A/N: Thank you guys for the support! I had a question of why Kuroka would prefer Naruto after 1fight, and I have to say it's just because he's a lot kinder and more considerate than Vali. Even if he did only small things, like buy chocolates and stuff, he also made that promise to her which made her see that Naruto is truly a one of a kind nice and kind person. So what would you prefer an strong guy who just wants to fight people, or a strong guy who shows that he cares. Not to bash on Vali I like him and I know he cares for his team deep down, plus all the stuff he went through, but I think the choice would be obvious. Thanks for liking the story, hope you enjoy this chapter.


Chapter 7: The Phenex Can't Rise

Naruto sighed as he sat down on the couch. It had been 3 days since the battle with the sacred gear users. Some things happened during that amount of time. He had quite a talk with Kuroka a couple nights ago. He had talked about his life as he said he would, but he made sure to tell her about happy parts of it like meeting his friends, training with Jiraya, and messing with grandma Tsuande. He obviously made sure leave out parts about a village or that they could use chakra. She had told him some of the stuff she and Koneko had did while they were on the streets.

Turns out they were quite the pranksters back in their childhood, sometimes they messed with Devils for entertainment. He smiled at that, how ironic he did the same stuff as a kid. Him and Kuroka also did some training over the past couple of days, she had tried to teach him youjutsu and he had tried to teach her some basic chakra techniques. Apart from that Naruto had unlocked another sub-element and had spent most of his time trying to master it with shadow clones. This had been one of the first ones he had tried to use because this particular element held a value to it that all the others didn't. Aside from that Paris was really cool, he really liked all the scenery and people. He sighed as he itched his his neck, which was surrounded by a a dress shirt collar.

Right now he was blacked out. He was wearing a black dress shirt, black dress pants held up by a nice black leather belt, and a silky black tie. Yes, Kuroka had managed to seduce/threaten Naruto into taking her on a date. He had tried to point out that he didn't have any money, but she said she would handle it despite his protests.

So here he was sitting on the couch ready to go. To be honest he was kind of nervous, he'd never been on a date before, wasn't he suppose to bring her flowers or something? He was afraid he was going to screw this up, he wasn't exactly good with all this stuff. Before this whole thing she told him not to sweat it and think of it as friends going out, well after teasing him for a while. He liked the choice of clothing, all the black went good with his sliver hair. He wouldn't be so stupid as to wear something orange. He might not have a fashion sense, but even he knew that orange and his hair didn't match. Naruto thought about how the peerage was doing, in one week Rias would go against Riser in the rating game, and Naruto didn't know if they had what it could take to win. He stared at the ceiling as, he waited for Kuroka to get ready as he contemplated if Rias had why it took to win.

"Hey, I'm ready to go nya~." He heard Kuroka say from the door. He turned his attention to her and he became a loss for words. She was wearing a strapless black dress, there was a slit down the side that showed her leg off. Behind her back where the zipper was suppose to be was a bunch of strings loosely tied together showing her back a little, the dress hugged her body, showing her curves and breasts. It was enticing to any man.

She smirked at his reaction"What? Stunned speechless nya.~" she said, striking a very sexy pose. He was indeed stunned speechless, a blush appeared on his face. This was somehow worse than when she dropped the towel! It was like the dress was mocking him! It was like it was tempting him to see what was underneath it. If only he could take it off …

He shook his head to clear his pervy thoughts. He got himself under control and gave her a awkward smile "You look really nice." He offered her a complement

"Thank you, you look handsome as well nya~." She said giving him a flirty smile. He blushed a little a little at the compliment, getting called handsome by a girl gave him a sense of pride. .

"Thanks, let's get going then." He said getting up and opening the door for her like a gentlemen. She smiled and walked through and going towards the elevator, "You didn't tell me where we we going." Naruto said as they got to the lobby.

