Summary: Naruto, Sasuke, and the nine other bijuu have successfully sealed the Jubi inside Naruto. Unfortunately it seems that the huge influx of power caused from the sealing tore a rip in the fabric of space. The Allied Sinobi Alliance believes Naruto to have perished taking the Jubi along with him and cherishes his memory, but they don't know that Naruto has been transported to a whole new world


Chapter 1: A Brand New World

Naruto awoke slowly, feeling like hell from all the stress put on his body. He could tell that the sealing had worked, he could feel a huge amount of power that had not been there before.

"Uhh...what the hell happened." Naruto took a moment to collect himself then he started to look around. Huh, strange he somehow ended up in a forest, was the power released so great that it blew him away from the battlefield? "Damn that hurt like a son of a bitch, glad it's over though if this doesn't make me Hokage then nothing will!" he said as he got up slowly. Since he needed answers he would visit his furry friend. Walking down the corridor that was in his mindscape he finally came to the spot where the great kyubi resided. "Oi! Kurama what happened when I was knocked out?"

"I don't know brat, I'm just as clueless as you right now." replied the great beast. Naruto looked up a his partner same red eyes, orange-reddish fur, and ten tails swaying behind him slowly. Wait…ten tails? "Kurama! What's with the extra tail!" yelled Naruto. At this Kurama grinned almost evilly "Looks like I absorbed the Jubi, now it looks like I really am the most powerful being in existence BWAHAHAHA." Naruto just looked at his partner and sweat dropped."That's great Kurama, but where are we, what happened to everyone, I can't even sense any chakra" Naruto said. Kurama stopped laughing "That is strange I can't sense any chakra either, huh I don't know what to tell you but I have really great news for you."

This certainly gained Naruto's interest. "Yeah! What is it"

Kurama smirked "Look down." Naruto raised an eyebrow, but did as he commanded and looked down into the sewer water and promptly became shocked at what he saw. His once sun-kissed blond hair had now become a now snow white color with a gray sort of tint to it. "What the fuck!" He said while moving his hair left to right inspecting it in the water.

Kurama just laughed "Kit I'm the new Jubi and you're my host which means you get some new traits, besides your hair you also have the rinnegan"

Naruto was dumbfounded, the rinnegan! The most powerful dojustsu in the world, under his command It was really surprising but it looks like Kurama wasn't done yet "Also I have no idea what happened but it seems you really have surpassed my father, you're immortal." Now that really got to him. Him? Immortal ? It seemed so impossible, so inconceivable. For minutes he just looked into the water thinking. This meant that he couldn't die by aging, maybe he could be killed. Would this mean all his friends would die where he would just continue to live a meaningless existence, sure he had Kurama but he just didn't think life would be worth it without his friends. He sighed he would figure it out later he needed to get back to the others first

"I guess that's good but I need to find the guys I'll talk to you later" he said throwing a wave over his shoulder. He came back back to the real world and started to find his way out of the forest. As he emerged from the forest he openly gaped at what was before him. Huge buildings as far as the eye could see, cars flying down the street, people in business suits, technology all over the place. Naruto couldn't help but gasp, where the hell was he? Wherever he was he could say he wasn't in the elemental nations anymore. "What In the name of the six paths" Kurama said from inside his head. "It seems like we're in a different world huh." Kurama chuckled weakly. Naruto quickly ducked back into forest behind a tree . "A different world! What do you mean?"

"It isn't totally impossible that all the power released created a rip through space and we traveled through it."

" Okay but how do we get back !" Naruto yelled inside his mind

"I..I don't think that's possible" Kurama said lowly

Naruto's heart stopped for a minute. Surely there has to be a way back, he still had to be Hokage, he still had friends to see, he still had to talk to a certain blue-haired girl, there were so many things to do!

