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Here is is where you will be sleeping!"

The pink haired child pointed at a pile of hay on the stone floor of her dorm room. He coldly regarded it, and then turned to her. He was hesitant to nod, his pride to much to handle this, but he saw no other choice. Argument would lead to anger, anger could potentially lead to death; most likely her's.

Vader strode towards his "bed", and then sat down upon it. He crossed his legs and stared forward at the other end of the room. There sat a cabinet, and a table between him and that cabinet. Two chairs were there as well, with a metal plate where upon a lit candle sat.

He soon looked up at his supposed "master", and then kept a continuous stare at her. She became unnerved by this, frightened slightly as she shifted uncomfortably.

"This will do," he lied, desperately wishing he had his meditation chamber installed within the walls of this magic academy.

"Good, because it's all you'll be getting for now!" Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière stated firmly, with a failed attempt at sounding superior to him.

Failed, because she strained her arrogance to far, suggesting that she was trying and not making herself the master. It irked Vader, but amused him as well. She had potential, and while it was miniscule and diminutive like her figure, he could still see it. He could still sense it.

"Could you cease that disgusting breathing for once!"

He turned his gaze to the girl, now in bed. Time had passed quickly, he realized as he looked to the candle, noting how much shorter it had become. Once more, he swiveled his head to eye the petite magic student.

"I cannot."

"And why not?" she demanded, crossing her arms with a huff and glaring directly at him.

"I breath like this because of my mask," he elaborated with brevity. "If it were to halt, then I would die; and you cannot have that. You cannot allow that."

His statement turned the daughter of the Vallière family's face rather a hot shade of red. Her hate rolled off her in waves, the rage burning like the fires of Mustafar that ravaged his dismembered body. Her very fury was exuding with a grand scale. All of this, he could sense, had been bottled up and kept down for so long.

The Force allowed him to see into her, and he saw her pain. He saw her anger. Yet, he saw the most important part of her very being; her need.

She yearned for approval, and for power.

Now that she had him, she could showcase that power. More importantly though, she now had something to vent her frustrations on via physical beating, or so she thought.

"I sense your hate," he spoke, bending his neck back to stare at the ceiling. "I sense your rage and fury."

She was caught off guard, and produced a flabbergasted countenance in response. Slowly regaining her senses, Louise mustered up enough courage to question his statement.


"I can feel your pain, and see your desires, Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière," he spoke with impossible accuracy for someone whom had just met her. "You seek the approval of your family, especially of your mother, Karin the Heavy Wind. Yet, you also seek to destroy those whom have disgraced you... the greatest being one named Zerbst."

Fright had shaken her as anger at having her privacy violated seethed through her form. Immediately, she leapt out of her bed and took heavy steps to stand before him. She tried to take an imposing stance, and succeeded. Unfortunately, she dealt with a being whom had inspired terror and fear into the hearts of trillions. She could not terrify him, she would never be able to terrify him.

"Y-you are my familiar, and you will obey me!" she demanded and he continued his stare. "Do you understand me!"


"So, will you obey me?"

He felt anger boil within him, but cooled it with reason. Killing her, or even harming her would do him no good. He was here because the Force had made it his new destiny. There was a reason he was here, and he would complete that task.

"I will not," he declared rather stoically. "The Force has guided me here, but I know not why. It certainly was not to serve an ignorant child."

Before she could begin to shout or scream at him, he raised his right hand and waved it gently across the space between them from left to right.

"You are too tired to continue this meaningless conversation."

"I am too tired to continue this meaningless conversation."

"You will go to sleep now."

"I will go to sleep now."

The mind-trick did its work as she blankly stared at him with a lifeless face. Her eyes, once full of rage were emotionless as she swiveled to her right and slowly walked to the bed with light footfalls.

Into bed she went, and she softly began to snore as he reminisced on the day's events.

Several hours ago

Professor Colbert's workshop

"Well, Vader," the man named Jean Colbert started and paused, pressing his lips together in thought. "W-welcome to Tristain, I suppose. Or rather, welcome to Halkeginia."

The Chosen One nodded, and then kept his stature as a stiff pose. However, he allowed himself to cross both of his arms. The light of a single burning candle reflected orange beams and shines off of his black armor. His breathing, ever the terrifying inhalation and exhalation kept them in a slightly unnerved state.

"So... may I first inquire what kind of Magic you used to... suffocate me," the apparent teacher asked. "I did not see you with a wand or actually felt any wind around me."

