Night Raid's Iron Dragon.

Chapter 1: Dragons will rule.




"Gods/Dragons Talking"

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..Dragon Apocalypse…..


"COME AT ME, YOU OVERGROWN LIZARDS!" Shouts a large man. His pitch black hair, reaching down to his back, Now stands straight up. A sleek silver color metal covering his skin, His black trench coat flapping in the wind. Gajeel was in for the fight of his life. His plain white eyes scanned the battle ground.

"ROOOOAAAR!" A Dragon Screeches as it shoots off toward the Dragon Slayer. With a mighty jump, Gajeel let loose an Iron Dragon's Club. The metal of Gajeel's arm twisted into a blunt club, that went soaring at the incoming Dragon.

"RAAAW!" The Dragon was sent flying back by the blow. Yet before it could crash into a building, It spread it's wings and flew into the sky. It let out another roar, a signal to other Dragons in the area. It knew that this Slayer would be trouble.

"Already calling the cavalry? Fine! I'll just kill them to!" Gajeel didn't wait for a reply as he rushed the Dragon. Inhaling a deep breath, Gajeel let loose the Dragon Slayer Roar.


A huge golden beam, surrounded by black rings shot out of Gajeel's mouth. The burst of power was enough for close by Dragon's to home in, close. Yet any Dragon that was caught in the mass of power was either greatly wounded, or killed. Gajeel was forced to his knees from the strain.

*Pant* "Damn. *Pant* "Not yet… I have to keep fighting!" *Pant* "For Fairy Tail!" Gajeel Stood on shaking legs, with a look of determination, as hard as the Iron that covers his skin. Gajeel could see all the incoming Dragons.

"Gee-hee… I only have enough magic, for one… last move. I BETTER MAKE IT COUNT!" The Dragons began to swarm him from above. He let out a twisted grin, as he slammed his palms into the ground. A huge green and black magic circle appeared under him.


From the Magic circle, Thousands of pitch black arrows shot out of the ground. Each one aimed at the vital organs of the Dragons. Gajeel smirked as he heard the cries of pain from those damn beast. He could see the blood raining from the

"This is the power of-FAIRY TAIL!" He pushed more power into the attack. Even more arrows shot out of the ground, flying faster at the Dragons. Yet something unexpected happened. A Dragon escaped from the onslaught. Gajeel hadn't noticed yet, and kept on smirking as he heard the arrows pierce the Dragon's scales, and impale their hearts.

"There… That… should… do it…" Gajeel let the magic circle fade away. The Dragon's began to fall from the sky. He felt how empty his power was, and that his Change mode has ended. He was about to fall back in victory, when he heard it. A lone roar. Before he could register it, a torrent of flames engulfed him. The last thing he saw was purple.

…..Void of Equality…..

"Awaken, Gajeel Redfox, Iron Dragon Slayer of Metalicana." Gajeel's eyes shot open. He could feel that his Change form wore off, and that he was in his base form once more.

"Hello Gajeel." The Dragon Slayer turned to the masculine voice. He only saw two sides of the Void. One side was pitch black, the other as white as snow. This made Gajeel question where he was.

"You are in the Void of Equality, Gajeel." The voice came from behind the Iron Dragon. He spun to look at the speaker. What he saw was a man with a skeleton like face, a cloak that covered his body, and a large scythe on his back. It reminded Gajeel of the Grim Reaper, that Levy told him about.

"Am I dead?" Was his simple question. It caused the cloaked individual to give off a loud laugh.

"Dead? HAHAHAHA! No your not dead! Haha… Oh man, I needed a good laugh. To clear up confusion, No you are not dead. You are very much alive." Gajeel sneered at the cloaked man.

"Then why the hell am I here?" Gajeel 'calmly' asks the floating man.

"Because I chose you, of course! You see, there are hundred, no thousands, no millions, no billions of different universes out there! I pulled you out of one of these many worlds! You may be asking 'Why oh great and powerful Shicko?' And to answer you, it's because you have both the power, killing intent, and lack of decent morals to do the deed!" Said the man now known as 'Shicko' explained in a crazed voice.

"Well that explains one thing, but why now?" Gajeel was slowly getting more and more ticked off, as the conversation drew out.

