ALO: The Rangers

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Please make sure you have read the first one SAO: The Rangers Black and Blue because this continues directly from the last chapter of that.

Chapter 1: Fairy Land

(1st person, Shino, January 21st, 10:54am)

We got back to Kazuto's house and were waiting for the government agent to send my NerveGear over.

5 minutes later there was a knock on the door an Kazuto made sure Sugu didn't come down by calling "I'll get that."

We went over and opened the door and saw a package on the floor, so they just sent it and left the package.

I picked it up and opened it and as expected it had a NerveGear in it, on closer inspection it had some traits I that were on specifically my NerveGear, some particular scratches and stuff.

"Well, let's get going, we have school tomorrow." I said.

Kazuto nodded and we went up to his room.

We had looked some stuff up while waiting and Kazuto had decided to be Spriggan and I had decided to be Cait Sith, you could add people to friends by username so we planned to add each other the moment we entered into the world and find each other from there.

We put in the chips with the game, removing the SAO ones which were still in for some reason and put the helmet on.

""Link Start."" we both said at the same time, quietly so Sugu wouldn't hear, hopefully if she knocked and we didn't answer she would just assume we are sleeping.

The same exact animation played with the sense confirmation as when I logged into SAO, but this time once it finished the interface for entry of name looked different.

I entered Sinon, hoping that there weren't any other SAO survivors playing, but it would be difficult for me to find Kirito otherwise.

I chose female, obviously, and selected Cait Sith, the system voice then said Your appearance will be generated randomly

Then the world around me faded and I was falling through the sky, with a beautiful city beneath me.

Of course nothing ever goes well for me and suddenly the world around me glitches and my appearance changes along with my position, and I am now falling out of the sky over a forest somewhere, with Kirito falling next to me.

He looked like his SAO avatar with elf ears so I probably look like mine with cat ears and tail.

"I don't think this is supposed to happen!" I heard him yell.

"Me neither!" I yelled back just before we hit the ground with a lot of force.

We stood up and Kirito said "Ow, I don't think that is supposed to happen."

"I agree, also when you got teleported did your appearance change too?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was something else before." he said.

"These look like our SAO avatars, not our real selves because you have blue hair." he said.

"Yeah, does that mean we have our other stuff from SAO?" I asked and opened my inventory.

Going into my skills first I saw everything was as it was at the end of SAO, except for [Marital Arts] which was replaced with ?.

"My skills are my SAO skills, you?" I asked.

"My extra and unique skills are gone but other then that same as SAO. My inventory is a bunch of question marks." he slowed down as he said the last part and then started scrolling through.

While scrolling he was muttering "Please be here." repeatedly and then I realized what he was looking for.

He breathed a sigh of relief and I looked over his shoulder, one item in a list of question marks had a name, though the name would make no sense to most people.

'MHCP001' was the name, or as Kirito had called, Yui's Heart.

He tapped on the items and it appeared in midair, floating.

He then tapped the item and there was a blinding flash of light and once it cleared... Yui fell into Kirito's arms.

"Yui!" I said nearly crying and hugged her.

"Papa! Mama!" Yui said as she hugged us tight.

"Yui! Yui! You're here!" I said.

I think I might have cried a bit, but I didn't really care, Yui was here. I was so happy. Yui was back, Yui wasn't gone. Yui was alive.

"Don't cry mama." Yui said.

"I'm not sad, they're tears of joy." I said.

After a little while we stopped hugging and Kirito asked "So why do we have our SAO avatars and what does the game see you as?"

"It seems that this game is built off of SAO, this means that the character save format is mostly the same, though the health system changed with addition of mana so you have base health, the reason your items are all question marks are because they don't exist in this game, but if it did exist it would be in the same format. The most likely reason for you being here is once the NerveGear told the server of the existing save data your avatar was overridden, including the location data, the place you appeared was your last location, in coordinates inside SAO. The game seems to see me as a private pixie, a type of navigation pixie and I don't have any of my admin powers, only the ability to see a map of the surrounding area." Yui explained.

"Then that means my katana exists in this game because it isn't question marks." Kirito said.