"Magic? I do not use magic," he angrily declared, offended that the Force was being mistaken for some weak-minded, ignorant primitive's ideas of an entertainer's cheap tricks. "The Force is my power, it is my strength."

"The what?" his supposed "master" questioned in confusion and curiosity. "I've never heard of that magic before."

"It is not magic!" he snapped with rage and she visibly flinched, cringing and shrinking in the chair she sat upon. "It is not cheap parlor tricks used by an entertainer. The Force is power incarnate, existing everywhere; within everything. It permeates and binds, melding matter and soul together."

Both Humans were obviously confused, and it was then that he truly knew that these beings were not properly educated."

"We are not familiar with this... Force you speak of," Professor Colbert admitted, his left hand holding his chin as he held up his right arm. "In Halkeginia, magic is not... er, how did you put it?"

"Cheap parlor tricks," Vader calmly repeated.

"Yes, that... well, magic to us is-"

Suddenly, he was cut off as the girl, Louise cut in, "the mark of nobility and our power."

Jean Colbert seemed disappointed and annoyed for a moment, but gave a smile seconds afterwards.

"Yes, that is the correct term. Thank you, Miss Vallière."

She gave a smug smile, but also a thankful one. He sensed joy in her, happiness and giddiness at the praise. It was greater than any capacity he had sensed from beings her age. The pinkette was had far more enjoyment in the vocal accolade than he would have expected.

"Shall I have an example then?" the former Sith Lord questioned and the teacher smiled warmly.

"Of course, one moment."

Raising his staff, the man muttered a few words and a flame flared into life. He nearly took a step back in shock, not expecting a tongue of fire to ignite on the wooden staff. Recomposing himself in a split-second, the black armored man stared as the professor manipulated the fire. It bent to his will, flickering and weaving around his skin without touching it. Like a woman of flames, it danced and motioned with a sway to it.

A sudden feeling of anxiety began to pour into him. As Colbert gave a small chuckles at the flame's swirling around his hand, all Vader could see was the Emperor molding him. He felt needles in his body, metal claws slicing off flesh. Charred skin was removed and cold metal took his place.

"Argh," he electronically moaned and bent forward, a phantom pain, his first phantom pain in so long overcame his chest as he remembered.

The other persons in the workshop heard and turned their attention to him in shock. Louise, as being the closest to him rushed out of her chair to grab his chest. Her fragile, lithe hands rubbed across the control board on his chest. Soon, she was awkwardly attempting to hold him up as the fire magic wielding man rushed across the room, pushing a chair out of the way and bumping into the corner of the table to grab his keeling form.

"Vader, are you alright?"

The man in black and silver nodded quickly as he rose back up, holding the center of his chest.

"I... am fine."

"Are you cert-"

"I am fine, professor!" he snapped with venom dripping from his electronic voice.

Both Louise and Professor Colbert backed off from the man as he regained his bearing. His composure was quickly reconstituted and he soon towered above them once more. Now, an atmosphere of tension sat in the small house that the man used for his studies and experimentation. His asthmatic breathing continued at a normal rate though, once more stable as he stood.

"I have shown you only one form of magic," Jean Colbert claimed, breaking the silence and releasing some of the tension. "There are three other types of magic we use."

Going over to a cabinet, he pulled open a drawer and began digging through its contents. The sound of trinkets clacking against the wooden confines against and paper ruffling resonated from beneath the hunched over teacher as he searched. Finally, he gave an "ah-ha" in exclamation as he pulled a rolled up parchment from the drawer.

He then moved the contents on top of the table away before placing the parchment on its wooden surface.

"Miss Vallière, would you please hold down those ends?" he requested and the pink haired student obliged, as he unrolled the paper across the table.

On the aged fibers was a drawing of a five-pointed star encased in a pentagram. The five points where the star connected with the pentagram's vertices were marked with circles, each one holding a single word in a strange language next to the.

"There, at the bottom right is fire," the professor spoke and pointed his finger at the circle colored with red. He then motioned his finger to the white circle on its left. "Next to it is air."

He moved his finger to the brownish orange circle at the far right, "Earth sits there, above fire. Then, across from it is water."

His finger moved to the blue circle, but before he could utter anymore words, Vader cut into his lecture.

"You spoke of four magics, but I see five."

"Oh, yes," he nervously replied and Vader looked up at the professor who met his gaze. Fright jumped into his heart and Vader stretched out his senses, searching the man's feelings with the Force. "Well, that magic-"

"Is the Void," he suddenly interjected and Louise sucked in a quick breath as Colbert froze. "And it has been lost, has it not?"

