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Chapter 4: The Baldy's Finally Registered

Unknown Time, Unknown Place


Saitama, Our favorite Hero, dressed in his white plain shirt and blue shorts, blinked his eyes few times in utter confusion when he found himself in a rather white void.

White was all his eyes could see.

There was literally nothing else.

That, until a piece of paper suddenly floated toward his direction.

Saitama effortlessly caught the paper with his right hand and read the contents, which made his eyes widened as wide as a saucer to the point it could popped out of his bald head anytime.

"TIME SALE! GIGANTIC SALE OVER 90%!" Saitama exclaimed in utter shock when he read what it seems to be a coupon from supermarket.

"LIKE HELL I WOULD MISS THIS!" After that declaration, the baldy began to run to random direction while searching for the exit.

However, after what it feels like twelve hours of running, he still couldn't find the way out of this endless void.

Saitama put his hands on his knee while panting heavily as he tried to regain his breath. 'It's no use, I can't get out of here.' Saitama thought sorrowfully as his entire body was drenched with sweats. 'If only I could find the door.' It seems Saitama will get what he wants.

Because a 'Doraemon anywhere-style' door, suddenly appeared out of freaking nowhere, which raised the baldy's spirits through the roof.

"FOUND IT!" Saitama comically exclaimed in pure joy and ran towards the door before literally, made his way through the door.

Saitama then saw a blinding white light after he literally burst through that door.

The baldy slowly opened his eyes after he was sure that the light was gone and widened his eyes as he fell to his knee. "YEEEEEESSSSS!" He yelled out in triumphant as he pumped his fist to the air in victory when he found himself in a supermarket.

Our favorite Hero rose up to his feet while looked around the supermarket.

Strangely, there is no one here except a young woman with long black hair acted as the cashier. But Saitama could see there is a sale for round steak, which so expensive in normal price and there are some sales for vegetables too, some ingredients, eggs, chickens, milks, ect.

To sum it all, this place is like a paradise for Saitama.

Saitama then realized if he had his pocket or not and began reached into his short's pocket and pulled out his small wallet, just to make sure he has money to go to supermarket.

After he was sure the money was there, he then processed with a market basket and began to pick all the things he needs for his food stocks.

After few minutes of shooping, Saitama then went to the cashier with his basket full of soon to be his food stocks.

Saitama put the basket on the counter and pulled out his wallet. "So, how much I should pay for these?" He asked confidently as he opened his wallet slightly.



Saitama raised an eyebrow in confusion when he heard a loud noise that sounds like an alarm clock.

"I'm sorry sir, but the time is up. The sales are irrelevant now!" The chasier said that to the baldy in apologetically manner.

The words from the cashier made our favorite hero went pale as his body comically cracked like a shattered glass and dropped his wallet.

There is nothing he can do except comically shouting one word to the heaven itself.


Friday, July 29th 2015, 07:00 A.M, Earth, Z-City, Saitama's Apartment.


Saitama's eyes flew open and he forcefully kicked the silk sheets that were gathered around his form away when he heard the clock ringing. He then used his right hand and reached out the clock to press onto the clock to stop its rather annoying noises.

Saitama then let out a loud yawn as he stretched out his body a bit and rose up to sat on, in his opinion, soft and comfy bed until he realized something off.

'Wait a minute…soft and comfy bed?' Saitama thought as his hands feels the soft material he was sitting on before he looked down and noticed something off.

Because he was currently sitting on a king-sized bed with a majestic looking red blankets to cover it up and a bunch of fancy pillows, which were far too expensive for him to buy one.

Saitama then turned his attention to his apartment and also found something off. His apartment has suddenly rather more spacious than he remembered. Not only that, but it seems his apartment now has a rather huge living room with some fancy sofa, a highly crafted glass table and a flat-screen LED TV complete with sounds system, DVD, Karaoke, and even Playstation 3.

