ok guys this is inspired by Little Redwood's story May Tomorrow which i read and i loved and it hasnt been updated since 2013 so i thought id write my own

its sad though when you reading something and you fall in love with it and it's incomplete and then you realise it hasnt been updated in years

i will be updating all the others too i promise

in this Harvey has just become senior partner and Mike is 11 years old - someone suggested i should make Mike younger and i kinda wanted to but then i stuck with 11 cos thats when his parents died.

so this is the first time they meet there's loads more to come

i hope you like it let me know what you think and if you have any ideas about what else i could include :)x

He lay there staring at the ceiling listening to the murmuring of the nurses as they changed the dressing on his head. He squeezed his eyes shut in attempt to block out the immense pain - he wasn't sure what was worse, the physical pain or the emotional - the pain was there all the time; it only got worse, never better. The nurses then moved over to his legs and adjusted his newly attached braces. He winced and let out a hiss as a flare of pain shot up his leg. The nurse apologised but the apology lacked sincerity. However, he was still somewhat grateful for their presence, it meant he wasn't as lonely as he usually was; it gave his mind an opportunity to focus on something else other than what happened that night.

They were moving him today. They said he was ready to be discharged and moved to a home - a care home. In all honesty he didn't know what was worse - the hospital or the home. But then again what choice did he have? Soon Mrs. Asher was going to be visiting him and talking through the procedure - oh he couldn't stand that woman. She was always suited up in a tight fitted jacket and a pencil skirt and wore heels that were probably worth more than the TV he had at home. She wore a distinctive perfume and he could usually smell her from miles off. She always wore dark red lipstick and heavy makeup and wore her hair either in a tight bun or down where it reached her shoulders. Speaking of the devil he thought to himself as he smelt the same perfume and heard the sound of heels clicking down the hospital.

She then walked into the room and made her way over to his side. She gave him a sympathetic fake smile and sat down on the chair beside him. She pitied him and he hated that.

"Hello Michael,"

He didn't reply.

"How are you feeling?"

Still no reply.


"I'm great." She sighed at his sarcastic response but carried on speaking nonetheless.

"Michael you are going to be moved to Beach Tree house today do you remember?"

Stupid question. Of course he remembered - what didn't he remember?

"I'll take that as a yes."

"Are you feeling up to it Michael?" She fiddled with the pen in her hand that was proving to be useless as there had been nothing so far for her to write down on the papers she was meant to be filling in.

"Michael? I need you to answer my questions. Are you feeling okay to be transferred today?"

Mike looked at her and smirked a little but then nodded. He couldn't wait to be dumped in a place where he knew he would feel out of place and unwanted - but what choice did an orphan like him have.

"Since you're not being very responsive today, I suppose we don't need to go through the rest of the questions." The irritation was evident in her voice but she did her best to hide it - for she obviously couldn't be seen talking to a crippled orphan like that.

"You will be taken at 4pm," She said to him trying to not let the fact that he wasn't acknowledging her presence annoy her. "Michael it will all work out there's nothing to be worried about."

"Who said I'm worried?"

"Well it's completely normal to be worried in this situation,"

"Well I'm not worried and I don't need comforting." He snapped coldly.

She sighed deciding there was no point in bothering.

"Well in that case I will see you later." She stood up and left leaving Mike lying there listening to the sound of her heels clicking away and the smell of her perfume she left behind.

He screwed his eyes shut in attempt to get rid of the tears that were appearing.

He hadn't wanted her to leave. He suddenly hated himself for causing her to depart, for being too cold towards her. Although he couldn't stand her, her presence was much better than no presence and the questions she asked made him feel like she way give a damn about him, he liked the attention she gave him as he lacked so much of it lately. But then he realised she was a social worker; he was only another lonely orphan for her.

4pm dawned quickly - much quicker than he would've liked. The nurses had helped him change out of his hospital gown and into some more presentable clothes. One of the nurses who he knew was called Linda - she was the nicest of them - came over with a wheelchair.
She helped him off his bed and onto the floor. He winced at the pain when weight was put onto his legs for a brief second before she lowered him into the chair. He was soon wheeled off and out of the hospital. The nurses all said goodbye and he knew most of them were glad to have gotten rid of him - apart from Linda who squeezed his shoulder and gave him a smile and he thought he owed her as much as a smile back. He was wheeled into the back of a van that would take him to the home.