"Because, the world which has a great need of you, is now at the breaking point. Once said 'point' breaks, all hell on that world will be lose. I need you to equalize things in the favor of the Revolutionary Army. They are a large group of people that fight what is known as the 'Empire.' All will go well, but there is some unnecessary bloodshed on both sides. " Gajeel was taken back by the 180 switch of his demeanor. One moment he can be an annoying fool, the next a wise old man.

"I must apologize for the change. It's a part of my very being. To be in constant balance. Thus my personality changes when the balance of the Multiverse changes. But that's not important. What is, is that you have to prevent the blood of good people to spill. While you may have to fight good people on the other side. And don't worry if you may fail to keep one alive. Some deaths are unavoidable." While Gajeel appreciated the explanation, he needed more answers. This wasn't just a 'Hey can you do me a solid?' moment. It was life and death.

"What will happen while I'm there?" Gajeel wanted to know exactly what he was getting into.

"You're intrigued? Yes, you want a true challenge. That what I, just LOVE about your kind! Dragon Slayers can't just let a challenge go! You have no idea how common you guys are in the Multiverse! You will remain as you are!" He burst out laughing at the mention of all the different worlds filled by Dragon Slayers. It was actually so common that he knows almost everything about their story.

"If there are so many, then why did you pick me out of the bunch?" Was Gajeel's finale question. Shicko lost his wide smile.

"Don't think you're one in a million fish, Gajeel. There may be that many of you out there, but each one has something different. After this much time has passed, normally a Gajeel would have lost his savagery. Yet that is only because they have all failed in killing the Dragons that have hurt, and killed your friends, but you! You have killed most of them! You have kept that same savageness that defines you!" This info made Gajeel smirk. Out of all the Iron Dragon Slayers out there, he is one of the only ones to kill those damn monsters.

"Fine I accept. Before I go, tell me this. How will I stack up on the bar?" Gajeel asked while crossing his arms and letting his smirk return to his normal scowl.

"Ow, don't be mistaken. You will still be powerful, but you must still keep on your toes. They have special weapons that have VERY annoying tricks. From swords that could kill with a single strike, to organic beings with sentience. They are called Teigu. Fortunately, most of these weapons have been either lost to time, or destroyed in a war. However, in the line of work you will be doing… expect to meet a number of people, who have acquired these devices." Gajeel grunted in aggravation. That meant that he could have all the power in world, yet still fall prey to these impressive weapons.

"That's good to know. I think I'll be taking my leave. And when this is over, Shicko, I want you to send me right back to where I left off." Shicko shook his head with a wide smile.

"I am sorry Gajeel. But you technically died in that Universe. To put you back, would be the same as killing you. I, as the god of Equality, cannot kill unless absolutely necessary."

"Ok. That's all I needed to know. I guess it's about time to go." The Dragon Slayer said with a vicious smirk. His eyes looked on in anticipation.

"Then I, Shicko, send you, Gajeel Redfox, to the world of corruption and assassins!" The same purple vortex appeared in front of Gajeel. And without another word, the Dragon Slayer jumped into the new world, new opponents, and most importantly… new meat. And in no time at all he vanished.

"Oh yeah! Leave! Don't say bye, then! You may be one of the most powerful living things in your world, but in almost every reality, you're a dick!" Shicko shouts angrily at where the portal once was, with crocodile tears, down his face.

..On the bridge in the Capitol…..

"That damn bimbo!" Shouts young man. Looking no older than seventeen. He has brown hair that's down and curls at the ends. His green eyes look at nothing in anger. Why anger? Because he just realized that the woman he gave A LOT of money to, just swindled him.

"And after I go through the trouble of buying her a drink!" Yeah, todays not his lucky day.

"Since she took all my money, I have no choice but to sleep on the bridge." He complained. Tatsumi put his hands in his face. Today was by far, THE. WORST. DAY. EVER.

Well ain't like it could get worse… Right? At that moment Tatsumi heard the rolling of wheels. Looking to the noise, He saw a horse drawn carriage coming to a stop in front of him. The door opened, and Tatsumi could hear a man protesting inside.

"Lady Aria, please." Said a man inside the carriage. Yet despite his protest, a young woman came out of the carriage. She has short yellow hair that reaches the bottom of her neck, blue eyes, and a blue and white dress that ends right below her knees.

"Hello there. My name is Aria." She said reaching out with a hand.

"I'm Tatsumi." Tatsumi said while taking the hand and gently shaking it.

