ALO: The Rangers

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The next story will be called GGO: Swordsman and Sniper.

Chapter 12: What Do You Want This Time?

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(1st person, Sinon, November 16th, 12:03pm)

Nothing like sitting on a mushroom covered in grass on the 23rd floor of a 100 floor floating castle in a world created by humans on a weekend.

Kirito and I were sitting on a strange grass mushroom on the 23rd floor watching Silica, Asuna, Leafa, and Lisbeth fight some plant monsters.

You could say that it is strange for Kirito and I to watch people fight but we were feeling lazy, and come on, we did earn the right to not fight at all times, I mean sure all we do at school is sleep and our homework but we still get very good grades so that doesn't count.

I leaned my head on Kirito's shoulder, or tried but I was sitting slightly in front of him so when I leaned over I ended up falling on Kirito's lap.

Kirito chuckled slightly, and I felt embarrassed, not because my head was on his lap but because of my epic fail, at least—hopefully—nobody else saw.

I felt Kirito stroke my hair with his hand and resisted the urge to sleep, temporarily anyway.

I felt something snag my ear in a way that shouldn't be possible and remembered that I had cat-ears here, and somehow was able to feel them properly, how they accomplished it I didn't know either, but apparently they were far more sensitive then human ears, I guess I never touched my ears in SAO because otherwise I would have realized before.

"Sorry." Kirito apologized, probably for snagging my ear.

"It's fine, though it is amazing how they make the cat-ears actually feel like ears." I said.

Kirito stopped stroking my hair and then scratched me behind the ear.

I could understand why cats like this, it felt like, um, I have no idea how to describe it, it was good though.


"Why are they even with us? They aren't even doing anything but sitting there and enjoying each other's company." asked Lisbeth.

"Technically it was your idea to bring them along incase and if they did help it wouldn't be any fun, and anyway, they can do whatever they want." I said, no matter how long passes, I'll be forever grateful to them.


Kirito stopped scratching me behind the ear and I opened my eyes and turned my head to see why.

It seemed he had gotten a message, they had added a way to connect your phone so if anyone texted/called you while you were in game it would be forwarded to you in game, so it was possible this was important.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

I leaned my head over to see and saw that the message did have the 'forwarded from phone' symbol next to it.

Kirito tapped the notification and saw that it was from Kikuoka Seijuro, the government agent, again.

"What does he want this time?" Kirito muttered as he opened the message.

It said to meet him at some address about half an hour away from us in the real world today at 1pm.

The meeting point seemed to be a fancy desert restaurant of some kind, so if he was paying it might be worth it.

"Well, let's go or we'll be late." Kirito said lazily.

"Yeah, guess so." I said and we jumped off the mushroom and ran over to the group killing monsters.

"We have to go, we've no reason to be here anyway." I said.

"Okay, where to?" asked Asuna.

"Real world stuff, an annoying person who is hard to ignore wants to meet." I said and we logged off.

I opened my eyes and let my body adjust to the real world quickly before getting up.

I put on normal, but relatively fancy, clothes and stepped out of my room.

I saw Kazuto walk out of his room and we went down stairs.

After we got on Kazuto's motorcycle and drove to the address.

"This is the place." Kazuto said after parking.

I look in the window and saw that everyone there was wearing rather expensive but still perfectly casual wear clothes, thankfully.

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