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"You ready?" Harvey spoke from next to him.

"Er ... yeah," Mike whispered but made no move to leave the car.

"Hey," Harvey began softly. "I know you're nervous but it will all work out once you go in there, it will feel normal again and you'll settle back in much quicker than you think."

Mike just nodded but didn't say anything. His body was rigid and any instruction sent to his body by his mind to exit the car was ignored. He couldn't bring himself to do it.

Harvey sighed and opened his door stepping out of the car. The door at Mike's side opened a few seconds later and Harvey crouched down slightly.

"Come on, buddy. We have to do this, sooner or later."

Mike looked over at Harvey who gave him small smile of reassurance and he nodded. He reached down for his crutches from the floor and Harvey moved back slightly so Mike could bring his legs out of the car and step out. He gripped onto the handles of his crutches tightly and swallowed hard. Harvey shut the car door and placed a hand at the bottom of Mike's neck.

"Let's go." He told him and they began to walk around the corner to Mike's school. Mike had insisted that they parked around the corner rather than directly opposite the school, as being seen in an expensive town car with a driver would no doubt attract attention that Mike really did not want to deal with. Harvey had understood and agreed.

"You can ... it's okay I can go from here," Mike told Harvey as they approached the school and other children were now visible.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah ... I ... you can go, I'll be fine,"

"Good boy," Harvey squeezed the back of Mike's neck before letting go. "I'll be here to pick you up, okay?"

"Mhmm," Mike gave Harvey a small smile as he attempted to rid his anxiety. "Thanks Harvey."

"Have a good day, and text or call me if you need anything," Harvey had given Mike an old phone of his he had at home when Mike was getting his things ready for school. He had also fussed over Mike in a way that likened him to a worried mother and caused a feeling of emptiness build up in Mike's stomach, as he missed his own mother. He had packed Mike's new rucksack with his new stationary and books that Donna had taken him out to buy, and had also made and packed his lunch. Harvey had been looking after Mike in such a way that no one would have guessed that Mike had only been staying with him for a couple of months, he had pretty much mastered the act of parenting according to Mike. And really, it meant more than anything to Mike.

So he smiled at Harvey, "I will do," he told him.

Harvey ruffled his hair and Mike gave one last smile before walking towards the school gates. Harvey waited until he was inside before walking forward himself. He couldn't leave without seeing Mike was inside and safe. Where was this need coming from? Harvey frightened himself with how much he was acting like a worried parent - not that he'd ever admit he was to anyone (especially Donna, he'd never hear the end of it).

He stood and watched as Mike was recognised by the other kids, some smiled and waved while others whispered to each other and Harvey had to restrain himself from storming in there and asking them what the hell they were gossiping about. And then a couple of more kids came running over and one of them all but leapt onto Mike. Harvey winced and felt a surge of protectiveness as he watched Mike stumble backwards slightly, unsteady on his weak legs, saved only by the crutch he had a white knuckled grip on. The boy had dark messy hair and was dressed similarly to the clothes Mike previously owned - ripped jeans and a scrappy t-shirt and flannel. He wore a huge grin and looked genuinely pleased to see Mike which gave Harvey some reassurance. That must be Trevor, Harvey thought to himself. When Harvey asked him if he was looking forward to school, Mike had told him he was only a little excited to meet Trevor, and had gone on reminiscing about all their childhood memories - quite deviant memories which made Harvey purse his lips slightly. There was also a blonde girl in tow who also gave Mike a hug, but a more gentle and careful one. The boy slung an arm around Mike's shoulders and they made to go further into the school when Mike turned around. He saw Harvey watching him and waved with a smile, Harvey waved back and once the trio left, he turned around and walked back to the car.

According to Donna Harvey and spent the whole day at work acting like an 'anxious parent'. He had his phone right in front of him on his desk just in case Mike called, and spent the day more focused on his watch than any work. Of course he would deny it but he was worried. It was a big step for Mike after everything that has happened to him, and he was concerned that Mike wouldn't settle back in very well or that he would have difficulty getting around or would be in pain. But one of his main worries was the other children, and any comments they might make. Harvey knew how sensitive Mike was, especially after his panic attack following his encounter with Louis, but he also knew how guarded Mike could become as a method of self protection - and a guarded Mike was cold and bitter, unlike Mike's true friendly self. So he was worried, but he wouldn't admit to it anyone - it was too soon to admit to that level of - God forbid - caring. Sure he cared a hell of a lot, and his reputation had been somewhat dented with him bringing Mike into work, but actually admitting he cared ... oh no that wasn't something he could muster up the courage to do.

