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Chapter 6

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Hei Xiong, AKA Junior, really wanted to make this shot triple, but he couldn't afford to get buzzed right now. This was a shame as he really needed something to take the edge off him. As he sat on a table at a corner of the club, which was still undergoing repairs, he could only run a hand over his face and curse his bad luck.

The other night had been a complete disaster. He already felt conflicted enough to having lent Roman Torchwick of all people some of his men... but the White Fang had been making trouble for the gang lately, and costed them no small amount of money. The sniveling bowler wearing hat weasel had paid up front, the money was good, very good.

...He just hoped Don Falcone was as understanding.

Torchwick and the Falcone family had... 'History'. He had started as a grunt who worked his way up, ending up on Don Vincente's good graces. Then one day Torchwick went behind the don's back, and made something the criminal underground of Vale collectively considered to be stupidly suicidal, or suicidality stupid.

Torchwick betrayed Don Vincente.

The details were best to be left alone, as that wasn't a subject their boss ever liked to remember. Nobody was dumb enough to piss Falcone off by just bringing it up.

It had been a gamble on Junior's part, but he ordered his men to do what Torchwick said, then get his money and capture him so they could bring him to Don Vincente... and maybe it would have worked if any of his men had returned.

Junior screwed up. The only way things could have gotten worse was if someone decided to duke it out in the middle of their club- Ohhhhh wait.

Fucking blondes, fucking redheads and fucking bandits...

Downing the last of his shot, he looked over the Malachite twins. Miltia was doing her nails while Melanie was idly browsing her Scroll, like they didn't have a care in the world. And frankly, it got to his nerves that here they were so relaxed after they epically failed to beat down those troublemakers while he could currently feel every single one of his hairs slowly turning gray.

He slammed the hand on the table, startling them. "You two better take seriously when Don Vincente gets here. He's already pissed when he heard how you couldn't stop that rabble the other night"

"Hey" The red dressed sister sneered in that typical aloof teen fashion. "Wasn't our fault things turned out like that"

"And besides" The white dressed sister brought up. "We weren't the only ones who screwed up. NOR were we the ones that made a deal with Torchwick"

"And WE" He stressed. "Are gonna to salvage this. Spin the story to our favor" Junior tiredly runs a hand over his thick beard. "We gotta remain on Don Vincente's good graces, been working for him for years and I ain't gonna ruin that now" He sternly waved a finger at them. "And remember it's thanks to him that you two won't have to strip at some dirty run down club"

A heated glare came from Melanie while Miltia remained impassive; "We are well aware who saved us. And it wasn't you, it was thanks to Don Falcone that we are not shaking our tits and asses."

Junior's eyes twitched as Melanie took over; "You however are an informer and middleman, and I can list a dozen in Mr. Falcone's employ that are leagues above you in those skills."

The red dressed twin leans over; "And while yes we are your bodyguards per Mr. Falcone's orders, it does not mean we save your backside when you pull a stupid stunt like giving Roman men. We are loyal to Mr. Falcone, not you."

The tall man was about to retort harshly till a smooth deep baritone voice spoke; "Well spoken," Junior sat ramrod straight in his chair; "I always could count on you girls for your honesty."

Every single mobster in the club seemed to freeze in place, their eyes immediately went to the club's entrance. They scurried swiftly in line, their hands joined in front of them while they kept their heads bowed.

Expensive leather shoes slowly tapped against the club's floor with each step. Black pants were held tightly against the waist by a belt with a lovely carved silver buckle. The person wore an elegant black business suit with a black tie and a red undershirt. Over his shoulders was a black overcoat. The upper half of his face was hidden by a tipped fedora, graying dark hair formed around his mouth in a goatee.

On his arms were two lovely ladies in heels and low-cut evening dresses. The one on his right arm was dark skinned and had wavy long dark locks, while the one on his left was of lighter skin and her hair was a shorter bright orange, with the most distinctive features being two tiger ears standing up on top of her head.

The man lifted his gaze, and Junior was met with two soft brown eyes. Don Vincente regarded him with perfect neutrality.

The club handler immediately got to his feet and approached the don and respectfully bowed to kiss his hand. "Don Falcone"

"Junior" The mob boss greeted back.