"Kurama stop lying there has to be something, anything !" he basically begged the all mighty creature. Kurama remained silent for a while " In all my years of living I have never been in any situation close to this, the only way to go back to our dimension is to seal something with equal power to the Jubi, it can't be me since if I were to leave your body you would probably die even though your immortal right now I'm the one giving you immortality. Even if we can find a beast in this dimension that is as strong the Jubi we don't know if he'll just accept being sealed, unless he is evil we can't just take away something's freedom. If by an off chance we do find a creature that fits, the possibility to land in our dimension is one to infinity." He said

So basically he was fucked

The Jubi was a one of a kind creature who knows if he could travel through all these dimensions and find a creature even with half of its power. Kurama was also right in saying that we couldn't just lock the something or someone up without it agreeing, he would not do that just for his own desires. The chance to seal it too would be decreased since Sasuke wasn't here either. Even if by some miracle they caught this thing what was the chance he would end up in the elemental nations? He could be doing this cycle for millions of years and not come close. Damn it!

He couldn't help it Naruto slumped down to the ground with his back against the tree and started crying. He would never be Hokage, all his work the blood, sweat, and tears put into his training wasted. His life long dream out of reach, the one thing he had been striving for since he was five. Gone. Maybe he could deal with the loss of his position but his friends? No he couldn't live without his friends the ones who he had make such personal connections with, even though they teased him a lot when they were young they still accepted him when no one else had, he had something to fight for, something to protect, something that kept him falling into a pit of loneliness, Tsuande his surrogate mother, Sakura his first crush and great teammate, Sasuke his brother in all but blood, his other older brother Kakashi who was probably one funniest, most pervy, and most badass people he ever met. Gone. Hinata the girl who sacrificed her life to protect him from a person who was capable of leveling villages with a single attack in the name of Love. All Naruto had wanted as a kid was to love and be loved, but it never happened because everyone saw him as a demon.

But this girl even when they were young always looked at his best qualities even though he was the village pariah, she did it all the while seeing him fawn over Sakura and even through all the years never stopped until the point were she was basically trading her life for his in the battle against Pain. By the time he had come to terms with her confession the war was about to begin. He was hoping by its end he could ask Hinata on a date and saw how things went, but now his chance for love for the happiness he had always wanted. Gone.

His heart couldn't take it

"Naruto snap out of this! I know this is hard and that you'll miss everyone but you can't let this destroy you! Everyone back at home is praising you right now for what you did, without you there would be no elemental nations! I might not know much about friendship but I know that all the friends you had would want you to live your life happy this is new chance Naruto! A new life and new adventure! A-A-Aand no matter what hardships you face or whatever problems you come across I'll always be there for you Naruto you're my Friend!" Kurama yelled with finality.

Naruto raised his head up and stared in shock at Kurama's deceleration. Slowly a grin made its way onto his face. Kurama was right! This was a whole new adventure and Uzumaki Naruto always wanted adventure. He also knew that if he ever needed someone to rely on he always has Kurama.

" You're right Kurama I'll honor my friends and live life to the fullest and we're going to be so badass the world is going to recognize how amazing we are!" He yelled into the sky. Kurama grinned who knows what this world had to offer

" Shadow Clone Jutsu" yelled Naruto. After two seconds a group of Narutos emerged. "Alright guys split up and find out more about this world!" He yelled loudly. " Yes boss!" They all shot off in different directions. He sighed and turned around time to see what this world had to offer. He emerged from the shrubbery once agin and out on to the side walk where people were walking. He got some weird looks because he looked like he just walked out of a war zone, which he did. As we looked to skyscrapers towering above he couldn't help but smile. This was going to be so cool! As he was standing a random Japanese man bumped into him " Watch it you stupid asshole!" Yelled the man. Naruto sighed maybe it was going to be a little difficult.

