Chapter 2: Jedi Training

The next morning, 5th December 3238, 9:30 am

The sun shone through the curtains, illuminating the room in almost angelic light. Unfortunately this light also woke up a particular Jedi.

Roman's eyes were almost forced open by the light. "Force-damn it." Roman cursed as he sat up and swung himself out of bed. "Hate it when the sun does that." Getting completely out of bed, he turned to face the bed, finding Ashley not there. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he heard the sound of the shower running. Realising where she was, he simply smiled. She always took a shower after waking up. It was how she always smelled so good. Using the Force, he called his dressing-gown to him and threw it on. Once he was satisfied, he walked downstairs to the kitchen, intending to make breakfast. But not before also using the Force to call his lightsaber to him. He had trained himself to never go anywhere without it, as he had figured it would be best to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. His friend Ahsoka Tano had put it in a much more direct way:

"Your lightsaber is your life. Don't lose it." She had said.

Roman smiled at the memory of Ahsoka, while also wondering how she was doing at this point in time. On another note, he wondered what his friend Seth Kerran was up to at this point in time. Seth was Ahsoka's boyfriend, and also a Jedi. On a deeper note, he was Roman's closest friend besides Tails. Probably either making out with Ahsoka, or just doing his best to make what money he can, what with the Empire and everything. Roman smiled. It was quite possibly the former that Seth was doing with Ahsoka. Roman thought back to when he'd seen Seth last, which was earlier that year in May. He recalled how in love Seth had been with Ahsoka. Thinking on this, he chuckled as he remembered he'd told Seth the day they parted, he was never getting a girlfriend. Now, he was dating the girl of his dreams in Ashley. Roman could almost imagine Seth saying: So, you were saying about not getting a girlfriend? The thought alone made Roman want to laugh. But it also made him remember just how much he missed Seth. He tried picturing Seth's face in his mind: The wild, untamed and unkempt black hair, the seemingly harsh and stabbing grey eyes that glittered with humour, the nose that had been broken so many times it looked normal, and at last, the crooked smirk that Roman had grown to love and hate at the same time. He was so deep in thought that he almost failed to hear the words coming to his ears:


Roman snapped out of his thoughtful stupor and looked at the speaker, seeing Ashley. She was wearing fresh undergarments under a spaghetti-strapped tank-top. Her facial expression was one of concern. "Something wrong, Ashley?"

"Try asking yourself that question next time you start staring off into space like Knuckles does when Tails starts with his techno-babble." Ashley replied as she stepped closer. "What were you thinking about, anyway?"

"Seth. Just wondering if he and Ahsoka are okay." Roman answered.

Ashley smiled and drew Roman closer, saying: "Roman, don't worry. From what you've told me about them, they're both tough. They're alive. Just relax and know that they'll come here once they're ready to. Trust them." Ashley wrapped her arms around Roman's neck. "Like I trust you right now."

Roman smiled and leaned in, kissing Ashley passionately on the lips, pulling her completely into his arms.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ashley broke the kiss, her blue eyes staring intently into Roman's warm brown ones. "I love those eyes." She said.

"As I do yours." Roman replied as he reciprocated, looking deeply into Ashley's eyes. And all that was there was love in its purest form.

Breaking this locking of eyes, Ashley said: "Better get breakfast ready. I'm starving."

"Same here." Roman replied. As if to prove a point, an extremely loud growl came from Roman's stomach.

Ashley stopped in her tracks, looked at Roman's stomach, then back up at Roman, who had done the same, and for a matter of moments, there was silence.

Suddenly, they both burst out laughing, laughing at the sheer randomness of the situation. They were still laughing to themselves as they made their breakfast.

Half an hour later…

"Well, that's that all done." Roman said as he finished drying one of the dishes and put it in the cupboard.

Ashley did the same, blowing a stray strand of hair out of her face. "Now what do we do?" Ashley asked. "Since it's the festive season, we're both practically on holiday."

Roman made to answer, but then the fierce beeping of an oncoming holo-call drew their attention. Raising an eyebrow, he went over to his holo-projector and pressed the answer button. Almost instantly, an elderly looking human appeared, looking rather annoyed.

"Took yer bloody time, lad." Said the aged human. "Back during the Clone Wars, when I called ye, you used to answer right away."

"Well, if I'd known you were going to call, I would have done." Roman replied. "And may I remind you that the Clone Wars are over, Roth."

"A fact I'm well aware of." Cain Roth, Roman's former Jedi Master replied. "Yet there are a few things I'm still used to, like yer answering a holo-call right away." Roth crossed his arms. "Anyway, I digress. How goes Tails' Jedi training? Haven't seen the little bastard since we nicked Eggman and I got assigned with commanding the men tasked to stop him escaping."

"He's doing well, Roth." Roman answered. "I've been teaching him all that you taught me. The thing is, he's such a fast learner, he's learning things at an alarming rate. I initially wanted to concentrate on one thing per day, like you did with me, but he's going on and mastering it after only two to three tries. I'm telling you, we may have hit a jackpot with Tails. The kid is scary talented."

