Chapter 1:

After every one had said their goodbyes and Zed arrived into the human world, just too see everyone was practiced magic and they were other been from other realm, with his map given to him by his dad he arrived at a school called Rose Heart where they train both humans and other being in magic for those who practice magic and other type of arts.

This is the school huh, looks interesting maybe i might have some fun here. He said smiling entering inside.

A girl wearing their uniform, a white blazer and a black skirt with some shoes walked up to Zed with his hair like that of "Acnologia human form".

How may i help you? She asked

I'm looking for your principal or your director. Zed said

Your the transfer student aren't you? She asked

yes i am. Zed replied

i see... he's waiting for you come with me. She said

She took Zed into the directors office, opening the door he saw a man wearing a yukata drinking tea however on his table where dolls and action figures.

Excuse me, please who's this useless old man. Zed said

Hey don't be rude, i'm not useless just for you know i'm the principal of this here school and i happen to be a friend of your dad. He said

Sorry for his rude behavior. She said bowing her head down

it's fine Sarah you may leave. The principal said

If you please excuse me. She said closing the door

Sit. The principal said

thanks. Zed said sitting down

Well-well i actually get to meet the son of the dragon emperor. The principal said

Its not a big deal. Zed said

for you it isn't but for people here, dragons are said to be extinct so having you here might prove something. The principal said as he began playing with his Action figures

I'm not here for that. Zed said

I know your dad told me everything, you plan on taking over his throne after you graduate and eventually form your Family. The principal said

YEs and that's so for now me been either a dragon or whatever doesn't concern me. Zed said

Looking at Zeds eyes he could see a spitting image of his dad and his stubborn attitude.

Your look like Boris. The principal said

Yeah-whatever if you please excuse me. Zed said standing up

here you go. The principal said throwing a key

what's this? Zed asked catching the key

Its your room key, you'll be staying on the 2nd floor. The principal said


I'd suggest you change and go introduce yourself to your fellow students. The principal said

Sure whatever. Zed said leaving the office

It would seem that things are gonna get interesting from now on. The principal said

Zed carrying his bags to the second floor, his room was Room 208, the room was extremely big, dropping his bags and changing into the schools uniform he could here noise coming from the shower room just adjacent to the beds, been curious he went in to peek, just to see a fairy having a shower

She turned around too see Zed.

A water fairy how rare. Zed said with a straight face after seeing her naked

Kya!... pervert! she shouted using her water magic to splash Zed with boiling hot water

Ouch. Zed said

Finishing her shower she left tying herself with a towel, while Zed was sitting down on a study desk just beside his bed cleaning himself

So who are you and what are you doing here? She asked

That's my line. Zed said

huh? Your line don't be ridiculous i've been here longer than you have and i wasn't informed about having a room-mate not to mention a male. She said dressing up

anyways even though its a mistake we've got no choice but to live with it by the way I'm Zed Ark-blood it's a pleasure to meet you. Zed said walking towards her giving her a hand

I'm Mavis, Mavis Cana, please to meet you too. She accepted his hand

If you tell anyone about seeing me naked i'll kill you. Mavis said

its not like i care but fine. Zed said

Looking at Zeds uniform there was a star symbol by the side showing the class he belongs, in Rose heart Academy there are two classes for each year there's the Star class that mostly deals with other beings and the elemental class that deals with Knights and sorcerers from mostly the human realm that those that practice magic.

So your magical being aren't you? Mavis said

Magic? Not quite i'm a dragon from the dragon realm. Zed said

Dragon realm? Ha that realm doesn't exist, there are only 4 realms. Mavis said

yeah i know what they are, the first is the Godly realm, the next is the demonic realm, next is your realm which is called the spirit realm caused all fairies, elves, pixies, sprites all belong there, at the centre is the human realm, however there's a realm ruled by dragons, however just like your realm there're other being such as Giants, vampires, titans and all other creatures. Zed said

You can believe in whatever you feel like i won't stop you, anyway won't it not be best we head back to class. Zed said

Sure, i'll go out first i don't anyone to see us coming out together. Mavis said

Do as you wish. Zed said going towards the window jumping down

Sheesh the nerve of some people. Mavis said leaving the room

It turns out that the Principal office and the dorms were in the same building only that his office was on the first floor, while the dorms where on both the second and third floor where mostly boys are in the same room while girls are also in the same room only on few rare occasions that different genders stayed in the same room, while right ahead was the academic area where both Star and Elemental students stay in the same class however but have different courses.

Zed on his way he could here cry of an animal almost few Feet away, he walked towards the area to see some students torturing a lost Crimson Lion Cub

Hey what the hell are you doing? Zed said with a straight cold face

huh? whats your business. They said

looking beside the cub he could see a female student injured, she had snow white hair and skin, with well developed Boobs well curved and shaped.