He turned to his right and noticed there was what it looks like a study rooms, complete with table, a big comfy chair, Laptop, computer and bookcase that contains some of his manga collections. He also spotted a door that he guessed to be a bathroom, probably has changed too.

"Good morning Saitama-kun!"

Saitama snapped his bald head to his left when he heard a very familiar voice. Walking out from the newly expanded kitchen, was S-Class Hero Rank 2, Senritsu no Tatsumaki [Tornado of Terror], with a tray of foods that was floating from her powers while dressed in a set of light green wool pajamas with patterns of swirly white clouds a set of light green wool pajamas with patterns of swirly white clouds.

"GAAAAAAAAH!" Our favorite hero freaked out loudly. He then pointed his shaking finger at the Esper. "W-W-What are you doing here?" He stuttered as if he just saw a ghost.

Tatsumaki only walked towards his bed, although she stumbled a little because the clothes were slightly too big on her. Despite being twenty eight years old, this clothes only made her looks childish, but also irresistibly adorable, though Saitama won't admit it out loud.

"What does it looks like Saitama-kun? I'm moving in here, I also had purchased two vacant apartments next to yours in order to expand your own apartment." Tatsumaki explained briefly as she put the tray of foods on Saitama's lap.

"How?" The baldy wondered out loud.

"I already move in my things to the two apartments I bought for the last five days, but I just demolished the wall last night while you were sleeping." Tatsumaki answered, causing the baldy gawked like an idiot as the girl giggle cutely at his reaction. "You were really a hard sleeper. You didn't even budge a little when I, will all my might, used my psychic power just to move you up to my bed. Were you having a sweet dream last night?" Tatsumaki asked curiously as she climbed onto the king-sized bed.

"Well, kind of…until it was ruined that that damn clock." Saitama mumbled the last part for himself before he just realized something. "Wait a minute, did you just say you moved me from my futon to your bed, as in this bed?" Saitama asked while pointed at the bed he was sitting on.

"Yes!" Tatsumaki nodded in respond.

"Were we slept together last night?" Another question from Saitama.

And another nod from Tatsumaki.

Saitama audibly gasped out in shock before pointed his finger again at the Esper who startled a bit at the sudden act. "YOU DIDN'T DO SOMETHING TO ME, DID YOU?" Saitama comically asked accusingly, causing the Esper's face flared up like a christmas tree.

"N-NO! OF COURSE NOT!" Tatsumaki denied as best as she could, but the thought of her and her idol doing adult things only made her face went even redder that before. "THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD DO SUCH THING WITHOUT SAITAMA-KUN'S PERMISSION!" Tatsumaki instantly shut her mouth with both of her hands as she finished said that before she buried her head on the bed in embarrassment.

Because her words from before was indicating that she was expecting of doing 'that' with Saitama.

Fortunately, Saitama was as dense as a brick and only reverted back to his poker face. "Oh, okay then." He said plainly as if nothing happens, much to the Esper's relief.

Saitama then looked down to a tray that sat on his lap before looked at Tatsumaki curiously. "What is this, Tatsu-chan?" He asked plainly, but with a hint of curious as well.

"Your breakfast…I made it special for you." Tatsumaki answered proudly, while inwardly sweating like crazy and hoped her idol would like her cooking.

Saitama looked back to his breakfast, which consisted of a rather huge grilled steak with a smell that made him hungry even more before shrugged his shoulder and took a fork, stabbing the steak in front of him and cutting it with knife before took a bite.

Saitama widened his eyes as he took the first bite, causing Tatsumaki looked at him with expectation. He removed the fork from his mouth, chewing the meat inside of his mouth few times before swallowed it whole.

"How is my cooking, Saitama-kun?" Tatsumaki asked her idol with big expectation.

Much to her surprise, Saitama immediately stabbed the steak again with the fork, shattered the plate the steak sat on before comically swallowed the huge slab of meat whole in an instant. Saitama then burped up loudly, so loud that the birds above his apartment made a brake for it.

