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The next couple of weeks went by and both Harvey and Mike were getting used to living together. They fell into an easy routine where Harvey took Mike with him to the firm everyday – which Mike loved – and managed to leave early so they could get home at a good time. They would every so often watch a movie and alternated between star wars and star trek marathons which they would watch until Mike was close to falling asleep.

Harvey had taken Mike to the hospital for a check-up and doctors report – something both himself and Mike were dreading. It had been a difficult conversation when Harvey explained to Mike that he was fighting the Sanford's in court and had resulted in Mike becoming somewhat emotional. Mike had then hesitantly agreed to go along to the hospital in order to get a doctor's report which would form the bulk of evidence of abuse against the Sanfords'. They had made an appointment and social services had spoken to the hospital prior so they wouldn't suspect Harvey of being the one to cause harm to Mike.

Mike was sat on the hospital bed swinging his legs and Harvey was beginning to get irritated by the creaking his braces were making. Just as Harvey was about to tell him to stop, the nurse came in. She handed Mike a gown in instructed him to take his shirt off but to not put his gown on yet. Mike hesitantly did so and Harvey was once again pained by the sight of Mike's upper body. Although the bruises had faded slightly, they were still very visible as were the deep scars. Mike was still very skinny but not as dangerously as he had been when Harvey had previously seen him.

The doctor came in and took notes on the appearance of Mike's body. She was very good with him and Harvey appreciated how comfortable she made them both feel. Mike was then wheeled off for an x-ray of his torso and brought back shortly after. He was lying on the bed flicking through a magazine whilst Harvey was sending a few emails on his phone, when a different doctor walked in.

"Michael Ross?" The doctor asked coming closer and looking at Mike with a sense of recognition.

Mike's head shot up and his face also changed in recognition.

"Oh, hi Doc," Mike said nervously and could feel Harvey frowning at them.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Sylvester, I treated Mike following the accident," He introduced himself shaking Harvey's hand.

"Harvey Specter – Mike's foster parent," Wow that still sounded so weird to his ears.

"Mr. Specter, I was just walking past when I saw Mike and if it were possible I would like to have a few words with you." The doctor seemed slightly angered but Harvey had no idea why.

"That's fine, I just-"

"Don't worry, I'll get a nurse to come in and sit with Mike." Harvey nodded and glanced at Mike before leaving the room with the doctor to go and sit inside his office.

"Mr. Specter, I have tried calling you and leaving messages multiple times. It shocks me how if you were to foster a child you're supposed to be taking care of them, not neglecting their health! And when I came knocking on your door there was no answer then either! Would you care to explain?!" The doctor was standing up now with his hands on his hips.

"Doctor, there has been a misunderstanding here. I have only recently taken Mike in, he was living with a different couple before," Harvey explained calmly when in reality he was getting very angered himself at Mike's previous foster parents.

"Wait ... what? You mean it wasn't you who I was trying to contact?" The doctor was perplexed – rightly so.

"It wasn't, Mike was living with very bad people," Harvey said swallowing hard and hoping the doctor got the hint so he wouldn't have to expand. "It was only recently that I found out and took him into my care."

"I understand, I apologise for coming at you like that, Mr. Specter."

"Don't apologise, it's completely understandable."

"You see, Mike was supposed to be coming into the hospital regularly for his legs. He needed to get his medication which he has obviously been going without, and the braces currently on his legs were only a temporary measure – they should have been taken off by now and replaced with a more comfortable and appropriate bracing,"

"I had no idea. I wasn't told anything, otherwise I would've brought Mike in straight away. And this medication, what is it for?"

"Mike was administered medication to help with the healing and a type of pain killer as the braces he has are extremely painful and I have no idea how he has been going without any medication – the pain is simply unbearable." Harvey was shaking his head and had his fists clenched underneath the table. Mike was in that much pain and yet he hadn't said a word – and those monsters had deliberately kept Mike away from the healthcare he so desperately required.

"What will happen now?"

"Well I will give you the medication and we will book an appointment for Mike to come in and have his braces removed. He will be fitted with a pair that he only needs when walking and can take off otherwise. I am in genuine shock at how he has gone so long in his condition, as i'm sure you are. I'm glad you have taken him in, he's a good kid." Harvey nodded. He really liked this doctor.

They booked an appointment and the doctor handed Harvey Mike's prescription.

Harvey went back to Mike's room just as the doctor had arrived.

"Ah, Mr. Specter you're here. I just want to go through Michael's x-ray with you," She said pinning it up on the light box.

