(After their performance the 5 grown Guppies couldn't have been happier)

Deema: Oh my goodness that was awesome.

Molly: You can say that again.

Deema: Oh my goodness that was awesome.

All: (giggles)

Baiji: (comes out feeling defeated) yes yes it was.

Gil: Huh what are You doing here?

Baiji: Well after an awesome show as i analyzed you guys just earned $47,000 so...you win.

All: What (cheered)

Baiji: To me it wasn't about the money though. It was about your fame and you showed the entire town you are still the Bubble Guppies that you were.

Gil: (smiles) Well we still had our personalities.

All: Right yeah absolutely.

Baiji: Oh and by the way 2 things you not only got the school back you're fans also are outside if you want.

(They walked out and see that most of Bubbletucky is taking pictures and holding signs cheering them on. As the crowd cheered Nonny sees Avi so he takes Oonas hand and walks to him)

Nonny: So buddy what did you think?

Avi: It was awesome It's just like what it used to be.

Oona: (looks down) AVI?

Avi: Heh Hi Oona

Oona: (hugs him) Oh my goodness you've gotten so big.

(the 3 hugged eachother together as Molly & Gil looked at eachother and holds hands.)

Gil: Ummmm so...should we?

Molly: (giggles) Come here you (starts kissing his lips)

Goby: (looking over at them) Wow

Deema: (also looking over them) Give me those cheeks (kisses him multiple times)

Goby: (lovestrucked) Uhhhhh heh ummmmmm ok.


Credit Montage:

News Reporter: It's just in after getting back their old school the grown up Bubble Guppies Have decided to move back to Bubbletucky. 2 with eachother 1 home and 2 single homes.

Goby: (in his old house) Aahh it's good to be back in my old home.

Moving Truck People: Hey Mr. Bermuda where do you want the dining table?

Goby's Dad: Next to the big window please.

News Reporter: 3 more breaking news 1st Oona teaches Deema how to control an action.

Oona: (drops a penny)

Deema: (breathes in and out) It's ok i'll get it (picks up the penny and puts it in her wallet)

Oona: That's more like it

News Reporter: 2nd Nonny's becomed 1 of the smartest people ever in the underwater world.

Nonny: (in an interview with flash photography) I got 4 perfect scores in math, 2 perfect scores in reading and science, and 1 perfect score in social studies.

News Reporter: And finally it looks as though Molly and Gil's relationship is really starting to grow.

Molly: (leaving Gils house) Thanks for having me over for a movie Gilly.

Gil: Yeah it was awesome Bubble Doggy still can't stop staring at the TV

Bubble Doggy: (Excited) Arf Arf Arf

Molly: (giggles and gives him 1 small kiss) I'll be back tomorrow ok

Gil: Sure yes

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