Saitama then looked back to Tatsumaki, who twirled her index fingers like a giddy schoolgirl and smile warmly at her. "Wow, that was delicious Tatsu-chan! You're really good at cooking, thank you!" Saitama thanked sincerely to the Esper, never in his life before he'd ever taste a cooking as delicious as Tatsumaki's cooking.

Tatsumaki could only smile brightly at the complement and bowed to him. "Thank you, Saitama-kun!" She responded while inwardly cheering to herself as she just made a good impression to her idol.

Tatsumaki raised her head again after she remembered something important. "Oh yeah, today is the 54th Hero Certification Exam at Hero Association HQ in A-City." Tatsumaki reminded her idol who had a realization face.

"Oh yeah…that exam." Saitama then hopped off from the bed. "Better prepare myself then, you can take the bathroom first Tatsu-chan. I need to water my cactus first." Saitama said as he walked towards his balcony.

"Haaaaaaai…" Tatsumaki picked up the tray then hopped off from and began walked towards the bathroom before she audibly gasped as she dropped the tray on the floor. "Um…Saitama-kun?"

Saitama stopped from his track and looked over his shoulder to look at Tatsumaki. "Yes?" He raised an eyebrow.

"By you mean cactus, you mean the one that was on balcony?" Tatsumaki asked rather fearfully as her voice shaken a little.

Saitama nodded his bald head.

"Um…you see…" Tatsumaki was hesitating at first before spilled it out. "…the thing is…I, kinda threw it to a dump truck this morning when I went shopping because I thought you didn't need it anymore."





"SAY WHAT?" Saitama freaked out even louder than before.

"I-I-I…" Tatsumaki couldn't properly answer that.


Saitama comically wailed in grieve on the floor, causing Tatsumaki felt guilty even more. Some people may think that the bald man merely overdramatically over such trivial thing, but for Tatsumaki, her idol's sadness was hers as well.

"S-Saitama-kun, p-please don't cry…" That only made Saitama comically wailed even more as he rolled back and front like a child who didn't get what they wanted from their parents. "…O-Okay, fine. Please wait here…I'm gonna be back in thirty second." The Esper declared as she ran towards balcony, opening the glass door with her power before took off to the sky at high speed, leaving a green tail of light while searching for a dump truck that carrying her idol's precious cactus.

Saitama already stopped 'crying' and merely sat on the floor with still distraught about his cactus.

Exactly thirty second later, Tatsumaki burst in the apartment through the balcony with her entire body were covered by trash mucks, even her green medusa-like hair had been tainted by a decomposed apple and a fish bone.

"Here Saitama-kun…your cactus!" Tatsumaki held out the cactus Saitama talked about as if she presented it to him.

Saitama quickly snatched the plant from the Esper, dusted it off a bit and snuggled it to his face, ignoring the spines that were on that cactus which was nowhere near enough to even tickle him. "OOOOOOHHH, YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!" Saitama comically cried out in relief at the sight of his precious cactus.

Tatsumaki could only giggle at her idol antic before she noticed herself was dirty because 'something' she did to a poor dump truck. "I'll take a bath first Saitama-kun!" Tatsumaki called out as she floated towards the bathroom to clean up herself.

Saitama only nodded in respond without even looking at her. He then stood up to his feet and walked to his balcony before put his precious cactus on the floor. He took the watering can beside the pot and walked towards the kitchen to fill it in. After he finished filling in the watering can and was about to stroll back to the balcony, but he suddenly stopped and he picked up a remote before he turned 'his' new LED TV on.

The TV turned on and showed a news report.