"Lucky, though bows exist here, mine doesn't." I said.

"The crafted items format is somewhat different so as your bow was a crafted item you don't have it, same for papa's other sword." Yui explained.

"Actually my crafted sword shattered during the final battle so I wouldn't have it anyway." Kirito said.

"Anyway, you should delete all your items other then starter gear which you still were given for some reason and papa's sword before the system notices." Yui said.

Ouch, we worked for a year to collect those items, deleting them was hard, but not much to do.

We went into our inventories, taking out the few things still not broken and deleted everything.

"By the way, this is what I look like as a pixie!" Yui said and then was surrounded by light and shrunk, once the light cleared Yui was tiny and had a pink dress and fairy wings.

"Do you know how we can fly in this game? I heard you have wings but we don't seem to have any." I said.

"There is a version of flight without the controller but I don't know how that works, for assisted flight hold out your left hand and grab an invisible sword." Yui said.

We did as told and controllers appeared in our hands.

"Press the button to accelerate, release to slow down, bring your hand down to go down, up to go up, forward for forward, etc. to rotate, rotate your forearm instead of shifting it." Yui said.

I brought my hand up and pressed the button and flew up, letting go once I was a few meters off the ground, Kirito doing the same.

I felt strange, but we definitely weren't flying by our wings, then it would feel like we were hanging by them right now, but the weight was distributed over our entire bodies.

Yui flew up after us and landed inside Kirito's breast pocket.

"The nearest city is the Sylph capital, Swilvane, it is that way!" said Yui pointing practically straight forward, when we flew up above the trees we saw a bunch of lights in that direction, likely said city.

We started flying, rather slowly, in that direction, getting used to the controls.

After about 30 minutes we were about half way there and Yui said "There are 4 players, 3 are in a group and the other is alone, they seem to be fighting."

"Let's go see what is going on?" I asked.

"Sure, fighting is always fun. Well except for when it's not." Kirito said.

"That is true for most things, x is always fun, except for when it's not, works for any x." I said.

"Whatever, let's go." he said and Yui guided us to the location of the players.

We landed quietly near the edge of the small clearing the players were in and saw a blond Sylph that looked almost exactly like Sugu's SAO avatar before everyone turned into their normal selves facing off against 3 heavy armor Salamanders with lances.

"Hey Kirito, doesn't the Sylph look a lot like Leafa before our avatars turned into our real selves?" I asked.

"I was thinking the same thing, regardless of who they are, 3 on 1 isn't a fair fight." Kirito said.

"If it was you in her place the fight wouldn't be fair in the other direction." I pointed out.

"Still wouldn't be fair." he said.

"True, true, well let's get going." I said.

Kirito nodded and stepped out from our cover saying "Well this hardly looks fair."

"Mind your own business Spriggan, unless you want to get stabbed of course." said the right one.

"Onii-san? What are you doing here, in both ways, and on another note, a little help please?" said the now-certainly Leafa.

"Can't beat just 3 people with lances?" Kirito teased his sister.

"Well I already got two of them." she answered.

"Ah, fine whatever." he said and drew his sword, the sword shocking Leafa as she probably remembered it from SAO.

"So, I was about to give you a chance to run away, you three are leaving in pieces." Kirito said and got ready.

"Big talk for someone in beginner gear." said the left one this time.

The two on the right and left of the three charged forward and Kirito disappeared, appearing behind the left one, who suddenly burst into flames and turned into a ball of fire.

The other one didn't even process what happened and his lance slammed into a tree.

"Starting to belive me now?" asked Kirito teasingly.

At this point the two remaining Salamanders froze, not having seen Kirito 'fight' before.

Kirito once more disappeared, appearing in front of the other Salamander who had attacked, cutting him in half as well.

"You want a turn?" he asked the leader.

"I just got my magic to 900 and don't want to suffer death penalty so I'll pass." he said.

At this point I decided to reveal myself and said "Good idea, because he was going easy on those two."

"I'll just go now." said the leader and flew off.

"Um, sense when do you play ALO?" asked Leafa.

"Same to you and starting less then an hour ago." I said.