2:30pm. He slammed down his laptop lid and walked out of his office, passing Donna's desk giving her a nod whilst purposely ignoring her knowing smile.

Ray had just pulled up as Harvey stepped outside. He got into the town car and they made their way to Mike's school, stopping on the way to grab a coffee for Harvey and a hot chocolate for Mike.

They pulled up where they had this morning and Harvey got out of the car to round the corner so he was closer to the school. He didn't have to wait long before all the kids came flooding out. He had hoped they would let Mike leave before the crowd so he wasn't trampled amidst it, but evidently that didn't happen - maybe he needed to speak to the school about that.

It was when the crowd died down a little that Mike resurfaced, grin on his face and waving goodbye to the same boy who was with him this morning. Harvey felt some relief at seeing Mike was well and smiling.

"Hey Harvey!" He made his way over to Harvey, who had already noticed by the way he was walking that Mike was exhausted and most possibly in pain.

"Hey kid, how was school?" He ruffled Mike's hair slightly and let his hand drop onto his shoulder as they made their way to the car.

"It was okay, seeing Trevor was the best part, I missed him so much!"

Harvey opened the car door for Mike and ensured he was sat before making his way to his side.

"Thanks Ray!" Mike's bright expression grew as he was handed his hot beverage.

Mike rambled on about his day for a while before falling back deeper into his seat and resting his head against the window.

"You okay?"

"Mhmm, just tired,"

"It's your first day back, you've had a long day," Harvey told him to which Mike nodded.

"Are you okay to go to the firm?" That was the plan but now Harvey wasn't sure it was such a good idea if Mike was so tired.

"Yeah!" Mike sat up slightly and nodded, a nod which would have been seriously more enthusiastic had he not been overcome with tiredness. But Mike loved coming to the firm. He loved Donna and was even growing closer to Louis. He spent his time reading the books from Harvey's office or reading through the cases the firm had dropped, constructing his own arguments for the fun of it. A part of it was also that he loved seeing Harvey at work, picturing himself as one day working alongside the older man, or just being in the associates' pool and having his own cubicle.

"I guess you can always sleep on my couch if you need to,"

"You let people sleep on your couch?"

"Nope, this is just an exception - but if you drool on it I'm throwing you out along with the couch," he looked Mike's way and smiled warmly.

"Donna will never let you do that,"

"I think you're forgetting I'm her boss,"

"Yeah but still, she's Donna, you don't tell her to do anything she just does it," Mike countered sticking his tongue out.

"Well, maybe I'll have to throw the both of you out," His eyes crinkled slightly with amusement as Mike laughed in response.

"I would believe you but you wouldn't be able to live without Donna!"

"Well, I guess you're safe then kiddo,"

He chuckled as Mike brought down a celebratory fist.

They pulled up outside the firm and made their way up, being greeted by the guards who Mike described as his new friends after spending an afternoon down in the lobby with them and even managing to spend sometime in the security room.

"Hi Donna!"

"Hey sweetie, how was school?"

She moved from her desk and came around to give Mike a hug which he warmed into and a peck on the forehead which left him a shade of pink.

"It was okay, better than I expected,"

"Well I'm glad to hear it. You look tired, go and sit and I'll bring you some pizza from the partners break room," she winked at him and smoothed back is blonde locks before striding off.

With his stomach full he finally kicked back onto Harvey's couch, looking over at the older man for confirmation that it was okay. Harvey nodded and smiled and then it didn't take long for Mike to drift off as sleep took over.

A few emails later, Harvey looked up to see Mike fast asleep, arm hanging off the couch with the other pillowing his head despite the cushion in place. He made his way over to him and just stood for a few seconds watching him with a small smile before realising how creepy he looked. Mike shivered slightly causing Harvey to shed his suit jacket and covering Mike's sleeping form and tucking it around him, placing his arm back in the process. He stroked Mike's cheek slightly and brought a hand through his hair, gently carding it. He stood there like that for a few seconds before remembering his office had glass walls, and looking out to see Donna look away and smile to herself.

It was just under two weeks before an incident at school.

