They arrived at Gold burn, it had a medieval buildings sort of like that of a fantasy game with horses and towns

So this where the quest came from huh? Aaron said

yeah pretty much, well then team captain how do we go through this. Zed said

Huh? Captain? Who me? Eren said looking shocked

Of course, who else is better to lead a team if not you. Zed said smiling brightly

yep i agree with this scaly lizard. Aaron said

Oi! who are you calling a lizard. Zed said glaring at Aaron

Got a problem with that, My king. Returning back the glare

Now, now guys. Eren said separating them

So i suggest we split up and search for clues. Eren said

I agree with that, well then Eren you go ask the people while Aaron and I will to go the Bar. Zed said

I agree with the Idiotic Lizard. Aaron said


Aaron and Zed were heading towards a bar when Eren using his angelic ability he ran down light from the sky

Oi! Eren whats the big deal! Zed said feeling upset

If we're going to do this we have to do it right we can't afford you guys running off. Eren said

we're not running off, don't you know that most gangs normally go to bars and cool off? Zed said

Thinking about it Eren eventually agreed...

Fine but first we need a place stay. Eren said

Yep i agree. Aaron said

Fine. Zed replied sighing

Searching throughout town they eventually found a lounge where they rested, in their room Zed and Aaron changed into clothes fitting the town, Aaron wore a long black trousers a pair of shoes and a sleeveless top while Aaron wore a short pair of trousers some slippers and a t-shirt with his swords by his waists

Alrighty now we're dressed how about we head out shall we? Eren said

They left their lounge and headed into a bar called the Green Clam

This was one of the most lively bars in the whole town where different people came they entered inside the bar Zed and Aaron went to the counter

You wanna have a rematch Aaron? Zed asked

Bring it, this time i'll win. Aaron said confidently saying

Eren on the other hand didnt enter the bar rather he went behind the bar where he found an under ground passage

...back at their lounge..

So how are we going to do this? Eren said

Do what? They replied looking confused

Come on really. Eren said feeling a bit bumped out

We were just joking. Zed said laughing

Alright i suggest we split up, rather than we all entering the bar it'd be if Zed and I enter as a distraction while you go and explore. Aaron suggested

But there're alot of bars here how would we know which bar is the most suspious. Eren asked

Dont worry about that when we arrived through the teleporter i used my dragon senses and found only one bar called Green bar. Zed said

So your pretty useful for a lizard huh zed. Aaron said teasing him


So then do we have an agreement. Eren said

Of course.