"Run!" Dipper yelled to his sister after she had freed everyone with the pin. "I'll hold Gideon off." he promised and true to his word his hands glowed brightly and he rushed to attack Gideon.

Mabel took Pacifica's hand and ran out the door. Somehow, Pacifica did know her way around the palace and they ran out the front door.

"Where to now?" Pacifica asked, panting heavily from all the running.

"The church? Maybe we can pray to Cipher to help my brother." Mabel panted out and they both agreed that's what they would do.

Back with Gideon, Dipper was having fun. With the magic at his fingertips he felt so energized. And warm. Like Bill was with him.

The evil teen took a step closer to Dipper and threw punches. Gideon was fast and the pin he had only seemed to be helping. Surprisingly Dipper went on autopilot, his instincts guiding him on where to dodge. His body moved on its own, dodging all the punches and even throwing some of his own.

Gideon growled out when he realized that wasn't working. He reached onto his belt and pulled out a gun. "There's no way you can defeat me with a magic gun." He laughed evilly as the gun glowed brightly.

He pulled the trigger and the loud shots went off. The only thing Dipper could think to do was put up a barrier like last time. The green bubble that surrounded him blocked the first bullet but the second one almost got through his bubble.

Dipper held up the barrier as best he could. Sweat was slowly dripping off his forehead. This was taking too much energy. He wasn't like Bill. He couldn't keep it up for very long. His arms and legs began to shake from the force of trying to hold the barrier up.

The next shot from the magic gun sounded and the barrier broke on its impact. It shattered into pieces around Dipper. The teen was panting for air.

"Pathetic!" Gideon laughed at him, the gun steady in his hands. "You are simply pathetic. Cipher has been helping you all these years. Admit it, you are nothing without Cipher! A god you didn't even believe in. Yet he helped you anyway. I bet Bill felt so bad for you and your failures that be took pity on you and helped you." Gideon mocked meanly. He was just like the bullies Dipper was never able to face by himself.

"You're right." Dipper simply said. There was no denying it. The teen felt a twinge of hurt in his chest. But he had faith in Bill. Even more so, be needed to have faith in himself. Bill was only there to save him in grave times. That didn't mean Dipper was weak.

"I am? Well of course I am you weakling!" Gideon spat out, holding the gun to Dipper's head. "Die " his finger was about to pull the trigger.

Dipper, though exhausted, had built up strength during that whole time Gideon was talking. He teleported behind Gideon, the bullet that was supposed to kill him just hit the wall, making a hole. Dipper grinned and punched the evil teen as hard as he could. "I don't think a mere gun can stop me!" He laughed

The white-haired teen's eyes widened as he got thrown into a wall. He cried out in pain, but immediately got back up racing toward Dipper and going back to the one on one hand combat.

Dipper had the upper hand at the moment, but Gideon had more energy. "Teleporting took a lot out of you, huh, Dipper?" He mocked and smirked.

Dipper didn't answer, panting and sweating. It was getting harder to dodge or block his punches

A punch to his stomach knocked the air out of him as he stumbled back. Another punch to the jaw hurt like hell and he knew it was going to bruise over. The last punch was to his nose and blood spilled down the front of his shirt. Dipper's knees shook and he fell to the floor.

Gideon laughed and licked the blood off of his knuckles. "Mmm~ you do taste good!" He kept beating up Dipper to a pulp. The blue chains once again reappearing on Dipper. "Torture time!"

Meanwhile, Mabel and Pacifica had made it to the church. Both girls held hands and rushed to the front. They knelt before the golden statue of Cipher. Both chanted out. "Cipher, we pray to you. Dipper Pines is a hero and he is in great danger. Here our call and help him. Please let his fight with Gideon go well. Please."

Bill, who was still in the throne room of the gods with his cane, heard the both of them. The golden cloud of their prayer and words surrounding him. "Dipper!" His eyes widened and he immediately teleported to the church.

A bright gold flash in the church room made both girls close their eyes tightly. When the light died down they opened their eyes.

A man, golden hair, golden eyes and a black cane stepped up to them. "Is it true? Is Dipper okay?" He asked Mabel

Mabel started at the man, who she could only assume was Cipher. Wow. He actually answered. But her more curious side wondered why did Cipher care about Dipper so much. "Y-yes." She stuttered out.

"Thanks, Shooting Star! I'll take care of the rest. Under my watch, Dipper will be safe." Cipher then disappeared once again, leaving both girls very surprised.

Gideon was having fun when a golden man appeared in the room. His eyes widened. "C-cipher..?"

Bill glared at Gideon. "Give me back my Pine Tree. And my pin." He held his hand out expectantly.

Dipper was surprised that Bill had come. But then again, the god was quite protective over him so maybe it wasn't that surprising.

Gideon shook with fear and simply disappeared, teleporting to who knows where. The threat was over, but the evil teen didn't give the pin back. At least Dipper was safe for now.

Bill touched Dipper's hand, holding it as a golden glow surrounded the teen. Dipper felt so warm. The most warmth be had felt in so long. He closed his eyes and let the golden flames devour him. They didn't do any harm. Instead, they healed him from head to toe, every scratch.

Dipper immediately reached for Bill, wanting nothing more than to be in the God's embrace. And that's what happened. Dipper stayed in the God's arms for what felt like forever. And he never wanted to move. It was too perfect. He loved it so much. "Hmm. Thanks Bill. You saved me. You're my hero, Cipher."

Bill found a blush forming on his cheeks. Those words felt amazing. His heart beat faster and the urge to do nothing more that kiss Dipper was overwhelming. So that's what he did. Bill kissed the teen, harder than earlier.

Dipper was surprised but melted into the kiss. It was warm, sweet, caring and most importantly loving. He had never been kissed like this before. His insides sparked with a kind of fire that would never extinguish. He kissed back for all he was worth, realizing his true feelings in the process.

When they pulled out of the kiss, Dipper's lips tingled with electricity and the words he desperately wanted to speak on the tip of his tongue. "B-bill. I love you."

Those words were uttered and Bill was happier than he had ever been in a hundred years. A whole century without love. This felt amazing. His Pine Tree was back. And they loved each other it was perfect.

Except for... the war...