For Mike school was going okay - not good not bad, just okay. If anyone asked he wouldn't express any of his worries but just shrugged it off and used that word every time - 'okay' - even though in reality the word didn't hold the same meaning for him as others may interpret it.

He was struggling. Sure it was great being with Trevor and Jenny again, but aside from that, things weren't great. Everywhere he went people would stare and whisper. They were afraid to talk to him or approach him, and quickly looked away once Mike returned the stare. They would talk about him and Mike constantly felt on edge. He knew it would wear away eventually, Trevor had told him so.

They had been hanging by their lockers during Mike's first week back, when a group of kids were passing. So far any stares and comments had been subtle, but they weren't this time.

"He's back," The first one pointed out.

"Yeah," The other scoffed. "Back with his freak brain the school could have done without!"

"First it was mental problems, now he can barely walk!" Added the third.

The words hurt. But he had dealt with worse. Back at the Sanford's he received their verbal abuse routinely and it was something he had grown used to. So he didn't react apart from the reddening of his face. Trevor had surged forward but Mike had pulled him back - he wouldn't stand a chance against them.

"Trev, it's fine,"

"No Michael, I'm not gonna let them get away with that," He was still looking ahead ready to pounce after them. That was a thing Mike really appreciated about Trevor, he always had Mike's back and no matter how fierce his opponent was, Trevor wouldn't back down if they messed with Mike.

"It's okay Trev, honestly, they're all just douchebags, and it's not worth it,"

Later that day when they met for lunch Trevor could see it was still on Mike's mind.

"They'll get bored of it soon, Michael," He had told him as a few more kids went passed whispering. "Once you've been here for a little while longer they'll back off, trust me,"

And he did trust him. That had been the worst of it. There was still the occasional whisper and inevitable stares, but there was nothing Mike couldn't deal with. And they weren't all like that, there were also those kids who were actually nice to Mike. They would smile at him in the corridor or hold the door open for him - sure there were only a few, but Mike was training himself to keep his mind of the negatives for now. There was also the new girl, Rachel Zane. Trevor told him that she had started a month before him and all the boys had eyes on her, and he knew why, she was really pretty. Mike first saw her in his Math class and then realised she was in his Science class too and sat right next to him. They got on from their first lesson together and whilst he had difficulty socialising with the other kids, she was easy to talk to and didn't look at him or treat him in the ways that many of the others did.

However, all hopes at impressing her were out of the window after the incident occurred

It was during their science lesson on a day where Mike's mind was completely unfocused.

That morning the date of the Beach Tree House trial had been confirmed, which meant that Mike's stay with Harvey was now marked with a date of when it would come to an end. He had been so caught up with his life with Harvey that he almost forgot that it was temporary, and the care home was where he really belonged.

He had been quiet on the way to school which had concerned Harvey, and the stares and whispers in the corridors were getting to him more than usual. The word 'orphan', which Mike considered to be the worst word in the dictionary, was mumbled and unfortunately picked up by Mike. It came with the haunting memories of the accident, of losing his parents, of his entire world being flipped upside down.

It all hit him overwhelmingly hard and he had vacated to the nearest bathroom where he kept the toilet flushed while he sobbed and attempted to get his breathing under control. He wanted nothing more than to call Harvey, to have him pick him up and take him with him to the firm where he could spend all day immersing himself in text, with Harvey's watchful and protective presence constantly looming over him, providing safety and comfort which Mike didn't think he would be able to cope without.

But with the fear of becoming a burden upon his guardian, he carried on doing what he could do to calm himself, he brought back Harvey's words into his head back from when Harvey had witnessed his panic attack

we're going to breathe together now, okay Mike?

deep breaths now

you're okay now, just take it easy

He imagined Harvey's brown eyes drowning with concern fixed on his, his warm hands protectively cupping his face.

It took time but he managed to calm down. At some point he had lost track of time, and realised he was late for his lesson.

He muttered an apology as he walked into his Science class and took his usual seat next to Rachel. She looked over at him and smiled, a smile which turned to a frown as he didn't return it with a smile as real as it usually was. At a closer look, she also saw the dry tear tracks trailing his cheeks and his reddened eyes.

She would have tried to ask him if he was okay, but Mike was lost in his own head and didn't glance her way.

The majority of the lesson went by without Mike even realising, and the whole lesson probably would have passed with Mike lost within his mind if it hadn't been for his teacher, Mrs McAlby, choosing to pick on him to answer her question.

