concealed knives, hiding them from the unaware people in the tavern.

"Yeah, you can actually. We want the fancy coat and whatever coin you got, or we'll split you gizzard to neck."

Dimitri kept eating, ignoring the men as he looked at his plate. Just as he swallowed his bite, the leader grabbed his hair and made him look him in the eye.

Oh no, they did not just touch his hair…

"Hey, did you hear me you -" He broke off with a terrified gasp as Dimitri's eyes changed back to red, and his hair returned to the sickening miasma color.

"How about I make you a counter offer." Dimitri growled like a beast. "You hand over whatever coin and valuables you have, and scurry on out of here before I gut YOU and deliver your entrails to your whore mothers and bastard fathers."

The would-be thief started emptying his pockets, and his companions did the same. Once they handed everything over, including their knives, Dimitri had pocketed everything, the three men ran off, making the inn keeper look at Dimitri with a strange expression from afar.

After Dimitri had finished eating and the petite young waitress picked up his plate, he decided to start asking around, as the information about this kingdom might be crucial in his mission, small and unimportant it may be.

"I don't suppose you would know if there was any way for a commoner to get into the castle, would you?" He went up to the counter, where the inn keeper was wiping a few empty flagons with a rag. Dimitri made a mental note to wipe the conversation from the inn keeper's mind once they were through with this conversation.

"Yeah, the Villager's Ball is in a few days." The inn keeper replied lightly. "Everyone is welcome, and the Queen herself will be there."

"She will?" Dimitri asked, interested. "What is she like?"

"I only know what people tell me since I had to miss the coronation and I'm always busy with the inn." The inn keeper lowered the glass. "But they say that her kindness knows no bounds, and her beauty exceeds that of most normal women. Her powers are a draw for many people too, and several princes and kings have actually asked for her hand. She shut them all down, and after the last one, revealed a fiery temper, threatening to freeze the next suitor solid."

The older man laughed to himself. "No one has tried to win her over since."

"Anything else?" Dimitri asked.

"Yeah, a few things." The inn keeper replied. "People say she gets lonely since her sister is always off with her husband doing mischief and what not, though she is cherished by everyone else in Arendelle for being a bright spunky joyful woman. That, and the 13th prince of the Southern Isles, Hans, hates her with a passion."

"He's the attempted usurper, right?" Dimitri asked.

"Yup." He confirmed. "Would have gotten away with it too if the Queen hadn't accidently frozen her sister's heart."

"Sounds like an interesting tale." Dimitri replied. "Have time to tell me?"

"After the dinner rush I'll get a cup of grog and tell you all about it." He replied. "Meet me back here in about an hour. Should have calmed down by then."

One hour later, the tavern-cum-inn was empty and Dimitri was getting an education on the Eternal Winter and Great Thaw in the back table, both him and the inn keeper having a mug of grog.

"So the queen was locked away for God knows how long because her father was scared of her?" Dimitri asked.

"Yup. Pretty dick move if you ask me." The inn keeper gulped down a mouthful before continuing. "Anyway, so she freezes her sister's heart after she tries to bring her down from the mountain. Her sister, Anna her name is, ends up getting thrown off a cliff by a massive snow monster Elsa makes. Anna's guide who is now her husband takes her to the trolls, while Hans takes soldiers up to the mountain to force the queen to end the winter. Instead, the Duke's men try and kill her. Apparently they didn't know what they were getting into, because once they cornered her, she fought back. She would have killed them both very painfully if Hans hadn't interfered."

"Does anyone even die in this story?" Dimitri plaintively wondered.

The inn keeper laughed, "Morbid one, aren't we? Anyway, one of the soldiers got nailed to the wall with spikes of ice, with one growing slowly towards his throat. Would have bled him like a slaughtered animal if it had grown much bigger. The other got fenced in with icy barriers, and a moving wall of ice pushed him out to the balcony. Would have shoved him right off for a long fall before ending in a pit of icy spikes."