The bearded man stood straight and adjusted his tie nervously. "W-We weren't expecting for at least one more hour"

"My previous appointment took less time than expected"

The ladies detached from his arms while Junior made the chair at the table ready for his boss to sit. He blinked upon seeing the don standing in front of the twins. "I heard you both were beaten quite harshly. How are you?"

"We will be alright Mr. Falcone," the sisters respond in unison.

Gently he tapped their cheeks before turning around walking to the table, taking Junior's seat. "Sit down Junior," nervously the club owner obeyed, feeling the presence of the two ladies behind him; "Please explain to me the events that lead to my club being in this state?"

"Uh well, this wild lander showed up. Said he was some Warlord who wanted to make a deal with you," Why did it feel hot in here? Falcone said nothing as he took out a cigar from his inner pocket, the moment he put it in his mouth Melanie was already at his side with a lit match. "I told him we don't deal with slavers, and then this blond girl showed up, and some fox woman of the Journeymen."

"The Red Death," Miltia corrected.

"Yeah her, and all hell broke loose," Junior adjusted his tie again. Gods he needed a drink right now.

The don blew out some smoke from his cigar as he stared quietly; "So would you say General Wilhelm is trying to encroach on my turf?"

Junior stammered; "Uh I-I doubt that sir. I think he only sent Red Death for that no named warlord."

"I see..." Junior's eyes nearly flew from their sockets as the tiger Faunus smacked him hard on the back of the head; "Now let's talk about Roman Torchwick..."

Oh crap...

"What" The boss drew out each word slowly, "in the hell, compelled you to lend him some of my men?" His tone was as cold as the grave.

The henchmen in the club tried to make themselves as scares as possible.

The stammering intensified. "Um, w-w-well" Junior cleared his throat, trying to swallow down the lump that had formed there. "I thought we could lay a trap for him. T-Told the men to apprehend him once he was done with whatever job he had in mind, get him and the money he would have made"

Don Falcone merely raised an eyebrow at Junior while his darker skinned escort poured some liquor into the boss's glass.

"It... It sounded simple in paper"

"I see" Vincente smacked his lips and nodded. "And in practice?"

For a second, Junior was unable to meet the don's gaze.

The mob boss clicked his tongue. "The men are dead aren't they?"

"They uh" Junior cleared the sweat off his forehead with a tissue. "They never came back, no..."

Vincente looked to the twins; "The Golden Fox was also in Vale that night. Ironically he was at the shop where our men and Roman went to," Melanie clarified as she sat back beside her sister.

"Hmm," the don tapped his chin; "so not only did you help Roman, he killed off our men after they failed him. All for this scheme to lure that traitor into some half-baked plan?"

Junior felt like hiding somewhere or sinking into the floor with the calm rage coming from his boss's eyes. While it was widely known Don Falcone was neither a violent man nor one to lose his temper, the same did not apply to some of Vincente's men. Namely the escorts who were also guards of the don. One wrong word and both ladies would gladly tear him to shreds.

"The Red death and the Golden Fox show up at me doorstep all the while Torchwick is trying to sneak through my window," the don sips his drink.

"...I take full responsibility" Junior bowed his head in shame. "Don Vincente"

"Well I don't expect otherwise" The boss replied, as if it were obvious. "I might pick up another person to run this place instead, someone who would just shoot Roman the moment he sees him" He commented while looking at his glass and softly shaking it.

Junior mentally sighed in defeat. No way was he ever going to fix this for Don Vincente.

"But... you've been loyal for years and have worked tirelessly for this family" Vincente admitted. "And you knew where to tell that two-bit slaver where to shove his offer, what happened afterward was something beyond your control. You could not account for that woman to come here"

The information dealer looked at the don in surprise, relief flooding his being. Maybe he wasn't done for as he thought.

"However..." The don made a point of sending a stern look at Junior. "Your little 'deal' is still something that costed us men, don't think you can get out of this scot free. You're going to have to work extra hard if you want to remain on this family"

Junior nodded quickly; "Yes sir, I understand."

"Good," Vincente briefly smiled before breathing out some smoke from his cigar. "Now, the White Fang are making a mess in my territory…"

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Weiss liked to consider herself a morning person. But to anyone who took two seconds to look at her would realize her gaze was unfocused and she didn't seem to pay much attention to her surroundings. If she had then she would have avoided what was about to happen.

