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Prologue: Trial

The trials were administered by the Jedi High Council to a Padawan Learner they deemed worthy of becoming a Jedi Knight – a true peacekeeper. This peacekeeper was the embodiment of balance, patience, kindness and loyalty. Currently, this trial was being administered to the youngest Padawan to be recommended in the history of the Jedi Order. The Jedi council sat in silence in their chambers overlooking Coruscant. A holographic image projected by a portable power source displayed in the centre of the circular room. Those in attendance were shocked and confused, Kit Fisto had recommended his Padawan Learner at eleven.

The sight was met with a chorus of mixed looks. Two figures entered into a force lock, followed by a series of strong strikes.

Kit watched from his seat, his head resting on his hand positioned on the armrest. He breathed in and out calmly as the blue coloured images duelled with speed, reforming again as the height disparity became apparent between the two. Kit's trademark smile adjourned his features, his Jedi robes hung loosely over his figure.

"Confidence in your young Padawan, do you have, Kit?" Yoda shifted his look from the to the Nautolan sitting on the left side of the council chamber.

Kit breathed a heavy sigh, choosing his next words carefully shifting his gaze from the centre of the room to the Grand Master.

"Relax Master Yoda, I have every confidence that he will succeed. The test of skill is not the problem" He said.

Yoda hummed in agreement.

"For the boy's sake I hope your judgement is sound Kit." Mace Windu voiced his hands resting underneath his chin. He narrowed his eyes at the holographic images in front of him as his brown iris' moved quickly analysing the Padawan's skills.

"It is clear that you have trained the boy well, he is indeed impressive, aggressive though." Said Plo Koon as his respirator let out a shrill hiss.

"I agree." Ki-Adi-Mundi held up a small monitor, crossing his legs. "What did you say his Midi-Chlorian count was, 28,000? That's unheard of, marvellous, remarkable." He let out a small cough.

"I tested him myself." A voice entered the chamber.

"Master Kakashi, you're late, why?" Asked Mace with a curious look.

Kakashi was dressed in the traditional Jedi garments a loose fitting dark brown cloak, light brown pants, a light grey shirt and boots. He wore black mask that covered his mouth and nose, complimented with a black bandanna over his left eye. Kakashi stuffed his hands in his pockets as he casually walked to the only empty seat left in the council.

"Today is such a nice day, I got caught meditating for too long." He sat down in his seat next to Qui-Gon, crossing his legs.

"He was tested when Kit found him and brought him to Coruscant, the test has been recorded in the medical archives." Finished Master Qui-Gon Jinn with a small smile.

"What has the force shown you of the boy's future, Master Yoda?" asked Windu. "I have not made the next test easy for him." He crossed his arms leaning back in his chair.

Yoda let out a sigh.

"The boy's future is clouded, we cannot be certain." Said Yoda. He put his clawed hand on his chin his nostrils flaring. "The force is strong with him, this we can be sure of, destined for great things this child is, guide him on the right path, we will." Yoda finished as he watched the duel unfold before him.

Planet Mustafar

Mustafar's terrain was widely volcanic, with only a small number of places where the rock on the surface was thick enough to stand on without burning footwear. There were abandoned outposts located across the planet, reminisce of a working-force of miners that skilfully harvested the iron-ore and minerals created by the magma. Two figures stood across from each-other atop of rocky platform, lava seeping onto the rock formation's edges. This rock stretched out for a mild amount of distance, lava rained down periodically over several areas of the platform, highlighting the cracks forming from the melting rock. Spires of solid liquified magma sprouted upward from the rocky floor.

The assailant dressed in a black uniform, hiding its face behind a solid black mask and sporting a long trench coat. Holding its right gloved hand out it a lightsabre hilt detached itself from its belt and into its hand. Pushing the activation switch the blade hissed to life, the colour of blood-red illuminated the ground beneath him, complimenting the colour of lava. The young blonde stood across from him remained neutral, scanning with his red orbs. His long hair hung loosely over his head, spiking up in all manner of random directions, swaying with the blistering strong winds that blew across the plain. Two golden strands of hair framed his face, stopping at his nasal. He was dressed in a black zipped up jacket, white pants and brown boots with metal straps on the sides of his forearms. He had a red sash tied around his waist underneath two belts, one-of-which slightly diagonal to his left hip. He had a gas mask around his mouth and nose, filtering the air that he breathed in. He held two lightsabres, one in each of his hands. The weapons flashed to life, in his right hand a blue blade appeared and in his left a green blade. He monitored the movements of the cloaked figure, allowing the gaseous vapour to clear.