1 year later

Naruto had learned a lot about this world it was beyond crazy. The humans here were so weak an five year old clan member with barely any training could take them down, while the humans were not really strong they were extremely intelligent, the technology here probably wouldn't arrive in the elemental nations for hundreds maybe thousands of years! Phones, cars , trains, and so much more. It was a lot to take in but to indulge in anything one needed money and unfortunately they didn't take his world's currency.

This is where he discovered another problem he needed to be citizen to get a job, without any papers you were a criminal in the country. It wasn't really hard, even though his aptitude for genjutsu was academic level that's all he needed to to get a passport and such for his person. Money wasn't really a problem when you had clones working multiple minimum paying jobs at different locations and a new book series called ' Tales of a Gusty Ninja' he was living quite comfortably.

He however had to learn multiple things like how to use this technology and how to drive cars and things like that. It was a good thing he had shadow clones really. He also did train fairly hard, Kurama was trying to help him gain control over his rinnegan, and since he has ever element sub elements like wood style too. Unfortunately since Hashirama was the one type of style Kurama had seen he couldn't really learn a lot of the other ones without a lot of difficulty. He also managed to recreate his dad's Hirashin too. He was no seal master but Jiraya did teach him a thing or two about sealing. Kurama was big help since he was trapped inside his mom he basically was the second most person to see it in action. And again really got to love the shadow clones. For the most part Naruto had tried to stay on the down low not releasing a lot of power unless he had to. He did however feel weird when he came in contact with certain people.

It wasn't chakra but he still got a weird feeling among certain people. Another thing he learned was that if you were 18 or younger you had to go to school. Kami kill him now! He hated school, Iruka's lesson had been so boring during his days at the academy but what was worse it that you couldn't even skip out on it or else it would be breaking the law. He had found that out the hard way when a police officer demanded Naruto to take him to his school, but since he didn't really have one he had to give the officer the slip.

So here he was in front of a school called Kuoh Academy, he had managed to get into it with his impressive (fake) scores from his other schools. The place up until this year was all girls and had recently become co-ed. He just went to it since it was the closest school there was to his apartment. As he stood in front of the school he couldn't help but be a little excited, he wondered what it would be like and how many new friends he could make. As he walked through the door everybody looked his way.

The girls blushed lightly while the boys stared on in jealously, especially a group of three boys mumbling something like 'another pretty boy' or something like that. But in all honesty they had the right to Naruto had a very slim looking body which you could tell there was plenty of muscle underneath those clothes. His eyes were the deepest ocean blue that somehow you could get lost in. His hair was rare, there were not really any people with silver hair, In fact in all of Japan Naruto has never found one, but still they contrasted nicely with his eyes and the headband was now gone too making his hair extend a little above his forehead just making him the center of attention. Finally to top it all off he had the whisker marks, every person couldn't help but wonder how he got those. Even though some might think it weird the girls thought it make him look even cuter.

As he walked down the hall he couldn't help but overhear some conversation

"Who is he?"

"Another pretty boy here to take all the girls"

"He looks hot"

"He kind of has the same hair as Koneko-chan"

Some girls were whispering among themselves and he gave them his famous Naruto grin making the girls blush and giggle lightly. He looked on confused before turning and walking to his home room class.

As he walked into the class everybody looked his way once again. " Class we have a new transfer student, Uzumaki-kun why don't you introduce yourself" the teacher said.

"Hello my name is Uzumaki Naruto and I look forward to being friends with all of you!"he said giving them his most dazzling smile. The class seems to smile at his friendly attitude as well. " That's great Uzumaki-kun why don't you take a seat behind Gremory-chan" the sensei said. Naruto did as he was told and took a seat behind a girl with beautiful Crimson hair. He got that feeling he did wherever he came across certain individuals so he had to be careful around her.

"Hello my name is Rias Gremory, Naruto-san" she said politely

"Please call me Naruto I don't like the honorifics, hope we can get along" he said shaking her hand. She smiled a little " Yes I hope so too" she said. The bell rang and the following hour was probably the most boring Naruto had experienced in his life.

Yay School.


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