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I do own birthdays. Several decades' worth.

The Terminator and the Little Girl

Natal Acknowledgement Ceremony

"-birthday, Sarah Conner. Happy birthday to you."

It wasn't exactly sung with the usual enthusiasm she had been used to growing up . . .

"Now tell me to make a wish."

. . . but it was better than nothing.

Pops the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101Terminator gazed at her blankly.

"Sarah Conner, it is unrealistic to expell air on an unnecessary fire hazard for the purpose of affecting the course of the future."

But the twelve year old future mother of the Savior of the Human Race would not be deterred.

Squinting her eyes and planting her fists firmly on her scrawny, little girl hips.

"Just say it."

The futuristic cyborg's broad face remained impassive.

Seconds ticked by.


"Make a wish, Sarah Conner."

Mollified for the moment, Sarah Conner stood in the vast underground abandoned safe haven her terminator had found for them.

Dog at her side.

Terminator before her.

And pink and blue birthday cake . . .

"It's my birthday today."

"Yes. Today is the anniversary of the day your mother expelled you from her womb."

"Wh - eww- anyway . . . you're supposed to throw me a birthday party."


"To celebrate my birthday."

"It is unnecessary to acknowledge the day of your birth. You are already aware of it."

"I don't care. You have to throw me a party. With a pink and blue chocolate cake and a gift and we have to wear party hats and you have to sing 'Happy Birthday'."

. . . glowing softly on the concrete slab before her.

Pops, her neural processing protector, stood rigidly before her.

Orange paper party hat perched atop his flesh-and-hair-covered metal endoskeleton.

Waiting patiently for his very small charge . . .

"Here is your gift, Sarah Conner."

"It's, uh, it's a . . . case of semi-automatic rounds."


"And you painted them pink."

"Yes. My databases indicated that color raises your neural transmitter levels and your target accuracy will improve if a visual reward is offered as incentive."


"The powder coating also cleans the inside of the barrel, leading to a reduction in required maintenance of the weapon."

. . . to conclude her natal acknowledgement festivities.

"Uh, okay. Uh, thanks, Pops."

And now it was time to . . .

"Make a wish, Sarah Conner."


Now came the moment of magic.

I wish . . . I wish . . .

It didn't come true.

Thanks to the gentle readers and reviewers and supporters of this story from so long ago.And thanks to anybody who decides to come back. :)