She looked at him "That's a surprise nya~." She said and giggled at his disappointed face and kept walking. While walking to wherever Kuroka was taking them he heard her say "You know you were suppose to offer me your arm Nya.~" Naruto looked a little surprised, he had seen couples do that sometimes. "Well?" She asked expectingly.

He panicked a little and said "Eh? Uh here." He said awkwardly holding his arm out.

She gladly took it and said"Much better nya.~". She said leaning into his arm. He blushed a little at what she was doing, but he had to admit having a beautiful girl hanging off your arm felt kind of good. A couple minutes later they arrived in front of the Eiffel Tower and Kuroka stopped and forced Naruto to stop with her.

They had to say it was amazing, the tower was lit up all the way because it was night. It was so magnificent and beautiful standing huge and tall, it was truly a sight to behold.

After setting his sights off the tower he turned to look at Kuroka and asked "Why are we here." He said getting confused.

"We're going to have dinner here Nya~." she said walking towards the monument dragging Naruto with her.

"You mean there's a restaurant on that thing?" He said in a slightly disbelieving tone. That sounded pretty cool to him. "Of course you can, it's one of the best restaurants in Paris nya.~" she said. He was surprised that she booked such as nice restaurant. He felt a kind of bad that she was spending so much money on him, but he had told her before and she didn't listen.

They had made their way up the huge tower to the restaurant, and made it to the man in charge of the reservations. He looked inside the restaurant and saw that it looked really nice and fancy. Naruto got a little uncomfortable, he wasn't really good in these type of settings it all seemed to be a little too much for him.

"I have your reservations ma'am, follow me to you're table." She nodded and hooked her arm around Naruto's while following after the waiter. Many men turned their heads towards Kuroka and started to gawk at the beauty, stunned at the women before them. They then looked to see her arm wrapped around a silver-haired man's, and glared at the man with looks of jealously thinking how lucky that guy was. Before they could stare any longer their dates smacked them and started to yell at them for staring at other women while they made petty excuses.

Naruto felt compelled to grin at the looks of jealously they gave him, it looked like he had the best looking date here. Naruto and Kuroka sat down at a table near the edge of the railing.

"Here are your menus, I will be back shortly to take your order." He said with a small smile. Kuroka understood what he said and thanked him, she began looking over her menu when she heard Naruto make noise.

"Uh what's good here." He said looking at the menu confusingly. She smiled at his confused face as he tried to figure out how to read the French menu."The lobster is really good you should have some nya~." He nodded at her reply, she would know a lot more than him at this stuff.

The waiter returned an took their order "I'll be right back with your food." He smiled again before leaving. While waiting for the food they decided to make some conversation.

"Then granny Tsuande punched him clear through the wall!" Naruto said laughing. He was attracting quite a bit of attention being so loud in a formal setting, but Kuroka didn't seem to mind.

"Your sensei was a big pervert Naruto-kun." She said a hand over her mouth while laughing. Naruto sure had a lot of funny stories to tell. The way he was explaining it by enthusiastically making hand gestures just made it even one was about Tsuande chasing down Jiraya after he tried to sneak into her house to catch a peak while she was showering. She had chased him through the town basically naked, making whoever she ran by jaws drop.

"Yes he was but he was still a good guy." Naruto said smiling fondly. The waiter came to their table with plates of food.

"Here you go, I hope you enjoy" he said before tending to other tables. It took a little bit of help from Kuroka in order for Naruto to figure out how to eat the lobster, because he never had any before. Once he figured out how to get to the meat, he loved ever single bite of it. It tasted amazing! Not as good as ramen but not bad. The rest of time at the dinner table was spent nicely, they both talked and laughed while enjoying their meals. After finishing their food Kuroka paid for the food, and took Naruto to one of the higher levels of the tower. They appeared on a balcony on the highest floor you could get too. They both went to the edge of the railing and looked at the the city. The wind was blowing in their faces as they saw the lights from the huge tower. Kuroka was captivated by they beauty of it, Paris was truly amazing. Naruto looked at Kuroka enjoying the wind in her face while she gazed at the the candle lights of the city below. Naruto couldn't help but think she was beautiful.

