characters: Carina Kleid (OC), Caesar Flickerman, mentions of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.

setting: 75 ADD, meaning the year of the 3rd quarter quell.

disclaimer: fiction [fiksh'n]: literary works of imagination.


prologue ii

The never-fading dazzling light of the Capitol shone in through windows, gleaming in the street lights, to a quite modern apartment, which was considered huge by the last Districts but thought rather small in Capitol terms.

Glimmering and other costly objects lay throughout the living place: silver curtains before the windows, miscellaneous gemstones and jewels attached to the furniture and walls glowing in pink diamond shades, a sapphire-blue closet revealing masses of shining garments, the pearly cashmere rug covering a marble-like gleaming floor and so many others.

However, the impression of walking on a red carpet, which had been a trend Before the Dark Days, was heightened even more when the large television screens above a white wooden table turned on.

On the display came into view the famous Hunger Games host, Caesar Flickerman. As usual, his hair, lips and eyelids were coloured an extreme hue, this time a shade of lavender.

The man was sitting on an extravagant velvet chair on a large white stage, electric blue walls behind him. His legs were crossed with a pair of black glossy shoes on his feet.

He grinned lavishly at the woman seated next to him in a similar recliner.

"Oh, Carina, Carina. I presume you've heard of the famous star-crossed lovers from District 12?"

Her lips quirked up in a sly manner, "Who hasn't?"

The question caused the other to burst to giggles. Mindlessly, he wept away invisible teardrops from his eyes, "Well, you've got me there."

The pair laughed together in a cacophony only audible to some.

"But seriously," his features turned to ones at ease, and a comforting smile was offered to the woman beside him, "What is your opinion of the District 12 newest victors?"

At once, a joyful smile lit up her face, "I believe they've earned what they're worth."

He seemed to be turn somewhat curious by the answer, "And what do you mean by that?"


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