She rose from bed and stretched, fighting back a yawn as that was very unlady-like, and made her way to the bathroom as she rubbed her eyes. Had she paid attention to the room, Weiss would have realized a certain hammock bed was empty, and that the water from the bathroom was running.

So the snow haired teen opened the door and entered, shutting it close behind her.

Nearly one second later and two screams rocked their bedroom, one male and another female.

Another second later and Weiss bursted out of the bathroom, shutting the door with a slam, her back extremely rigid to the point she was shaking in place. Mouth half open in horror and her face a fierce red.

Three heads shot up from their pillows; "What's wrong?!"

Her heart felt like it was pounding in her as the heiress said nothing. The three other ladies of the dorm room gave a long look at her as she looked like she was hyperventilating. "N-n-n-nothing..." She quietly stuttered, quietly muttering to herself something inaudible.

Yang leaned head from her bed to look at Blake and then to her sister; "What did she say?"

Ruby shrugged while Blake's feline ears picked up Weiss's words as she looked to the hammock; "She saw Naruto naked."

"Really?!" Yang was stupefied. "Man, she's so lucky..."

Weiss stiffly went over to her bed, and buried herself underneath the covers. Two large glyphs appeared at the side and edge of the bed, closing her off from the rest of the world so she could pretend nothing had happened and erase the last minute from her memory.

"She's taking it well..." Blake deadpanned. The heiress must be the most sheltered girl of the team.

"I don't get it" Ruby scratched her face. "What's the deal if she saw a guy naked?"

On the other hand...

Yang and Blake exchanged a look. "W-Well, Ruby" Yang stammered. "It's cause guys... well you know they uh... they" Rather than suck it up and act like an older sister, Yang chickened out completely. "Oh hey Blake we have to do that thing!" She moved so fast that if people saw her, they would question which sister had the super speed. In the blink of an eye she was already dressed in uniform and dragged Blake out of the room.

"Huh" The small reaper could only watch at the closed door from where her teammates had so hastily left. "Well, there's always dad I can ask"

Neither Taiyang nor Yang knew it yet, or more like they knew but never wanted to acknowledge it and face reality, but more awkward conversations awaited them in their future. Such was the trials of raising a growing fifteen year old girl.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Trying to put the... 'Incident' behind them, Weiss and Naruto sat as far away from each other as possible, avoiding direct eye contact. Things couldn't be more awkward right now; they refused to speak to each other unless they absolutely had to.

For once, Naruto actually tried paying attention to class to pay to take his mind off that... and boy was his head spinning.

Oobleck reminds Naruto too much of Lee and Gai for his liking. The man was like a hamster on caffeine, darting from one way across the room to another in a burst of speed that could match Ruby. He was a green and white blur and gods he talked so, so very fast...

Yeah, he was just going to borrow somebody else's notes on the history class. As he himself barely picked up half the things the professor tried to teach them.

He tried to make himself scarce when Oobleck began asking questions, lowering his ears and sinking slowly into his seat. As he had ZERO idea of Remnant's history. He knew the basics of the Great War and Faunus Rights Revolution, but he didn't know the details of said conflicts.

The professor ended up asking Jaune, and the poor boy seemed as clueless as Naruto himself was. Pyrrha, bless her, tried to help him by signaling him the answers with her hands, but just embarrassed himself before the class.

The professor ended up asking someone else, and the answer made Naruto's teeth clench. "Well, I know it's easier to train an animal than a soldier"

Cardin Winchester. Oh how he'd love to shove his fist so deep into that asshole's mouth he'd break every teeth, if not for the fact he might get expelled for assaulting another student. The guy was a douche, plain and simple. He remembered vividly how he and his teammates were picking on a rabbit Faunus on the cafeteria. Already he had several reprimands from various professors but that didn't seem to stop him.

Cardin had developed a liking for picking on Jaune, ranging from throwing the blonde's books to the floor, to outright locking him in one of the rocket-propelled lockers and making it blast off. There was nothing Naruto wanted more right now than to kick his ass and desperately hoped Jaune would show some spine. Already he worried a lot about the other blonde's capabilities as a fighter.

