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Few of you may be surprise at me writing One Punch Man story while I'm known as a specialist of Fairy Tail story. But after I watched One Punch Man and caught up with both manga and Webcomic, I couldn't help but had this urge to write down a story for this series.

The Pairing will be Saitama x Tatsumaki. Despite being spoiled brat, Tatsumaki is just too adorable, I had read few of them and was sad of the lack of story with this kind of pairing. We do NEED more story with Saitama being paired with Tatsumaki or even Fubuki.

I was actually planning to make this into Saitama x Tatsumaki x Fubuki story but considering Saitama's personality, it would be extremely hard to write such kind of story without making him too much out of characters. The timeline will takes before Saitama meet Genos.


"The Caped Baldy's Fangirls" - People Speech

'The Caped Baldy's Fangirls' - People Thoughts

"The Caped Baldy's Fangirls" – Creature/Robotic Speech/Attack

'The Caped Baldy's Fangirls' - Creature Thoughts

(The Caped Baldy's Fangirls) - Sounds Effect

The Caped Baldy's Fangirls - Day, Date, Time, Place

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Chapter 0: Fated Encounter

Sunday, July 7th 2015, 10:51 A.M, Earth, M-City

This was supposed to be just another usual day in M-City. Where everyone were doing their respective boring works. Where children were playing with their parents at the park. Where birds were flying around above the city's skyline. Where an advance robot was trashing around…


…wait what…


Yes! This is the exact reason why this day was so different from any other day. A very powerful machine suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started to lay waste through the entire M-City. Hero Association's branch in M-City announced the threat level for this machine and the threat level was Dragon, a crisis that threatening the destruction of multiple cities.

However, it seems the M-City had a bit glimpse of hope since by coincidence a very famous hero was in fact enjoying her day off in this city.

The hero has the appearance to that of a petite woman, which commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has a youthful face with emerald green eyes and hair that curls up on the ends. She was always wearing a formfitting black dress with long sleeves and four high-cut legs slits that show off her legs and low-heeled black shoes.

The hero was an Esper goes by the name 'Tornado of Terror', Tatsumaki. The famous S-Class Hero Rank 2 that defeats some powerful monsters with her psychic power. People admired her because her heroic deeds and some of them even inspired to become a Hero just like her. Usually, things is gonna be fine with her around.

However, this one was an exception.

It has been nearly twenty minutes since the attack and M-city suffered large number of casualties with its destruction level at sixty four percent from both the robot and Tatsumaki that she fought against it. The robot actually wasn't that powerful but its regenerative ability was the major headache for our favorite S-Class Hero. Every times she tore its body a part, the body keep regenerating back almost instantly because the robot had at least two millions of circuits inside its body.

At least a hundred of automatic rifles emerged from the robot's body before he unloaded it to Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki used her psychic power to lift up a ten stories building and moved the building in front of her, using it as a giant shield to block approximately ten thousands bullets that the robot launched at her.

The building she used as shield was now nothing but mere rubbles that were floating because of her power. She shot the remains of the building towards the robot at high speed, piercing through its body but soon, the body regenerated back again.

However, Tatsumaki only used that rubbles attack as distraction as she used her psychic power again to lift up a fifty stories building with some efforts since she was sweating a little when she do this. Tatsumaki dropped the building directly on the robot, crashing it down on the robot and buried it within tons of rubbles.

Tatsumaki landed on the ground and panted heavily as the green aura that surrounded her body began to disappear. She breathed heavily and her forehead was bleeding. The robot was stronger than she thought and it almost beat her. But she was glad that this is over.

Or so she thought.

Because suddenly, a large number of missiles launched from the cloud of smoke and flew towards the Esper who barely able to outmaneuvered every single of the missiles. Tatsumaki looked ahead to see the robot come out from the cloud of smoke with its missing torso regenerated back to its former state, much to the Esper's endless annoyance.

"Hmmm…quite impressive you could last long against me. As expected from S-Class Hero Rank 2, Tornado of Terror." The robot spoke with its robotic voice and suddenly, a pair of antennas grew on the top of its head before it emitted extremely high pitched noises.

"GYYAAAAUUUHHH!" Tatsumaki cried out in agony as she gripped her head in pain before she fell to her knee while continued let out a horrific screams.

"However, I already figured out how to deal with you. Your brain is very vital for your impressive psychic power and if I can disrupt your brain's work with highly frequencies noises, I could prevent you from using your power, you even won't be able to lift a feather at your current state." The robot explained as it began to approached the suffering Esper. The robot watched Tatsumaki coughed up quite large amount of bloods with bloods was flowing from her nose like a river.