Her normally mischievous face was calm and peaceful. She was like a work of art leaning over the railing a small content smile on her face, as the wind blew her hair behind her wildly. Naruto realized that this is why she loved Paris, what could top this view? and the calmness and ease you could feel up from this tower away from the stress of this world could make anyone feel wonderful. It was a heaven for Devils.

"This is the fifth time I've been to Paris and it never gets old Nya.~" she said to him. He walked up next to her and looked down

"I can see why, it's hard for this to ever get old." He said. She nodded and for a couple of minutes they stood there just enjoying the view.

She sighed "We should go I still want a walk in the park nya.~" she said turning away from the railing. Naruto took one last look before turning around and catching up with her. They were walking through the restaurant again as Naruto thought on how well this night was going. Kuroka seemed to be enjoying her time with him which was good with him, he did want to make this fun for her after all.

Lost in thought he failed to notice something in front of him and bumped into someone spilling alcohol on them. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there." He said feeling bad he spilled alcohol on this man. Naruto offered a hand to pull them up but it was smacked away as two men went to help him up instead.. When the men helped him up Naruto saw it was a pretty fat man, with glasses and short black hair. He had two good looking women behind him and they both held on to his shoulders. He also looked pretty mad with his expensive suit drenched in some of the alcohol he was holding.

"Punk, watch where you're going." He said to Naruto pushing him back and onto the floor.

"Hey look man, I said I'm sorry it was an accident." Naruto said getting back up and dusting himself off.

"An accident? Do you know who you're talking to? Name's Frank Angelo international businessman. I own the number 1 business in France." That made sense if he could understand Naruto he must have had some partners in Japan.

"Alright just cut it out, he said he was sorry nya~." Kuroka said really disliking this guys attitude. He responded by throwing the remaining alcohol at her face. Not expecting such a reaction from a small statement she was hit square in the face with the liquid covering her hair and dress. She wiped the alcohol off her face as her features turned from surprise to anger, she snarled at the man with furiously

"Shut it whore, I wasn't talking to you." He replied aggressively. Just as Kuroka was about to whip this guy's ass, Naruto beat her to it.

"I don't give a fuck who you are, you better apologize before cave your face in." Naruto yelled at him. The restaurants full attention was on these two now as the waited for the upcoming fight. He looked at Naruto before laughing

"You're got some guts kid, most people would be on the floor begging for forgiveness. I'll show you why you shouldn't try to be hero though." It was true many people in the restaurant knew about Frank, apart from his company, he did some …. Business on the side. They knew messing with this guy was some shit you didn't want to do. Naruto wasn't one of them though, and in one swift motion punched the man in the face. He stumbled back getting caught by his girls. He glared at Naruto through his broken glasses and said "boys." Naruto cracked his knuckles as two of his bodyguards came in front of him. This was going to be fun.

The Park

The fight went as expected, Naruto trashed all the thugs and left a bewildered crowd behind. Poor guys didn't even know what hit them before all of them ended up unconscious. He had gotten Kuroka some napkins to try and get rid of the alcohol that the man had spilled on her, and then hit the streets. He kept taking sideways glances at her annoyed face during a he entire trip to the park, Kuroka hadn't talked to him the whole way there. He was such an idiot! If only he looked where he was going that douche wouldn't have threw alcohol on her. He sighed she probably hated him right now for ruining their night. Kuroka and Naruto made their way over a bridge over looking the a river inside the park.

Naruto decided he should offer some sort of apology to her and walked over to her, in an apologetic tone he said "Sorry I messed up, if I hadn't been so clumsy that guy wouldn't have ruined your dress."

She looked at him before smiling "It ok in fact it was pretty fun! Nya~." Kuroka said amused. Naruto looked at her confused

"It was?" Not seeing her point.