The dark figure in front of the boy held his red blade menacingly at him as he sharply thrusted his free-hand toward the Padawan. The resulting impact cleared away the rock formations above him, which causing them to melt back down into raging-hot magma. The magma forced to the ground by gravity fell toward the blonde boy. He swung the blades together in one fluid motion as the lava around him flew off in different directions. He gripped both weapons in anticipation of the on-coming attack. The cloak assailant raced toward him as he wildly swung the red sabre forward direction toward the Padawan who side stepped the attack, running his green blade over the red, digging in and directing the blade away from him. The resulting force-lock ended in a stalemate as the learner deflected the blade to his lower-side, with the blade stuck in the ground the blonde jumped backward. The cloaked warrior held it hand out, red lightning appeared out of his hand. The blonde held his blue blade out, drawing the lightning into the energy source and deflecting it away.

With backward momentum working against him he channelled his force energy into his right leg, bouncing back he launched himself forward, in one swift motion cut the blade out of the figure's hand with his blue blade. The broken sword fell to the ground as the figure channelled the force through the palms of his hands. He then avoided another swipe from the learner, racing backward with a series of back flips away, each time his force-enhanced palms touched the molten-rock beneath them a stream of magma would erupt from the depths of the planet.

An attempt to keep the learner at bay, however the Jedi-in-training continued to pursue him jumping gracefully in between the small eruptions with force enhanced jumps and reflexes. The assailant stopped and skidding across the rock and pulled out a knife from a hidden holster on his left ankle. He threw it at the boy who side-stepped it swiftly, giving the man enough time to sharply unsheathed two blasters that were previously attached to his back. The young boy jumped at him and swung his blades horizontally to strike the assailant down. He jumped back and fired several rounds, but the boy cut blast rounds away, charging at his enemy once again with enhanced strength, blades to either side of him. The blonde learner stepped quickly, making swift work of both his blaster as they fell to the ground, unrepairable and burned. The figure hesitated, processing his next move, his mind racing, unable to decide his next action. The Padawan's blades moved through the figure quickly, burning through with intense heat.

He appeared behind his enemy both swords deactivated, the figure fell to the ground in a flurry as an electrical charge erupted from the figure the body lay still. He attached both his blades to the right of his belt. The figure disappeared in a blue light as the blonde calmly walked off with a slight scowl on his face.

Jedi Temple: Council Chambers

Kit Fisto allowed for a small prideful smile grace his lips, chuckling quickly to himself.

"A little sloppy, but not bad eh?" He shrugged. The Jedi Master relaxed into his chair.

"The boy, he's definitely skilled an advanced form of Jar'Kai, exceptional swordsmanship." Commented Plo Koon rubbing his chin.

"He certainly is strong, but he is far too inexperienced. Such a responsibility to fall upon someone so young does not facilitate humility or growth." Shaak Ti spoke with a slightly concerned tone of voice.

"We will." Said Yoda stamping his cane on the marble floor for good measure.

"Are you certain of this?" Asked Windu. "I sense great uncertainty in the boy." He spoke turning to Yoda with a questioning look.

"Of this I am, whilst the boy is clearly skilled enough to warrant knighthood, leadership and social skills he struggles with. Inner turmoil is the cause, for he is unable to interact with others his age, a small obstacle yet this must be overcome for his." Yoda hummed in thought.

"Another test is in order then?" proposed Even Piell, brushing the side of his robes.

"What is the cause of the boy's inability to interact with others?" Asked Adi Gallia. Her hair resting on her shoulders and her full lips clinching in thought.

"The cause is inner turmoil, a fear of letting others inside." Explained Secura opening her eyes.

