Titled Witch Hunter. Flame users here are either Mafia or Hunters. Each group has a different name for Flames which I listed below. The first are what the Hunters refer to Flames as.

Amber Soul Fire: Sky Flames
Ruby Soul Fire:
Storm Flames

Sapphire Soul Fire: Rain Flames
Citrine Soul Fire:
Sun Flames

Emerald Soul Fire: Lightning Flames

Azurite Soul Fire: Mist Flames

Amethyst Soul Fire: Cloud Flames


Tsuna wasn't actually sure how it happened. All he's really sure of is if they had left his mother alone, he wouldn't have gotten involved at all.

And once he had gotten involved and could see into the shadows? Once he could see the dangers lurking around every corner waiting for his loving but naïve mother to stumble upon them?

Mama had always called him kind.

Tsuna couldn't leave then. He'd seen the darkness. Seen the threat it posed to his mother, his town…the world.

They weren't all bad of course, and Tsuna was very careful to do his research before he acted, but the witches that threatened his mother?

They died by fire.

It had been an accident the first time. When he had first realized what hid in the shadows of the world. His mother had been pinned and was about to die. Tsuna had been tied against the wall with tree roots (of all things) and seeing that…something had snapped inside.

All Tsuna had known then was the burning all-consuming desire to protect Mama and there had been bright orange fire.

The witch had screamed. Tsuna remembered that. He remembered how she had petrified before she had turned into ash too. Remembered watching his mother collapse to the floor as the witch released her hold on her throat, her head hitting the kitchen counter on the way down. When his mother woke up in the hospital later on, she wouldn't remember what had happened to her, but Tsuna did.

Tsuna had never really applied himself to learning before. What was the point? The teachers and adults around him thought him stupid and no-good. Treated him like he could learn nothing and so teaching him was a waste of time.

This had been different.

These things, these witches, had tried to kill his mother to get to him. Tsuna wanted to learn more than he needed to learn. It was a novel experience. Tsuna searched for a teacher to help him and he had found one.

It was a foreign woman who had been in Namimori for the witch that Tsuna had accidently killed that would eventually come to teach him. Tsuna would come to call the woman Akane for the brilliant red of her hair (and an inability to pronounce her English name.)

Tsuna would learn from this woman. He would learn the ins and outs of Hunting. The dos and do nots of the Hunter's world. He would learn that the witch had been drawn to him for his inner fire.

"You have an Active Soul Fire little lion. It's your own inner fire. We call it Soul Fire because each of the Flame types are associated with certain characteristics. It tells those of us who know what to look for what the core of your being is without masks or lies, without the rules of society or your upbringing tying you down. Soul Fire is special" Akane explained to the then nine year old Tsuna. "It's rare for humans to Activate their Soul Fire at all, but those of us who do open the door to an entire new world limited only by our belief, resolve and imagination."

Akane had tilted her head as she observed Tsuna for a moment. Another moment later and she had smirked, kneeling down in front of him one hand held in front of him palm up and open. Tsuna remembered how he had jerked back as a bright purple flame flickered to life in her palm. "I am what is known as an Inverted Flame. This means that the 'classic' or normal traits of my Soul Flame are revered. Those of us with purple Soul Fire like this are usually very anti-social and reserved. It means usually we don't like to be around people. It usually means we like to drift around and do things our way. We don't like to be chained or commanded. As an Inverted Amethyst Soul I am odd in that I enjoy company, but only with those that I accept. I enjoy drifting but I will 'drift' closer to home than a Classic Amethyst would tend to. It's…hard to explain. You little lion are an Amber Soul. You have Amber Soul Fire which is the rarest Soul Fire. It means that you will get along with almost anyone, you are a forgiving soul, but when you have something to protect…that is where you will shine little lion. It is where you will learn to roar."

Akane had stayed in Namimori after finding him to teach him about the world of Hunters and Soul Fire.

For the next few years Tsuna would learn about witches, how to tell if they were bad or good, if they were misguided. He learned to fight and protect. He learned how to lie. He learned to build connections so he could get ahold of weapons and materials. He learned to research. Who was reliable in the world for Hunters, those who would be reliable only in certain conditions…who was not. He learned of the Hunter's code. He learned to always keep his word for the word of a Hunter was his vow and his honor. (He also learned the art of loopholes, but unless it was earned he was told a Hunter was to keep their word in the spirit it was given.) He learned all Akane could teach him.

Tsunayoshi learned many things from Akane, but perhaps the greatest gift she had given him was breaking the seal that had been placed on his Soul Fire.

He could still remember Akane descending into a rage when she had found the seal the likes of which Tsuna hoped to never see again. He remembered how her Soul Fire had flared into being, how she seemed to grow, how the air had gotten thick and hard to breathe, how the woman had gone unnaturally still and the way her normally bright green eyes had flared a deep purple to match her Flames. (He would learn later of the Mafia and how they whispered of the tempers of 'Clouds' and he would laugh. They feared the Classic Clouds (Amethysts) but Tsuna knew the truth- it was the Inverted Clouds (Amethysts) that were the more dangerous of the two.) Akane had left him in Namimori for a few days only to come back with a large male who had been just as angry as she had been when he examined the seal. This man had been another Amber Soul like Tsuna- Akane introduced him as her teacher- and had shattered the seal for him. Tsuna hadn't realized how bad he had felt until his Soul Fire was free again.

He had spent many late nights honing his use of Soul Fire once it was free and Akane had helped him as much as she was able.

She stayed with him until he was almost thirteen before she had to leave him. It was an information packed four years (or just about four years) and Tsuna wasn't sure he would ever be able to repay her for what she had taught him. It didn't mean he wouldn't try though.

She gave him a number to memorize before she left him. "It is for you to contact me little lion" she explained to an upset Tsuna "I can't stay here forever. You know this. There are witches out there that are hurting people and it is my job to find them. I will always come back to you when I am needed little lion. This I can promise you- so long as I am able I will always come to you when you call. You're mine little lion and I take care of my own. I've taught you what I can and it is time for me to travel again. So remember what I've taught you. Stand tall in the face of those who would see you fall, find something to protect with everything that you are and roar little lion."

It had been painful to watch the woman who had taught him so much walk away, but he had known even then that the world needed Akane to help it. He had also known that he would find a way to grow powerful enough to help her. She had taught him so much…he wanted to repay her somehow. Wanted to help her in any way that he could.

And then Reborn walked into his life and Tsuna found the 'way'.

The Mafia wouldn't know what hit it. Reborn had handed the thing he needed to help Akane to Tsuna on a silver platter without realizing it. Tsuna had found something to protect. That only left one last thing for him to do.

Roar little lion.