She nodded "When you dumped hot fudge down his pants it more than made up for it." She said giggling. He started at her before smiling. "Life doesn't get boring with you around Naruto-kun Nya." She said.

He rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed by her compliment "It's fun having you around too you know."

She smiled "But I expect another date later to make up for it okay? Nya~." She said getting close to him. He blushed but said nonetheless "It's a deal." He said smiling. They both then turned to look at the water while standing there underneath the moonlight.

5 days later

And go out again they did. Since they had teleported the sacred gear users to Grigori, Azazel said it was alright to spend sometime in Paris. They went to various places around Paris, visiting places like parks, buildings, and other places. Naruto could say he really enjoyed spending time with Kuroka. Sure she teased him a lot but she was fun and hilarious. Naruto also spent time with Kuroka training with his new sub-element and he had to say he had almost mastered it.

Unfortunately all their time together was coming to an end as Naruto said he had to get back home in order to check out something. Kuroka had said that she knew he was checking on Rias' peerage. She explained to him that she was the small presence that he felt in the church where they recused Asia and the time they took down the stray in the form of a cat. She said that she only spied on him because she sensed that he could use senjutsu. He understood, if he was in her position he would check out another source of senjutsu if he found one, plus her sister was in the peerage so she checked up on her from time to time. She then offered him a place to watch the rating game happen. He questioned why they were spying on Devils. She retorted by saying that Devils did the same thing. He didn't really have an answer for that, she was a devil after all so she would know, plus it was just a rating game after all.

So here he was sitting with Kuroka, Azazel, Bikou, and Vali in front of a screen waiting for the game to start. "Why are you guys interested in this game anyway." Said Naruto

"Well now we know that Issei Hyoudou has a Longinus, we want to see what it can do." Said Azazel.

"Yes I'm interested in seeing what my rival can do." Said Vali. 'Rival? Does Issei know this guy?' He thought looking over at Vali.

"It's a going to be a good fight, a immortal Phenex versus the Gremory's power of destruction." Said Bikou interested in this game. "Immortal?" Naruto questioned. He had seen Rias use the power of destruction before and Risers use of fire, but he had never heard of the immortality before.

"Yes, the members of the Phenex family can heal almost instantly from all attacks, their tears can also heal any injury." Said Azazel. Damn that sounded extremely hard for Rias to combat, how would Rias best someone who was immortal?

"The match between Riser Phenex-sama and Rias Gremory-sama will now begin." They heard Grayfia say as the screen came on. Naruto looked at the setting of the match and found it surprisingly familiar.

"Why are they at a school, and why is there no one there?" It was like noon on a Monday, if all the people suddenly disappeared the shadow clone he left behind would have informed him.

"They can make any platform to fight on." Said Azazel simply. That was surprising and it sounded pretty cool too, he wondered how Devils could do that. As the game started Naruto just bit his lip nervously and hoped for the best. He really didn't like the idea of Rias joining Riser's personal harem. He watched as Rias and her peerage came up with a plan to combat Riser's peerage.

"Smart decision." Said Azazel. They had decided that first they were going to have Issei and Koneko lure some people into the gym and when Akeno charged up her electricity magic, she would blow the whole building away. Naruto watched anxiously as Issei and Koneko made their way towards the gym. He saw them open the door to the gym and come in contact with a couple pawns and a rook. Koneko sprung into action and engaged the rook while Issei squared off against the pawns.

He was more concerned about Issei then he was about Koneko, if he had to be honest Issei was the weakest in the group. He watched as Koneko engaged the rook dodging several kicks. Some of her clothes got burned off as the women attacking her swiped a flaming foot down barely missing her. They engaged each other again in a flurry of punches and kicks that held great strength behind them. His vision turned to Issei as he saw him get knocked into a wall by what looked to be some wind staff user. It was going to be difficult for Issei since he was going against three pawns at the same time, but hopefully he could get through. He sighed as he watched Issei run away comically from twin girls with green hair. They were chasing him chainsaws that he managed to avoid.

