Chapter 15: Celebration

Several weeks later, Christmas Day, 14:00 pm

Sally walked up to the door of the main room and opened it, revealing Ashley and Roman, who was still on crutches. "Merry Christmas, you two!" Sally shouted as she hugged Ashley and Roman.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Sally." Roman said. "I would be carrying in the presents, but…" As he trailed off, he gestured to his crutches. "I can't use my arms for two things at once."

Sally giggled at Roman's comment and replied: "I wouldn't expect you to. How's the knee?" She asked this as since he'd been injured, Roman had been forced to become a bit of a recluse.

"Just fine, actually." Roman replied as he hobbled in. "Went under the knife a few days after I got injured, got discharged yesterday." He adjusted his stance and added: "I'll be starting rehab at the beginning of January."

"Good for you." Sally said as she walked off.

Roman limped over to the nearest seat that he could find, sitting down there and placing his crutches nearby. He soon laid his head back to rest. It'd been a long walk from his and Ashley's landspeeder to the main castle entrance. Moreover, he was beginning to put on a bit of weight, which he wasn't too happy with. He was turned from thought at the sound of a cheerful voice saying:

"Merry Christmas, lad!"

Roman's eyes shot open as he saw the towering mass that was his former Jedi Master. "Roth!" Roman said as he rose to his feet as best he could to embrace the aged Jedi. Promptly, Roman sat back down, with Roth sitting next to him.

"So, how's the knee? Heard ye had a pretty nasty injury a few weeks ago." Roth inquired.

Roman smiled. He had been able to go on a few trips alongside Roth, even going with Roth and Tails to the planet of Ilum, which was where young Jedi got their crystals in order to construct their lightsabers. Tails had since retrieved his own, and had spent the past few weeks constructing his lightsaber, to be revealed as a surprise to Roman that very day. "The knee's fine, Roth. My rehab starts in January. With luck, by August, I should be able to have this brace off." Roman said, gesturing to the brace that was currently on his knee.

"Great going, lad. Question is: Why didn't ye tell me about the crap with Frederick in the first place?" Roth asked.

"Didn't want to get anyone else involved, and it's likely that if I had told you, our identities as Jedi would be revealed to him sooner than when I revealed myself that night."

"Fair enough." Roth said as he rolled his massive shoulders. "Anyway, I can't stay long; got old Eggie to look after and everythin'. On top of that, guess who else is now at the prison Eggie's at now?"

"Let me guess: Frederick?" Roman asked.

Roth nodded. "Had the pleasure of meetin' the bastard at the gates. He had some choice words for me and the prison wardens, then I smashed him in the face and told him who I was. He shut up quickly after that." Roth's face grew grave. "Unfortunately, according to the people transporting yer new friends said that one of them managed to escape, some bloke called Alec."

Roman scowled. He'd hoped this wouldn't happen. Nevertheless, Roman doubted Alec would go against him alone. He'd find someone to work with to bring Roman down.

Roth saw his expression and said: "Don't worry about it. The bastard's arm was fucked as hell from when ye broke it. He'll likely not be too far from where we saw him last."

Roman chuckled at the thought before cracking knuckles with Roth and said: "Well, great talking to you Roth."

"Great seeing ye too, laddie. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." Roth said as he got to his feet.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Roth." Roman said as the big Jedi left.

It wasn't long until the seat that had until recently been filled by Roth was filled by another: King Acorn.

"Your Majesty." Roman said coldly.

King Acorn winced at the coldness of Roman's response before saying: "Roman, may I take this opportunity to give you my sincerest apologies for doubting your motives."

Roman scowled before sighing and leaning back. "I accept the apology, but… right now, I can't bring myself to forgive you. That isn't to say I won't forgive you, I will when I'm ready. It's just, ever since what happened when Ahsoka left the Order, I'll admit, it made me wonder why I was a Jedi in the first place. Me and my friend Seth, who you met during the campaign here against the Separatists, we both felt like the Jedi had stabbed Ahsoka in the back. And that's what I felt when I heard what you'd said: Like you'd stabbed me in the back. I can't bring myself to forgive you yet, but when I'm ready to, I'll let you know."

King Acorn nodded understanding and got up, walking over to where Sonic was sitting, where the two began talking.

Leaning his head back, Roman made to doze off, when suddenly, he heard Sally's voice:

"You alright, Roman?"

Roman opened his eyes to see Sally standing there, replying: "Yes. Yes I am. Your father just came over to apologise for condemning my actions. I said a few things I wanted to say to him, and we left it at that. Simple."