"An accident has just occurred at A-City. A dump truck suddenly crashed onto Hero Association HQ where the 54th Hero Certification Exam being held. The driver survives from the crash and only suffers minor injuries. Still unknown the cause of this to happen, but thanks to this accident, the 54th Hero Certification Exam has been postponed for three hours in order to clean up a two metric tons of trash from the venue…"

Saitama didn't even bother to listens the rest of the report and walked to the balcony, crouching down and began to water his cactus. However, there's one thought that he had in his mind, regarding the recent news he just listened since he seems recognized the dump truck from the news.

'Wonder what the hell that dump truck from this city was doing at A-City?'

Friday, July 29th 2015, 10:12 A.M, Earth, A-City, Hero Association's HQ.

A black limousine stopped right in front of a tall, metal constructed building that possessed fifty floors and seemingly has no windows. This is the heart of organization that declared itself as the protector of humanity. This is the Hero Association Headquarter.

Today wasn't an ordinary day like usual since the building was crowded by approximately 2,400 of people that intend to register in 54th Hero Certification Exam. Some of the applicants were already in their costumes, turning the main hall like a convention for comicon.

The driver stepped out from the driver seat and went to the passenger seat to open the back door for his passengers. S-Class Hero Rank 2, Senritsu no Tatsumaki [Tornado of Terror], stepped out the car and followed by a certain blond cyborg named Genos.

"Ready to go, Saitama-kun?" Tatsumaki announced as she stood in front of the entrance. However, Tatsumaki titled her head in confusion when there was no respond from her idol. "Saitama-kun?"

Tatsumaki curious why the baldy didn't answer her and looked over her shoulder to see Saitama was sleeping soundly on the backseat. The baldy was snoring like a sleeping rhinoceros as bubble came out from his nose.

Genos also saw this and initiatively wake his sensei up from his sleep. "Sensei, we're here." Genos nudged his mentor slightly, causing the bubbled suddenly pooped out and instantly wake Saitama up from his slumber.

"Uh-oh…." Saitama slowly opened his eyes as he looked around before sat and rubbed his eyes while yawing tiredly. "Are we here already?" Saitama questioned to no one in particular but somebody answered him anyway.

"Yes, Saitama-kun. We're here, let's go!" Tatsumaki processed to drag her idol out of her limousine and walked in to the main hall while Genos followed the two from behind.

As they walked in, the three noticed some stares from the other. They could also hear murmurs from the crowd around them. The three of them didn't need to be genius to tell what that caused those crowd to do so.

First, probably because Tatsumaki, since she was a well known Hero after all.

Second was Genos, the cyborg noticed some stares from the girls applicants whose face were blushing, although Genos paid no attention to it.

The last one that mostly attracts the attentions the most was Saitama.

His appearance, his aura, everything about him screamed nothing but average. If it weren't for his bald head and the hoodie sweater with the word 'oppai' right and also possessed two curved line that perfectly described what the word means while being displayed as clear as the sun on the chest, people wouldn't even think twice about paying attention at the man.

Tatsumaki noticed the stares and paid no mind to it. Although she doesn't need to be a genius to tell that the crowds were mostly looking at her idol. 'Saitama-kun is soooo coooool…He didn't seems ashamed a bit despite wearing that ridiculous sweater.' Tatsumaki inwardly squealed within her mind while still couldn't believe it at how easily Saitama was able to ignore all those looks people gave to him.

And you couldn't blame her since Tatsumaki has experiencing the same thing before.

Back in the past, when the 14th Hero Certification Exam being held, she was the one who attracts attention the most due her diminutive size. People labeled her as 'dream little kid' or 'a lost child that get lost into adult world'. And right away, she used her psychic power and leveled an entire area within radius five kilometers when one of the administrators said to her 'Get lost you Brat! This examination is not for a scrawny little kid like you'. Luckily for her, due her immense strength, the association's upper ranks decided to brush it off as if nothing happen and right away accepted her and labeled her as S-Class Hero, making her the first one that got into the Top Class at the first try.

And the fact that Saitama was able to ignore all those people as if they were never exist, was a astounding feat in Tatsumaki's book.