The moment of silence was long and the tension had increased within the workshop. The candle in the room flickered and swayed as Vader continued his labored, electronic breaths. Slowly, Professor Colbert realigned his spine into a vertical line, straightening himself up into a stiff posture.

"How did you know?" he solemnly in a inquired, his eyes hardened and body language showcasing a new, far more disciplined side of himself.

In him, he saw a different man. There was a veteran within the professor, the soul of a warrior. He had been a soldier, he could tell. Now, he was a different man with a different life.

The Black armored man made his choice and began to explain the Force to these two Humans of Halkeginia.

"The Force grants me many abilities; the power to read your emotions and see your thoughts only a small portion of them."

"Truly? You can truly read my own mind and invade my privacy?"

"If I so desire."

"What right do you have? What privilege do you possess to violate my mind?" the teacher demanded, defensively speaking.

"What right do you have to enslave me, and make me your servant," Vader retorted with an equal amount of menace in his tone.

It was Louise who spoke next, standing up once more. She took a strong stance and balled her hands into fists, straining her back to lean forward at him. Blood rushed to her face as anger rose in her as this summoned familiar disgraced one of their most honored traditions.

"Silence, familiar! I summoned you here and completed the contract, therefore I am your master! So I command you to be silent!"

Silence indeed fell then, and the petite girl gave a smug smirk at the "success of her sudden verbal explosion. Unfortunately, her demand had not produced the desired outcome. A hand grabbed her shoulder and she was pulled into the professor whom held up his staff defensively. Her familiar seemed to almost shake, a quiver barely visible as he stepped forward.

"She was raised this way," Jean Colbert exclaimed with fear in his voice as Vader slowly curled his fingers, clenching his black, leather gloved hand into a tight fist. "Louise doesn't know any better."

She wanted to pull away from the man and tell her he was wrong, but did not as Vader halted in his approach.

"Please," her teacher begged, "don't."

Another moment of silence passed and they stood frozen. The tension had risen drastically and dramatically now, palpable as they continued standing still.

"There is no emotion, there is peace," he muttered with the most silent voice he could muster.

The first line of the Jedi mantra repeated in his mind, over and over again. He drift himself elsewhere, keeping his mind anchored in serenity instead of churning fury. His time in the Force taught him balance, and he would not be compromised here by his own mortality.

The hand that had been at his left side retreated and he pulled back. Professor Colbert let his grip on Louise loosen as he addressed her, "Miss Vallière, please wait outside. Do not leave until your familiar and I exit this building."

The girl obliged and left, shaken as she exited through the wooden threshold. The door made a thud as it closed and instantly, the professor had his body readjusted into an offensive stance.

"I don't want to fight you."

"...I am not intrigued by combat, either."

"Then we can make this a civilized conversation?"

"Only, if we our shared words are civilized."

He nodded and pulled back, taking the chair and seating himself in it. Vader crossed his arms once more, and relaxed his body.

"Perhaps, we should begin with this Force you speak of, could you explain it to me; in detail, as well?"

So it was, that the two men shared their knowledge with each other. Hours passed by and several times Louise attempted to peek in, only to find Vader staring directly at her. He could sense her curiosity, feel the need for information running through her. Eventually though, a great drape of boredom covered her as she sat beyond the wooden door, and it became pungent as the two adults conversed.

"So, the Force is a... energy field? That's what you called it, correct?"


Vader gave a solemn nod with his answer and then chose to wait for the professor to continue speaking. If he could define the Force as the black armored man taught him, then he could at least grasp the idea of it.

"And it is ubiquitous, or everywhere and anywhere," the nearly bald man continued and he received another nod from the standing man. "That's... remarkable!"

"Far more than simply remarkable, professor."

"Yes, of course, but the idea of an grand scale field of metaphysical power is- is just, astounding!"

He nodded as his labored, asthmatic breathing administered a subtle cloud of fear. However, Jean Colbert was far to indulged in his excitement and awe that he completely ignored it. This was a wanted change from the whimpering and pathetic Imperial officers whom had served beneath him. On the contrary though, those officers were usually on the receiving end of a Force choke.

Noticing the professor with a more embarrassed faced, he opened his ears to the man's request.

"May I please have a demonstration of the Force abilities you fondly speak of?" he inquired, rubbing the back of his head. Curiosity and slight embarrassment radiated from him, but a sudden burst of urgency and panic soon overcame these emotions. "Er, preferably directed at an inanimate object."