"Inflicted as a young child, the boy escaped Eos during its time of its insurrection and destruction." He looked sadly as the boy's hologram disappeared.

"Ah yes of course, the boy's past is troubling him, the last of his kind, difficult this will be for him, his trauma must be overcome but uncertain of how I am." Said Yoda as he blinked.

"May I suggest something?" Qui-Gon voiced speaking for the first time in the meeting.

Coruscant: Planet's Atmosphere

A red and white Jedi cruiser slowly made its way toward the landing dock over Coruscant. The atmosphere around the planet was thick due to the smog created from all the industrial districts. Serving as the capital of the galaxy since the ancient days of the old Galactic Republic. Courscant is the epicentre of the galaxy that house the senate and the Jedi Temple.

"Home at last." Said the young Padawan Learner brushing some loose strands of blonde hair away from his eyes. He steered his ship, pushing several buttons on his dashboard.

His astro-droid, R4 T4 beeped happily, lights flashed on his rim as he communicated through the ship's panel to his master.

"Enter the landing codes now." He ordered as R4 complied with swift efficiency, opening up communication with a hanger attached to the Jedi Temple. The droid's colour scheme matching the small Jedi fighter

"Naruto!? Naruto?! Hello boy, how's it going?" Came a voice from his intercom.

"Good." He then cut the connection before the conversation could continue.

R4 beeped at him rapidly, protesting his dislike for Naruto's lack of pleasantries.

"What?" He replied, steering the ship slightly downward, beginning his descent toward a Jedi Temple's landing platform.

R4 whistled at him, which was promptly followed by a sharp beep.

"I am not rude." He switched off R4's communication to his cock-pit as he entered the atmosphere of the planet, descending down toward the now visible Jedi temple.

Instantly recognisable by its distinctive crown of five spires, the Jedi Temple was the home of the Jedi Order on Coruscant. Part school and part monastery, the Jedi Temple was the central hub for all Jedi activities in the galaxy. The ship landed on a landing platform outside the Jedi Temple, its thrusters deactivating and its landing pads deploying. He released the cockpit shell around him, deactivated the seat belts around his frame. He climbed out of his ship, stepping onto the landing platform with a sigh. R4 ejected himself from his capsule in the fighter, revealing his full body and red painting. The droid circled the small cruiser, stopping in front of his master with a series of angry beeps and whistles, to which he responded with a disrespectful scowl.

"Congratulations." A voice from behind him spoke.

He turned around to see his Master, Kit Fisto stood atop his cruiser wing with his hands behind his back. He smiled and jumped down next to his Padawan chuckling to himself. The speeder lanes above them were incredibly busy, light of the sun began seeping between the clouds. The planet's constant human-created light slightly diminished by the intense sun rays.

"Thank you, Master." He said with a small bow meeting his gaze afterward.

"Naruto." Fisto's voice raising a few tones, crossing his arms.

"Yes." He replied returning to a vertical base.

His tone laced with confusion as Fisto pursed his lips, sighing as they made eye contact.

"You did." He answered sensing the question forming in his mouth. "Convincingly, actually." Putting his hand on the blonde's shoulder gently, removing his hand and scratching his cheek.

"Then I'm Jedi?" He continued.

"No, my young Padawan, no you are far from it." He poked him on the chest, pushing his upper body back slightly. "You suffer greatly boy, overcomin' this obstacle will be like findin' the puzzle piece." He explained as the clenched his fists, turning away letting out an exasperated sigh.

"Absurd." A faint growl of anger escaped his throat.

"Absurd maybe, listen to what the force has to tell you my boy. You can't will things to be the way you want them, you understand your position." He spoke in a sombre tone, choosing his words carefully.

"You'd have me mediate on every inconvenience." He crossed his arms turning back around with an irritated look. "You know my skill and knowledge is greater than any Padawan-

"You still have much to learn boy, perhaps you were not ready to take these tests." Fisto met his look with a stern look of his own, causing his learner to break his gaze.

"The council has prepared another test for you to complete." He as the pair began to walk. "Nobody is questionin' your skills, they're questionin' your maturity." The pair entered the Temple as all manner of younglings, knights and scholars passed through the corridors.