"If you look closely at his ribs on here, you can see very faint lines. Now these are a series of breaks and fractures that are currently in the process of healing. The fractures have clearly gone unnoticed but luckily they are healing well. I am going to administer you some pain killers for Michael, and I suggest he takes it easy while his ribs heal," The doctor filled out the prescription and gave it to Harvey. "Michael is also very under-weight but luckily is just off the dangerous scale meaning we do not have to hospitalise him." That means previously Mike was in a condition to be hospitalised, Harvey thought to himself, swallowing hard.

"I trust you will take good care of Michael and I want you to bring him back in 3 weeks for another check-up. I have produced you a whole health report."

Harvey thanked the doctor and helped Mike back into his shirt and off of the bed. They left the hospital and were both silent up until they were sat in the car.

"New rule," Harvey said as Ray started the car, "Next time you're in pain – you tell me."

Harvey had been keeping a more careful watch on Mike and had been making sure he took his medication. He was feeding him even more and was forcing him to rest – which Mike hated.

Harvey also installed a shower sit in the bathroom to make it more comfortable and easier for Mike when he showered.

They had come back from the firm one day and Mike had gone off to shower. Harvey was in the kitchen making dinner when he heard Mike come back out of the bathroom.

"What's up?" He asked knowing well what the boy was going to say, but also curious about his reaction.

"I ... urm ... you,"

Harvey turned around and faced the kid only to see his eyes watery and his expression confused.

He approached Mike and placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Mike?" He prompted softly.

"You didn't have to do that," Mike whispered looking at the floor.

Harvey brought a finger to lift up Mike's chin.

"Hey," He said softly making Mike meet his eyes, "I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to and you needed it."

Mike swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. It was such a small thing but it meant so much. It reminded him when he was back at the Sanford's and it was a constant struggle to use the cramped bathroom, showing him the complete contrast between his life there and Harvey's attempts to make his life as good as it could be here.

"And plus, I can use it too and have a more relaxing shower." Harvey said earning a chuckle from Mike. "Go on, why don't you go try it out." He told Mike who nodded and went to take what was the best shower he had taken in a long time.

After the shower incident, Mike had opened up a lot more and had started making himself more at home than he ever did before. Harvey was extremely glad to see Mike opening up and treating the condo like his home – although it did come with downsides. Harvey had lost count of the number of times he had tripped over Mike's converse and was constantly tidying away Mike clothes, as apparently Mike had forgotten how to fold or hanger any of them. He had also given up on telling Mike to get his feet off the table and decided that it didn't matter, if that's what it took for Mike to feel more at home. The only thing that stayed tidy was his bookshelf as Mike cherished each and every one of the books in there. He also realised how much Mike talked. The kid was a non-stop chatterbox, which somewhat saddened Harvey as he thought about how hurt Mike must've been for him to previously have been so silent.

Mike had been non-stop talking about the Harry Potter premiere for which Louis had given them tickets to. They were VIP tickets which have them meet and greet access to spend time with the cast who were in New York for the occasion - but Mike had no idea. As far as Mike was aware, they were normal attendees at the premiere.

"Harvey, this is silly! I look stupid!" Mike pouted in the mirror as he attempted to fix his tie.

"Here, give me that." Harvey said taking the tie out of Mike's hands and easily sorting it out.

"Why do I even have to wear a suit? What's wrong with my jeans?" Mike moaned for the fiftieth time that evening.

"I told you, appearances are everything – especially whilst you're with me." They had gotten Mike a tailored suit for the event and Harvey had very almost bought a three-piece suit but Mike had protested against the idea. He had also said he would only wear the suit if Harvey let him wear a skinny tie – which Harvey had no choice but to agree to.

"But I look stupid." Mike mumbled frowning at his reflection causing Harvey to smirk (along with the fact that Mike looked extremely cute – which he would never admit out loud).

"Of course you don't, you look great. Let's just sort out your ... wait a second," Harvey took Mike's shoulders and turned him around so they were face to face. "Your hair ... are you trying to look like me?" Harvey said trying to hide the amusement in his voice. Mike's had gelled back his hair in the way Harvey's was – well, at least he had attempted to.

"I ... no ... I just ... it was there ... and I urm," Mike flushed a deep red and brought a hand through his hair in attempt to make it the mess it was before.

"Hey, don't do that, you're ruining it even more," Harvey swatted Mike hair away and went to grab the hair gel and comb. "Come on, let's sort it out for you and try and make it look as good as mine."

Once they were both satisfied with Mike's appearance, Harvey called Ray and they were soon on the way to the venue. The whole journey there, Mike was feeding Harvey pages of information about Harry Potter. He had made Harvey watch all the films, which the older man did just to make Mike happy – he really wasn't a Potter fan.