After another reprimand from a teacher (seriously, how wasn't he expelled yet?), this time from Oobleck, the history professor went on another tangent for the class.

"Now, as it is the case for most of Remnant's ancient history. Very little is known as about Faunus' origins and early history. The closest thing we have to an old centralized faunus civilization is the Avkani tribes, whom are spread throughout Eastern and Western Sannus"

"Grey told me about them" Naruto whispered to Ruby. "Never met them myself, says they're cool people of if you show them respect"

The professor continued. "I myself have tried investigating more on Faunus history by personally interviewing members of Avkani tribes south of Vale's borders"

Blake perked up noticeably at that. "You've talked to the Avkani, professor?"

Oobleck cleared his throat. "Well, 'talked' is a strong word. I tried to say something in their language to be polite and show respect to their culture. Must have said something very offensive because next thing I know they were throwing spears and arrows at me"

Both Naruto and Blake face-faulted to that

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

As team RWBYN and JNPR, back in their normal clothes, made their way to the kitchen lounge rather than the main cafeteria, Ruby lightly played with the hem of her skirt; "Has anyone ever been mean to you, for being a Faunus?" she asked Naruto beside her.

"You asking because that caffeine nut professor brought it up?" the Uzumaki shrugged; "Only a few bigots ever bugged me, less had the balls to get in my face about it. The few who did ended up with a broken jaw. The only major grief I ever gotten is in the kingdoms on occasions. In the wilds you have more important things to worry about than race of the person next to you."

"People can be blind and ignorant" Pyrrha said with regret and exasperation in her voice. "The Grimm are the greatest threat to the world, why waste time fighting among ourselves for baseless things?"

"Might as well ask why some people don't get along" Yang replied with shrug. "Some people are just assholes, simple as that"

"I... doubt it's as baseless as that, Yang" Blake tried to tactfully point the flaw in her argument.

But the brawler was adamant in her view apparently. "Sure it is. People are just dumb"

"Amen sister," Naruto and Yang give a low high five as they enter the lounge. Blake only sighed as she shook her head.

"Pancakes…" Nora drawled as she slouched forward.

"Nora, your drooling," Ren said absently beside her.

"It's lunch time" Weiss droned. "Why are you thinking of pancakes?"

"Because they are sweet rolls of pure heavenly deliciousness~" The hammer wielding maniac sing-songed.

"...I'm thinking pasta" The heiress ignored the orange haired girl. "Does anyone want pasta?"

"Hmm, I could go for some" Pyrrha smiled at the thought.

"Count me in" Ruby agreed.

Nora was aghast. "Why are you people dissing the pancakes?!"

Ren sighed. "I'll cook you pancakes later, Nora"

"Yay~!" She hopped in joy.

Naruto deadpanned at the martial artists. "You spoil her too much"

"It's the only way she'll remain calm"

As the two teams entered they soon took notice someone else had also come in and was already cooking. A fellow female student with long brunette hair and a pair of rabbit ears on her head. Turning she lightly 'eep' as she was quite pretty in Naruto opinion. Then his mind soon recognized the girl as her shy brown eyes looked at them all; "Oh hey, you're in class with us."

"Uh..," The rabbit faunus spoke almost timidly; "Yes, Nice to meet you. Velvet Scarlatina, 2nd year." Velvet lightly blushed.

"Wait" The heiress looked at her in confusion, a sentiment shared by the others. "Why is a 2nd year in the same class with 1st years?" Weiss asked.

Blake glared at the white themed girl. "Don't be rude"

The bunny ears dropped as a sign of sadness and shame. It was a honestly all too adorable and quite a few of the teens felt compelled to give her a hug.

"I got behind in history..." She muttered. Her voice was quite accented as they came to realize. The way her brown eyes shifted and her mouth pouted made look even more adorable if that was possible. "And a... few other classes"

"...I don't know what this wonderful creature of cuteness is" Yang spoke up. "But can we take her back with us?" She asked with hope in her voice.

Naruto only squinted while Blake rubbed her eyes; "She's not a pet Yang," the hidden Faunus drawls.

"I'm waiting for my team actually. We're meeting in here today." Oh please gods don't let them stay, she was having a really bad day today and she couldn't handle any more pressure, particularly that which came from meeting new people.