Kit shook his head, which went unnoticed by his student, passing through numerous conversations between Jedi discussing missions. They made their way up a flight of stairs with a red velvet carpet, through an archway and into a grandiose room with an large staircase ahead of them. Naruto remained silent as the duo traversed the large hallway.

Jedi Temple: Council Chambers

"You're sure your vision of that particular subject-

The conversation previously underway came to a grinding halt as the councilmen and women turned their attention to the pair that walked into the chamber. Naruto stepped forward in front his master, placing his hands at his sides.

"Welcome back Naruto." Said Plo Koon smiling behind his respirator. "Your skill in Jar'Kai was a sight to behold." He praised the young Padawan shifting in his chair.

"Thank you Master." He bowed respectfully, meeting the look of Mace Windu, who adopted his usual look of neutrality.

"You've meet the necessary skill required to be called a Knight, however-

"I'm aware sir, there is another test." He finished gaining a sigh from his Master behind him.

"Yes, that is correct." He breathed regaining his lost composure. "All you need do is complete a single mission." Explaining the position Naruto had found himself in.

"A mission?" The Padawan pressed in a curious tone.

"To be specific you will be going on a diplomatic mission." He said in a calm tone.

"A diplomat but Master I-

A simple raise of his hand silenced him.

"The Galactic Republic has been engulfed in turmoil and the taxation of trade routes to the outlying star systems is in dispute. To resolve the matter, The Trade Federation has erected a blockade with their battle ships over the planet of Naboo. As a result, they have stopped shipping and transportation, which as you can imagine comes at a price for the wellness of the people, medical supplies and economic stability as such." Mace rested his head on his hand on his arm-rest, shifting in his chair.

"It is plainly clear that the congress will reach a deadlock in this matter, to rectify the situation you will accompany Master Qui-Gon and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi to oversee the matter." The Master gestured to his right.

Master Qui-Gon sat smiling at him, Obi-Wan stood next to him with his arms folded in front of him. Naruto turned meeting their gaze for the first time, his red eyes shifting to Master Kakashi for a second who gave him a slight smile behind his mask.

He narrowed his eyes, studying the trio silently before returning his gaze to Windu.

"You will accompany them on this mission, and you will be required to work cordially with Obi-Wan as equals under Master Qui-Gon, you will obey him like you would Master Fisto." Windu hummed for good measure removing his arm for the rest, rubbing his chin.

"You will act as diplomats for Chancellor Valorum and resolve this matter, is that understood, youngling." Naruto's mouth contorted as he looked back at Qui-Gon and Obi-wan.

He closed his eyes, contemplating his choice of answer.

"I understand, Master Windu." He responded slowly.

Master Yoda nodded and chuckled.

"Do this and elevated you will be, have faith in you we have young Naruto." Yoda smiled at the young learner.

Naruto looked neutrally at him.

"Now that, that's settled, Masters we must depart our transport is to arrive shortly." Said Qui-Gon standing upright with a small smile.

Obi-Wan removed his hands away from each other following his Master to the centre of the room. His brown eyes fixed on the blonde Padawan in front of him, he watched as he crossed his arms.

"It's a pleasure to officially make you acquaintance Naruto. I am Master Qui-Gon Jinn." Said Qui-Gon holding his hand out.

Naruto looked at his hand and then at his face, slowly he removed his defensive stance locked grip with the Master and shook it.

"Yes Master Qui-Gon." The tall Master let go and he gestured to his Padawan, who gave Naruto an eager smile.

"This is Obi-Wan, I'm sure you both will be friends in time." Naruto watched as Obi-Wan offered his hand to him with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Naruto, I've heard so many great things about you." He said waiting for his new companion to respond in kind. "Of course, we'll have a lot to discuss, I'm eager to pick your brain about many things!" A silence enveloped the room.

Moments passed and Kakashi let out a small chuckle.

"Goodness sake Obi-Wan." Kakashi pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

"Now, now, Obi-Wan is just keen to make friends, Naruto. Where are your manners." Fisto lightly tapped Naruto on the back prompting his learner.