It came as a sudden pang on his desk. It was a ruler he later learned. She had slammed it down onto his desk startling him so hard, resulting in reflexive actions he would later regret. He pushed back - hard. He hadn't meant to do it. But at that moment he was so sure she was going to hit him and his aggressive response was developed from his time at the Sanford's and caused him to shove his desk sending McAlby stumbling backwards.

He was now sitting outside the principal's office anxiously waiting for Harvey to collect him.

Everything between was a blur. The blood had rushed to his head, his whole face turning a bright shade of pink at the realisation of his outburst and the attention he had always detested but now had full control over.

He didn't want to go back to that place, never again. He didn't want to face his class – he didn't want to face Rachel. Rachel who's friendship he was eternally grateful for, who's presence brightened up his school days. But most of all, he didn't want to face Harvey. What would he tell his guardian? Harvey had to be called during his busy work day to collect Mike who couldn't control his emotions and was a complete wreck. His biggest fear was disappointing the older man, and the fear that he had done just that was consuming him.

Harvey was pissed - like seriously pissed. He had been forced to take over a deposition from Louis for one of his cases as the other man had left for an emergency dentist appointment - for his cat. The deposition had gone to shit because Louis hadn't provided him all the information he needed, and the lawyer on the other side blindsided him and made him look unprepared and unequipped to take on the case - not how Harvey ever wanted to be seen.

His stride to his office made everyone alert of his mood and no one said a thing until he neared Donna.

"Harvey," she called out.

"Not now, Donna,"

"It can't wait, Harvey,"

He paused outside his office and turned to face her.

"I just got a call from Mike's school,"

All other feelings forgotten, concern filled within him.

"Is he okay?"

"He's fine; he's actually the one in trouble,"

Harvey raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"What did he do?"

"They wouldn't tell me but it was the principal who called and he didn't sound happy, he said you had to come in and see him,"

"Okay, cancel my afternoon meetings,"

"Ray's waiting outside,"

He nodded and left, still feeling some concern, he had no idea what it was Mike could have done.

Harvey strode into the school and Mike immediately tensed. Harvey had a blank expression on his face, a look of seriousness but not giving anything away.

He gave Mike a pointed look that told him to stay put, while he went a knocked on the principal's office door outside of which Mike was sat.

The door was closed and Mike was left outside to wait, nerves wracking his body.

"Mr. Specter,"

The principal stood and shook Harvey's hand.

"I'm sorry to had to have drag you out of work in the middle of the day, I know how busy you are,"

"No need to apologise, I know you wouldn't have called me in for no reason,"

"You're right. It's actually about an incident Michael was involved in today which involved him aggressively shoving his desk at his teacher, pushing her to the floor,"

"What?!" Harvey didn't know what to expect but it sure as hell wasn't that. "I'm sure there has been some sort of mistake, that's not something Mike would do,"

"I understand why you would feel that way, but the entire class witnessed it and Mrs McAlby has since been with the school nurse after receiving quite a bump to her head,"

"Well, it must have been an accident because I know Mike and he would never intentionally do something like that,"

"With all due respect Mr Specter, my staff and the rest of the students would not lie, and Michael has not denied anything,"

"Right, well let's call Mike in and ask him,"

The principal nodded, "we can do that,"

They called a very nervous looking Mike into the room who sat in the chair next to Harvey.

The principal opened his mouth to speak but Harvey gave him a look advising him not to.

"Mike, Mr Brown here tells me you pushed a desk into your teacher, is that right?"

Mike didn't look at him. He kept his gaze locked on the notepad and expensive fountain pen on the principal's desk. He sat on his hands to hide the shaking.

Harvey waited.


Mike nodded.

"You pushed your desk into her?"

Mike nodded again.

"Was it an accident?"

Mike swallowed hard and shook his head.

Harvey's jaw tensed but he kept his eyes locked onto Mike instead of facing the principal.

"Why did you do it?"

Mike didn't answer.

"I've been told that Michael was 15 minutes late to his lesson and unfocused throughout the duration of it. Mrs McAlby told me his attitude was poor and he reacted in anger when she asked him a question he couldn't answer,"

Mike felt his eyes begin to water but he quickly blinked it back. Harvey's gaze was tensely locked onto him, and Mike didn't dare to look up at him, the look in his eyes would be more than he could take.

