AN: Good evening everyone or good: whatever time of the day you happen to be reading this. My name is WaveringEyes. This is hopefully not your average fanfiction. Unless you read the really strange stuff out there. This is a Seraph of the End au (sort of). This is a Yuu x harem story. In this story, several characters are different. If you have not read the manga or seen the anime, I suggest you do so before reading this. So, everyone who hasn't go do that. Everyone else, let's continue. In this story Mika and Asuramaru are girls. Mika is extremely flirtatious and slightly perverted. Asuramaru is pretty much the same. The same goes for Shinoa. 'Word' = thoughts.

There is no smut in it at all. I'm not sorry about that. Get your minds out of the gutter (I'm sorry to anyone is not a pervert reading this story. This is directed towards the messed up side of the Internet.) Now enough with all of this introduction crap. Let the crappy chaos begin!

Chapter 1. It Begins

This is a story about how Yuu Hyakuya's life went to Hell and how he survived relatively unscathed (from a physical standpoint at least.)

Within the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's main building, inside the conference room, a regularly scheduled meeting is being held. As usual, Guren is snoring quietly as the commanders give their reports. On the balcony overlooking, the meeting three girls are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, watching the meeting with disinterest. As Shinya drones on, Shinoa leans over to whisper a question in Mitsuba's ear. "Hey, how much longer is this going to go on?" she asked.

Mitsuba begins to whisper back "Probably just another thirty min—"

She is cut off as Mika begins talking. "They're done. Shinya just stopped talking and Guren is waking up." Shinoa looks down and sees that she is telling the truth. All the commanders have exited the room and Guren is regaining consciousness. The trio walks down the stairs and reaches the main hallway. As they walk down the halls Mitsuba says goodbye to Shinoa and walks off. Mika groans inwardly when Shinoa does not follow Mitsuba's example and instead follows Mika with a smug look on her face.

Mika starts walking toward the barracks. As they walk, Shinoa sparks a conversation with Mika. "So…. Mika." She says.

"What do you want Shinoa?" Mika responds irritably.

"Well Mika-san, I was wondering what you were doing for the rest of the day" Shinoa said with a large smirk on her face.

Mika sighs and asks "Why would I tell you? We aren't friends."

"Oh come on, Mika-san~. Don't be like that. You're Yuu-san's friend, so I want to be your friend" Shinoa said with a huge smile.

"Fine. If you are really that curious, I am going to spend the rest of my day with Yuu-chan" Mika replied with a frown.

"Oh really now? That's funny. I was planning on doing the same thing. Are you planning to make a move on him, Mika-san?" Shinoa asked with her trademark smirk.

"Yes I am. I mean we all know that he likes me the best" Mika said.

"I would have to disagree with you there, Mika-san" Shinoa said with a frown. A third voice joins their conversation.

"Ladies, please. Stop trying to fool yourselves. We all know that Yuu likes me the most." Startled, Mika and Shinoa turn around to find an apparition of Asuramaru floating lazily behind them.

Mika, flustered, responds with "Is that a challenge? That sounds like a challenge. What do you think, Shinoa?"

Shinoa, also flustered, responds "It does sound like a challenge."

Grinning wide, Asuramaru turns to face them and says "If that is how you interpret it, then it is. If you are so keen on disagreeing, how about a deal?"

Mika and Shinoa respond with "We're listening."

"The first one to fully win Yuu's heart gets to keep him. Deal?"

"Deal" they respond. They shake hands and look each other in the eyes, sealing the deal.

'I'm going to win' they all think to themselves.

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