"I'm severely disappointed." He heard Vali say.

He sighed again, at least it looked like he was faster after Rias' training but that was about it. He continued to watch until he saw Issei rush up to all three girls and plant some sort of magic circle on them. His eyes widened when Issei started to go through hand movements, he wondered what this move could be. Could he have underestimated Issei and he had really gotten more stronger than he anticipated?. He watched Issei complete the last movement and say "Dress break". Suddenly all of the girls …. clothes ripped off? Every was surprised at the move except Naruto who face palmed, why?! Only Issei would come up with something like that!

"This can't seriously be him." Vali said to himself not believing his rival was this pervert.

"I'm not really into the kids, but the blue haired girl has a good body." He heard Azazel say with a smirk on his face. He looked at Azazel strangely

"You're a pervert too?" Naruto said. "Hmm I guess you could say that, I've had my fair share of harems over the centuries. I can even give you some tips." Azazel said looking at Naruto slyly. Naruto quickly rejected

"No way! I'm not like that." Naruto proclaimed. He would never have a harem, he just wasn't that type of guy….. right?

He watched as all the girls ducked down in order to hide their body parts while cursing at Issei. He just kept smiling and staring at them dreamily. "Pervert" they heard Koneko say and Issei's mood immediately dropped. Koneko had managed to dispatch her rook easily enough and soon they walked out of the gym. Suddenly there was a huge lighting blast that destroyed the whole gym in one hit, above the building was Akeno just hovering there with a blush on her face. He shivered as he remembered some of the things she said she would do to him. "2 of Riser-sama's pawns and one of his rooks have retired." He heard Grayfia say.

"You okay, you look a little shaken up nya~." Kuroka asked him. He just shook his head and nodded while sending her a smile

"I'm good" Naruto said turning his head back to the screen. The screen turned to 3 girls wandering through the forest setting off traps

"Man these traps are pathetic." Said one of the girls while setting of another trap. Suddenly a thick mist settled upon them and they all went on alert. "What's happening." Said another one of them as Naeuto saw a dark figure moving throughout the most. Suddenly Kiba came out of a bush and headed towards them at blinding speeds. He watched as Kiba took down three of the pawns quick as lighting and they all disappeared in particles of light. "3 of Riser-sama's pawns have retired." Grayfia said. He smiled it looked like they were winning, if they could take out 6 pieces that easily they had a good chance to win this thing.

That line of thinking was cut short when he saw that Riser had deployed the rest of his pieces. He watched as Akeno and Yebullana went against each other going back and forth with lighting and explosions. It looked like Akeno was pretty weak from using that attack back there, but it looked like she could pull it off. Akeno managed to hit her with a lighting strike and injuring her pretty badly. He then saw her pull out of vial of liquid weakly from the floor.

"Phenex tears, she's going to heal herself." He heard Bikou say. That's exactly what happened, it looked like she didn't even get hit in the first place as she got back up and was suddenly overwhelming Akeno. Naruto grit his teeth as he saw Akeno get blasted out of the sky. Those tears were such a huge advantage, it had to be cheating or something. "Rias-sama's queen has retired." Grayfia said over he speaker.

"That seems so unfair, having a thing that could instantly heal you." Naruto said. Azazel shook his head.

"The Devils made a rule that you could only use them twice per game. " Azazel said his eyes not leaving the screen. Naruto still didn't think it was fair, and instant heal didn't sound good to him.

Kuroka gripped the chair as she saw Yebullana sneak up behind Koneko and blast her away also. "1 of Rias-sama's rooks have retired." Grayfia said. Damn this was not good Rias had 4 pieces left while Riser still had 6. Things were not looking good for them.

He watched as Issei rage at Yebullana for hurting Koneko and his sacred gear start to glow as he prepared to attack her. Suddenly Kiba bursted out of the forest with some other pieces following closely behind him.