Ruby smiled; "Then we can wait with you."

Oh crap…

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Ruby was courteous enough to introduce the two teams. Velvet felt her mind was spinning; she was never good at dealing with things like... people. Uhhhh having more than four pairs of eyes was enough to make her feel under pressure. She had to calm herself by remembering Coco's words. Deep breaths. Project confidence. Don't let them know how nervous you are. Then talk about something interesting and everything would be okay!

…Velvet suddenly remembered she had no idea of how to start conversations. All Coco ever talked was fashion sense that went in over the Faunus's head. So, plan B; Nod along and listen, and pray the others get here soon.

"So who are your teammates?" Ruby asked beside her sister as she smiled to Velvet.

"U-uh well we're called team CVFY. There's Coco Adel are leader, Fox Alistair, myself, and Yatsuhashi Daichi. They're really good people," the shy brunette smiled thinking of her friends.

At hearing the affection in her tone Naruto grinned; "Glad to hear."

Swallowing down her food before she spoke, Pyrrha asked; "Being 2nd year means you have been out in the field much like Naruto, have you seen much combat?"

Velvet nodded; "We have been on a lot of missions in the wilds. E-even encountered y-your group," she meekly looks to Naruto; "And occasionally the Brotherhood."

At that Naruto snorted while drinking his water; "Hopefully you met the nicer ones, I keep running into assholes most the time."

"They're not bad people" The bunny Faunus defended.

"Don't need to be one to be a jackass" He countered.

That got a couple of looks from his teammates; most of the time the Brotherhood came up in conversations Naruto barely had anything good to say about them.

"Geez whiskers, what did they do to you?" Yang prompted with curiosity as she leaned back in her chair with an arm behind the back.

"Nothing to ME personally" The foxy blonde replied. "But they have this high and mighty attitude, and the ones I met always expect something from the people they save. Always on and on with their damn Codex and their faith"

"They convert people?" Weiss questioned.

Naruto shrugged. "They don't knock down people's doors to go looking for 'infidels' if that's what you're asking. But they prefer it when places under their control start following their faith and lend their resources"

Blake could relate. She remembered the peaceful days of the White Fang, when they traveled all over Remnant in protests, trying to make a difference. They often made stops at towns in the Wilds; there they would sometimes run into the knights. They acted with such superiority and so little care for the plights of the Faunus. Even if they had Faunus in their ranks, Blake doubted they had it much better in their ranks than in the cities.

Then, when the White Fang sought more direct results, the Brotherhood became aggressive towards their group.

But there was something else in Naruto's voice, a grudge. Almost personal. "It sounds your dislike goes deeper than that" The Faunus in disguise pointed out.

"Well, there's also what they did to Io-" He suddenly cut himself off, eyes widening slightly before shifting around hesitantly. He cleared his throat and continued. "You know what? It's none of my business to say it. Forget about it"

"So what is your team like Velvet;" bless Ruby for changing the subject.

At that the rabbit Faunus blinked; "Well Fox is pretty easy going, but he's not much of a talker. Yatsuhashi is always really sweet to me. Coco is really into fashion."

Ren leaned a little over while Nora munched down on her plate pasta; "And in combat?"

"They're amazing," Velvet says brightly.

"Oh my, my ears are burning~!" A feminine voice spoke up at the entrance.

Turning, the group saw three newcomers. A rather and tall very attractive young woman, a teenage girl with fair skin, short dark-brown hair, and dark-brown eyes. She had wavy locks on one side of her face, dyed with a gradient that starts in dark brown and transitions to caramel.

Her clothes consisted of a long, cocoa-colored shirt with a dark brown waist clincher. She wore long, dark brown trousers with ribbons on the left side and a brown belt with bullets. Above it, she wore another cocoa-colored belt of bullets with a gold cross-hairs buckle. What appeared to be a drape of black skirt hung on her right side. She wore a pair of dark brown, high-heeled leather boots with buckles.

She also donned a number of accessories, such a bracelet with black roses as decoration; these were accompanied by black gloves and necklaces. She wore a beret of a darker brown and a pair of black, wire-rimmed aviator sunglasses. She held a black shoulder bag with gold studs, which was held by a bandolier strap.

