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"Lucy-san...?" Juvia asked in shock as she opened her door. Lightning cracked loudly and rain pattered against the floor and windows of her home, loudly. However, as loud as mother nature's screams of attention were, nothing could be compared to the bloodcurdling shrieks of grief and stench of alcohol emanating from Lucy.

"J-Juvia!" Lucy wailed tears falling like waterfalls from her eyes. Her nose and eyes scrunched and she shook, "I-I'm still in love with Natsu!"

"Are you ready?" Lucy beamed, her bouquet of blue flowers in her hand, "Oh I can't believe it! Just another hour and you'll be married to Gray!"

Juvia nodded in response, and timidly said, "Juvia thanks you, Lucy-san. You have helped Juvia quite a lot with the preparations..."

"Don't mention it! Why wouldn't I? We've known each other nearly forever, and now your dreams are coming true, and I'll be here to witness it happening!"


Lucy smile faded. "Are you okay? Pre-wedding jitters?"

"N-no, Juvia could never regret saying 'yes' to Gray-sama, but I wonder whether Lucy-san has ever regretted ever having left Natsu," though the blonde's eyebrows wrinkled, Juvia continued, "I-Lucy-san... Lucy-san, Natsu-san is not the man you are engaged to, and I wonder whether you are truly happy with Sting-san. Juvia has been told that Lucy-san and Natsu-san have both... loved each other since the first grade... Is Juvia to believe that, after so much time, Lucy-san is happy without Natsu-san?"

Lucy was silent for a moment, pondering, before chuckling lightheartedly, and bending down to remove loose threads from Juvia's white gown. "Whatever in the world are you going on about Juvia? Is this about that night? You don't have to worry about me. I realize that... I was simply caught up in the past, and that I missed Sting so much, my love for him manifested in my prior love for Natsu. (And you can't forget I was drunk.) Until now, it had been years since I last spoke... saw Natsu."

Juvia bit her lip. Should she continue to try and patch the little left of her friends' relationship?

Lucy gave her no time to think and continued, smiling. "You know, I told you Sting was coming, right? You'll see the hunk I managed to score. And when you talk to him, you can immediately tell he's the nicest person ever," Lucy laughed, "though he is quite a tease. He's fit, smart, and his hair's blonde! Quite a rare color here in Fiore. Don't you think?"

"Natsu-san has pink hair," Juvia pouted, "Pink is much more rare compared to blonde hair."

"But Natsu isn't Sting!" Lucy sang before cutting the last thread, "There we go! And off to the altar you go!"

Lucy turned around, in a hurry to exit the room. "Lucy-san! Wait, what about Na-"

The addressed girl stopped at the door and turned to face her friend. "Juvia," she smiled weakly, "It's your wedding day; enjoy it without having to worry about me. You think you can do that?"

Before Juvia could retort, Lucy was out the door. No matter the retorts her friend had told her, she couldn't find herself capable of believing Lucy. Vividly, she could still remember the looks of grief Lucy's brown eyes held the night she had cried into her arms saying she loved Natsu. How angry at herself she sounded when she admitted to letting herself being pushed around by her father, and tricked her own heart into loving Sting when her father had nearly engaged her to the forty year old man who had a business proposition the company. But most of all, the guilt her eyes held when she said she had cheated on Sting by not being able to stop herself from kissing Natsu.

There... there had to be a way to reunite them again! But was there?

"Juvia!" Erza peeked into the room, "It's time; I don't think Gray wants to keep waiting any longer!"

"No, of course not," Juvia gathered her skirts and began walking towards the door.

"After all, he just may think you left him at the altar (thought it's supposed to be the other way around). I'm pretty sure the poor guy is scared of someone walking in and 'stealing you.' Need help with something by the way?"

"Actually," Juvia smiled wide, "there is something... Would Erza-san mind holding the wedding off for a tad bit longer? Juvia needs a message to be sent to those in the bridal party, and exclude Lucy-san from the message."

The Wedding March began to be played by an organ, and all those who were standing up, were signaled to take a seat.

The bride walked in, her veil acting as a shield from all the looks of enamorment and surprise that were being shown. Though alone, she walked down the aisle in full confidence, proudly showing off the body her white mermaid styled dress accentuated. Upon nearing the altar, covered in white and gold as well, she gave a shy glance to her soon-to-be husband clad in black and white. As he smiled at her, he took his bride's hand, ready to help her up the stairs that led to the altar.

Lucy smiled.

Juvia and Gray were such a cute couple. A single tear or two began fall from her brown eyes when the priest began his speech. Juvia looked so happy and Gray pleased. Though she knew they both loved each other to pieces, Lucy couldn't help but feel that some of their happiness was on account of something else. Maybe Juvia was pregnant? Lucy laughed inwardly. That was quite an unlikely possibility: Juvia was what Lucy, and everybody else in their circle of friends, liked to call a "traditional bride". (Not that there was anything wrong with that; in fact, Lucy found it sweet of Juvia to think that way.)

Well, whatever it was that had them both feeling as ecstatic as they were, Lucy just hoped that she'd feel like that when she married Natsu.

Sting, she corrected herself.

She meant Sting.

Lucy looked across to where the groom's groomsmen, but to her surprise only found two: Gajeel and Jellal. She blinked. Gajeel was paired with Levy and Jellal was paired with Erza. Lucy, however, was paired with no one. Either she was paired with the best man (and he was late) or there simply wasn't a bestman. But there was, she remembered. Gray had told her that the best man and maid of honor would be paired together. The conclusion was easy to reach, the best man hadn't arrived.

But Gray didn't seem fazed.

Juvia, who wanted her wedding to be perfect, wasn't fazed at all either.

"If any man, woman, or child has any just reason or cause why these two should not be lawfully wed or joined, speak now or forever hold your peace," the priest said loudly and brought Lucy back to her senses.

She smiled. Just a little bit more then Gray and Juvia would kiss and happily-ever-after! But such plans of hers were found interrupted when the sound of the large heavy wooden doors of the cathedral were opened. All looked back to see who it was that had dared to object to such a perfect union. The bride and groom looked back as well, but smiled (contrary to the guests who wore looks of surprise).

"I'm here to steal someone!" the man called.

Lucy felt her body overflowing with anger.

"And who exactly are you here to steal young man?" the priest demanded, angry as well.

Seeing that the man was nearing the altar, Gray pulled Juvia to the side. "Isn't it obvious?" the groom chuckled.

The objector walked up the stairs slowly, nodding his head respectfully in the direction of those being celebrated. "My name is Natsu Dragneel, and I'm here to steal the maid of honor: Lucy Heartfilia."

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