"Mike, is that true?"

What should he say? No words could escape his mouth, and even if he could get them out, revealing the truth wasn't something he could muster up the courage to do.

So he just nodded. There was no other option.

Harvey just nodded and finally turned to look at the principal.

"Well Mr Brown, I apologise on behalf of Michael," He called him Michael, he never did that, "I will talk to him and ensure he does not misbehave again,"

He turned to look at Mike. "Michael?"

"I'm sorry," He spoke just louder than a whisper, not meeting the eyes of either of the men.

"Very well, Mr Specter if I could just have a quick word before you leave,"

"Ray is waiting outside, go and sit in the car,"

Mike left the room and as soon as he was outside, he let the emotion fill his eyes.

"Mr Specter, I just wanted to inform you that if it was any child other than Michael the punishment would have been suspension. But due to his circumstances, I am able to give him a chance but any other incident like this will not be tolerated,"

"I understand, it won't happen again," Harvey made to leave before turning around again. "The teacher, she's not hurt too bad is she?"

"No, she's okay. Just a small bump to her head, nothing some ice won't cure,"

Harvey hated to think about the position they would be in if she was seriously hurt.

The ride back to the firm was spent in silence. Mike stayed as close to the door and away from Harvey as was possible, with his eyes fixed on the car window.

Harvey was concerned about Mike. He was no doubt annoyed, but the concern came from the surprise at Mike's behaviour, and the thought that just maybe sending him to school wasn't a good idea. Mike had also been completely silent and withdrawn. Harvey would have said something had he been a little less on the frustrated side. The deposition already had him in a bad mood and this disruption hadn't helped. He also felt a sense of humiliation at being so sure of Mike's innocence in front of his principal, only to be proved wrong by Mike himself.

So Harvey didn't say a word to him. They arrived at the firm in silence, Mike with his head down and not even greeting Donna on the way to the office. He sat in his usual spot on the couch but didn't help himself to Harvey's books like he usually did - he didn't feel entitled to.

He could now see Harvey's annoyance etched onto his expression. He wasn't looking at Mike. He was disappointed and angry and Mike wanted more than anything to run away. He hadn't mean to make Harvey feel this way and he would take any chance to go back in time and use every ounce of his focus within that lesson so what had happened wouldn't have happened. But it did. And he had let Harvey down.

Harvey tried to carry on working, ignoring Mike but it didn't seem like it would be possible. He knew Donna was glaring disapprovingly at him, but it was Mike's expression that got to him.

The kid looked dejected and lost. He hadn't looked like that in so long and Harvey just couldn't take it.

"Mike," he called out softly and Mike's head shot up to look at him. "I've got a few books I found in the library that you haven't read yet, wanna check them out?"

Mike swallowed and nodded.

He picked them from a shelf and passed them over to Mike who wordlessly took them.

"I have some work to do, but after that we are going to talk about what happened today, okay?"

Mike nodded and Harvey went back to his desk again.

"You're disappointed,"

It was a broken statement and Harvey didn't know how to respond. Mike sounded so damn hurt but Harvey didn't want to lie.

"A little," Mike bit his lip and blinked repeatedly. "But we'll talk about this and put it behind us, okay? You don't need to worry about it for now."

Mike nodded but Harvey knew he wouldn't stop worrying about it.

Harvey worked for an hour before his stomach rumbled and he realised he hadn't eaten anything since early that morning. That meant that Mike also hadn't had anything to eat as Harvey had picked him up from school before lunch.

Usually Donna would get lunch for Mike but she was swamped with her own work so Harvey left to get them both a hotdog from the cart outside.

He was returning from buying their lunch when he was approached by a girl who looked about the same age as Mike, if not a little older.

"Excuse me sir," she greeted politely. "Do you know where I can find Harvey Specter?"

"Harvey Specter, huh?" She nodded. "Do you have an appointment with him?"

"No ... I ... I didn't realise ... urm," she stuttered and looked around a little nervous.

"Why do you need to see Harvey? I can pass on a message for you if you like,"

"No I urm ... I don't need to see him, I actually came to see Mike ... his urm ... his ... his son,"

"His son? I didn't know he had a son,"

"I urm ... yes he does actually, he goes to school with me," She stood a little straighter, attempting to feign confidence.