Did you do this also? Zed said

like we said what's your business, first year students aren't met to talk back to their seniors. One of them said placing his hands on Zeds shoulders trying to scare him

What are you doing? Zed said as he briefly looked at the one of his seniors placing his hand on his shoulder

His seniors began emitting magic trying to intimidate Zed, looking at them he felt disgusted removing his hand off his shoulder squeezing it with a little bit of his strength the senior could here he bones been crushed like crackers

Let me show you how to intimidate. Zed said

His dragon eyes became more prominent just by the gaze they could fill his bloodlust at that point in time they began sweating

Now leave, and never come near here again. Zed said

without a word they left, however trying to be cool, Zed went to the injured unconscious girl however the crimson lion protected her trying to ward Zed off

I'm not going to harm your friend. Zed said smiling gently stroking its head

Shortly its parents appeared, its mom was red in color while its dad was huge and red however like that of the color of blood.

Good grief, this going to be a pain. Zed said sighing

heading towards them the little cub went ahead of him and explained it to its parents, then they both looked at him smiling

Yep what he said.

the little cubs parent now walked towards Zed where he gently stroked their fur, and the little cub

i think i'll call you Leo, Don't you worry Leo i promise no one's going to disturb you again i'll be sure to visit. HE said walking towards the girl

Here we go. He said carrying her with one arm like a hand bag

seems like i'm gonna be late. Zed said

Screw it, i'll just jump.

With one jump making a huge hole nearly a feet deep he jumped all the way to the Academic section, the student began looking at Zed as he carried the girl like that

Excuse me where's the nurses office? he asked a student that was passing by

it's straight down the hall. She said

Thank you. Zed said

following her directions he went into the nurses office just to see a hot female nurse wearing a lab coat and a pair of glasses making her even more hot

You must be the nurse. Zed said

yes i'm Stella and how may i help you. She said in a seductive voice

I'm here to drop her, i'm quite new and i don't want to miss my class so i'll drop her here. He said placing her on a free bed leaving

What if she wakes up what should i tell her? She asked

Nothing, i don't want to be thanked. Zed said closing the door

Heading for the class room that was on the ground floor and was close to the nurses office but it turns out that they were about going for P.E where the class would battle a magical created doll.

You must be the new student. A fellow classmate said

He had Blond hair and light blue eyes by his waist was a long sword, Zed however could smell a distinctive our from him that indicated that he wasn't human.

Yeah, I'm Zed Ark-blood. He said

I see... I'm Eren, Eren Gabriel. He said as they shook hands

So your an Elemental Student but you aren't human are you? Zed said

You noticed. Eren said

yeah you give out a specific smell. Zed said

Ouch! that sort of hurts. He said jokingly

Not like that, i mean you smell like a holy being but mostly that of an Angel. Zed said

I see.. your right there i'm half Angel, my mom's an Angel while my dad's a knight so i decided to learn how to be a knight here. He said as they walked through the hall going to the P.E room

So how did you know? Eren asked

I'm a dragon, so i'm able to distinguish each being based on their smell. Zed said

A dragon you say. Eren said


Arriving at the P.E room, it was a huge and took the form and setting of a battle arena. minutes later magic circles appeared summoning three giant magical dolls

So what are we meant to do? Zed asked

What else we get to test our skills?

Just by hearing those words, Zed smiled maliciously walking right in front of one of the dolls.

Is he stupid, going at it alone. The student said

One of the Dolls on spotting Zed threw a punch at him, causing smoke due to impact

Its all over. they said

but as the smoke cleared... to their surprise they saw Zed stopping the punch with one hand.

Tch.. your punch isn't as hard as that of Ken or Gray. Zed said feeling disappointed

With that same hand he carried the Doll and slamming it into the floor destroying it.

the whole class were shocked cause... unknowingly the principal and the student body president were watching from behind

As expected from a dragon. The president said

Well he isn't an ordinary dragon, he's the son of the dragon that destroyed half of the God realm. The principal said

That's why i hate dragons they only know how to destroy. The student body president said

hahahaha! The principal said

I can here you, dear principal "Talking Sarcastically" how about you come here and we'll talk. Zed said detecting the presence of the principal

haha! As expected from the son of Boris your senses are far superb. The principal said clapping his hands

this in turn got the attention of everyone in his class

And you, guy with the silver hair like mine how about you come down here. Zed said to the student body president

I have no time for you. He said

Really now, well since i'm done with P.E looks like i have enough time for you. Jumping towards the President

Hello there, Mr. Student Body President i'm Zed Ark-blood please too meet you. He said facing the student president directly smiling maliciously

Hoho! A God and A dragon facing each other i haven't seen this in a thousand years. The principal said

If you think you can shoot me with your arrows your dead wrong i can smell you and see you! Zed said detecting all the student body members

Now then back to what i was saying, i've never really faced a God before but i've faced all the other being in every realm and i've always wondered how strong are the Gods compared to we dragons, i guess not that strong since it was a dragon that destroyed half of your realm. Zed said

You better not underestimate me, freshman. Said the president

Puny God i told you my name's Zed and to see how rude you are you haven't told me your name. Zed said

I'm Percival. He said

I see...

as they were having their conversation the principal was sitting down eating a popcorn while the other students and the student body members were shocked seeing as how a freshman was standing up to the president.