He awkwardly squirmed, nervously rubbing his neck as his feet shifted on the wooden floor. He gave an anxious smile, trying to lighten the tense mood as Vader continued to stare directly at him. His breathing was beginning to effect the teacher once more, the labored inhalation and exhalation driving a new spike of ice into him.

Suddenly, he began to levitate above the ground. He was picked up by an unseen Force and was positioned without fault at least a foot above the ground. He gave a cry of surprise as he flailed in shock. Regaining his composure seconds after, he noticed the lack of wind magic in use here.

There was no breeze or gust being used to hold him up. Neither did he notice it in the table that began to float besides him. Vials and flasks started to rise off the counters with other instruments of science. Books and tomes were picked up and began to revolve around him and the table. Jean Colbert stared in a stare of awe and hesitation.

"I... am sorry to say this, but levitation spells are a commonly lesson taught at any magic institution."

With that statement, Professor Colbert was promptly deposited onto the floor. Stumbling for a bit, he managed to find his balance just as the rest of his workshop dropped back onto their respective surfaces. Glass containers did not shatter, but they instigated feelings of fright in the teacher as they cracked onto their wooden counters, rolling on their bottom rims.

"If you have any materials you need to... dispose of, I would suggest allowing me to demonstrate the Force upon them."

Upon making his suggestion, the black armored man twirled, his cape flowing behind him as he began to stride towards the door. His gloved hand pressed against the wooden barrier, but he stopped for a small moment. With a slow turn of his head, his fear inducing mask faced the nearly bald mage.

"The Force is merely one piece of knowledge of the place I was summoned forth from. I am willing to share anymore knowledge of my home if you are willing to share yours."

Shaking his head to escape the stupor he had found himself in, Professor Colbert eagerly began to shake his head.

"Yes, of course! Just request for an exchange and I will try to find a time when we can."

Vader proceeded to nod before pushing to door open. Out there, in the waning light of the evening he found the Vallière girl speaking to another girl, this one in a far more servant-esque type of attire.

"M-mister Vader!" Louise shouted in shock at his sudden appearance as she jumped to her feet from the stool she sat on.

The other girl rose a second after, wiping off any particles of Dust or dirt that had collected on her clothing.

"Hello, Miss Vallière," he spoke, let and then paused, breathing once before talking again, "I suppose that you will know where my quarters shall be?"

"I, er, don't-"

"He will be sleeping with you, Miss Vallière," Professor Colbert spoke as he exited the workshop to stand beside the taller man. "I will arrange for some comforts to be provided, but I cannot promise that they will be... good."

"I do not require comforts," Vader proclaimed with pride.

The three others there shifted rather uncomfortably at his comment, but did not question it. Jean Colbert nodded and looked to the new girl, "That will most certainly make this easier. Miss... uh?"

"Siesta, sir," she spoke with a genuine friendliness to it.

Compassion and kindness radiated off of her as if she was one of Tatooine's twin suns, if not both, fused into one. He had seen many like her before, raised to respect others. It was not a rarity, but for someone like him, it was a trait he rarely found in those whom followed him in his service to the Emperor. Of course, he had met such traits in those whom he had fought.



His children.


Vader was pulled from his thoughts by Professor Colbert's loud remark. The man was holding the hand not wrapped around his staff in the air, its pointer finger shooting straight up.

"Louise, please go take your dinner. Mister Vader, if you would please follow me to the familiar grounds."

He nodded and began to follow the teacher, his footfalls stamping the grass with deep impressions as he did. He felt the girls wander back to the primary tower structure within the fortress-like academy they sat in.

Looking up, he watched the large archways overhead as he passed beneath the bridge. Remembering the map shown to him by the professor, he imagined the other four bridge's in this pentagram shaped institution. If they were all made of this primitive, stone block material, than it wouldn't be too surprising to see.

His attention was soon directed to the top of the two towers that sat on either side of the area. One was colored red and the other resembled brown in the dark night sky. He contemplated on this and realized that he was standing in the bottom right triangle of the pentagram.

However, his gaze was soon drawn to the most interesting sight he had seen on this world. The moons, two of them to be exact. One was a rich hue of cerulean, resembling his former lightsaber crystal. The other was a bright pink, reminding the Force-user of the Vallière girl's hair. Both held the normal sight of craters on them, but all he could see for the moment were twin suns roasting the sandy surface of his home world.

"Excuse me? Mister Vader, are you alright, sir?"

