As you guys may, or may not have read from the summary, I have put these three stories under Hiatus until I get my drive back for them.

1: The Legend of Red.

2: Night Raid's Iron Dragon.

3: Titans of New Part 1: Spider.

Reason for this is… well I have lost my drive for these stories. NOTE! I will NOT discontinue them! But I am taking a small break from them. I will be focussing on ONE-SHOTS and GEKI: Kekkie until I can continue to type those stories without them becoming… robotic in a sense.

The last chapter of Legend of Red showed me that. It was… unnatural, the way I wrote it. I'll delete that chapter and replace it with a new and better one as soon as I can. Which may not be for a while.

And I'm some-what afraid that Titans of New and Night Raid's Iron Dragon would be the exact same. Which in some ways, Night Raid's Iron Dragon is already like that. Which is why I'm considering making a rewrite. While I am sure that when the break is over that the stories quality will go up a bit, I want to go back and redo some things that I believed were… eh, at best. Like when he just showed off his Dragon Slayer abilities to Najenda and the rest. That felt… unnatural. Which I didn't see until AFTER I uploaded it.

Some of you may be asking, why Titans of New? And to that, I'm not COMPLETELY taking a break from that one. I'm actually going to go back, and fix small things that made the story unreadable for some. So during the Hiatus, I've decided to fix most of those small problems, and touch up on grammatical errors. Also, this will give me a chance to see where I want to really go with the story. It won't just be a rehash with Ben, Peter, and Danny along. They'll each be important in their own way. Yet, I know realize the problem with those three in that world.

Too many jokers. Sure, both Danny and Ben aren't as smart assy as Peter, but they are also pranksters. And with Beast Boy and Cyborg their too, well… it's a weird situation. Each of the actually Teen Titans had distinct personas, but these guys… don't. Look, i'm not calling Danny, Ben, and Peter the same, but they have similar personalities.

But they each have a distinct difference than the others too. Danny is much more like an actual teenager, Ben is more laid back than the others, and Peter is probably the most different. Peter has taken his responsibility as Spider-Man to a level that Ben and Danny never really reached. Not to mention, he's also very smart.

Back to Night Raid's Iron Dragon, the plot was suppose to be a bit different. With Gajeel entering just as Sheele would have died. But I decided to go to the beginning. As for the rewrite, I don't know if I'm doing it just YET, but I will let you guys know as soon as I do.

And I'm very sorry for this. I just don't have the same 'drive' for these stories that I did. So I'll wait until I get it back. Until then, enjoy what other content I put out there. Like my kick ass GEKI: Kekkie story! (That's how you do a plug!)

Well guys, that's all I really needed to say. And for the last time, I'm sorry for this. But do not worry! They will return, and with a VENGEANCE!