"And why do you need to see his son Mike?"

"That would be none of your business, just tell me where I can find Harvey Specter,"

"Hmmm ... and what if I told you that you were looking at him?"

"I ... what? You're ..."

Harvey nodded.

"Mr Specter, I'm so sorry I had no idea! And I know Mike isn't actually ..."

"It's okay, don't worry about it," relief flashed upon her face as he said that. "What's your name?"

"Rachel, sir,"

"Why do you need to see Mike, Rachel? Is everything okay?"

"Yes sir, I just wanted to ask if he was okay. He just didn't look great in school today, he looked upset and after what happened during our science class I thought I would check to see if he was doing okay,"

"That's kind of you. Come on, he's up in my office. Would you like a hotdog?"

Rachel hesitated but nodded, and Harvey went to the cart to grab another.

"Mike, you have a visitor," Harvey stood at the door with hands in pockets.

In the few seconds it took for Harvey to move out to the way to reveal who it was standing behind him, Mike's blood had run cold. Social services was the first thing that has crossed his mind, Harvey was sending him away. So he sure as hell felt relief when he looked to see it was Rachel Zane.

"Rachel? What are you doing here?"

"I just came to see if you were okay,"

"Oh ... I'm ... I'm fine,"

Rachel just nodded and they all stood awkwardly for a minute.

"I'm gonna go speak to Donna, you two should eat your hotdogs,"

They didn't talk for long so Harvey didn't have to linger at Donna's cubicle for too long - which he was glad for, it wouldn't do his reputation any favours if he had been kicked out of his office by two eleven year olds.

"Thank you for letting me up, Mr Specter," Rachel smiled sweetly at him.

"You're welcome; you're not going to stay any longer?"

"Nope, I have to get home quickly before my parents start worrying, I just wanted to stop by on the way home" She bit her lip slightly before continuing. "Is it okay if I walk around the floor ... I just ... it's really exciting being up here!"

"You want to be a lawyer too?" Harvey chuckled slightly.

"Well, I'm not sure what I want to do but I've always loved offices like this and when I'm older I want to work at a place like this!"

Harvey smiled warmly at her. He wouldn't usually accept a request like that; they couldn't have a random child roaming their floors. But she was Mike's friend, and ever since he met Mike he had significantly warmed to children.

"Donna, would you mind taking Rachel for a quick walk around the floor, show her around a little?"

"Gladly," Donna came around and introduced herself to Rachel, before taking off with her.

Harvey walked back into his office and took a seat next to Mike on the couch.

They both just sat, Mike playing with the paper his hotdog was in, ripping it into strips and Harvey just looking straight ahead.

"You want to tell me what really happened?" He broke the silence with the softly spoken question.

"It was an accident, I didn't mean to do it,"

Harvey nodded.

"What happened?" He turned his body so he sat facing Mike a little more.

"I wasn't paying attention ... so I guess it was my fault but ... I didn't mean to it just happened," he swallowed. "She hit her ruler on my desk and I got scared and I ... I just did it ... I didn't even mean to,"

"She hit her ruler on your desk?"

Mike confirmed with a nod. "It's stupid I know but I ... I thought she was going to ..."

"You thought she was going to what, Mike?"

"I thought she was going to hit me," he said it in a small voice, as if he was ashamed, his eyes fixated on the shreds of paper that once held a hotdog.

"Oh buddy," Harvey let out a sad sigh. "You know she can't do that,"

"I know, I do, I just ... it just happened, I just got so scared and it just happened,"

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?"

"I didn't want to admit it, I was scared ... it's so stupid and so embarrassing I didn't wa-"

"Mike, no, it's not something you could control and it's completely understandable after everything you've been through. This shouldn't have happened in the first place, because she shouldn't have did what she did,"

Mike nodded, processing what Harvey was telling him.

"But I didn't mean to hurt her Harvey, I swear I didn't, and now she's hurt because of me, I didn't want to hurt her," his voice broke and his eyes began to shine.

"Hey, I know you didn't mean to, it was an accident, I know that and we'll talk to your school so they know that too,"

"But I still hurt her," a tear made its way down his cheek, a tear that Harvey could have gone forever without seeing because he had promised himself he would not let this boy hurt.

"She's okay," he reached out and gently cupped Mike's face wiping the tear with a graze of his thumb. "She's fine, just a little bump on her head which was an accident. You wouldn't hurt her on purpose, I know, and that's all that matters. Accidents happen, Mike."

