"This is it for you guys…" The Vampire Queen prepares her deft victory movement.

"I win!"

Finn the human slaps down his triumphant hand, sending cards splaying about. Jake throws up his hand in exasperation and the Princess sighs. Marceline's mouth hangs open.

"Anyone up for another round?"

"No thanks, I'm bored…" Jake moans upwards at the wood ceiling, "Let's do some rainy day imaginations."

"Ohh, no Jake," Bubblegum wags her finger, "Finn told me how uncontrollable you can get with your imagination."

"What? I've got it all under control now! See-"

"Wait, what's that outside?" Finn squints, points out the window, "Looks like a big storm."

"It's already raining, dum-dum."

"No, it looks like a really weird … snow cloud."

"Hmm," PB checks her wristwatch for the weather report, "The atmospheric levels are normal, but the temperature is a little bit off."

"Think it's the Ice King?" Jake quips.

"Why would he be doing something like this?"

"I dunno. But you know the Ice King. He's a coupla bananas short of bunch."

Marceline says nothing as she gazes out into the rain. Indeed, as Finn said, a storm was approaching.