The second person was a teenage boy with dark skin and dark, messy copper hair that had a long fringe and a cowlick. He wore a sleeveless, muted orange zipper vest with black lining and a high collar, a pair of black jeans, and brown, laced shoes. His eyes were the most defining trait of his person, appearing to be pure white, giving off the appearance that he was blind. His arms were covered in scars, along with another vertical scar on his lips.

Finally, the last was a very tall and athletic-looking young man, with shaved-short black hair and tanned skin, wearing mostly pale-green and brown attire. He had a long short-sleeved robe, which he wore on one shoulder over a black muscle shirt. The robe was fastened at the waist by a leather armored belt with two pouches on it. He also wore brown pants and black-and-green boots. His left arm was covered by a five-layer Sode which extends up past his shoulder. He also wore a pair of bracers as well as a pair of black gloves with green plates on the backs.

Velvet brightened; "This is my team. Fox, Yatsuhashi, and-," the rabbit Faunus blinked now seeing her leader had bee-lined over to Yang and Weiss.

"OH! I remember you two, the first years that actually had real fashion sense," Coco gushed.

Blake had to roll her eyes at how pleased Weiss was with taking in all the admiration, Yang wasn't any better, this 'fashionista' was stroking their egos.

"Honey, white is really a great them for you" She said to Weiss before lowering her shades and looking at Yang. "And you, I can't blame you for showing off"

"Well, I work out" Yang not so humbly spoke with a wide smirk on her face.

Coco's teammates rolled their eyes in unison. It was hard to tell for Fox, but his head moving in the same direction as them indicated he shared their exasperation.

The leader of CVFY looked over to Ruby; "Hmm, cute gothic girl style. I guess it suits you" She froze when she saw Blake. "Oh honey..." She sounded so pitying; she tapped her lips with a finger as she observed the darkly dressed girl. "Oh that won't do at all"

Blake was confused. "I'm... sorry?"

"Well you should be!" Coco exclaimed as she placed her hands on her hips. "That gear is functional and all, but sweetheart it just doesn't do anything for you..."

"Show off that beautiful stomach, your sexy girl, flaunt it," Coco remarked in the most serious tone; "though legs are gorgeous, the right tight pants will really show it!"

The hidden Faunus only blushed, Coco soon set her sights on Naruto; "Hmm. Maybe less clothes, or none at all," the shades wearing brunette smirked.

"COCO!" Velvet blushed wildly waving her arms.

"All day shirtless works for me," Yang deciding to speak her mind on the matter. "Trust me, those muscles are hard," she purred out the last word. This made a few females at the table blush.

The words 'Clothes' and 'None at all' were enough to bring highly suppressed thoughts to the foremost of Weiss's mind. She blushed like a tomato and suddenly stood up.

"Well, I'm going to get ahead on my homework!" And left before anyone could say anything.

They just stared at where she left in silence for a moment.

Coco then sat where the heiress had previously sat on and served herself some of the leftovers from the white girl's plate. "So what are we having?"

Naruto sighed. Beacon sure was interesting.

XxX ~ A few years ago ~ XxX

Naruto considered himself a brave person. He had faced death in the past, both in this world and his old one. He'd stared off deadly ninja whose skills were leagues above his own and survived, he faced a giant sand Tanuki demon, and battled to save his friend from becoming Orochimaru's slave.

Now in Remnant he faced monsters of darkness, soulless abominations which wanted nothing more than to destroy all of humanity. He faced the big and the small, the fast and the strong, all without backing down.

"Goooood morning dear passengers, this is your captain speaking~" Came the cheery voice through the intercom, though the cabin was open, and one could feel the smile coming off that trucker hat wearing man flying the plane.

But never, in his entire life, had Naruto felt as much terror as he did now...

"You should relax Naruto," a man with reddish-brunette hair with a slouch hat on his head and an eye-patch spoke up with a unique accent. A lit cigarette hanged from his mouth as his good green eye gazed over at his team's extra help.

"How the fuck can you be relaxed! How the hell did you convince me using a plane for an assault on a bandit stronghold was goddamn good idea!" The blond fox boy paused as turbulence in the form of an AA gun firing at them from the bandit stronghold was not helping the young Uzumaki one bit; "AND WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING THERE PIP! WE'RE NOSEDIVING!"