"Kiba!" Issei yelled running towards him.

"Issei! Are you alright." Kiba said rushing toward them also.

"I'm good but that girl hurt Koneko-chan." Issei said getting back to back.

"Issei we have to work together to take these guys down." Kiba said raising his sword. Issei nodded as they prepared to make their move. One of the girls had introduced herself as Riser's sister which really shocked Naruto.

'He has his sister in his harem?' He thought to himself. He knew that he was probably thinking a little too weirdly and Riser probably didn't do anything sexual with his sister, but seriously having you're her in the middle of that harem business? Kind of messed up.

He then saw Issei rush towards a girl with a mask covering half of her face. He saw plant another small magic circle and sighed did that have to be the only move he could use? He watched Issei use his dress break again one on the orange haired girl while Kiba's opponents looked towards the battle and backe furious. They started to curse at him while Kiba apologized for Issei's behavior. He would have face palmed again if it weren't for that fact that Issei followed up by some sort of huge beam of red coming out of his sacred gear and blasting her away into the sky "1 of Riser-sama's rooks has retired." Grayfia said.

"At least he can use one of his sacred gear abilities." Vali said still looking pissed off. Issei then did something crazy and suddenly a huge pillar of green light erupted from him and his sacred gear changed. Naruto had no idea what the hell Issei did but he assumed this was good "What did he do." Naruto asked wanting to know if this power boost could give them the upper hand. "He leveled up his sacred gear a little, it's not much but it will give him some more power." Vali said. Naruto nodded maybe they could pull this off.

He saw Kiba stab his sword into the ground while Issei's sacred gear said "Transfer". He was surprised when he saw thousands of swords come out of the ground and pierced several pieces making them all glow and float away in particles of light.

"2 of Rias-sama's Knights, 2 of his pawns, and one of his bishops have retired." He heard Grayfia say. Naruto cheered loudly like a football fan who's team just scored a touchdown. He turned to look at all the weird looks they were giving him and froze with his hands in the air

"Eh..Sorry, I get excited easily." He said lamely. He just couldn't help himself, Issei out of all people just leveled the playing field! How rare was that.

Back to the screen the victory was short lived when he saw Kiba get destroyed by one of the explosions that Yebullana set off. "1 of Rias-sama's Knights has retired." Grayfia said.

Naruto bit his lip, this was very close. That Ravel girl looked like she didn't want to fight so the odds were 2 to 3 in Rias' favor. Yebullana retreated back to where Rias and Asia were currently fighting against Riser. Issei decided the best move was to go after her and help Rias he made it to the building Rias was one he stopped

"Promotion queen." Issei said before running to the rooftop. Naruto had forgot that if you enter enemy territory you could promote to any piece. He grinned a little it seemed Issei would be the deciding piece in this battle.

"This is going down to the wire." He hard Azazel say. "Yea it's a pretty close match." Bikou said staring at the screen intently. Issei made it to the rooftop just in time to see Rias protecting herself from Riser's fire attack. He joined them as Riser's queen floated behind them.

"Give up Rias, you wouldn't want your precious pawn or bishop to get hurt would you?" He said smiling. Rias grit her teeth at his words and stepped forward

"We won't go down without a fight Riser." She said, confidence in her voice. This was it the final showdown. Rias started to unleash some of her power before a huge explosion went off.

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw that Asia and Issei were caught up in a explosion caused by Yebullana. If they were defeated then it was the end for Rias. Surprisingly Issei stopped the attack with his body, leaving behind a tear in his shirt. It seemed that the queen promotion was a good choice. Unfortunately Asia seemed to be knocked out cold from the impact of the explosion though, so she was out of the game.