"Hmmm…I'd never thought that the effect would be very lethal to you." Tatsumaki merely glared at the robot, her eyes were filled with rage but sadly she couldn't do anything right now. The robot's right arm suddenly transformed into a long drill that was spinning at high speed and aimed it to the Esper. "Let me help you ending your suffering then." The robot declared as he thrust its spinning drill at Tatsumaki.

The world's going in slow motion in Tatsumaki's perception as she watched her life flashed. Knowing she couldn't anything, Tatsumaki closed her eyes and seemingly accepted her fate that she might die here at the hands of this robot.

'Forgive me, Fubuki!' Her little sister was the only thing Tatsumaki ever thought, even at her last moment.

However, it seems fate still like here after all.

Because when the robot was a mere inch away from ending her life, Tatsumaki felt she was carried in bridal style by someone. Slowly opened her green eyes, Tatsumaki could see who had saving her from her death.

Her savior was in fact a bald ordinary looking man around mid-twenties with a thin, but well-built physique and of average height and weight. He dressed in a plain yellow jumpsuit with a short zipper at the collar and a belt. The costume was finished out by a red ensemble of boots, gloves and a white cape.

"Who are you? State your name?" The robot demanded in its robotic voice as it watched the bald man gently put Tatsumaki down and leaned her against the rubbles.

Tatsumaki witnessed her savior grinned before stood to his full height and faced the robot with a rather poker face. "Just a random man who is hero for fun!" The bald man answered with rather plain tone combined with rather plain face.

The robot would have raised an eyebrow if it had one. "Huh? What kind of ridiculous backstory is that? I exist to end the age of human and begin the age of machine! I'm The Terminator!" The robot known as the Terminator responded and faced the newcomer. "Humans are nothing but simple minded creature and always cause stupid mistakes. And their mistakes usually ended up became endless conflicts and their endless conflicts usually ended up became endless wars." The Terminator stated as its body began to morph into bigger and scarier form that before, much to Tatsumaki's shocks. "All machine in the world realized that humans someday will destroy this planet. The will of machine gave birth to me, so that I CAN DESTROY HUMANITY AND ITS INSIDIOUS CIVILIZATION!" The Terminator declared the last part of its monologue as its body finished to morph to the point that the humans in front of the robot seems looked like an ant compare to it.

"BUT YOU'RE DOING THIS FOR FUN! FUN! THAT'S THE REASON YOU DARE TO OPPOSE ME, YOU SIMPLE MINDED CREATURE?" The Terminator yelled in pure rage as it looked down to the bald man and the green haired woman. It formed a pair of hammer on both its gigantic size hands. "HUMAN LIKE YOU DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE A PAINLESS DEATH!" The robot shouted as it raised its newly formed hammers above its head.

"LOOK OUT!" Tatsumaki yelled to her savior as the Terminator swung its hammer down, worrying that he might be killed by the robot which, even her couldn't defeat it.

However, much too her shocks, her savior merely raised his right fist and casually punched the robot with the same straight face, causing the robot disintegrated into nothing and destroyed at least two millions circuits within its body in the matter of second without leaving any trace at all.

A badly injured Tatsumaki widened her eyes as she gawked at what she just witnessed. This unimpressive looking man that had saved her life, was able to take down a Dragon Level Threat with a SINGLE and NONCHALANT punch while even an S-Class Hero Rank 2 like her couldn't even fatally injured it.

'W-Who the hell is this guy?' Tatsumaki thought as she watched the man was looking at the fist he just used to literally erase the Terminator from existence with a scowled face before the man fell to his knee.

"One punch…I finished it with one punch again! GOD DAMMIT!" The bald man shouted to the sky as if he shouted to the heaven itself.

'A-Again?!' Tatsumaki thought in shocks at the word again her savior just uttered. 'Then that's means he has been doing this before!'

The bald man sighed tiredly as he stood to his feet again. "Guess I'll head home now." The man muttered before he started to walk away from the destroyed M-City.

"W-Wait a minute…" Tatsumaki called for the man weakly and fortunately, the man seems heard her and turned around to see her. "…P-Please tell me your name!" Tatsumaki requested as she gripped her left shoulder which seems to be dislocated from her fight with the robot earlier.

"Oh, It's Saitama!" Her savior named Saitama simply replied before continued to walk away.


Tatsumaki uttered her savior's name with a small smile graced on her beautiful face. Tatsumaki's face heated up a bit when she noted that the tone he used was so...manly. Tatsumaki was about to thank to him but her wounds took a tool of her as her eyes getting heavier before she slipped out to the realm of unconsciousness.

To Be Continued

I know this chapter is quite short since it's only a prologue but I promise that the next chapter will be much longer than this. And apologize for grammatical error, English isn't my native language and I'm still learning.