"I heard that you could fly and decided to try it out, turned out fun so I kept playing, onto question number two, the Cait Sith capital, not speaking of the Spriggan one is more then ten minutes away so how did you two end up here, three, why do you look like your SAO avatars at the end with fairy features, and four, why do you have your sword from SAO?" Leafa said.

"Okay, well the answer to all three of those is the same, this location is equivalent to our last location in SAO, or well below it and a bit to the side but you get the idea. Our SAO save data got used and because the save format is the same and Muramasa apparently exists in this game as well I got to keep my sword, the rest of our items turned to junk." Kirito explained.

"Then why didn't it happen to me?" Leafa asked.

"My guess, your character was deleted when you were logged out, but neither of us were logged out, we were disconnected when the world was deleted, so somehow our characters ended up not being deleted." Kirito said.

"Wait what?" Leafa asked.

"When everyone else was logged out I was teleported to an invisible platform in the sky overlooking a crumbling Aincrad. Kirito was also teleported there at some point before me and Kayaba also showed up there as well."

"We sat there for 5-10 minutes while the Aincrad crumbled, then we woke up in our respective hospitals." I said.

"Oh, I see. Well thank you for saving me." Leafa said.

"Can I come out now?" I heard Yui say and her head popped out of Kirito's pocket, then she flew out all the way.

"Who's that?" asked Leafa.

"Who's that papa?" asked Yui.

"And why does she call you 'papa'?" added Leafa.

Kirito and I looked at each other awkwardly.

"We found her in SAO, she was a part of the Cardinal system." I explained to Leafa.

"The what a what system?" asked Leafa.

"Cardinal? The main system that runs SAO?" I asked, even I knew this stuff.

"And ALO apparently!" added Yui.

"Ohh..." Leafa said.

"And that's Leafa, my sister." Kirito said to Yui.

"Aunt Leafa!" Yui exclaimed and hugged Leafa's forehead.

Leafa had an awkward expression on her face.

"Can you not call me that?" asked Leafa quietly.

"Humph." said Yui with a pout and turned her head to the side.

Then she turned her head back and said "Fine."

"Thanks?" asked Leafa unsurely.

"Anyway, do you two know how to fly?" Leafa asked.

"Approximately." I said and summoned the controller.

"I meant without a controller." Leafa said.

"Oh, no we don't." I said.

It took a few minutes for Leafa to show us how to fly without the controller and it included saying things like "Imagine virtual bones and muscles growing from your back."

After a few minutes we figured it out and were airborne.

"Cool! This is a lot more fun then with the controller!" I said while flying in circles.

Kirito launched himself forward with perfect timing that caused him to fly straight into me and send us both to the ground, laughing.

"Can you not do that again?" I asked through my laughter while laying on my back.

"I'll try, it was an accident." he said jokingly.

"Right, accident." Leafa said, landing next to us.

"That shouldn't be possible on purpose not speaking of an accident." she added.

"Fine it was deliberate, but it was funny." he said.

I had to agree with that, flying around was fun.

"We need to get Sinon some armor and weapons and you some armor, let's head to the nearest neutral town and get you some stuff." Leafa said to Kirito.

"Isn't Swilvane closer?" I asked.

"Do you two know anything about the game? The race cities work like safe zones in SAO but only for fairies of that race, so they would be able to attack you but you wouldn't be able to attack them." Leafa explained.

"So? We don't have to give them a reason and also even if we can't damage them doesn't mean we can't fight back." Kirito said.

"Fine, if you guys insist we can go there, but not my fault if you die and you will revive at your capitals without your SAO save data to bring you here, or maybe the way the avatars are programmed they might just be deleted when you die, though it's unlikely." Leafa said.

"Let's just go. We don't plan on dying." I said.

"If you insist, I guess they shouldn't attack you on sight, Cait Sith are friendly with the Sylphs and Spriggans aren't our enemies." Leafa said and took off.

We took off after her and flew next to each other and slightly behind her Kirito flew into whisper distance of me and asked "Can you fly faster?"

I nodded and Kirito said loud enough for Leafa to hear "We can fly faster you know."