You sick son of a bitch, you really are a dragon. Eren said

remembering a book he read that says dragon are very stubborn and never listen or bow down to anyone.

This school just got interesting. Eren said to himself

Please i don't have your time i have much important things to attend too. Percival said

i see.. as expected from a God, weak and have nothing to show. Zed said teasing Percival

hearing this Percival stabbed Zed with one of his swords.. coughing out blood and seeing the sword he smiled

So your ready to fight huh, Percival. Zed said

Carrying the sword he threw Percival into the arena with force however he managed to land but this caused a huge hole, the principal knowing on how things will turn out..

Alright Class P.E class is over! He said

Everyone left, Eren on seeing Zed despite a bit injured and blood was dripping through he mouth he saw he was happy, he too smiled

Hey Zed you've got to tell me how this battle goes okay! Eren said leaving

Sure why not! Zed said

And also we're forming a team together! Eren said

Yeah sure do what you want. Zed said

in a matter of minutes the students left the student council where still around

i'd seriously suggest you guys leave, cause this battle might end up destroying the arena. The principal said sitting down continuing eating his popcorn

But Sir, how dare he challenge the Student president, just who is he. One of the members said

Do you know there's actually more than 4 realms. He said

what? they said in shock

yep, the human realm is actually in the middle of four realms and i believe you know three. He said

Yes, the strongest is the Godly Realm then Demon realm next is spirit realm i'm i not correct. The vice president said

Yap, however there's a realm known as the Dragons realm its filled with Titans, giants and other being but ruled by Dragons not just Any dragon it's ruled by the Infinite Devouring principal said

i've heard of the tale, it says that The Infinite Devouring Dragon is the only being in the whole world that has actually challenged the whole of the Godly Realm single handily and survived. The Secretary said

Yep not only that but he actually destroyed half of the Realm and one his own formed a new realm on his own bringing beings and surviving. The principal said

So what does that have to do with why he's challenging the president. The Vice president asked

Lets just say dragons and Gods don't really mix and their fight is actually quite devastating you're lucky that both sides haven't fully developed their powers if not heck i'll have to close down the entire school. The principal said smiling

This isn't a joking matter. The Vice president said

of course it is.

Wait your telling us that freshman is actually the son of a dragon. The secretary said

Yep, son of the Devouring Dragon a very stubborn person. He said

You talk like you know him. They said

Of course we're drinking buddies and on very rare occasions he comes to the Academy. He said

I see... They said

If i'm not mistaken, Percival is the son of King of Roman Gods right


That's good, looks like this gonna be fun. He said to himself

That injury of yours looks fatal. Percival said

Don't worry about that. Zed said removing his top

Why's he removing his top? they asked the vice principal

Its a sign of respect for dragons "In their Human form" when they've met a worthy and strong opponent they remove their top show also it a means of them enjoying battles or hunt. He said

Without any second thought Zed went and gave Percival a strong punch that sent him flying crashing into some chairs, without any hesitation he ran and continued however Percival chained him with his Godly Chains that he summoned through his power, Following that with a sword hew sent it flying towards Zed

Stabbing Zed increasing the wound

Looks like this we'll be the end for you Dragon. Percival said

Don't you dare get cocky with me God. Zed said Breaking Percival's chains

with one of them he tied Percival and threw him down to the ground removing the Sword that he was stabbed with he removed it and threw it back at Percival however Percival destroyed the sword before it could reach when Zed From above gave Percival a massive punch, the shockwave destroyed the ground and the some parts of the Arena.

Zed continued punching Percival non stop smiling maliciously, Percival getting pissed kicked Zed sending him flying destroying part of the arena

The Arena was almost completely destroyed and each party seriously injured but smiling enjoying the fight

Looks like i have to go serious on you. Percival said

Oh you weren't, same here i was actually using only my physical strength so pretty much i wasn't been serious. Zed said

A sword, it was white and Golden in color.

oh a new sword. Zed said

Its my strongest and most powerful sword Excalibur "The Sword of Kings". He said

Sword of Kings huh, very well i shall test your strongest sword with mighty Dragon Punch. Zed said

Looks like they intend to finish this battle, that if i could call this a battle. The principal said

Seems like it.

Well its best i get going, it was nice watching their warm up duel. The principal said

Warm up duel? The student council said

yap, it might not look it but they actually getting to know each other that's why i call it a warm up duel when the real fight begins then that would be more devastating, bye now. Opening a portal the principal disappeared

The collision of both attacks completely destroyed the arena both parties seriously injured fell conscious.

It was a fun match Zed. Percival said before falling to the ground

Yeah, i'll agree next time i'm sure it'd be more fun Puny God. Zed said also falling to the ground

...later that evening...

Zed woke up at the infirmary with his external injuries completely healed while the internal ones where still healing