Something that even someone like her, cannot hope to achieve that due her short temperament.

Tatsumaki processed to the front line while Saitama and Genos could only follow her lead. Behind the administration desk, was a tall young woman dressed in black suit with short black hair and purple eyes. The woman adopted a surprise look when she saw Tatsumaki walked towards her.

"T-Tatsumaki-san, why are you here?" The woman asked in rather surprised tone at the sight of one of the strongest Hero the association could afford.

This also gained attentions for the applicants on the front row as they also recognized the green haired Hero.

"Hey, isn't that Tatsumaki?"

"The S-Class Hero Rank 2? No Way! What is she doing here?"

"Could it be, she will be one of the examinators?"

"For real?! Then gone all the fame and money I always dreamed about."

Tatsumaki merely rolled her eyes and inwardly spat in disgust at whoever that said that last comment but she decided to ignore it since she had 'more important' matter to do. She then pulled out a manila folder from within her dress, which confused the hell out Saitama at ho she was able to store that thing in her dress that was so tiny.

"I'll make this quick! I want you to prioritize this man first!" Tatsumaki explained briefly as she put the folder on the administration desk.

The woman behind the desk was sweating like crazy and didn't know how to explain the situation to the Esper. "Um…but Tatsumaki-san…the administration for the exam isn't open yet." She explained politely while chose her word carefully since she doesn't want to anger such powerful person like Tatsumaki.

Tatsumaki's entire body suddenly glowed in green light as she heard the answer. "I don't give a fuck if it's not open yet, you'd better start the exam for Saitama-kun RIGHT NOW!" Tatsumaki was all but ordered with her authoritative tone, which scared everyone sans Saitama and Genos to death.

The woman nodded dumbly and quickly took the folder from the desk before comically scrammed to a door with the sign 'Examination Room' and entered the room.

"Hey…what about me?" Genos suddenly brought up, causing Tatsumaki snapped her head towards him.

"GO WAIT IN THE NEXT LINE LIKE THE OTHERS DID DUMBASS! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT IT'D BE RUDE TO CUT THE LINE WHILE THE OTHER APPLICANTS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HOURS?" The green haired Esper snapped at the cyborg, ignoring the look that the other applicants gave to her since she technically just did this rude thing she talked about.

"Ma, ma, Tatsu-chan…Genos is my student remember? I think it would be better if he's having exam with me." Saitama said to his fangirl who looked at him in surprise.

While deep down his heart he thought that it's not fair and sounds selfish for him to and Genos get special treatment from Tatsumaki, Saitama knew that it'd be a pain in the ass for him to wait for his turn after seeing such looooooong line from the outside.

After all, he's a very busy man, just like Tatsumaki described him off.

"But…" Tatsumaki was about to protest but after seeing the looks on her idol's face, she finally gave in, although reluctantly. "…Grrrr, fine! Give me your application paper!" Tatsumaki held her right hand out ad felt Genos placed a manila folder on it which Tatsumaki's took it.

Ten seconds later, the woman from before stormed out the room and went back to her desk as fast as she could since she doesn't want to anger Tatsumaki even more by making her wait.

"Hey, there is another one that I 'reluctantly' want you to prioritize first." Tatsumaki said as she emphasized the word reluctantly, much too Genos annoyance, as she placed the folder on the desk.

The woman cleared her throat first as she took the folder before she could speak again. "Ahem…um, Mr. Saitama and Mr. cyborg…please enters the room for physical exam." The woman informed the baldy who picking up his nose with his finger while still wearing his poker face.

Saitama merely nodded and waved at Tatsumaki who smiled at him as he and Genos waltzed towards the room the woman pointing at.

But an uproar immediately erupted like a volcano.






"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Tatsumaki roared like a ferocious dragon, effectively silenced the uproar. "LIKE I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF YOU HERE. I BEY YOU ONLY BECOME HERO FOR MONEY AND FAME!" Tatsumaki accused everyone of the crowd.

