I do not own Terminator Genisys.

Movie was loads of fun tho.

The Terminator and the Little Girl

He carried her for a long time before setting her down next to a large, serious-looking motorcycle.

She stared at him.

Huge, he was huge.

Like, bigger than a mountain, huge.

And ugly. Mean face.


But not as scary as the water metal.

Or the exploded cabin.

"Who are you?"

Her voice sounded little, afraid.

Like someone not tough.

Like someone who was crying.

And she was.

"I am a T-800 terminator, Cyberdyne Systems Model, 101."

Lots of words.

Big words.

Weird words in a weird voice.

Words that didn't make sense.

"Are you a person?"

He didn't look at her.

"Negative. I'm a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over metal endoskeleton."

She didn't understand it.

She didn't understand him.

Or why the cabin had blown up.

Or why the liquid metal had attacked her father's boat.

She didn't understand any of it.

And she was afraid.

"I don't understand that! Say something I can understand!"

He turned to look at her.

She stood there, trembling, crying, terrified.

And lost.

When he spoke, his strange voice sounded like a machine.

Dead tones.



"Your parents are dead. I am here to protect you. I will never let anyone hurt you. I am your guardian."

She stared at him, unable to speak.

Unable to move.

Unable to breathe.

He sat down on the bike and it groaned under his weight.

"It is not safe here. We must go. Now."

She stared at him a minute longer.

He stared right back.

She got on the bike.

And rode away from everything she had ever known.

Okayyyyy, so, just saw Terminator: Genisys and that just blew my mind. So. Much. Fun!

And of course, being me, I started thinking of what it would be like to grow up with a Terminator as pretty much your one and only confidante in the world. (Don't think he'd let her have sleepovers, do ya?)

Never considered writing Terminator fanfic before. But hey, never had such an interesting thought on it until now.

Don't expect lengthy chapters or linear story line. This is more of a visceral thing. You know how we girls can be, right? ;)

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