Roth chuckled. "The success of the student also reflects the quality of their teacher. Ye should give yourself credit for being such a good teacher."

Roman blushed a little bashfully. "Thanks, Roth."

Roth then asked: "Since he's doing so darn well, have ye gone to Ilum and put him through the Gathering?"

"Not yet, Roth. He still hasn't reached that particular stage, although he is startlingly close." Roman said. "You'd think he'd master all this in like three, five years. He's mastered this in only seven months. At this rate, he'll be on my level in a few years. In terms of ability with the Force. It'll take a lot more before he can use a lightsaber as well as I can."

"That I agree with." Roth said. "Once he does go on to start using lightsabers, I suggest ye train him in yer own style first, and then let him develop a style of his own."

Roman nodded. "Just like you did with me."

"Exactly like I did with ye. But use yer own preferred style first, that being Djem-So. Though I would also recommend ye train him in Ataru and Soresu as well. Those two are yer other two favoured styles." Roth suggested.

Roman nodded. "Will do, Roth. Thank you."

"Don't mention it laddie." Roth said. He turned to face something other than Roman, had a brief exchange, then turned back to Roman. "Got to go now, lad. Old Eggie's started complaining again." At this, he ended the call.

Roman stepped away from the holo-projector and burst out laughing. Roth had invented his own nickname for Eggman, that being 'Old Eggie'. The first time Roman had heard it, he had almost collapsed from laughter.

"I take it you enjoyed your little catch-up conversation with Roth then, Roman?" Ashley said as she came into view, having dressed while Roman had been speaking with Roth. She was wearing effectively the same outfit she had yesterday, except with a differently coloured spaghetti strapped tank-top and minus the sweater. The tank top hugged her figure well, accentuating her impressive figure. The tank top itself was wine-red, and one of the straps had fallen off her shoulder. The straps of her bra were also showing from underneath the straps of her top.

Roman walked over and nodded, saying: "Just talking about Tails' training and whatnot. He gave me a bit of advice, as you do."

"Speaking of Tails, don't you have a training session with him today?" Ashley asked.

"I do. I'm just waiting for him." Roman replied.

Ashley made to respond, but instead slapped her forehead. "Darn. I forgot you train him here."

"But when it comes to the point where lightsabers get involved, that'll change." Roman said, wrapping Ashley tightly in his arms.

"That's a relief." Ashley replied. "Otherwise, we'd be getting replacements for things all the time after you and Tails cut them into pieces."

Roman's eyes narrowed as he smiled confusedly. "Now how would you know that?"

"Because I know boys in general." Ashley answered as she began to lean in. "And what I know about boys in general, is that boys will be boys."

"I can't argue with that reasoning." Roman said as he did the same. "Which is why once Tails starts using lightsabers, I'll be taking him out into the countryside to practise."

"Good." Ashley replied. Their lips were mere inches apart, when a knock on the door was heard.

"I'll get it." Roman said as he walked up to the door. Upon opening it, he was greeted with the person that he and Ashley had only just been speaking about: Tails.

"Morning, Roman." Tails said. He had grown a bit in the past seven months he'd been training under Roman. He had shot up from his previous five-foot eight to five-foot ten, and with his arduous Jedi training, other things had changed about him too. No longer was he the scrawny little boy that Roman remembered from way back when during the time that Eggman controlled Mobius. Now, his arms rippled with lean muscles, brought on by his training. For clothing, he was wearing a black winter coat over a grey sleeveless vest that hugged his physique, black spacer pants, and black boots similar to what Roman wore. His namesakes swished around behind him excitedly, as they always did when Tails himself was excited by something. Around his waist was a utility belt, from which hung Tails' primary weapon: A DC-15 Blaster Pistol, given to Tails by Roman as an eleventh birthday present, as Tails had turned eleven in September.

Soon, Roman hoped, Tails' blaster pistol would be joined by a lightsaber. Stepping forward, he patted Tails on the shoulder. "Morning Tails. You ready for more training in the ways of the Force?"

"Why would I be here if not for that?" Tails replied. He noticed Ashley behind Roman, and waved. "Welcome back, Ash."

"Thanks, Tails. And hello to you too." Ashley said as she walked over and kissed Tails on the forehead.

Tails blushed as she did this, as he often did when a good-looking girl kissed him on the forehead. Returning to Roman, Tails asked: "So, are you ready?"

"Give me a few minutes to shower and dress, and then I'll be right with you." Roman said as he went upstairs.

Tails looked to Ashley and shrugged. "Can't blame him. So, how about we fix some drinks and catch up? Haven't seen each other since you left for your mission."

Ashley nodded. "Yeah." At that, the two friends went to get a drink.

A few hours later…

Sweat dripped freely from Tails' brow as he held his pose. Around him, several things were levitating in the air. One of which was Ashley's blaster pistol, a DL-18 Blaster Pistol, which she wasn't looking too happy about.

"Focus, Tails." Roman said as he stood a little bit away from Tails. He had since changed into almost the same outfit he had worn yesterday, except he was now wearing a long-sleeved navy-blue shirt and a leather jacket with fur lining the collar. His lightsaber and blaster pistol hung on his belt. "Just a few more seconds."