"Really? Well then I go as fast as I can and you try to keep up, I'm the fastest Sylph by the way." Leafa said and sped up.

Kirito and I quickly caught up to her and weren't at our top speed yet.

"Is that your fastest?" I asked teasingly, to which Leafa sped up a little more, though it was clear that she was near her top speed.

We both caught up but I was starting to have some trouble now though Kirito seemed to be doing fine.

"Okay, you're the only two who can keep up with me at this speed, we'll reach Swilvane in no time!" Leafa said.

And indeed in merely a few minutes we reached the city and Leafa said "Land at the base of the tower!"

She was, of course referring to the gigantic tower in the middle of Swilvane.

We slowed down as we reached the tower, Kirito slowing down just barely enough not to crash and we landed, no one said anything to us even though some people sent us confused glances.

"So why are you guys playing?" Leafa asked while we were walking.

"We need to reach the top of the world tree, and not to become Alfs or whatever, which is probably a bunch of bull." I said.

"Then why?" Leafa asked.

"We'll tell you later." I said as I gestured to the log out button, highly doubting that Sugou would be watching our movements, though it was likely he was listening to our conversation.

"Fine, but it will be difficult, even for you, no one has ever done it because it is stupidly difficult, you have to fight endless waves of monsters that are each not very strong but not pushovers either, making it extremly difficult." she explained.

"Okay, well first w-" I was cut off as someone ran to us and said "Leafa, thank god you're alright."

Then the short blond boy asked "Who are they?"

"My brother and his girlfriend. I happened to run into them just before the Salamanders got me and... well let's just say it didn't end well for the Salamanders." Leafa said bluntly.

"Oh, the party's meeting up at the usual spot, they're waiting for you." he said.

"Sorry Recon, but I'll be helping them out for a bit, here is the stuff, tell them that I'll be taking my leave from the party for a bit." Leafa said and opened a trade window, placing some stuff, presumably what her party members dropped when they died in it.

"Okay." Recon said, looking dejected. He accepted the trading window and walked off.

"So how long have you been playing ALO?" I asked.

"A few weeks, because of SAO and my kendo practice I won a fighting competition and beat the leader of the party I'm in, afterwards he asked me to join and I accepted, though I've been considering leaving for the past few days." she answered.

"I see." I answered, that explained how she was so well known, without and sword skills or the such pure skill with a sword would determine the winner of a sword fight, plus the ability to quickly cast spells.

"So when should we get going to the tree? Right now, after food, or tomorrow after school?" Kirito asked.

"Let's eat something and then go, I mean eat something in real life." Leafa said.

"Sure." I said.

We entered the nearest inn and Kirito and I rented a room and logged out, Leafa not needing one because her body would disappear instantly, unlike ours, which because we weren't in a neutral city or a cities of our races our bodies would stick around for about half an hour in a state where anyone could take our stuff or kill us.

"Bye Yui, we'll be back in a few minutes." I said before logging out.

"Okay mama!" said Yui, hugging me.

I woke up feeling slightly heavier, gravity being weakened in ALO.

"ALO is surprisingly fun, to bad it won't exist once we're through with it." I said jokingly, our goal wasn't to destroy ALO, it was to destroy Sugou Nobuyuki and free the remaining 300 people, ALO was just a necessary sacrifice.

"Yeah..." said Kazuto with a sigh.

We took off the NerveGears and got up.

We went found Sugu and Kazuto said "We can tell you the real reason we were in ALO now if you want."

"Sure." Sugu answered.

"We believe that Asuna and the other 300 players yet to wake up are trapped there by Sugou Nobuyuki for whatever reason. Specifically at the top of the world tree" Kazuto explained and took out his phone.

He then showed the image of Asuna in a birdcage to Sugu and she gasped "Where is this?"

"Take a guess." I said.

"The top of the world tree?" Sugu asked.

"Correct." I said.

"So that's why you two logged in." Sugu said.

"Nope, it's just that we like destroying games, first SAO and soon this." Kazuto said jokingly.

"Oh yeah... the game probably won't survive that. But if 300 people are trapped there then the game isn't so important." said Sugu sadly.

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