"T-That's not true." One of the crowds who got the ball to reply, stated although in scared tone.

"OH YEAH?!" Tatsumaki cracked her knuckles while a demented grin adored her face. "THEN ALLOW ME TO DECIDE WHETHER IT'S TRUE OR NOT!" With her entire body glowed in green aura, Tatsumaki slowly walked towards the crowds who were smart enough to back away as far as possible from the Esper, thought it's still not gonna save them from Tatsumaki's wrath.

However, it seems the god still like those crowds after all.

"Tatsumaki-san!" A male voice called from the other side on the main hall.

Tatsumaki turned her attention to her right to see a man with circular glasses and hazel colored hair that was parted in the middle, ran towards her in haste. The man stopped right in front of her and panted while tried to regain his breath.

"Oi Shido, what's the big idea?" Tatsumaki asked in rather annoyance.

The man named Shido was finally able to regain his composure before looked up to the Esper. "Tatsumaki-san, please follow me to meeting room now." Shido requested, earning a frown from the Esper.

"Can it wait? I'm about to beat some sense into these people until you interrupted me." Tatsumaki growled at the man wearing glasses, which scared the crowds even more.

"Please Tatsumaki-san, it's urgent." Shido insisted, causing Tatsumaki to grit her teeth before she calmed herself down.

"Grrrrr, Fine!" She huffed reluctantly before she glared fiercely at Shido. "But it'd better be worth it or else!" Shido could only nod his head as he led the green haired Esper to the meeting room, much to the crowd relief.



Tatsumaki turned around to the crowd once again and threatened them before followed Shido again to her previous destination, which is the S-Class Hero's meeting room.

Friday, July 29th 2015, 10:31 A.M, Earth, A-City, Hero Association's HQ, S-Class Hero's Meeting Room.

Tatsumaki and Shido walked into the meeting room where all S-Class Heroes usually had a meeting. The room currently has sixteen seats with each of them has number on the back. The room also has a huge rectangular table that was already installed with holographic computer inside of it.

Tatsumaki looked around and saw no one in the room except her and Shido. "Oi four-eyes…where are everyone else?" Tatsumaki asked the man wearing glasses who widely ignored the insult.

"Everyone is already leave…the meeting was actually over an hour ago." Shido answered the question.

But he suddenly gulped when he saw the look on Tatsumaki's face which indicating that she was utterly pissed. "Then why are you bringing me here?" Tatsumaki growled like an animal at the thought of got here for nothing.

Shido held his hands out in defense. "No, no, no…please don't angry Tatsumaki-san. I'm bringing you here to fill the subject of the meeting that you missed, this subject is truly important that All S-Class Heroes must aware about it." Shido explained and hoping Tatsumaki would understand.

Tatsumaki still glared at him before she huffed in annoyance and sat on one of the seat. "Make it quick! Because I have more important matter to attends." Tatsumaki ordered Shido who nodded in understanding.

"I promise it won't take long." Shido replied.

He then walked toward the table and placed his gadget on the table, which automatically activated the synchronization system. After the process is complete, several holographic screen suddenly appeared in front of Tatsumaki, which all of them showed a small one minute clip of battle in different location.

Tatsumaki saw some heroes on the videos such as S-Class Hero Rank 3: Silver Fang, S-Class Hero Rank 4: Atomic Samurai, S-Class Hero Rank 13: Lightspeed Flash, and S-Class Hero Rank 15: Metal Bat.

But the thing that piqued her attention more was the opponent those S-Class Heroes were fighting against with.

It was three meters tall male, but Tatsumaki could tell that the opponent isn't human. It is more like a large male android with a red skullcap, and has pointed ears. It is shirtless, and wearing green form fitting spandex pants with matching green armbands. The android's red eyes train on the assembled villains, and start glowing.