His attention was brought to the adult mage standing at the archway to another area of the academy. He had a worried look on his face and genuine compassion was exuding from his being.

"I am fine... I was merely..."

Vader paused and thought on his next word.


He watched the nearly bald mage's expression of worry turn into confusion as he simultaneously sensed the man's emotions do the same. Confusion gave way to curiosity though, as he witnessed the adult male change his quizzical countenance into a different form. His wondering frown turned into an understanding smile as a caring warmth began to spread from his soul.

He said no words, but nodded in response before turning around once more. The professor led the older man beneath another archway into the next area. Here, Vader found himself preparing for a battle.

A numerous collection of creatures lay about, or floated in the case of a prodigious eyeball that hovered like some kind of wingless TIE fighter. His observations were interrupted though, as Professor Colbert began speaking, "Well, this is the Familiar Grounds. Most of the students' familiar's or kept here if they're too large to fit inside of the buildings, or if the master decides they want them out here."

Vader nodded in understanding before stepping forward, stealthily moving his hand from his lightsaber. It would do no good to give off a hostile atmosphere near such creatures.

"Well, I'll have Louise come out and collect you after dinner is over. I must go and report to the headmaster."

The Force-user gave another nod, this one of both understanding and approval.

"Very well, professor," he spoke mechanically in his usually trapped, bellowing voice. "Hopefully we shall continue our conversation again."

He lent out his hand, holding it in the expanse between them. It was the first offered hand he had given in years. Only to the most esteemed officers or most appropriate moments had he ever offered a shake of hands. Many had found it an honor, but in this mundane situation he knew it would merely secure a form of trust and respect between him and the man he almost murdered hours before.

They parted with a shake of hands and Colbert giving a friendly "goodbye". The man disappeared into the shadow of the archway they had come through, and that left Vader to stand alone, surrounded by non-humanoid aliens.

Many looked to him, all trying to perform some animalistic form of observation. He saw more than one nose twitching as they attempted to pick up his scent. Others were bolder, and began crawling to him, but all were rebuked by a sudden burst of Dark Side energy.

He let fear and terror exude from him, driving the animals away. The Force-user may have abandoned the Sith in the wake of his salvation by his son's hands, but he still knew the power of the Dark Side.

Feeling a long, deep string of thoughts beginning to swirl within his mind, the cyborg began to seat himself down on the grassy ground beneath him. Blades of green flora was crushed beneath the weight of his mostly mechanical body as he fell into a cross-legged sitting position. His head bowed and he began to contemplate.

The Force, it had guided him here.

He had been summoned by it, not by the feeble, arrogant brat that claimed to be his master. She could never know the power of the Force, in either aspect of it. However, he must be open to all options. The Force had guided him here, perhaps he was to serve this pink haired girl?

No, he was never meant for servitude. Slavery had only brought him to harm his children, he could not allow himself to fall to the Dark Side once again. Yet, still he used its power.

Controversy ran rampant within him as turmoil churned his stomach bile. His time within the Force, as part of it and its own messenger gave him an infinite insight into the true nature of the Force. The Light Side and the Dark Side, both parts of a grand balance. To zealously follow the Light Side would cause only hypocrisy or inaction, but to be swayed by the Dark Side's seductive nature meant allowing oneself to become enslaved to their primal emotions.

He would be in control of his destiny, he would fall into the chains of the whims of outside powers unless he allowed it.

Just then, he was pulled from his thoughts by a nudge from his back. Paranoia was the first to jump to his mind. Caught off guard, he leapt up and floated down, hand at his lightsaber. Brief panic took the form of disappointment and embarrassment as a large reptilian creature of blue and white hues rose up from a crouching position. Large, leathery wings on its back seemed to compact further as if they were arms tucking up against the chest.

Anger surfaced briefly at the sight of its curious expression. The thing dared to interrupt his meditation? It boiled and steamed, his heart beginning to pump aggressive emotions as rage took its course. His hand gripped the lightsaber clipped to his belt, squeezing it. His thumb brushed the activation button as he hesitantly pulled at the weapon of a trained Force-user.

You're emotions betray you, father.

He stopped, pausing as the recent memory broke through the barrier of red in his vision. His son, standing strong and confident atop a catwalk looked down at him. A green lightsaber was brandished by him, but he held it in one hand and opened his body up to attack.

I sense the good in you.

His hand let go of the cylindrical weapon, moving back to his right side. The creature seemed to move closer at this, obviously feeling more comfortable after he had relaxed. It began to slowly move over to him, its emerald eyes observing his tall being with curiosity.

