God of Dreams 1

"Get back here, you brat!" The high priest yelled as he chased after the boy.

The said boy panted as he rounded corners, faster than most people could imagine. All he could hear was the faint yelling behind him, his own breath, his bare feet slapping against the ground, and his fast beating heart. He skidded as he rounded another corner. Get to the wall, get to the wall. If he could only get to the wall and pass it he would be safe. His feet took him in the direction he wanted to go. A route he's taken his whole life for years.

He could hear the priest getting closer, the hunting dogs were now hot on his tail. The dogs were faster than any human, but he was determined to get to the wall. The wall. Then he'd be safe.

The gray brick wall was in front of him, he closed his eyes. This was the only way to escape. He could feel the dogs nip at his legs and feet, but was too late. The boy won. He ran straight through the wall, disappearing as if by magic.

He opened his eyes, finding the beautiful forest in front of him. The magical forest he visited nearly every day. The place he felt most at home. He dropped down to the ground, rolling around in the grass and laughing. He made it. Back to his home.

"Dipper? Is that you?" A familiar voice called out to him.

"Yes, I'm over here, Wendy." He called back to her. Wendy was the forest Sprite. She was the guardian of this magical forest. She had beautiful red hair and blue eyes. Dipper had a crush on her, but he would never admit it.

"You were running from the priest again, weren't you. " She rolled her eyes, "How many times have I told you, you are only twelve. You need to be more careful." Wendy sighed and sat down in the grass next to him. "I know you don't like worshiping the God, but you might want to consider at least pretending. I've met Cipher before, he's not the forgiving type. You disrespect him and don't serve him, he kills you with a snap of his fingers." She shuddered at that thought.

Dipper rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Whatever. I don't want to serve and praise him. It's a waste of my time." He growled out, his opinion about church stayed the same.

"You are lucky you can come here for escape." Wendy pulled the boy's bangs back. "The stars on your skin allow you to use magic. You are luckier than most, but I doubt those stars can protect you from a God's wrath."

Dipper was quiet. He still didn't believe in worshipping Cipher. If the God was angry with him, he never showed up to kill or torture him, so Dipper didn't care. If Cipher wanted to kill him, he probably would have done it already. He stared at the sky, relaxing in the warm sun. This magical place was the only place he truly felt at home. If only Mabel could come with him.

Dipper started walking down the path, towards the lake. As he walked, he thought back to when he first found the forest behind the wall and how he tried to get Mabel through...

Dipper, only 7 years old at the time, was trapped. The Triangle Knights and their hunting dogs had him surrounded. He didn't have anywhere to go, the large gray wall stood behind him and he knew he couldn't climb to the top of it. Dipper looked at the Triangle Knights in fear. They were mad that he disrespected the great God Cipher at church this morning. They were going to force him to pray for mercy from the God. He didn't want to. At all. He stepped back, pressing into the wall for safety. All he wanted to do was leave, escape this world. He hated the Knights. Hated them with ever fiber in his body.

Suddenly, he felt himself sinking. He was sinking into the brick wall. He struggled a bit, fear pulsing through his body. He went straight through the wall. Dipper's eyes were squeezed shut, thinking he was dead.

He heard nothing. Everything was quiet. He slowly opened his eyes to see trees. Huge, beautiful green trees that towered over him. Pine trees to be exact. The grass was bright and glowed in the light of the sun. Flowers of all colors, purple, pink, red, white, yellow and blue dotted the green grass. Birds chirped and tweeted in the trees. Dipper's brown eyes widened in amazement and curiosity. "Where am I...? Am I dead?" He spoke softly to himself.

"No. You are not dead. Welcome human, to the Gravity Falls forest." Dipper nearly jumped at the voice. He was not expecting anybody to actually answer him. He turned to find that the voice belonged to a woman, well, teenager. She had red hair and blue eyes. "What's a little boy like yourself doing here?" She stared at him, stepping closer.

"W-who are you?" Dipper managed to stutter out, staring at her in fear. Is she going to hurt me? "And...please don't hurt me..." He muttered.

She giggled. "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." Her eyes widened as they focused on his forehead. "Stars across your skin. That's why you were able to enter." She breathed.

Dipper frowned. He knew his birthmark was in the shape of the star constellation, the Big Dipper, but he didn't quite understand what she meant. "What do you mean?"

"This forest is special. Only certain people with an affinity for magic can enter. Oh, my name is Wendy. I am the guardian of this forest." Wendy smiled down upon the boy. "You are?"

"Dipper Pines. I'm sure it's obvious why," he told her, sighing. Dipper was in fact grateful that he had found this wondrous forest. He escaped the Knights and that's all that really mattered at the minute. A small part of his mind wanted to start exploring right then and there, but he knew he would be back. Multiple times, maybe even every day. "I should be heading out. I think the Knights have left by now." Dipper told Wendy.

"Hmm...yeah. They have." She informed him, nodding. "You take care. And be careful. I don't think you can run and hide from those Knights forever." Wendy warned as he stood up and stepped back towards the wall.

Dipper took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he walked straight through the wall.

Not more than an hour later he was dragging his sister to the wall. "I'm telling you, there's a magical forest behind the wall. I'll prove it to you."

Mabel, his full-of-energy twin, shook her head. "I believe in magic, but I don't think there's a forest behind that wall. The last time I touched the wall it was solid."

Despite her disbelief in him, Dipper was going to show her what he meant. He grabbed her hand and ran straight into the wall.

Mabel flinched, expecting him to hit the wall really hard and hurt himself, but instead he phased straight through the wall and disappeared. Mabel, however, hit the wall as expected, wincing in pain.

She stared wide-eyed at the spot Dipper used to be. He was gone. Mabel looked around and blinked in case her eyes were playing tricks on her. But she didn't see him. He simply just had disappeared into thin air.

Dipper blinked as he didn't feel his sisters hand in his. She was...gone. Well, not really. She hadn't been able to come with him, and he knew it. Maybe at least she would believe him since he disappeared, but he wanted to show her this beautiful forest. He knew Mabel would love it. "What...?" He frowned, wondering why she couldn't follow him.

"It's because she doesn't have an affinity for magic. You do, but she doesn't. I don't know why, but she can't come with you. I'm sorry." Wendy explained and sighed, she truly sounded sorry for him.

"Oh..." Dipper's face fell. His twin, the only person he ever trusted or counted on couldn't explore these magical woods with him. He felt a twang of disappointment. He didn't want to do this alone. Maybe...he didn't have to be alone. "Wendy, every time I come back, can you explore with me? Show me around these woods?" He asked her.

"Of course." Wendy flashed him a smile, which he quickly returned before running back through the wall.

"Dipper!" His name was called out immediately by Mabel, who had been waiting there for a few minutes now. "You...weren't lying huh? Cuz you just disappeared and reappeared. You went somewhere, huh, bro-bro." She hugged him tightly and the two the little twins walked back to the Tavern their great uncle Stan owned.

The memory ended and Dipper wasn't paying attention to where he was going, he bumped into something. It was warm...soft...did he run into Wendy?

Dipper blushed as he stepped back, looking up at who he bumped into. It was a man, a stranger he had never seen before. "S-sorry, Mr. I wasn't paying attention where I was going."

The stranger just chuckled and replied. "That's alright, Pine Tree."