Sally nodded and sat next to him, placing her hand on his shoulder. "I know you're finding it hard to forgive my dad, Rome, but remember this: He's got to rule this kingdom, and eventually, so will I and Sonic. So he's got to criticise people who do what you did."

Roman nodded and said: "I know. And King Sonic does have quite a nice ring to it."

Sally smiled and said: "Thanks for the compliment. I'll be sure to relay it to Sonic."

Roman smirked as he patted her on the shoulder. "Well, I would tell him myself, but with my knee and all, I can't be bothered to do anything until I begin rehabbing the knee."

Sally smiled and got his crutches, handing them to him and saying: "Anyway, it's time to open the presents."

Roman took the crutches gratefully, and following Sally, hobbled over to the Christmas tree, where the others were now gathering.

Some time later…

"Your turn, Cream." Sally said as she took a present from under the tree. Reading who it was from, she declared: "And this one is from… Roman. And there's a P.S, if you'd like to read it." Sally said as she handed it to the excited nine-year old rabbit.

Cream read the P.S loud and clear: "P.S: Tell your mother that while I may be injured, it doesn't mean a respite from my pranks. Good thing I've got accomplices to help me!"

Everyone laughed as Vanilla looked at Roman, who looked back with a sly smirk.

Cream proceeded to tear the wrapping off, revealing her present as a new dress that he had heard Cream say she wanted. Almost squealing in delight, Cream hugged Roman. "Thank you!" she said.

Roman smiled and tousled Cream's head fur. "You're welcome, kiddo." Roman said.

Roman's presents to everyone were as follows: Sonic got a new pair of soccer boots, as he had talked about needing new ones as his old ones were on the verge of falling apart; Sally got a crystal necklace that Roman had said he made himself, fashioned from a crystal he had found while on Ilum, Tails got a brand new aviator's jacket, as his old one was getting a bit small for him, Amy got a new dress of her own, to which Roman said that the one she was wearing almost all the time was getting old, so he advised her to start wearing a new one, the other girls got new items of clothing or jewellery, aside from Ashley, whose present was a promise ring, Big the Cat got a new fishing rod, and a frog hat as a small prank, Knuckles got a new powerlifting belt, most of The Chaotix got prank presents, with Vector getting a breath spray, Mighty getting a book on how to stop being so paranoid, Ray got a pair of weights, to which Roman said it was about time he started lifting them, Espio, Roman treated with respect and got him a new katana, as Espio had lost his old one while on a mission, and Charmy got a book on ways to contain excessive energy. Vanilla got a woollen hat in the shape of a turkey's head, much to the laughter of everyone else.

"Told you so!" Roman shouted at Vanilla, who just glared at him. He encouraged the others to join him as they began chanting: "Put it on! Put it on! Put it on!"

Reluctantly, Vanilla obliged, much to the glee of everyone.

Soon, most of the presents were opened, and the call came to dinner.

Not too long later…

"So, Roman, what does your joke say?" Tails said, looking to Roman.

Roman rolled his eyes and read the joke, saying: "What did the snowman say to the ice?"

"I don't know, what did the snowman say to the ice?" Everyone asked.

"Freeze." Roman said bluntly.

Everyone chuckled, but only at how bad the joke was.

Promptly, dinner arrived, and everyone began tucking in, reminiscing about old adventures, old times, and Christmases that had come and gone.

"I remember the Christmas when Roth farted and cleared the entire room due to the stink of the fart." Roman replied.

Everyone chuckled at that one, with Sonic saying:

"Wasn't that the Christmas before you became a Jedi Knight?" Sonic asked.

Roman gave it some thought before nodding: "So it was. It was also the Christmas when me and Tails pranked you and Sally by Tails flying over Sally's head holding mistletoe, and me pushing you in front of Sally. The blush you had on your face was priceless!"

Everyone laughed at that, with Sally saying: "I remember saying: 'real funny, you two' to you and Tails. I sent Tails packing with the Funny Kiss, and got payback on you by kicking you in the balls."

"The pain from which I feel every time you remind me." Roman said, hands holding his crotch as a phantom pain came to him.

Everyone giggled at this, including Tails, who suddenly remembered something: "I almost forgot something!" Turning to King Acorn, Tails asked: "May I be excused briefly?"

"You may." King Acorn replied.

Tails got out of his chair and jogged out of the room. A few moments later, Tails re-emerged, holding something in his hands.

Excited chatter broke out among the people at the table, with one word common among the chatter: Lightsaber.

