You've gotten stronger kiddo. Said Zed's dad

Of course i have, i have to become even stronger if i'm going to inherit the your title of Dragon Emperor. Gray said

Sitting down on the floor beaten, Zed a tall teenager with long silver hair, dragon eyes and fangs.

you may be right there however if you don't have your Family then how do you expect to rule the dragon realm. His dad said

Yeah-yeah i'll form my family and it will be stronger than yours.

Hahahaha! His dad laughed..

How about we go have breakfast? His dad asked

sure why not. Zed said realizing his hunger

The dinning table was filled with Emperors Boris Family, the role of each member of a Kings or an Emperors Family is similar to that of chess the rooks are the strongest, the bishops are those with the most magic power and wisest while the knights are the fastest and are quite stronger than the rooks and the pawns are warriors, the queen is one that has power nearly equivalent to that of a King but the most important thing that makes a family invincible is they loyalty to their king and their relationship with one another.

Prince Gray, didn't see you there. One of His dad rooks said

very funny Ken. Gray said sarcastically

Ken was a huge dragon in his human form his almost 8 ft tall while his partner Gray was a hybrid between a giant and a dragon.

Zed my boy, how have you been, is it me or have you gotten taller and stronger? Gray said teasing him.

Why you. Zed said

Now, now lets not tease the poor lad. Law said

Law's one of the bishops that serve King Boris son of merlin and a chaos dragon very loyal to Boris after been saved by Boris long ago.

Sorry about that. Ken and Gray said

while they were all eating, Law's partner Alice a beautiful woman and the only non dragon or dragon half- breed in King Boris Family, she's a Vampire from the fallen kingdom of DarkBourne.

Morning guys. She said

Morning Alice. They said

As she sat down on the table she fell asleep again with a jug of wine by her side

Wake up! you good for nothing vampire. Klaus said

Klaus a shadow dragon that serves Boris as his loyal knight

Come on now Klaus its too early in the morning. Alice said half asleep

Oh really, should i tell the rest of them what you did last night. Klaus said

hearing that she woke up.

You sly bastard don't you dare. Alice said with her eyes glowing red

well then seems like i've gotten your attention. Klaus said

Tell me Alice what did you do last night? Ken and Gray said

shut-up. Alice said

my-my breakfast is always rowdy. Catherine said walking in together with King Boris

A demon that serves as a knight for King Boris, and all together with the Boris Ark-blood the devouring infinite dragon they've ruled the whole realm in peace and prosperity.

Alright then, how about we eat? King Boris said

although it was rowdy and everyone were either arguing with someone or fighting it was still lively, after breakfast they all went on their morning duties checking situation in the realm ensuring peace and order, Zed went into his Dad's room where he was sitting down holding a form.

Oh Kiddo, i've got something i want to tell you. His dad said

yeah what is it? Zed said

Your leaving this place. His dad said smiling

What do you mean by that you stupid old man! Zed said angrily

it's not like that i'm simply sending you too a school in the human realm to study and get stronger heck if you lucky you might form you family . His dad said

i see.. so your saying i can get stronger if i go. Zed said

of course. His dad replied

no problem, so when do i leave? Zed said

Tomorrow. His dad said

very well then, i want to ask you something? Zed said

Yeah sure, spill away. His dad said

Can you tell me about my mom? He said

there was a minute of silence...

Okay, but why do you want to know if i may ask. Zed said

I just want to know, i'm 16 and i don't know anything about my mom, don't get me wrong its not like it would change anything i still think of everyone here as my precious friends and family. Zed said

His dad took a deep breath sighing

very well then but i'll only tell you a little about her the rest you have to find out on your own. His dad said


firstly you have your moms hair and eyes however you have my abilities and powers. His dad said

You stupid old man i said tell me about my mom not tell me about my powers and physical appearance. Zed said

hahaha! If you want to know about your mom won't it not be best if you find out want you've inherited from her. His dad said

realizing that his dad made a huge point, he sat down and continued listening.

Your mom's the daughter of a god making you half god and half dragon that why you look more human than i do. His dad said

It was then he realized that even when his dad is in human form he still looked more of a dragon and also why he can't turn into a full dragon like his dad.

That's all, if you want to really know more you'll have to find out on your own. His dad said

this is more than enough, i'll go pack my things. Zed said leaving his dads room.

His dad then took a picture from his table that they as a family, Zed his dad and his mom when Zed was one year old.