"It is nice to meet you, Obi-Wan." Naruto's lips pursed as he firmly shook his fellow learner's hand.

Qui-Gon clapped his hands together.

"Excellent, we will leave together at once, Masters." He bowed and turned to Fisto who gave him his trademark smile.

"I will take good care of him." He reassured him.

"I know." Fisto gave a jubilant chuckle.

"Very-well." He began his exit. "Come along younglings, pack your things and Naruto, please dress appropriately, if you'd like to be a Jedi, start by looking the part." Said Qui-Gon gesturing toward the exit.

Both Padawans bowed to their Masters and turned to leave.

Naruto looked up to Fisto who gave him a small smile and a wink. He didn't respond and continued walking, focusing on the pair in front of him. He then retook his seat once the trio had left the chambers.

"Do you believe that this is the best course of action?" Asked Fisto. "Sending Naruto off with them as a tag-along. He may not look sensitive, but that boy responds to positive reinforcement more than any other of my Padawan Learners. He requires a gentle touch." Fisto hummed in a conjunction with his conclusion. "Treatin' him like everyone else isn't the way I've approached his learnin'." He sighed looking to Windu.

"We believe it to be yes, it is the will of the force that Naruto play a part in the upcoming events, we can only pray that they resolve his own issues in the process, otherwise he will merely hold himself back." said Windu leaning back in his chair.

Kit shook his head.

"Don't worry." Kakashi spoke in a calm tone. "The boy is in good hands." He waved off Kit's concern leaning back in his chair.

"Agree with Kakashi I do, strong with the force he is." Yoda added with a small smile of his own.

Trade Federation Occupied Space Above Naboo: The Lucrehulk-class Battleship

The Viceroy had allowed the Jedi to board his ship under the guise of diplomacy to negotiate the blockade's status.

The three Jedi sat on a ship sitting around a circular table, quietly Naruto reflected on his test. He now sported traditional Jedi robes in the colours of brown and black, complete with a black cloak. From the view of the window, stars winked at him from the endless arch of void-black beyond his eye's. A service droid broke his concentration, offering him some refreshments, he declined politely as Obi-Wan's voice once again reached his ears as the droid left.

"How long have you been a Padawan Naruto?" asked Obi-Wan in his seat next him, leaning forward on the table as Naruto turned to him with a slightly annoyed look.

"I don't know." he answered quickly turning his eyes back to the stars out the circular window.

"What about your home-world, where are you from?" he asked pressing forward again with another question.

"I don't know." he said slightly irked as he began tapping his fingers along the metal table.

"Why do you use Jar'Kai, I didn't think Master Fisto used that lightsabre combat style? I myself-

"I don't know." he voiced, completely turning away from the Padawan. Obi-Wan used his index finger to point to his mind, ready to speak again.

"Obi-Wan." said Qui-Gon cutting off his next question, speaking for the first time on their journey. "If you were more in-tune with your surroundings you'd get the hint. Do you not think before you speak?" scolded Qui-Gon.

Obi-Wan hung his head in shame.

"I'm sorry, I'll try to be more aware." Qui-Gon smiled.

"You'll have to forgive him, he's too eager for his own good." Naruto didn't respond, opting to silently agree.

Control Room

The ship glided through space, nearing its destination. The acting Viceroy, Nute Gunray along with his fellow Neimoidians frantically discussed their next act. They had smooth noseless faces, mottled green-grey skin, and large red-orange eyes. Following their affluent traditions, these space traders wore black robes with large head dresses, highlighting their wealth and power.

"Three Jedi?!" Nute convened with his ministers with a worried look, behind the three a large communicator stood.

"I am not going in there, not with any Jedi, let alone three are you insane." Spoke his Neimoidian counterpart, rubbing his hands together nervously and adjusting his large hat.

The other merely shook his head, opting to remain silent.

"Viceroy, we have an oncoming transmission." A droid pressed the communication button on the console in front of him.

"Who is it?" A holographic image of a cloaked figure appeared; the only thing visible of his facial features were two red eyes.

