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"Mr. Wayne—" Bruce's personal assistant started to reprimand Bruce in a disapproving tone as he hung up on Wally, but Bruce was having no part of it.

"Jessica—all due respect, I don't care," Bruce cut her off, to a mixture of shock and minor outrage from the rest of the room.

"Bruce—" Lucius Fox gasped before Bruce went on.

"My son is missing. I will take all of the phone calls I need to until he is found."

Slowly, the outrage faded solely into shock.

"Does anybody have a problem with that?" Bruce leveled every businessman and woman in the room with a glare, and they all quieted and looked away. "No? Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to reach out to another one of my son's friends. We'll take a ten minute break, and then start up again from there."

Without waiting for any kind of a response, Bruce pushed back from the table and motioned to Lucius, his secretary, and a handful of his other staff, and stood up, making his way out of the meeting room to his own personal office. They all scrambled to follow him, and most of them tried to get his attention with various words and questions, but Bruce just ignored them.

The only person he paid any attention to was Lucius, who laid a hand on his shoulder and whispered that he would call and tell Alfred what was going on before breaking off from the group and slipping out into the hall with an unspoken apology for his reaction in the meeting room, but even then, Bruce's nod of acknowledgement was only half-hearted. He was far too worried to do anything more than stare down at the phone in his hand and dial the number of the only other person he knew other than himself who would be willing to do whatever it took to find Dick.

Bruce hit the send button and held the phone up to his ear long before the door had a chance to close between the two rooms. It rang three times, giving Bruce just enough time to cross the distance over to his desk and sink down into the black leather chair behind it, before their was a loud click followed by quiet a bit of static and a jumbled, "Hello?" from the other side.

"Red?" Bruce tried not to sigh as (what he was pretty sure was) an explosion went off in the background.

"Yeah?" Roy's voice came over the line a little clearer this time, if not significantly louder. "Is that you, B?"

"Yeah," and there was the sigh as Bruce let his head fall into his hand, elbow propped up on the desk to help support the weight. This was always the worst part. "It's me. You got a minute?"

"Not really," Roy's answer was a little sarcastic in tone, but judging by the news reports of crime around the city that day, Bruce figured the boy deserved to feel a little annoyed at all he'd been through that day. "But, I'm sure you wouldn't be calling me without a reason. What's going on?"

"We're in a Code Black," Bruce ran a hand over his face. "Nobody's seen or heard from Grace in seven minutes."