He despised it. Every part of it. The other children, the atmosphere and most of all the feeling of loneliness.

It was nothing liked they showed on TV - all those TV shows that portrayed care homes to be friendly places where everyone got along and had their favourite pie every Friday.

The other children already hated him. He couldn't join in with any of the games they played - but then again even if he could he probably wouldn't. The care workers felt nothing but pity for him - the 11 year old cripple whose parents had been killed in a car crash right in front of his eyes. They talked down to him and he hated that.

He had been there for 2 days and he was sick of the place. He had a bedroom downstairs so he wouldn't have to climb the stairs. He spent most of his time just sitting in the corner of the main room reading the books from the shelf whilst the other kids
ran around kicking soccer balls.

A week later, he still hated it. There was talk that the place might shut down due to some sort of financial reasons but it was probably just rumours, he thought to himself. However, a few days later he realised it was in fact true as they were all told to behave as a lawyer would be coming in to visit the home.

Harvey sighed pulling up outside Beach Tree house - what a name for a children's care home he thought, it made it sound like some fun sunny place to be when in reality it was probably the opposite. He didn't want to be here but Jessica had insisted he took this case as it was important for them to be taking on pro bonos and now that he was senior partner, it was important for him to make a good impression. She had also made him visit the place and talk to the staff and the children there - he really wasn't looking forward to it. He personally thought it was pointless but that didn't mean he wouldn't make sure he won the case.

He stepped out of the car and told Ray to pick him up in an hour.

He walked into the building and was greeted by a friendly middle aged woman,

"Hi I'm Laura Middleham, I'm a care worker here," She introduced herself putting out her hand.

"Harvey Specter." He replied shaking her hand.

She began to explain the whole situation to him and she seemed very passionate about the home and clearly wasn't happy about it being closed down. She showed him around the house and then took him into the main room. He groaned inwardly as he walked in.
He couldn't stand all the noisy children running around all over the place - he didn't hate children, he just didn't like too many of them especially if they were noisy and rowdy like these ones were.

In the main room there was a large glass door which was open through which he could see several children playing soccer.

There were kids running in and out shoving past him not giving a second thought about his presence - although some of the older ones shot him strange looks. There were kids arguing, watching TV and there was a very tense game of Jenga going on.

He scanned the room and his eyes suddenly stopped at a small boy who was sat in a wheelchair with metal braces strapped onto his legs. Harvey, who was extremely good at reading people, saw the look of dejection and pain on his face and his startling blue eyes looked extremely lost. In his hands was a rather chunky book that Harvey would never have thought a small child of his age would be reading as when he looked closer, he realised it was a law handbook.

Harvey looked hard at the boy and wondered what it was about him that caught his eye. The boy looked up at him and glared at Harvey before looking back down rather uncomfortably at seeing his glare did not affect Harvey as he carried on looking.

"That's Michael," Laura interrupted almost reading his thoughts "Poor boy's parents were killed in a car crash where his legs were crushed - he's been miserable and detached from everyone since he got here."

"Can I go and talk to him?" Harvey asked still not taking his eyes off the boy.

"Sure, but I must warn you he's not the most ... friendly child,"

Harvey nodded at her and made his way towards Michael.

They were talking about him. That lawyer was just staring at him and Mike had a bad feeling he was going to come over and talk to him. He looked arrogant and stuck up and his suit looked like it was worth more than his parents used to earn in a month.

Oh crap. He was coming over.

Mike quickly looked down at his book and pretended to be very engrossed in it although he had read it through before and knew it inside out.

"Hi Michael," Mike looked up at the man who stood by him with his hands in his pocket. "I'm Harvey Specter," Mike scoffed slightly, like he really needed to know his full name.

"Hi" Mike mumbled feeling like it was better if he gave some response.

Harvey pulled over a beanbag and sat on it.

"So what're you reading?" Harvey asked feeling slightly uncomfortable as he knew he was unwanted here.

"A book," Mike replied not looking up.

"Well I can see that," Harvey said with a small chuckle.

"Well if you can see that then you should also be able to see what it is I'm reading," Mike looked up at him with a glare.

To his surprise Harvey let out a laugh. Normally if Mike had said that to anyone else they would've probably glared back at him and walked away.

"Alright smart-ass, how old are you?"

"11" Mike said quietly almost as if he was ashamed of his age.

"Aren't you a bit young to be reading that - I remember reading that when I was back at Harvard, and even then it bored me to death!"

