Nagisa was walking through the city. He didn't have any idea where he was going to, he just couldn't take it anymore. It felt like everywhere he looked, he could feel everyone looking at him like they know what he did, and he was going to get cut at any minute's notice.

It was probably all thanks to his growing guilt over "his" actions, and all the blood that was covering his hands. It's true that he did commit all the unfortunate crimes and he probably should take responsibility for it… but he just couldn't get himself to admit it, and he was too afraid to admit to anything as well.

"You are aware that art of assassination isn't pretty, nor is it merciful through them that does not deserves it, but that's a part of the job kid, no matter how much you may think that it's not fair or that the person deserved another chance, that just not how it's working." The snake spoke inside of Nagisa mind.

"What do you know? You don't even feel the slightest bit of regret for what you have done against of them "we" have taken the life of." Nagisa answered back with some irritation.

"So, what if I feel no regret for the fools that once stood in our way? The bullies and troublemakers that would bring nothing good with them later in life. I think that we did them all a favour" The snake answered in an arrogant voice.

"We have no idea who they are or even what they would bring to this world. Okay maybe you right and they were all just bullies and troublemaker, but that doesn't give us any right to end their life like it wasn't worth anything, to begin with." Nagisa said in hope of finding some sanity in the snake, but his words meant nothing to the snake that simply chooses to answer.

"When it comes to being an assassin, it's not about what's right or what's wrong. You make the choice of letting them live or lettering them die. You may not agree with what we have done, but you know that it won't really change anything either."

"…" Nagisa didn't say anything back as he simply continued walking down the street. There wasn't much more to say really, no matter how much he would try to convince the snake that what "they" had done was wrong, the snake would throw it back at him without much care or regret.

Nagisa honestly wanted to somehow make all this guilt and regret just disappear into the thin air, like nothing ever happened and that this was all a wired nightmare that he could just wake up from as soon as his alarm ringing, but he knew that he wasn't that lucky and that he was not just in some silly dream that he could wake up from as soon as he heard the annoying sound of the alarm clock.

"Would you stop acting like this is all some silly dream that you simply can wake up from? It's really starting to annoy me with that stupid sound of your annoying and stupid alarm, so stop it or I will take control and stop it myself." The snake yelled in an annoyed voice.

Nagisa sighed and came to a stop by a park, he decided that since he had nothing better to do, he could just sit down and think for a while, there wasn't much more else to do, not to mention that the school probably already called his mother, and he wasn't in any hurry to get home… he could already hear her yelling and lecturing him on how he isn't taking his future serious enough, and then make him feel bad and guilty about not being good enough to meet her exaptation's.

He really wasn't in the mood to listen to her… honestly, he wasn't in the mood to listen to anyone right now, and this includes the snake too.

"I know that you are not stupid, but have you seriously already forgotten that I am able to hear your thoughts?" He could hear the snake continuing to talk inside of his head, and out of frustrating he walked over to the nearby standing vending machine and slammed his head against its side once, twice and then once more until his head hurt so much that he couldn't hear the snake, nor could he think at all as a trail of blood began to run down his forehead. He felt so tired all sudden and fell to his knees, before he fell on the ground, and slowly closed his eyes.

The next thing he knew was that he woke up in a bright white room, he looked around the white room, and he wondered where and why he was there. He tried to sit up but could feel his hold body hurting and screaming in pain at the very mentioning of moving. He fell back on the bed once more, and took a sharp breath, as he tried to relax.

"You really made a number on yourself, we were really lucky that I was able to take control after you passed out and went to find some help… after making some small "improvement" on this body, to make them think that the "killer" came after you. Luckily there were some other people at the park a little far away from us, but don't worry, I made sure that no one saw that I made the "improvement". Later we were sent to the hospital, and now we are here."

"improvement? What improvement?"

"Let's just say that you may have some "small" scars here and there, after all this"

"So, you made everyone think that I was attacked, but got away just in time? YOU DO KNOW THAT I WILL HAVE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE POLISH NOW, RIGHT? AS A SOMEONE THAT WAS "ATTACKED" But "GOT AWAY", THEY WILL QUESTION ME TO FIND THE "KILLER" Nagisa yelled inside his head in anger as he once again tried to sit up, but just ended back on the bed, once more.

"Come down, I have already that covered, so don't worry too much, just switch control with me and let me handle it, I know what I'm doing kid." The snake reassured him, and with that, it went back to the darkest place in Nagisa's mind.

Nagisa sighed, as he tried to lift his arms up to look at them, both his hands and arms were covered with bandages, and his legs were probably in the same, covered in bandages, hiding some ugly scares under them. On one hand he had a hard time believing this was real, but on the other hand, he could feel the pain there.

"Don't worry, the scars aren't as big or as deep as you think they are, and I made sure not to make any permanent damage, the doctor probably fixed everything up, the only thing you really need is to rest since you deiced it would be such a good idea to hit your head against that wending machine so many times. The question I have is why you would go to such extremes, you know that it wouldn't do much good, right?" The snake reassured him, and in a way, it made him a little more relaxed, but it was its question that made him angry.

"Why I DID IT? Why do you think? I wanted it to stop, to make you disappear, to have a normal life… is that so hard to believe I would sooner or later hit my breaking point, and simply try to make it stop? Maybe I was wrong, but I clearly wasn't in the right state of mind at that moment….I just wanted it all to be a dream… no, I wanted it to be a nightmare, and that I would just wake up at any moment… BUT THAT HASN'T HAPPEN YET." Nagisa could feel himself slowly grow more and more tired, and he simply decided to get some sleep, so as he turned to lay on his side and closed his eyes, and tried to get some rest.