"My lord." the figure remained still on the communicator's projectors. "There are Jedi, here, onboard, sir we think we should eliminate them." The panic evident in his voice he leaned forward slightly.

"Is that so." The dark figure responded after a few moments. "Land your troops and begin the assault." He ordered shocking the 3 members of The Trade Federation.

"But my lord, that's illegal, are you sure?" He asked in an uncertain tone.

"I am counting on you, Nute." His image disappeared and the Viceroy breathed a sigh of relief.

He turned to the droids with his index finger outstretched.

"Release the sleep-gas, once they are knocked out send in a team of droids to dispose of them." Ordered the Viceroy adopting a nervous look as he moved to the monitor.

Conference Room

The three Jedi sat in silence until Obi-Wan voiced is opinion.

"Master I sense great fear, even though that we are here to only negotiate trade." He said in a troubled tone.

"Be mindful, ready yourselves." He looked at Naruto with his pursed his lips together. The blonde rubbed his hand over his sabres, attached to the side of his belt.

Suddenly the vents leading into the room opened via a remote power source. Purple toxic gas spilled into the room, quickly enveloping a large portion of the occupied space. The three of them stood to their feet Obi-Wan drawing his lightsabre as it hissed to life.

"Why are you so tense?" Asked Qui-Gon placing a hand on his student's shoulder.

Naruto used a Force Push to avoid the gases around him, Qui-Gon followed the action after him as the door in front of room opened with a shrill squeak. Removed from its hinges by the combined efforts of the three force users.

A group of series B battle droids entered the corridor, marching in a standard formation, blasters ready. With each step their metal echoed

"Go in, we'll cover you." A battle droid spoke at the front of the formation, gesturing forward with his blaster.

Naruto's blades ignited in his hands as the droids' advanced halted. The droid turned back to his superior as Qui-Gon's green blade came to life in his right hand.

"Rojer, Rojer." The droid stepped forward, using a Force Pull Obi-Wan lifted the battle droid from the metal floor and towards the group. Naruto casually used his green blade to cut the droid in half.

"Blast'em!" The droids began their assault on the trio in a flurry of red laser bullets.

The lasers were skilfully deflected by the force users, deflecting the attacks directly back toward the group of battle droids with swift precision. Several of the machines were rendered incapacitated due to their own bullets. Qui-Gon thrusted his free hand forward pushing two droids against the far wall, splintering their limbs apart on contact. Obi-Wan and Naruto jumped forward together, delivering a series of complimentary sabre strikes against the remaining few droids, their robotic limbs scattered across the floor of the ship.

"We make a pretty good team; your form is quite good." said Obi-Wan deactivating is blue blade.

Naruto hummed in agreement, placing his lightsabre hilts on the right side of his belt.

"Let's get moving." said Qui-Gon taking off down the hall.

Naruto and Obi-Wan followed him closely.

Control Room

"Bah! Those damn Jedi scum they are like Wampies, they just won't die!" Said the Viceroy slamming his hand on the control panel. He let a growl escape his throat as he examined the screen in front of him.

"Sir, we are receiving a transmission from Naboo." Nute calmed himself, standing to an upright position looking toward the communicator.

"The Queen, she wishes to speak with us again." Said Nute as he turned as did his companions to the screen in front of them. "I'd best keep up appearances." He coughed composing himself looking at the communicator.

A figure dressed in opulent clothing appeared on the screen. She wore a head-dress that framed her face, which was covered in ghost-white make up with a few red markings. Her robes were silk, a testament to her royalty.

"Queen Amidala, do what do we owe the pleasure?" He asked mockingly rubbing his robe with the back of his knuckle.

He received a cold stare in response.

"Your blockade of our small, peaceful planet has failed. No doubt you've overestimated yourself and the power of your money." She inwardly smirked, watching the Viceroy's eyes examine her stoic facial expression.

"I am unaware of such a failure; you must be mistaken?" Nute rested his hands behind his back.

"Do you think me blind and deaf; I am aware of the Jedi aboard your ship." She challenged him assessing the impact of her statement.

"I am not sure that I've heard anything on this matter." He shrugged turning away from her picture to hide the clenching of his teeth.