Dimitri whistled. "Don't make the Ice Queen mad, eh?"

"You got it." The inn keeper agreed. "Anywho, Hans reminded the Queen that people thought she was a monster, and told her not to prove them right. She stopped trying to kill the two soldiers, only for the almost impaled one attempting to shoot her. Hans grabbed the crossbow and shoved it away to avoid the bolt from killing Elsa, but it ended up getting the one in a million chance and hit the tiny connection keeping a massive ice chandelier up in that room. The whole thing came down and knocked her clean out, and Hans took her back here and locked her up in the dungeons. Meanwhile, Anna got told that she needed true love to live by…trolls I think, and came back here to kiss Hans. Naïve girl, Princess Anna."

"Seems like." Dimitri nodded.

"She came back and every person in the castle library left Hans and Anna alone for some privacy. Turns out once they were gone, he revealed he actually wanted the throne, so he left Anna locked in the room to freeze to death while he told everyone she was dead. Then he charged Elsa with treason, blaming her for her sister's death, and tried to off HER too. Instead, she busted out, causing a massive blizzard while trying to get away from the kingdom. Anna got out with a little snowman that Elsa made, Olaf, and went out to try to get to her guide Kristoff after realizing that he was her true love. Hans managed to catch up with Elsa and told her that she had killed Anna, and the queen went down crying, the blizzard freezing in place. Well, Anna saw Hans ready to stab her, and didn`t take too kindly to that. She threw herself in front of the sword just as the ice froze her into a statue, making the sword shatter and knocking Hans on his ass."

"Yet she still lives. How is that?" Dimitri asked.

"Keep your britches on, I'm getting to that." The inn keeper replied. "Anyway, Elsa sees her sister all frosty and dead, and starts crying on her frozen statue. Then, lo and behold, she thaws out. Turns out romantic love wasn't necessary, because apparently the sisterly love of sacrificing herself for her sister was enough to reverse it. So she thaws out, Elsa realises that love will thaw, and causes the Great Thaw. They get risen up on a ship, and Hans gets up just as it finishes. Kristoff, the guide, gets pissed that Hans tried to off Anna and Elsa, and tries to beat the ever living shit out of him. Anna stops him before he can, and approaches him all regal like. That should have been his first warning, 'cause she NEVER pulls rank. Anyway, he comments that he thought she was dead, she snaps back, and turns to leave. Then, she whirls around, grabs his shirt, and punches him clean into the fjord!"

"I would have paid to see that." Dimitri replies, amused at the thought of this Anna swinging a fist.

"You and everyone else." The inn keeper says, roaring with laughter. "Since then, Hans got shipped back to his kingdom where he has an armed guard looking over him at all times, and Weselton got their most lucrative trade ties cut. After other kingdoms heard, they cut ties too, so the entire kingdom of Weselton is in a poverty state. Since then, the queen has ruled with a fair hand back here."

"Sounds like a nice place, and an even nicer woman." Dimitri replied, ideas of unpleasant nature started to form in his mind.

"Just remember what I told you about her freezing the next suitor." The inn keeper winked, mistaking the gleam in Dimitri's eyes for attraction.

"Don't worry, I'm no suitor." Dimitri replied with a quick smile. Thanking the inn keeper for the conversation, he headed back to his room, he smiled at the idea that had formed. This Elsa girl would be his ticket into the castle to find Briathos.

I'm much worse than any suitor.

The next few days were spent in solitude, Blodfel regaining his strength slowly and steadily. For when he found Briathos, he would be ready for the fight. Briathos was a powerful angel, an Arch-Angel in fact, so he wouldn't be easy to beat to say the least. Dimitri would need all his power to face him, as he had never faced an Arch-Angel before.