"He said you were really late to your lesson, why was that?" Harvey still spoke softly, so Mike wouldn't think he was asking out of anger, but concern.

"I was in the bathroom ... I just lost track of time,"

He would have shrugged it off but 15 minutes was a long time, "what were you doing in there?"

And when Mike didn't answer but simply looked away and swallowed, Harvey realised that there was more to this situation than Mike was letting on.

"Come on, let's go," Harvey stood up and when to retrieve his suit jacket from his chair.

"Go where?"

"Home. We'll order a pizza and watch a movie, and if you feel up to it then we can talk about what's going on, sound good?"

"But don't you have work to do?"

"Work will always be here to do tomorrow, but right now I know something's going on with you and I'd rather focus on that, so let's go home and relax, I think we'd both like that,"

So Mike agreed and they left, Donna more than happy to reschedule his meetings.

They got back to the condo and Mike changed into his pyjamas, while Harvey changed into his jeans and a t-shirt.

They watched a few episodes of Star Trek, and Harvey placed an order for Mike's favourite stuffed crust pizza when he decided they should talk.

"You ready to tell me what happened?"

Mike nodded. He hadn't wanted to but now he realised he needed to get it out of his system, bottling it all up wasn't working and he had just discovered that. He had wanted nothing more than to call Harvey when it had happened, so he could make it better like he always did.

"People talk about me sometimes," he started, "they say things about me and it's usually okay, I just ignore it. But this morning I heard some kids call me an orphan,"

His voice broke slightly at the end of the confession.

"And then I don't know what happened to me. I couldn't breathe properly and I felt so sick so I went to the toilets and I just couldn't stop crying,"

"Oh Mike," Harvey breathed suddenly hating himself for not having asked properly before, for believing that Mike was capable of behaving in such a way, "you should have called me,"

"I wanted to, I did, but I just ... I didn't want to disturb you,"

"Mike, you wouldn't have been disturbing me. I want you to come to me about these things so I can try and fix it, you don't have to face anything alone, okay?"


"Has anything like this happened before?"

"Well people always say things, I knew they would, but it's okay now," he added at the look on Harvey's face, "it's calmed down now, it doesn't happen so much anymore,"

"And what about the panic attacks?"

"It sometimes becomes a little hard to breathe and I just feel like crying but it isn't always as bad as it was today,"

"If you ever feel that way then I want to know, okay?"

Mike nodded.

"Promise me you'll call me and tell me as soon as you feel bad,"

"I promise, Harvey, and thank you ... for everything,"

"What have we said about you thanking me, huh?" Harvey put an arm around Mike's shoulders as he smiled up at him. "Now, Rachel, she came all the way to the firm to see you ... I'm guessing she's a good friend?"

"Well, I didn't know if she was my friend or not, she's new and I don't know if she likes me,"

"But you like her?" Harvey grinned down as Mike blushed.

"I ... I don't know ... I guess ... but after what happened today I don't think she'll want to be friends with me,"

"Well, the way I look at it is that she wouldn't have come all this way if she didn't think of you as her friend or didn't like you,"

"You really think so?"

"I do, I actually have some experience in that area so if you need any advice, you know where to come,"

"She's just my friend, Harvey!"

"I know, I know, I'm just letting you know. Now, you want to watch another film while we wait for the pizza?"

"It's late and I have school tomorrow," He pouted slightly.

"I guess taking a day off wouldn't hurt, you can have a long weekend,"

"Really? You'll let me do that?" And his expression brightened up so much that Harvey now couldn't deny him that.

"I will, if you'll agree to come to the firm with me and read some of those books that have been sitting on my shelf far too long now,"

"Yes I will!"

"Well in that case, what film do you want to watch?"

He opted for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone; because even though they had already seen the whole series through multiple times, why choose a different film when you could re-watch it? Harvey wanted to beg him to pick a different film, tell him they had watched enough Harry Potter already to last a lifetime, but he couldn't deny that damn kid a single thing. And now they were sat on the couch, a half eaten stuffed crust pizza on the coffee table, Harvey's arm slung around Mike's shoulders, and a blanket thrown over the two of them as Mike snuggled into Harvey's side.

Mike was happy and that's all that mattered, they would deal with the rest of it as it came.

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