A.N: Sorry everyone, if you were anticipating the next chapter. As some of you may know, I've been really busy, with homework, tennis practice, and some of my other projects. As of now, I've begun to work on re-writing Chances of Survival in earnest, and I've finished the first two chapters, with Chapter 3 begun. I hope to complete the rewrite of most, if not all chapters, by the end of May, or maybe June. Who knows.

Anyways, I'd like to thank everyone who pointed out issues with continuity, and suggested edits, along with those who supported me through this entire endeavor. Yes, I am aware of the major plot hole in Chapter 3, the minor one in Chapter 14. I will attempt to modify the plotline to remove those, and develop plots, sub-plots, and other arcs to improve the story. I might insert another arc before chapter 7, or something.

Again, sorry for those who are still waiting for the next chapter. To sort of compensate for that, I'll give a little teaser:

Kirk, and a few others are going to have their hands full, dealing with the same terrorist cell that blew up a large portion of Galactica's CIC, critically injuring Kirk, Adama, and a good dozen others. And there will be a little (spoiler: major) plot twist at the end of that chapter. Stay tuned!

Rather sincerely,