He also made a point to clean up his gear. It had literally been through Hell and back, so it wasn't in the best shape, being stained with human and demon gore and torn at some places. It took several hours to get the stains out and shopping for some replacements. All the while the demonic warrior swore about how someone of his calibre shouldn't have to do such mundane chores. Still, by the time he was done, it looked much better, and without the chains and his monster sword, he could be mistaken for a minor noble.

Much of the time spent biding and waiting, he spoke with Chaos for company. He and Chaos always had a rocky relationship, bonded only by death that was both of their trades. Dimitri was an Arch-Demon Halfling, and Chaos was a sword forged by Satan when he first descended to Hell. Once Chaos had been created though, Lucifer had seen that the blade had potential for limitless power, and sealed it away because it was too strong. Belial had broken that seal and given the weapon to Dimitri before he had been chained, and they had possessed an uneasy alliance ever since. So long as Chaos had a steady supply of souls to devour, it was docile. When hungry though, Chaos would threaten and needle Dimitri, seeking to anger or unnerve him. The latter was never accomplished though.

One of their more in depth conversations was surprisingly civil, with no unspoken threats given.

What do you know of Briathos anyway? You were made for Satan after all. I doubt you know nothing. Dimitri had asked.

Not much, but I can infer quite a bit from what I DO know. Chaos had admitted. He isn't called the Thwarter of Demons for nothing. He's one of the best warriors of heaven there is, up there with Michael.

Sounds like a challenge. I LIKE a challenge.

Not this one. Powerful though you may be, even I don't think I could pierce the wards that undoubtable protect him.

Wards? Dimitri asked.

All Arch-Angels have shields to protect them from harm. They will eventually fail of course, but until they do, you would be at a massive disadvantage. Chaos replied.

I guess I'll have to invest in wards of my own then. Dimitri replied in a confident note.

That might work, but they're still powerful enough to cleave you in half, even with your own wards.

Then we should strike first, shouldn't we?

Chaos chuckled. Now you're talking…

Finally, the day of the Villager's Ball had arrived.

Waiting until nightfall when the ball actually began was torture in and of itself, but when the time finally came, it wasn't hard for Dimitri to mingle with the crowd. He had cloaked himself in layers of illusionary magic so that no one saw his demonic features or his weapons, his hair becoming black for the night. He thought it looked good with his pale skin, and women he had met before agreed.

Approaching the gate surrounded by people, Dimitri wasn't impressed by the castle. It was basic by anyone's standards, though it did seem to have ice frozen over the mortar lines, making the entire castle glitter in the dying light.

The queen really did seem to take her icy abilities with pride, apparently…but other than that he wasn't impressed by anything else.

Entering the castle, he followed the large crowd of nobles to the ball room where most people were simply talking. Unwilling to speak with a random stranger and preferring to be alone, he stayed near a wall, trying not to draw attention to himself as he sipped a glass of strong wine.

After a while, he was just about ready to give up when a trumpet sounded, and a plump and mostly bald butler made an announcement.

"Introducing Princess Anna and Prince Kristoff of Arendelle!"

A ginger haired woman and a huge blonde man came in the door arm in arm, both dressed in formal attire. The woman, probably Anna, was wearing a green sleeveless dress, and it looked to be made of silk. Her husband Kristoff was garbed in a black formal suit, and Dimitri felt a tinge of amusement at his uncomfortable expression.

Entering the room, they mingled with the crowd normally. Anna being the spunky one and the center of attention for everyone else, while Kristoff looked more reserved, yet doted lovingly next to his wife. Dimitri decided to ignore them and went back to observing the crowd, looking for any sign of Briathos or any angels. He saw nothing obvious, not that it matter. A mission like this wasn't going to be executed in a silver platter now would it?

He sighed and took a sip of his wine again, only to stop drinking when realized that someone was approaching. It was too late to avoid the person without the sudden departure being obvious, so he let the illusion slip just enough to allow a red glint in his eyes. Hopefully it would persuade them to leave him be.