After a minute had passed, the end of its snout was a few centimeters from his chest control board. It sniffed and slightly nodded its head as it caught his armor's stench. A bit of amusement leaked into his mind as he set up a small barrier around the vital device on his torso. The creature tried to poke the man's chest, but it always felt like there was a dome there even though it could see his mechanical form fully.

Confusion and wonder was broadcasting from it like an Imperial garrison calling for reinforcements. The amount of emotion pouring from a simple animal was rather surprising to the Force-user. It was then that he decided to read the spectrum of emotions emitting from the beast.

Curiosity, wonder, and apparently hunger appeared to be chief among its current feelings. A mood of speculation was coming off of it as it tilted its head at the stare he gave it.

Big Human, why do you keep breathing like that?

He stopped his thoughts and felt shock come across for a brief moment. The beast was intelligent, no sentient. It was producing thoughts of particular articulation, using basic word association. This was more than an instinctual creature.

A sudden burst of worry burst from behind him. The Force jolted him to action and he reached out, feeling a somewhat familiar presence. It was one he had felt hours ago, during the "Springtime Summoning Ritual".

He began to turn, his robotic prosthesis crushing the grass beneath him as he came to gaze upon another student of the magical academy.

This one was small, but not like the Vallière girl. Louise was petite, this was diminutive; tiny. Blue Hair topped her head and a pair of primitive spectacles sat on her nose. A book was held in one hand while she gripped a staff in the other. The staff in question was wooden, and much taller than her with a rather gnarled crook at the top.

"Familiar of Zero."



The riddle was a surprise for the cyborg, but it was a nice change for the moment. Before deciphering the girl, it might be more fun to decipher the riddle first. That was his thought process as he contemplated.

Familiar, that would most likely reference to the professor's term of a summoned servant. Zero, being a nickname would make whoever summoned me the owner. That would suggest the pink haired child is "Zero"... it seems to be more of a taunt than a nickname.

"For Vallière?" he inquired and the girl nodded. He breathed and stared, applauding himself with sarcasm over the simple puzzle that a child could solve. "Who are you?"

The girl stared at him with a stoic Ness matching his mask, something he found uneasy and very respectable. He thought of pulling the name from her mind for a moment, but stopped himself upon remembering the earlier events of the day.

A minute ticked by and he continued to wait patiently and respectfully.



He felt the thought radiate from her. The smidge of guilt and confidence in her deceit she felt was rather strong. She was disguising her identity, but why? Was it because she knew him? Perhaps she was reinforcing a new identity as a different person.

Vader chose not to delve into the subject as both persons stood without moving. It almost seemed like a contest, whether that contest being one of staring or patiently waiting for a move to be played was up to the nonexistent audience. A gust of wind brushed them, causing the tall man's armorweave cape to raise up and flutter behind him, just as the girl's uniform cape did, save hers wrapped around her small form as the wind came from behind her.

Although the gust diminished into a breeze, the temperature remained cold. The nighttime coolness was seemingly ineffective in tampering with the girl, not at all making her freeze. He took note of this as he continued to observe her.


Both heads, one small and one donned in a black helm turned to see the Vallière girl standing there. Her eyes were wide in surprise, but they shrunk back to their normal size after a moment. A shade of pink had risen on her cheeks in an embarrassed blush as she addressed the other girl.

"I, uh, didn't expect to see you here."

"Check on familiar."

"What? Why would you check on my familiar?" Louise questioned with a miffed tone.

A moment of silence and staring from not two, but three beings caused her to realize what she meant. Her mouth shrunk just as her eyes did earlier, save this time it became a much smaller version instead of its original scale. Her face reddened no a tomato as she grit her teeth.

"I mean, of course you'd come to check on your familiar," she tried to say calmly, but failed miserably.

Hate and self-loathing seethed inside her, burning like the anger he once carried. She glared at him for a minute or two before cooling off and pointing at one of the towers.

"Siesta should have set up your sleeping, er- area by now."

He nodded at the statement, and began following the girl.

So it was, that he came to be seated here. Here being a pile of straw placed by some servant girl.

The former Dark Lord of the Sith turned his head and looked at the slumbering form of Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, observing her. She was small, and she was arrogant, but the child possessed power. He could sense it... as well as something else. There lurked greatness in her, and untapped potential to become something more.

He could help her harness that hidden power. Perhaps that was what he was meant to do. This may yet be the task the Force had assigned him.

In any case, this was going to be another grand adventure.

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