However, Mike's excitement was quickly replaced by nerves as they arrived and saw the huge crowd of people.

"What's the matter?" Harvey asked with a small frown as he saw how stiff and serious Mike had become as they got out of the car and started walking.

"Nothing," Mike quickly smiled up at Harvey and attempted to cheer up. He had waited so long for this and he wasn't going to ruin in because of his anxiety around large crowds.

"Come on then," Harvey said clapping Mike on his shoulder.

Harvey kept a hand on Mike's shoulder the whole evening which Mike hugely appreciated and went a long way to help him feel more relaxed around the masses of people.

"Harvey? Where are we going?" Mike asked as Harvey steered him to a different direction from where everyone else was going.

"You'll find out." Harvey told him and they carried on walking until they came face to face with a security guard. Harvey handed him the tickets and he looked at them before handing them back.

"Alright sir, have a great evening, you and your son can make your way through." The man told them and removed the rope from the entrance to let them through.

They both froze and neither would admit it, but it stirred up an emotion in both of them that neither could describe. It meant something.

"I ...," Harvey stuttered unsure of what to say, "Thank you."

They were both silent for the first time that night as they continued to make their way through, neither of them mentioning what the guard had said.

"Harvey, where are we going?" Mike asked again, breaking the silence.

"We're here." He said as they walked through a door.

On the other side of the door was an area much fancier than where they were before and it was no way near as busy. It didn't look like an area where they were supposed to be but Mike let Harvey take him through the room.

Mike gazed around at everyone and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

"Harvey is that-"

Harvey tapped the man who was stood in front of them. The man turned around and his face lit up with a warm smile in a form of recognition.

"Hi, you must be Mike." Mike's mouth fell open, because there in front of him was Daniel Radcliffe.

Mike was buzzing the entire night. After the shock had worn off, they had spent time with the cast and Mike had the opportunity to talk Harry Potter all night long. They had then watched the movie and Daniel himself had requested to sit next to Mike. Harvey had no idea how Louis had done it, but he knew he had to pay the man a huge thanks. Mike was unbelievably happy all night long, and seeing the kid that happy, made Harvey happier than he could remember.

"Harvey, would you like to be a wizard? I think you'd make an awesome wizard! I'd love to be a wizard ... actually I want to be a lawyer too ... I'm not sure whether I'd want to be a wizard or a lawyer ... oh my god ..." Mike gasped in excitement in the middle of his ramble, "I could be a wizard and a lawyer! How awesome would that be?! A wizard and a lawyer ... like the best of both worlds. Harvey you could be a wizard lawyer too! Harvey Specter – Senior Wizard, and then we could go to Hogwarts instead of Harvard and ... oh my god we have to go to Hogwarts! Like I know we can't actually go to Hogwarts but we can! We could go to the studios in England! How awesome would that be?! And they have-"

"Okay buddy, that's enough for tonight," Harvey finally said as they stepped into the condo and he placed his eyes on the key holder. "Did you have fun tonight?"

"Yeah, it was amazing! Thanks, Harvey!" Mike exclaimed as he crashed on the couch clutching the signed photos he had received from the cast.

"I'm not the one to thank, kiddo," Harvey said as he sat down on the couch next to Mike.

"Are we going to the firm tomorrow?"

"We are but it's been a long day so we can go in later and thank Louis then." At least after this Mike would no longer be scared of Louis. "But right now you need to go to bed,"

"No I don't. It's not that late,"

"Doesn't matter, you're tired and don't even try and say you're not, you've walked a lot today and your legs are hurting. Yup, don't think I didn't realise how quickly you came to hit the couch," Mike sighed but didn't argue.

"Come on." Harvey stood up and helped Mike up taking his arm.

They both went to get ready for bed and Harvey was soon in Mike's room putting the boy to bed. They had an unspoken arrangement where Harvey would come and switch off Mike's room light every night before he went to sleep and technically tuck him in - but neither of them would call it that.

"Night kiddo," Harvey said giving Mike's hair a ruffle and turning off the lamp on Mike's bedside.

"Night, Harvey."

Mike had spent the first couple of weeks settling in and enjoying his time at Harvey's. It was only when Donna had brought it up that Harvey had had realised. Mike needed to go to school. He hadn't been in since the accident and the Sanford's hadn't been bothered in re-enrolling Mike. Mike of course was aware of this, however he had purposely not brought it up, as going to school was the last thing he wanted. He was dreading it so much, every time it crossed his mind; he sent the thought right to the back and kept it buried there. However, he knew that sooner or later he had to face it.