"Beware, you overstep your bounds, do not think that there won't be repercussions." She assured them as her picture disappeared.

The Viceroy let out another growl.

"Who does she think she is?!" He picked up an unoccupied chair and threw it against the opposite wall.

"She's the Queen of Naboo, sir." A droid answered his question in a literal manner.

"Idiot." Spoke another droid across the room shook his head.

"Sir! The Jedi have defeated the battalion that you sent to collect them." Said the droid monitoring the control panel from the far side of the room.

The Viceroy raced toward the hologram, placing his clawed hand on the droid's shoulder. The trio of Jedi raced down the halls, heading towards his position.

"Close the blaster doors!" He ordered in a startled.

A second reinforced door closed behind the outer one that led into their control room.

"That should hold them! Now, I want droidekas down here at once!" The droid in front of him pressed a series of buttons activating the droids in question.


Obi-Wan thrusted his free hand forward, using Force Push to launch several droids away from the Jedi's position. Naruto extended his blue sword, The Padawan learner used the force to increase the strength of his legs. He swung his blade his right, cutting the fallen droids together in a perfectly straight line. The three closed in on the door of the control room, reinforced and with cameras to either side. The door was in the centre of a T-junction, two corridors continued to the right and to the left. Qui-Gon turned to the large doors behind him and stabbed in the metal, trying to open it from the outside, melting the defence as the Padawans turned to either side to support him.

Several more droids piled into the corridor they had just traversed. Naruto began deflecting their blaster fire as another squad moved in on Obi-Wan's left. The young Padawan jumped forward toward the group of droids, cutting down the four of them, smiling to himself. He failed to notice that he had yet to fully disable a droid lying with its leg cut off on the floor. It shot at him, he turned around to see the blaster mere centimetres from his face. The momentum of the red blast stopped mid shot, the red outline of the blast became distorted as it held its position. The droid let out a confused noise as the bullet flew back toward the droid, hitting it between the eyes, deactivating it.

"Thank you Naruto, you saved me." he voiced his gratitude running toward his compatriot.

"It's not over." said Naruto as two destroyer droids rolled toward them, activating their shields they began their assault.

Reacting to the new development the pair jumped in front of Qui-Gon, deflecting the pair of destroyer droid's blasts. Qui-Gon continued to cut into the doors with his green-coloured lightsabre, ignoring the loud scrapping metal noises from behind him.

"We can't get close enough to destroy them." Naruto grunted as he quickly deflected the blasts, clenching his mouth.

"You shouldn't forget to breath young one, follow me." Said Qui-Gon, taking off to the left.

The Padawan's followed after him, as the stray red blasts cut into the door. The pair of destroyer droids rolled after the Jedi on orders from the Viceroy.

Control Room

"They are no match for them." Nute let out a sigh of relief, slumping down to the cold floor below him. He adjusted his hat as he attempted to calm his nerves at the recent scare.

"Sir the Jedi, they've gotten into the ventilation system." The droid monitoring the cameras informed The Viceroy as lost track of their images.

"Find them! Imbeciles!" He shouted angrily in frustration slamming his hands on the floor.

Main Hanger

The trio dropped down into the main hanger of the ship, crouching down behind some large supply crates. The mobilisation of droid army was in full force as they stood deactivated in battle formation. The main hanger housed several droid fighters, assembly lines leading into ships, the main reactors, central computer and stationed guards.

"This is a bold move and unlike the Trade Federation." Observed Qui-Gon rubbing his chin, peering over the crates. He turned and crouched down next to his Padawan's behind him.

"It is unorthodox." Said Naruto his iris' moving around rapidly analysing the formations, he crouched and joined Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

"We must warn the Naboo, each of us will stow away on different ships and regroup on the planet." Said Qui-Gon instructing the learners. "That way, if one of us is discovered the others will still have a chance to reach the surface." The older Master rubbed his bearded chin.

"You were right Master." Said Obi-Wan in a smug tone.

"What?" Qui-Gon hummed confusedly.

"Negotiations were short." He joked causing Qui-Gon to chuckle softly.

Chapter End

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