"Do you have anywhere to sleep?" She asks with an innocent smile. Tatsumi was a little put of by it.

"No I don't actually…" The girl needed no more as she grabbed Tatsumi by his fore arm.

"Then come sleep at my place!" Aria said with that ,a bit too, innocent smile of hers. Tatsumi immediately tried to decline.

"Thanks for the offer, but I wouldn't want to oppose. I'll do fine on my own!" He said with a toothy grin.

"I will hear none of it! You are coming home with me!" She said with more determination, than before.

"But what about you parents? How would they react, to you bringing me home?" He tried again. Tatsumi may want to sleep on a bed, but he doesn't want to seem rude. Aria giggled at this. Before she could reply, a man dressed in the imperial soldier uniform walked out of the carriage.

"Just let it happen kid, she won't stop until you agree. Trust me on this. Lady Aria has a habit of giving the homeless a place to sleep. A habit she picked up from her parents." Tatsumi looked at the man, then back at Aria. He gave a grin, while rubbing the back of his head.

"Fine. But I'll take my leave in two day. Is that ok with you?" Aria let out a wide smile, that creeped Tatsumi out a bit. She quickly grabbed his arm and practically drug him into the carriage.

"Hey! Wait just… a… sec…" Tatsumi almost lost consciousness, right there. The seat felt so nice, and warm. Tatsumi could see that the carriage was one, that only people with a lot of money could afford. That made him a little bit more surprised that she took him in.

"So… did you come to the capital by yourself?" She asks looking at him with curiosity.

"No, I came with my two best friends actually. We, were separated by a bandit attack. We said that we'd meet here, at the capitol. However I didn't find them today…" Tatsumi looked down to the ground with a sadden expression.

"Awww, Don't worry. My family has friends in high places. We'll help you find your friends!" She said with that same smile of hers.

"Thanks! Really that means a lot! Thank you Lady Aria!" He said, using the same name that the guard gave her. He was about to thank her some more before a thought occurred.

"Ummmmm… If you don't mind me asking, but how did you know I was from the country?" Said girl merely laughed at him. The action greatly confusing Tatsumi.

"I knew from the way you dress, smell, walk, and even voice. That's how most people know if someone's from the country." She explained with a wave of her finger.

"Oh. That makes sense." Tatsumi replied, as he raised his arms

..The road to Aria's house….

"So, what's the countryside like?" Asked the blond girl. Tatsumi nodded and began to explain to her, about how he decided to come to the empire with his two friends, Ieyasu and Sayo. He was about to finish when the carriage suddenly made a hard stop. A guard rushes in to tell the girl news.

"lady Aria! We found another one. He seems pretty beat up!" Tatsumi perks up at this.

Maybe it's Ieyasu! He thought with hope in his eyes. Yet upon getting out, the young man noticed a large man sitting under a tree near by. while that wouldn't normally put up red flags, the look of the man did. Sharp eyes, sharpened teeth, and a mean glare. A black trench coat, dark green shirt, brown pants, and a light brown headband.

"What the hell do you guys want?" Even his voice had an edge to it.

"Um… Mister, My name is Aria. I would like to offer you shelter." Tatsumi was a bit surprised by the sudden invitation. Yet Aira paid no mind.

"Shelter? Uh, Fine. Ain't like I have anywhere to sleep." He said standing on his feet. Tatsumi noticed the size difference between him and the strange man.

"Uhhh… I'm Tatsumi. What's your name?" The man held his hand out and gave a smirk.

"The names Gajeel Redfox. A pleasure to meet you both." He said with the smirk. Tatsumi shook the other man's hand,

The End

I was looking over Fairy Tail Crossover fics, and noticed that a lot of characters don't have as many as they should. Gajeel being one of them. It's mainly just Natsu, Lucy, Erza, or an OC. None of the badasses get that many fanfics centered around them. Gajeel, Laxus, Grey, Mystogan/Edo-Jellal, Jellal, Mirajane, and Elfman are prime examples of this. You may find some out there with them in it, but never as the main focus.

Also I was going to do Vegeta, instead of Gajeel, but decided that the Dragon Slayer would be better. I mean if I put Vegeta in this story, then he will just OP everyone! With Gajeel, he would at least have some trouble. And also I believe that when Gajeel meets Esdeath… well shit's gonna go down! Just putting that there for the people who will ask that question.

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