"What is that thing, Shido?" Tatsumaki asked with a hint of seriousness as she continued eyed the videos.

"It's name is A.M.A.Z.O. It's an android that was created by a group called 'The Organization'. It can literally copying and accessing its opponent's power and skills once it finished scanning them." Shido explained briefly to the Esper who looks quite shocked on the inside, although she did well to hide it from the man.

"What's the disaster level for this android?" Tatsumaki asked.

"It's Dragon for sure…since it's able to hospitalized four S-Class Heroes." Shido answered the question.

And that's the truth, since Tatsumaki saw on the videos the android finished off its opponent by using their own skills and power.

"So, the android now has Silver Fang, Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, and Flash's skills and power?" Tatsumaki wondered out loud.

If what she just saw was the truth, then it would be wise for her to be extra careful if she encounter with this android. She probably must destroy the thing first before it can scan and copy her psychic power.

'However, I don't think that thing could copy Saitama-kun's immeasurable strength.' Tatsumaki then imagined what would happens if the android and Saitama were to meet. 'That damn thing would get wrecked….horribly.' That's the only logical answer she could think about the outcome.


Tatsumaki heard Shido called her, which snapping her out from her thought. "Yes?" She raised an eyebrow at the man wearing glasses.

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"I'm fine! Are you done here?" Tatsumaki asked impatiently. Shido only nod in respond, which causing Tatsumaki beamed into smile. "Good! Now, if you please I got something to do." Tatsumaki then rose from her seat and floated out the meeting room headed towards the main hall to see her idol.

Friday, July 29th 2015, 10:40 A.M, Earth, A-City, Hero Association's HQ, Main Hall.

Tatsumaki had arrived at the Main Hall and noticed that the numbers of applicants had been cut down, probably few hundred but there were still more than a thousand of them. She looked around to find her idol, but she realized her diminutive size would only hinder her. So she floated up a few feet off the ground and look around to find the shiniest head she have ever seen but still couldn't find it.

'Where are you, Saitama-kun?' Tatsumaki thought in sadness that her idol left her behind without noticing her first.

"Tatsumaki…" Tatsumaki heard a familiar voice and looked down to see Genos looking up at her.

She knew Genos could clearly see her panties but she was sure that the cyborg isn't a pervert, that's at least one thing that she likes about him. "Oh it's you…where is Saitama-kun?" Tatsumaki asked rather rudely, causing Genos to inwardly sigh tiredly at her attitude but he's already got used to it.

"Sensei is currently in toilet….he should be back in few minutes." Genos answered to the Esper.

Tatsumaki merely nodded her head and sat on a free bench in the main hall, waiting for her idol to come out from the toilet. After waiting for a minute, the green haired Esper decide to kill some boredom by making a conversation with the cyborg who took a seat beside her.

"By the way, how was the certification exam?" Tatsumaki curiously asked.

"It was nothing but rubbish…" Genos answered rather loudly, causing the other applicants and few employees from Hero Association to look at him at the slight criticism. "…An exam like that is just a waste of time."

Tatsumaki merely hummed and nodded in agreement since she had the same opinion like the cyborg. "What's the result then?" Tatsumaki asked again, and Genos merely respond by showing her the exam result. Tatsumaki took the paper out from the folder and take a look at the paper.

Name: Genos

Gender: Male

Written Test: 50/50

Fitness Test: 50/50

Overall Result: 100/100

Designated Rank: S-Class

Tatsumaki eyed the result and raised her eyebrow since she had been expecting the cyborg would pass the certification exam in flying colors. She then process to give the paper back to the owner and continued sat in silence while waiting for her idol.

"Yo Tatsu-chan, Genos!"

Speaking of him, Tatsumaki's head snapped at her left when she heard her idol's voice ranged despite the commotion in the main hall. She saw Saitama walked out the toiled while still wearing his poker face.