"I didn't realise there was a certain age to be reading it," Mike said looking at the cover sarcastically.

"Fair point," Mike looked up at him still slightly surprised Harvey hadn't left yet. "You must be a smart kid then. You wanna be a lawyer when you're older?"

Mike nodded.

"That's cool. You know you could come down to the firm where I work sometime and have a look around." Both Mike and Harvey were slightly shocked at this. Harvey couldn't believe he had just offered an 11 year old kid to come down to his workplace - he had just wanted to please the kid and try and get past his bitterness. Mike was still in shock - he had been so horrible to the man and he was offering for Mike to come to his work?! Of course as much as he would love to, he wouldn't - he had only just met the man he couldn't turn up at his work despite the invitation. But he was slightly touched.

"Okay" Was all Mike said swallowing hard and wishing he didn't feel so awkward.

"So ... what's it like here? You don't seem to like it very much,"

"Pretty crap but I don't really have much choice." Harvey nodded feeling some sympathy for the kid who had just lost his parents.

"Yeah, it doesn't seem all that great," Harvey scoffed looking around.

"Somewhere is better than nowhere I guess," Mike replied suddenly thinking about what would happen to him if the place got closed down.

"And I'm gonna make sure this place goes nowhere," Harvey said realising what Mike was thinking.

Mike nodded.

"You sound so confident"

"Harvey Specter doesn't lose." Harvey said smirking which caused Mike to roll his eyes and chuckle slightly.

"So why don't you play with the rest of the kids?" Harvey asked seeing as Mike was the only lonely one here whilst the others were all talking or arguing or playing with each other.

"There's not really much I can do," Mike said miserably glaring towards his legs, "and I don't like any of them anyway"

Just as Harvey was about to say something Laura walked up to them.

"Michael sweetie why don't you show Mr. Specter around I didn't get a chance to show him the rest of the house," Mike looked at Harvey who nodded, "Sweetie would you like me to bring your crutches?" Mike sighed but nodded at her and she rushed off and appeared
quickly with a pair of crutches.

She handed them to him and helped him to stand up. Harvey watched as Mike grew irritated at Laura for fussing over him – but he understood why. She was treating him like he was going to break and he clearly didn't want that, he wanted to be treated like a normal person but she was pitying him and treating him different to everyone else - and he hated that.

"Let me know if you need anything!" She said to them and rushed off.

"Come on sweetie" Harvey mocked patting Mike on the back.

Mike rolled his eyes but let a small smile appear on his face.

Harvey noticed the pain on Mike's face with every small step he took.

"Michael, are you okay walking?" Harvey asked slightly concerned – which was strange, Harvey was concerned about an 11 year old boy he had just met.

"Yeah, the doctor said I should get used to walking." He said and Harvey nodded.

The two of them walked slowly around the house exchanging banter and conversing with Mike telling Harvey about each of the kids and Harvey realised how much Mike had opened up to him compared to how he was when Harvey had first approached him.

Harvey's phone buzzed and he looked down to see a text from Ray saying he was outside.

They made their way back to the main room and Mike sat back down in his chair.

"Okay Michael, I have to go now. Thank you for showing me around it was nice talking to you,"

"Bye Harvey ... urm you can call me Mike," He said despite knowing that he probably wouldn't meet Harvey again. He looked down at his hands and Harvey couldn't help but feel bad for the kid who suddenly had the same saddened expression upon his face once again.

Harvey nodded at him and gave him a smile.

"Bye Mike."

For some reason Harvey felt somewhat bad for leaving Mike. He had seemed so lonely here but Harvey's noticed how he had brightened up a bit when Harvey was talking to him.

"Oh Mr. Specter, thank you for coming." Laura ran up to Harvey at seeing he was leaving and shook his hand.

"No problem. I'm not gonna let anything happen to this place, you can count on me," Giving her his usually charming smile.

"Thank you," Laura said with a smile "And thank you for spending some time with Michael, you know this is the first time I've seen him smile since he got here,"

"He's a good kid." Harvey said looking back at Mike once more before he left.

Mike didn't know what was wrong with him. He had only spent an hour with Harvey and yet he was so hurt by him leaving. For the first time since the accident Mike had felt wanted and felt like someone was actually interested in him. Harvey didn't look down on him or pity him, he treated Mike like he would've treated any other person and Mike really appreciated that. He just wished he had gotten to spend more than just an hour with him.

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