It turns out that the someone was the Princess. Inwardly, Blodfel began to curse, but Chaos's voice cut through.

This may be advantageous to you. She could introduce you to Elsa. It could be the difference between losing your chance at Briathos by being forced to fight your way out, and being able to use your plan.

And you're helping me why? Dimitri asked mentally.

I've never eaten an Arch-Angel's soul before, have I?

Of course, will do…

Anna had reached him by now, and he quickly threw the illusion back up to hide the red glint. Anna looked at him strangely for a moment before speaking.

"Hi, I'm Princess Anna. You don't look like a villager, nor like someone would I know around these parts…."

"I'm not." Dimitri replied, putting on a polite façade. "I'm a travelling exotic hunter."

"Oh, that would explain it." Anna muttered to herself. "And who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?"

"Dimitri, Dimitri Blodfel." He replied smoothly. "Pleased to meet a lovely lady such as yourself."

He took up her hand and kissed it, for the sake of giving a good impression. Anna just blushed the whole time in front of this rugged stranger, the words catching up to her later when he released her hand. "I'm married you know."

"Yes, I saw." He replied, looking over at a still uncomfortable Kristoff attempting to drink from a wine glass. "Don't worry, I'm not after you. The last one who did that got his face smashed with a right hook I heard."

Anna's face soured for a moment, recalling a horrid memory, then smiled a little. This stranger, Dimitri, seems to be a little more than meets than eye. And it's only been like, three minutes already with this guy?!

"Oh it was nothing really." She brushed off with a wave of her hand. "He had that one coming when he…" She trailed off, clearly not pleased to broach on the subject with Dimitri.

Noticing it, Dimitri decided to switch back to his charming self. "You don't have to tell me all about it, I'm not here to talk about the past of your nation anyway. I'm just here to enjoy a fresh break from my job."

He added, "Plus I'm just here to see if the rumors are true."

"What rumors?" Anna asked, suddenly guarded.

"The rumors about the queen's beauty." He replied smoothly.

Kiss ass. Chaos sneered.

Shut up.

"And what are those rumors?" Anna asked, her expression reverting to normal.

"That she is beautiful beyond all mortal women, and she swore to freeze the next suitor to ask for her hand." Dimitri replied, smiling. The illusion hiding his teeth made his smile seem warm and charming, and Anna giggled.

"If your sister looks anything like you, than the rumors don't do her justice." Dimitri went on, making Anna blush and chuckle shyly. However, he noticed her husband Kristoff suddenly coming over. The buff ice harvester didn't look pleased when he saw him apparently flirting with his wife, and she's falling for it.

"Who's this?" He asked gruffly, entering the conversation out of nowhere.

"Dimitri Blodfel, hunter of exotic beasts." Dimitri replied with a smile, putting out a hand. Kristoff didn't shake it immediately though, still staring at Dimitri like he's some sort of parasite.

"Kristoff, be polite." Anna admonished. Kristoff took a glance at her serious face, and relented. He shook Dimitri's hand firmly for good measure.

"Are you flirting with my wife?" Kristoff asked bluntly. Anna gasped, nudging Kristoff's shoulder roughly, but Dimitri just chuckled in response.

"It's okay, many men accuse me of attempting to steal their wives. No, I'm not flirting with your wife." Almost as an afterthought, he added, "I intend to flirt with her sister though."

Anna gasped, blushed, and giggled again. Dimitri was full of surprises. Kristoff just stared at him, this time nonplussed.

"You know what happened to the last one who tried that, right?"

"Yes. That's why I stick to flirting. If I don't ask her to marry me, she can't freeze me, now can she?

"Not sure it works that way." Kristoff replied. "But feel free to try."

Someone gasped and pointed to the large double doors of the ball room as it opened. Dimitri looked over as he took another sip of his wine, thinking it was another mild noble to glance and ignore.

But he choked. He just inhaled most of the contents of the glass in one go.

He was looking at the most beautiful woman alive.

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