Tails closed his eyes in concentration, ignoring the perspiration that even now ran down him. Well, actually upside him, as he was levitating the objects upside down.

"Five more seconds." Roman said.

Tails dared not reply, as any distraction could break his concentration.

"Three more seconds." Roman said. "Two. One. And… relax."

Tails allowed the objects to sink to the floor gently, and then collapsed on his side, getting to his feet rapidly.

"Pretty good." Roman said. "That was a lot longer than your last try."

"Thanks." Tails said as he seized a bottle of water he had on the table nearby, taking a good hard draught from it before letting out a few breaths. Once he had done this, he asked: "So, when will I be ready to get my own lightsaber?"

"Pretty darn soon at this rate." Roman said. "Maybe you're ready right now, if we're lucky."

Tails chuckled to himself at this. "That last bit's a lie. No way am I that close to being ready."

"You are, Tails." Roman said. "You're just too bashful to deny it."

Tails raised an eyebrow. "You think so?"

Roman walked over to Tails and placed his hand on Tails' shoulder. "I know so. Tails, you've learned what would take most Jedi padawans years to perfect in under a year. If that's not talent, I don't know what is. With that in mind, I have absolutely no doubt that you are effectively ready to start using a lightsaber."

Tails bowed his head and said: "So, how about we get back to training? I'm getting rather itchy to continue."

Roman shook his head. "As a matter of fact, I was actually thinking about going out and having some lunch first. Then we can continue training."

Tails shrugged. "Sounds good to me. But first, I'll go home and freshen up, change into something more appropriate, and then join you wherever you decide to eat at."

"It'll be the usual place, Tails." Roman said.

"Sounds okay. I'll see you there." Tails said as he gathered his belongings and headed out.

Once Tails had left, Roman said: "I'd put on a sweater if I were you. Looks pretty cold out there."

"I'm not going to argue." Ashley said as she headed upstairs to grab a sweater. Once she had, she returned, putting it on as she did while grabbing her handbag. "Ready?" She asked.

Roman nodded before opening the door and standing aside to let her through, before closing the door himself. Little did he realise though, that yet again, someone was watching him.

On another building near Roman and Ashley's apartment, at the same time…

The man lowered his binoculars and turned to walk away, heading down the stairs leading to the bottom floor of the building he was standing on the roof of. As he did, he contacted the same person he had the previous night: "Boss, they're headed out. I'm headed inside the apartment to plant that little note you gave me to leave there."

"Good job, Alec." Said the voice of the cat. "Once again, you prove yourself as my best man for this sort of work. Not that it should surprise me, given your track record."

"It was what I was made for, sir." Alec replied. "Literally."

The cat could be heard laughing on his side of the comm. "Your sense of humour never fails to amuse me. Now, get inside that apartment and leave the note. Do not damage anything. I want my little girl to be frightened out of her wits. Especially now that she knows I've found her."

"Will do, sir." Alec replied as he ended the comm and continued to descend the steps. As he was rounding the corner to descend the next flight of steps, he was spotted by a nearby security guard:

"Hey!" The security guard, an anthropomorphic dog shouted: "You're not supposed to be-"

In the time it took the guard to even speak, Alec had closed the gap and driven his sword up to the hilt into the guard's chest.

The dog let out a strangulated choke as blood spilled from his mouth and he looked down to see the sword embedded in his chest.

Alec drew his sword deftly from the guard's chest, but not so violently as so to disembowel the guard, and caught the dying Mobian as they fell, swiftly dragging him to the nearest closet and propping him up in there. Once he had done this, he simply wiped his sword blade clean on the nearest object, that being the dead guard's shirt, and shut the door. Sheathing his sword, he returned to the task of descending the stairs. After a few minutes of doing this, he silently found his way to the ground floor and exited the building swiftly, making sure to keep his face hidden from the many security cameras lining the area. He knew his boss had many high up police officers in his pocket, but that still didn't stop young up-and coming police officers from trying to apprehend him. They failed of course, but it still caused many repercussions he had rather not have. Crossing the street from the building he had but recently been using as his spying spot, he entered the apartment building in which Ashley and her boyfriend lived, making sure he wasn't noticed and entered the elevator, pressing the top floor, where Ashley's apartment was situated. Fortunately, the elevator began to move, heading up to the top floor of the building. As it did this, gentle music played through the speakers, music Alec had little to no taste for. He rather preferred opera music and other such things. The next thing he heard was the ding! of the elevator as the doors opened, and he walked the short distance to the door of Ashley's apartment. Using his skills from when he was an agent of G.U.N, Alec picked the lock, but not so sloppily as to noticeably damage it, and entered the apartment, knowing what needed to be done.

So now the mysterious man's name has been revealed: Alec. I know the way in which he killed the guard was more Agent 47-esque in my opinion, but after what I said about portraying Alec as a hybrid of Boba Fett and The Terminator, I rethought things after looking over my notes for him, and realised he was more of an Agent 47-esque person. With a hint of Jason Statham's Frank Martin character from the Transporter movies.

Anyhow, please leave your reviews, and May the Force be with you. Always.