Roman got his crutches and hobbled over to Tails, who looked up at him. Smiling, Roman said: "Let's see it."

Tails smirked and replied: "Actually, Rome, it's them." He held out his hands, both containing one lightsaber hilt each.

Roman blinked in surprise before then saying: "Let's see them."

"Gladly." Tails said as he took one in his left and another in his right, pressing the ignition buttons.

Promptly, a blue blade erupted from both, giving the dining room an ethereal blue light. The one in Tails' right hand was a standard lightsaber, while the one in his other hand had a shorter blade, indicating that it was a shoto, or the Jedi equivalent to a short sword or dagger.

Everyone gave an exclamation of awe at the sight. Had any of them been asked a year ago if they thought Tails could be a potential Jedi, they would have all laughed and said no. Yet now, they all gazed at Tails, who was holding his own lightsabers, crafted with his own two hands.

Roman looked at the lightsabers before nodding approvingly, taking his own lightsaber and igniting it, looking at Tails with a smile. "I see where you got the colour from." Roman said.

Tails chuckled as he then let his arms fall to his sides, holding his lightsabers out at his sides.

Roman lowered his lightsaber, before turning it off.

Tails soon turned his off, placing them on his belt to considerable applause. Now, Tails thought to himself as he made his way back to his seat, earning pats on the back as he did. Now I feel like a Jedi. Once he had taken his seat, he earned a slap on the back from Sonic, and another from Knuckles, both of whom were on either side of him.

"Nice job, Tails! Can we see your lightsabers? We didn't see them up close." Sonic asked.

Tails rolled his eyes and took them from his belt, putting both on the table. "Happy now?" Tails asked his two friends and fellow Team Sonic members.

Sonic took the one Tails had put on his side and picked it up, admiring his friend's handiwork. "Awesome design, man."

"Got the idea after Roth showed me a picture of the lightsaber of one of Roman's friends: You've heard of Ahsoka, right?"

Sonic nodded. "She's Seth's girlfriend, right?"

Tails nodded back. "Well, I got the idea after seeing a picture of her, Roman and Seth together, supposedly the last picture taken of the three of them before Roman and Seth left for here with Roth. She has similar lightsaber hilt designs to what I have."

"Fair enough." Sonic said. He looked over to where King Acorn was, and their eyes met. They agreed one thing: Now. Turning to Sally, Sonic said: "Sal?"

Sally, who was seated on Sonic's left, turned to him and said: "Yes, Sonic?"

Sonic wet his lips before saying: "I made to tell you this earlier, but I ah… haven't you the rest of your Christmas present."

Sally raised an eyebrow. "So you mean to tell me that what I got earlier was only part of my Christmas present?"

Sonic looked about and then said: "Yeah."

Sally said: "Well, I look forward to seeing it when we get back to the main hall."

"Actually," Sonic said, getting out of his seat, "I was thinking more along the lines of right now." The moment he said this, he got down on one knee, to everyone's surprise, save for Tails and Roman, who looked on with knowing smiles, and took out the small box he'd shown Tails a few weeks earlier.

Sally's eyes widened as tears threatened to fall. "S-Sonic?" Sally choked.

"Sally Acorn, will you make me the luckiest dude on Mobius and marry me?" Sonic asked.

The entire room was silent, though a steady wave of anticipation was rising as the minutes wore on.

Sally, who by this point was nearly full-out crying with joy, met the gaze of everyone in the room, before turning to Sonic and answering with simply one word: "Yes."

The entire room detonated into applause and cheers as Sonic got to his feet and hugged Sally, who was definitely crying now.

Breaking the hug, Sally asked her cerulean fiancé: "Have you any idea how long I've waited to hear you ask that question?"

"I don't know; ever since you met me?" Sonic asked, drawing a few laughs from those nearby before kissing his wife-to-be.

Sally broke the kiss before saying: "I love you, Sonic the Hedgehog."

"I love you too, Sally Acorn. Always have, always will." Sonic declared before hugging Sally again.

Roman watched all this from his seat before hearing Ashley ask him:

"Is this giving you any ideas, Roman?"

Roman turned to his feline girlfriend and replied: "I don't know. I might do."

Ashley smiled and kissed Roman passionately before saying: "I love you, Roman the Fox."

"I love you too, Ashley the Cat. More than you'll ever know." Roman replied as she sat on his lap and just stayed there. They had recently faced one of the toughest tests of their lives, but had stayed strong throughout. There would be other challenges, but both were certain that those challenges could be overcome.

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