"Saitama-kun…" Tatsumaki hopped off from her seat and floated towards her idol with Genos following from behind. "How was the exam? What is the result?" Tatsumaki asked eagerly, although she was a hundred percent sure that Saitama would get a perfect score too since that cyborg, who was a lot weaker than Saitama, was able to pass in flying colors.

Saitama lose his straight face expression a second when he heard the question. "Ummm…yeah, about that…" Saitama trailed off as he couldn't afford to tell Tatsumaki the result since he doesn't want to disappoint her who looked up him like a role model.

The baldy was about to hide the envelope without her knowing but Tatsumaki quickly snatched the envelope from him before he could do that. She tore the seal and took out the paper result while letting out a girlish squeals, which caught everyone's attentions.

"Weeee….I bet you're ranked as S-Class just like me….huh?" Tatsumaki suddenly stopped squealing when she had her eyes on the result.

Name: Saitama

Gender: Male

Written Test: 21/50

Fitness Test: 50/50

Overall Result: 71/100

Designated Rank: C-Class

"Un-un-un-un-un…" Tatsumaki began to mumble to herself.

"Um…Tatsu-chan, are you alright?" Saitama asked worriedly when he saw the look on Tatsumaki's face.

She wore an unreadable expression with her eyes were shadowed by her curly hair. Green aura starts flaring around her body as the earth itself seems trembled under the pressure by her psychic power. Some of the crowd wisely back away from the three when they saw the S-Class Hero Rank 2: Senritsu no Tatsumaki [Tornado of Terror], was about to explode in-





"UNACCEPTABLE!" Tatsumaki exploded like a volcano as she unconsciously used her power and breaking all the windows that the building had.

The crowd, sans Saitama and Genos, were screaming in terror as some of the crowd scared away and stormed out the building in panic. Some of them who weren't fast enough to get out the building were hiding behind or below some objects like: Table, sofa, metal bench, or inside of another room.

"HOW DARE THEY RANK SOMEONE AS AWESOME AS SAITAMA-KUN SO LOW?!" Tatsumaki bellowed in pure rage, causing some of the crowd begun to pray to the god and hopping to be saved from this 'God Level Disaster' as they put it. "I'M GONNA BEAT SOME SENSE INTO THEM FOR DOING SUCH BLASPHEMOUS THING!"

Tatsumaki was about stormed to the ones in charge if not for her idol hugged her left leg as if his life depended on it. "No no no no no, please don't! You will just embarrass me even more!" Saitama was all but begged comically to the Esper who looked at him in rather shocked expression.

"But Saitama-kun…they can't do this to you!" Tatsumaki tried to reason him.

Saitama patted her head and ruffled her beautiful green hair gently. "It's okay Tatsu-chan, all that really matters is I passed, rank doesn't matter to me. With this, the people will recognize me as Hero, not a villain." Saitama explained in rather gentle tone that's so rare he used.

Tatsumaki could only gasp at the explanation as she originally wanted to protest again. But from the look of her idol's face, she knew that he meant every word he just said. So she calmed down a little as she flared down her power, which stopped the shaking from before.

"I understand." Tatsumaki replied.

Saitama let out a small, yet sincere smile and began to walk out the building. "By the way, why don't we celebrate it? I'll treat you guys with Udon!" Saitama said, causing Tatsumaki and Genos to look at him with a smile.


The two replied with their respective answers as they followed the baldy, leaving the dumbfounded crowd in the messed main hall.

To Be Continued


Tatsumaki's moving in to Saitama's apartment: I can't really explain this right now, you might have to wait for next few chapter to know the answers.

Saitama's rank: I was originally planning to give Saitama a higher rank, but I need to do this for the progress between him and Tatsumaki to happen.

The Android: It's A.M.A.Z.O from DC Comic. It will appears in future chapter.

Shido: He's the man wearing glassed from Hero Association. I give him a name because calling him 'Bespectacle Man' is weird.