Shot Down


Skull wasn't one to panic very often. He knew he looked the part, and that he acted the part, but he was generally actually pretty calm about most things.

After getting thrown into the Mafia head first, kicking and screaming, and then learning about Flames, not much was really surprising anymore. Especially not when he associated with the biggest names in Mafia, who liked to drag him into their messes.

If Skull wasn't such an adrenaline junkie he might have taken offence to that, but he thrived off doing the impossible. Paired with his Flames ability to heal him, even from wounds that should have been fatal in some cases, well.

Skull didn't have much of a reason to panic did he?

Not much of one, but in this case...well in this case he thought he might make an exception.

One hand scrambled for his cell, even as the other held his bike steady. He pressed the speed-dial and cursed under his breath as he took a sharp left. A quick glance in his rearview pegged six other bikers on his tail, and he ducked sharply as the distinctive click of a loaded gun reached his flame-enhanced ears.


Reborn's voice was steady over the mic in Skull's helmet and the Cloud allowed himself a moment to close his eyes in relief that the Sun had picked up.

"Reborn, Reborn tell me you know who the fuck put a fucking Hit on my head?"

Skull swerved again, weaving between traffic at speeds most would consider suicidal, keeping his body pressed close to his bike, and his eyes darting around, tracking escape routes, possible plan b's, and his pursuers.

He jerked sharply, his bike falling sideways as the armored, Lightning enhanced suit took the brunt of a carefully angled slide underneath the load of a semi-truck before a gloved hand helped to right him on the opposite side.


Reborn's voice didn't change, and yet Skull knew he was suddenly alert and furious anyway.

"There is currently six-" and explosion behind him as one of the bikers tried- and failed- to follow him "five bikers on my tail, trained to keep up with my stunt driving, who are trying to kill me. There not as good at stunts as I am, but they knew who they were coming after-" Skull stopped talking as four guns went off and he was forced to move quickly, standing on the seat of his bike and sending it into a quick turn that had it driving in a circle as he hopped off the seat, twisting in the air to take careful aim with the throwing daggers he had propagated from the set in his jacket sleeves.

They'd fade once their targets were dead, leaving behind nothing for authorities to track back to Skull.

Another twist and he landed easily on the seat of his bike as it passed under him, his weight pulling the bike out of it's turn as he slid back into place and watched two of the four bodies fall as knives thunked home through the helmets they wore.

Cloud Flames were very useful if you knew what you were doing with them. And Skull had learned from the best, with none of the biases of those Mafia Raised.

" Lackey, what's happening?"

Reborn had the intelligence to wait until Skull was seated properly before he asked the question

"I'm surviving." Skull tracked the three bikers left behind him as he spoke. They were not the only group of hired guns Skull had dealt with today, and they would not be the last. "I need you to find out who put the hit out Reborn. They're powerful whoever it was, and their hired help just keeps coming. Fuck." Skull snarled as he took a sharp left, hopping the guard rail of the street easily with his bike. He hoped it slowed the four cars he had just watched peel out of hidden side streets and fall into line with the bikers.

He couldn't let the cars box him in or he'd be having a very bad day. Thankfully, as he was riding his bike, he could get places the cars would have trouble with though-

The bikers jumped the rail and kept on his tail.

"We're tracking your location now, Skull. I will deal with whoever put the hit out." Reborn's voice was dangerous, silk covered steel as he gave the oath, and Skull couldn't help the way his lips pulled upwards into a mocking smile.

The Mafia should have known better than to touch any one of the Arcobaleno.

It made the others...twitchy.

Skull shifted his weight, twisting his bike around so he faced the men trying to kill him, throwing the bike into reverse, as he took careful aim with his knives.

"Understood, Sempai."