The eye-patched man just took a drag of his cigarette and let the smoke out in a satisfied sigh. "It's all part of the plan my friend"

"...WHAT KIND OF PLAN INVOLVES NOSEDIVING A PLANE INTO A BANDIT FORTRESS?!" The plan shook as an explosion basted too close for his liking. "WHEN THEY HAVE ANTI-AIR WEAPONS?!"

"Would you please stop freaking out?!" A female voice called next to him in the same row of sits. Her long bright orange hair was tied in a high pony tail. She wore a blue form fitting suit with several pouches on her legs and waist, and a grey coat over it. In her gloved hands she held a magazine; its contents eluded the blonde. Her most noticeable traits were her snake eyes, which glared at him with annoyance. "I'm trying to read here!"


"And if look out to our left, engine one has failed," the pilot spoke up again in his cheery tone. "Oh by the way a gigantic Nevermore is still behind us~."

Oh also, there was a giant Nevermore chasing after them

"THAT IS NOT HELPING MURDOCH!" Why the hell did he agree going on a second mission with these lunatics?! It was supposed to be a routine mission last time. AND just like last time it degenerated into the cluster fuck of a small scale war!

Seriously! Trouble had to be following these guys like an obsessed stalker!

"Just count to ten, kiddo" The deep voice of Bill tried to assure him. "It'll be fine" Bill was a big guy, dark skinned, and broad shouldered and muscular. He dressed in camo under body armor, a plate on his chest, arms, shoulders and legs, all with the same camo pattern. His hair was long curly, the same could be said of his thick long beard, which earned him the nickname everyone knew him as, 'Curly Bill'.

He had to be the sanest member of the group (but that didn't mean much on this company...), most likely the one with the most experience, and Naruto could appreciate his attempts to calm him down. Although; "I honestly doubt how that is gonna help here"

Desperate to cling to any safety line for his sanity, Naruto turned to the last member of this little 'posse'. "Come on Simo, you're with me on this right?"

In Naruto's mind, the shrouded sniper, so hidden in cloak that not a single part of his body could be seen, uttered words of reassurement and like-mindedness. Easing the blonde's nerves and fears.

"Ahhh thank you man" Naruto breathed out in relief.

When in truth, Simo had not said a single thing. He never did. This was a clear sign of the toil this whole ordeal was taking on the fox teen.

Discarding his now finished cigarette, Pip lights a new one as he looked out the window lazily; "Hmm, how many of those bandit scum you see down there Bill?"

Sitting beside Murdoch, Curly Bill looked through binoculars; "About sixty, that's double of what we were told." He paused, "Or this might be that main hub we've been looking for," Curly Bill soon checked his weapons.

At that Pip smiled; "Sixty bandit scum and one giant Nevermore Grimm. We're earning out paychecks for this one!"

Simo only watched as Naruto looked like he was having a mental breakdown.

"Okay, okay" Naruto rocked back and forth in his seat. Soon they were gonna land, and finally be on the sweet, sweet ground. "How do we land?"

"We don't" Pip replied as if that were obvious.


Keyla folded the magazine and pocked it into her coat. "We're gonna crash the plane"

Naruto blinked once. Twice. "So... the plan is to die?"

"Pffft, get a load of this guy" The trucker hat wearing pilot snorted. "Thinks the plan is to kills us in a suicide bombing. He crazy or what?"

There were so many things wrong with that last statement that Naruto wanted to refute. But that honestly wasn't his greatest concern right now.

"But... how are we gonna survive that?"

Pip stood up, stretched his coat and calmly gripped one of the bars on the roof for support. Keyla followed suit, and Naruto nearly had a heart attack when Murdoch just left the cockpit, ignoring the controls going haywire, along with Bill.

The eye-patch wearing captain smirked at him. "We're going to jump, my friend"

Everything was a blur afterwards. There was a lot of screaming, all his, Keyla jumping unto the Nevermore and reining it into submission with sharp wires, the plane crashing and exploding over the bandits.

Just another day in the office for the Hell Hounds regiment, as Naruto was starting to realize.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Pip's design is taken from, well, Pip from Hellsing

Keyla's design is from Elsa Bloodstone from Marvel comics.

And finally imagine Murdoch as Howling Mad Murdock from the A-Team