Chances of Survival

Chapter 1

Space. Dark. Desolate. Empty. But there was a flicker of light among the stars.

This was the U.S.S Enterprise, the United Federation of Planet's flagship. Launched in 2258, and refitted with technology from the remnants of the Narada and the U.S.S Vengeance, it was the most advanced ship in the entire fleet.

She was also the most heavily armed and dangerous.

Behind the beauty, hid 4 photon torpedo launchers, 8 beam phasers, 6 high output bolt phasers, and a plethora of other deadly weapons at her disposal.

She calmly sailed through the darkness, unseen.

Jim Kirk sat in the captain's chair. One of the youngest captains in the fleet, he was also one of the most reckless. He had the tendency to risk the entire ship on a mission. And there were a lot of missions to undertake.

"Mr. Sulu, set a course for Sector 034. Warp 6. Let's see what new planets we see next."

"Yes, Sir."


At the same time, an enormous battle was taking place. The Galactica, one of the only surviving human ships left, was locked into a battle with 3 Cylon Basestars.

"Admiral, decks B and C, decks 23 through 25 and 12 through 15 have sustained heavy damage."

Admiral Adama considered his options. An all-out fight wasn't an option. Even with the Pegasus, the fight would have been lopsided. So the only option is to flee. Just where? The assault fleet, with the Orion, Excalibur, and Prometheus, or just flat out run, to places unknown? He made his decision.

"Spool up the FTL. Input FTL coordinates 114398," Adm. Adama said.

"Yes, Sir," Mr. Gaeta replied.

"Sir! Our FTL drive is fluctuating," one of the officers said.

"It doesn't matter right now. The important thing is to get the civilian fleet out of danger. We'll meet with the assault fleet later. Jump on my mark. 3…..2….1….Jump."

The fleet jumped away in bright flashes of light.

Meanwhile, 3,000 light years away….

"Captain, I'm detecting spatial distortions at the edge of the sector. Do you want to investigate?"

"Yes, Mr. Spock. Set a course for the spatial distortions, Warp 4."

"Captain, I'm getting readings on over 500 ships there. Most appear to be civilian, but several appear to be heavily armed."

"Alright then, Mr. Spock. Looks like we might have a first contact on our hands."

"Jump complete, Sir."

"Scan the area for the Cylons."

"DRADIS Contact! It's not Colonial or Cylon. And it's moving at high velocity."

"Spool up. Launch all Vipers. Arm the batteries and missiles. Use of nuclear ordinance is now authorized. Set Condition One throughout the ship. Action Stations."

Silently, the tattered fleet starts plans for defense.

"Captain, I've got scans of their ships. They're…..Human."

"What? How?" Kirk asked.

"Since the Preservers have been attempting to preserve certain species, it is logical that they are from another colony brought there by the Preservers."

"Captain, they're arming weapons."

"Shields up. Red Alert. All hands, Battle Stations."