They had been sitting in Harvey's office with Harvey working on some files and Mike reading a book. They were working in peace when Donna came rushing in.

"I just heard Paul Porter say he was picking his grandson up from school today." She told the two who were looking up at her expectantly.


"School, Harvey."

"Yes, I know, I heard you Donna now what is your point?" Harvey put his file down and turned his chair around.

"Mike's a child."

"I knew that too, Donna,"

"Harvey, anybody would two brain cells could figure out what I'm trying to say! Mike needs to go to school!"

Harvey opened his mouth in an 'oh'.

"What?! No, I don't need to go to school!" Mike exclaimed looking up in horror.

"Course you need to go to school, I just have no idea how I didn't realise myself." Harvey said shaking his head.

"I'll handle it, Harvey." Donna told him and they nodded at each other before she left the room to make the relevant phone calls.

"Harvey please, can't I just come to the firm like I already do? I learn more here than I ever would at school and I'm ahead of everyone there!" Mike protested.

"Mike, this isn't up for discussion. You're a child and you have to go – you know enough about the law to know that even if I wanted to let you stay out of school, I wouldn't be allowed to."

"But I haven't been going up until now! We can just carry on like this!"

"No, you haven't been going but only because I didn't realise – but now I do, which means you are going to school." Harvey said in a more stern tone.

Mike sat back crossing his arms and pouting causing Harvey to sigh.

Harvey got up from his seat and went to sit next to Mike on the couch.

"Alright, why are you so against going to school huh?" Harvey asked softly as he turned to face Mike.

"I just don't want to go," Mike mumbled looking down at his lap, "I want to stay here,"

"You can come here after you've done with school every day, come on, it won't be that bad." Harvey said squeezing Mike's shoulder. Mike just nodded but didn't mention anything about the fact that he was previously bullied and he was only afraid it would get worse.

"Okay, so you have an appointment with Mike's principle tomorrow at 1pm and they said Mike should be ready to start again from next Monday." Donna announced walking in and handing Harvey the details.

And apparently that was it. Donna had tried to comfort Mike afterwards but he had just shrugged it off saying that it was fine and he understood that he had to go – he really did and his rational side was telling him off for being so difficult about it, but the thought just brought up fear inside of him and he wanted nothing more than to hide in the comfort of Harvey's constant presence.

The next day rolled quicker than Mike would've liked and it wasn't long before they had pulled up outside of Mike's old school and were seated in the principal's office. The principle – Mr. Brown – had Harvey sign all the necessary paperwork and update Mike's details and emergency contacts. He was more than happy to take Mike back after his long leave as Donna had made him aware about Mike's situation.

"Mike, could you please step out for a few minutes – I just need to talk to Mr. Brown about something." It was worded as a request but Mike knew he didn't have a choice and hesitantly stood up to leave.

"Mr. Brown, I just want to make you aware that Mike has been through an extremely difficult situation and is still recovering. I want to make sure that all procedures are taken to ensure Mike is made to feel comfortable. He has had a history of abuse and has lost his parents which has been incredibly difficult for him and I know coming back to school is a huge step for him," Harvey explained, "So I want to be sure that I am making the right decision in sending him back now and want to know that you are going to be treating him with care."

"Mr. Specter, Michael is a very bright boy and I am aware that this has all been very tough for him. I can assure you that myself, along with my staff will do our absolute best for Michael. We are very glad to have him and I'm sure he'll settle in in no time." Harvey nodded at the principle and stood up.

"Well, if that's all clear then we must get going," Harvey said whilst buttoning his suit jacket.

They opened the door to where Mike was sitting on a chair swinging his legs.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Specter," The principle said shaking Harvey's hand. "And I'm glad to have you back Michael, I will see you on Monday."

Mike capitalised the school-free time he had left by watching movies when he was at the condo, and reading books when he was at the firm. It was Sunday night that was the worst. Especially when Harvey had reminded him he had school tomorrow.

Harvey had apparently sensed the nerves and had brought out a few law books. He had a law trivia with Mike and challenged him to a mock trial where they both argued their sides of a case Harvey had made up on the spot. They ended the night with takeout and a few episodes of Star Wars.

It was late but not so late that it would be considered terrible parenting when Harvey sent Mike to bed. That night Mike couldn't sleep. He was really dreading school. The only part he could potentially be looking forward to was meeting Trevor – but he wasn't even sure about that anymore. Things had changed so much and everyone in his school knew it. He was picked on before for being as smart as he was, and now things would just be so much worse.

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