I have way too many ideas for KHR and not enough time to flesh them all out into stories so here is my solution! Giant collection of oneshots putting said ideas into words.

May or may not continue these.

This one will be called Companion.

WAY AU! No Mafia, but Flames are a thing and they are a thing that is known about by the world.

I don't own KHR (this applies throughout the whole thing) but hopefully this collection will help me focus on the stories I have fleshed out that are waiting for me to finish them.


Tsunayoshi isn't exactly sure how he ended up…here.

He isn't even sure how he survived long enough to be here.

His world was fighting against things that shouldn't even exist. He hated fighting- he always had- but when the wraiths began coming out of the woodwork and causing problems the world responded by creating Rangers and here he was.

Rangers were the people who went out and fought against the wraiths and dealt with whatever said wraiths had managed to do to their surroundings.

Tsuna had gone through all the training they could throw his way, had found wings and flourished under the pressure of it all.

He'd found out over the course of the training that his Flame type was Sky. The rarest of the Flames, the most sought after. Skies were predisposed to leading squads of Rangers for the really bad wraith infestations because Skies could bridge the gaps between the other Flame types.

Tsuna had been pushed harder after discovering he was a Sky, but he'd taken it all and overcome it. He'd found his wings and had flown. He'd passed.

So now he was here. He was in the last leg of his training. The part he had been looking forward to for the longest time. The part of his training where his Flames would reach out into a room and would choose his partner.

Every Flame user had a partner in the form of an animal that went out on the field with them. They watched each other's backs, fought, slept, and ate together. The animals that were chosen for the Ranger program were all Flame Active which meant they all came with their own special abilities.

Tsuna was looking forward to finding his partner.

Name after name was called to find their partner until finally "…Sawada, Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna isn't sure what he expects when he allows his Sky Flames out and into the room he can't see into. (It's supposed to help the choice be more natural if you have no visual input on the choice. Tsuna can't say he disagrees.)

The room is silent for a moment before he hears it. The strong bark draws the attention of everyone in the room- Tsuna and his instructors who all manage to keep their Flames under lock and key so they don't interfere with the process- to the door.

After a moment the door is opened and Tsuna's eyes widen at the sight of his partner.

It's a dog- a male- and huge. A huge muscled intense Rottweiler of solid black with only the right front paw holding a deep golden brown 'sock' so it looks a bit like the dog has dipped his foot into something. His eyes are gleaming gold-yellow at this point as the dog's Flames react to Tsuna and he knows he as one of the Sun active dogs as a partner.

Tsuna approaches with a steady step and without breaking eye contact with the Rottweiler easily kneeling in front of the dog- he sees the tag on the bright yellow collar holding the name of this dog 'Reborn'- and waits holding out a hand.

Reborn stares at him for a moment without moving an inch or even blinking. It's intense but Tsuna refuses to waver. He recognizes judgement when he sees it, and he knows he must have synched with one of the independent intense animals that most in the Ranger Program think will never find a partner but keep anyway just in case.

He can feel it in Reborn's bearing. The way the Rottweiler holds himself, the way he's staring at Tsuna, the power Tsuna can feel in his Flames all tightly controlled in a way most of the animal partners never manage despite their intelligence levels being almost supernaturally improved by being Flame Active. He can feel that this is a rare partner and he is being given a rare chance to prove himself. Tsuna refuses to waver meeting those glowing golden eyes and allowing his own Flames to rise until his own chocolate eyes bleed orange.

It takes another moment before the golden glow fades to deep black and Reborn seems to nod settling beside Tsuna.

Tsuna grins wide and pleased. Reborn had found whatever he had been looking for. Tsuna had found his partner. He can feel the bond settle and snap into place. When he rises and turns to face his instructors he blinks in surprise.

They're all gaping at him.