Chapter 8: Standing One's Ground

"There is no mistaking it. Kylo Ren is here."

It only took Cosette's confirmation upon seeing the holocam footage at the hangar for Enjolras to immediately begin making plans and asking everyone present about what armaments they had to defend the spaceport and the city from the First Order incursion. 'Is that all we are dealing with?' Combeferre could not help but wonder even as he reviewed the holograms over and over again in an attempt to see if the infamous Kylo Ren had any other accomplices with him. 'Perhaps his Knights are only a legend...'

However, any thoughts along those lines were dispelled when he looked to where Cosette was chatting with Marius, who had been showing her how to work the safehouse's long distance comm unit. 'But if she is here-and she has friends-then the rumors are true. The Jedi have returned,' he mused quietly. Now that was truly the stuff of legends; as far as he knew the Jedi were supposed to have been eliminated twice over in the recent years. Yet what, or who, was this newcomer in their midst?

In the meantime Enjolras looked up from where he and Eponine were cleaning several blasters. "Marius, did you and Mabeuf leave any other materials back at the tapcaf?" he asked, his normally clear voice taking on a terse note.

"We don't bring an inventory with us everywhere," Marius replied. He sighed on seeing Mabeuf sign to him. "It will only be a while," he said apologetically to Cosette before ducking into a corner where Mabeuf was getting pulled into a discussion with Jehan and Musichetta.

Combeferre looked to where Cosette was unclipping a shiny item from her belt. "Now that is definitely not a legend," he murmured, only to have the young woman suddenly look in his direction. "I apologize. That was untoward," he said quickly.

Cosette smiled at him amiably. "You know what this is," she said, indicating her lightsaber.

Combeferre managed a slight nod. "I heard that those weapons were passed down from one family member to another," he remarked. "Were there really so many?"

"Once," Cosette corrected as she powered up the lgihtsaber, bathing the vicinity in a yellow light that seemed to crackle when the young woman moved the weapon about. "In another day and age, each Jedi had to make his or her own."

"Whatever happened to your mother's lightsaber?" Eponine chimed in. "Lost it?"

"Not exactly," Cosette said lightly, even as her cheeks turned slightly pink. "Rey and I were practicing once, when my mother's lightsbaer shorted out. I simply retrieved the crystal that had been in there, and combined it in a new one to make my own weapon."

Eponine blinked confusedly. "Crystal?"

"It's what makes the blade," Cosette explained. "My mother used a krayt dragon pearl, actually. I don't know how she got it."

'Probably slew one herself,' Combeferre realized, feeling a frisson of admiration. "She must have been quite a warrior."

"So I heard," Cosette said softly, even as her gaze seemed to focus on something far off. She looked down at her lightsaber again after a moment. "In a way, it's like having her with me. It's not what turns the blade yellow though."

"What might that be?" Eponine asked.

"Another crystal of my own choosing," Cosette replied with a brighter smile. "I am sorry if I am boring you with all this talk..."

"I'm curious what Rey chose for her lightsaber," Eponine said.

"Who's Rey?" Enjolras asked.

"A friend, also like her," Eponine said, jerking her thumb in Cosette's direction. "That's the uncanny one. The one who was born to be a Jedi Knight."

"Ponine, will you quiet down?" Azelma rebuked her. "You'll call the First Order on us-"

"She already did by turning on her lightsaber," Enjolras cut in grimly. He gave Cosette a pointed look. "It is you that Kylo Ren wants. Or are you seeking him?"

"I did not know he was here, not till I saw the holocam," Cosette pointed out. "All I was asked to do was to investigate the First Order's here."

"Now it seems that it might go the other way around," Enjolras replied. His jaw was set as he looked at the group gathered with him. "This may mean war."

'Which we are not ready for,' Combeferre could not help but think. For a moment his vision went red even as bolts of blaster fire rose before his eyes. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and he blinked, only to meet Enjolras' blue gaze. "I'm fine," he said.

"You went pale. Are you sure you are not coming over wobbly again?" Courfeyrac asked.

Combeferre shook his head. "Not this time." Still there was no shooing away that feeling he felt in his spine; he had it when he and his friends were trying to land the Katarn earlier in the day. 'As if something is coming-'

All of a sudden Cosette unclipped her lightsaber from her belt and motioned for everyone to stay away from the door. "Quiet now."

"What-" Enjolras began before the first heavy knock sounded on the door. He snatched up a blaster rifle and turned off its safety lock. "The rest of you, out the back door. Marius, go with them."

Combeferre did not even need to be told to get a blaster of his own. He could hear now the footsteps gathering outside the door. "Stay calm."

Bahorel let out a disgruntled groan that had Joly slapping his back. "Chief, what are we going to do?"

Enjolras gritted his teeth. "Stand our ground."

A harsher knock sounded on the door. "Who goes there?" a voice crackled.

"The Resistance!" Mabeuf suddenly shouted before rushing forward.