Shit, Riser was in the position to win now. With his queen and him against a drained Rias and Issei there was no way that Rias could win. He hoped that by some miracle it would happen though, he didn't want Rias to marry some douche that'll ruin her life. Rias was quickly losing all her power so Issei had no choice but to go out and fight. Naruto crossed his fingers as he saw Issei run toward Riser while his sacred gear started to glow.

All of Naruto's hopes got dashed when he saw Issei tumbled to the ground as his sacred gear lost its power. Issei slid down the roof as Rias called his name. Before she could get to him Riser appeared holding him.

"Surrender Rias" he said. She looked hesitant to do so, she didn't want to spend the rest of her life with him, but Issei's life was in danger

"Don't Buchou! Keep fighting!" Issei said weakly. Riser was annoyed by Issei's talking and started to deliver blows to Issei injuring him severely. Rias tried to make a move towards him, but Yebullana stopped her and she was too weak to fight back.

"So Rias? Ready to be my bride." Riser said cockily.

"I-I" she started but was cut off "No" Issei was on the ground coughing up blood.

"Don't do it Buchou" he said all strength leaving his body as he struggled to stand. Riser was once again angry that this pest kept getting in his way.

"Be silent!" Yelled Riser punching Issei in the face. Issei tumbled to the ground. Riser walked up to him and started to kick him in the stomach. He coughed up more blood, there was nothing he could do as Riser unmercifully beat him into a pulp, he could see his life flash before his eyes as blood started to pool around him.

"Please stop! I surrender! Please just stop hurting him!" Rias yelled. Pushing past a smirking Yebullana and to Issei's body. "Game over Rias-sama has forfeited, Riser Phenex-sama is the winner." Grayfia announced.

Riser smirks at his victory and walked away leaving Rias to cradle Issei's beaten up body. "I-I'm so s-sorry." She heard Issei say before she started to cry. The screen went black after that.

Naruto sat there frozen. He couldn't believe it.

They lost.

He gritted his teeth so hard he thought his jaw might break. Riser had beaten one of his friends within an inch of his life with no regret, and was now going to have Rias as his bride. The whole idea infuriated him, there was no way he was going to let Riser get away with that!

"You okay man." Bikou asked.

He could not contain the anger on his face as he said"Just fine, I'm leaving now." He then got up and walked out of the room. Kuroka quickly followed behind him.

"I was expecting Kuroka to get mad since that that red head girl's peerage is now going to be practically under Riser's control so her little sister is going to be owned by that guy." Said Bikou out loud. Azazel nodded but in truth he had found out about Naruto's connection with these Devils some time ago; Kuroka had indeed reported it to him when she first saw him defeat a stray devil. Judging off what he knew about Naruto, Azazel knew this would get him angry since he was very loyal to his friends. He just sighed and hoped Naruto didn't go do anything like blow Riser's head off.

Outside the room

"Naruto what are you doing nya.~" Kuroka asked.

"Well isn't it obvious? I'm going to go bash Riser's head into the ground." He said anger in his voice.

"Do you even know where Gremory territory is? Nya.~" she asked. He stopped in his tracks, then sighed he had no idea how to get to the Gremory ground.

"How do I get there?" He asked calming down.

"I'll take you there, there's no way I'd let a person like Riser have control over my little sister. I can't go there for obvious reasons so I'm trusting you to get this done okay?" She said seriously, she loved her sister very much and there was no way that harem loving weirdo was going to control her.

"I promise there is no way I'm going to screw this up." He said smiling. She nodded grateful that he was doing this for her and her sister.

"I'll drop you off close to the Gremory Mansion when the wedding starts okay Nya.~? He nodded and sighed he would have to wait a while before it started. When it did though, Riser was getting his ass handed to him.

3 days later Wedding Ceremony

Naruto was feeling quite good right now. He was wearing a tux given to him by Azazel for the wedding. If felt like he was some sort of secret agent going to go crash this ceremony, and crush Riser.

"You look really handsome Naruto-kun." Kuroka purred in his ear from behind him. He blushed faintly and smiled

"Thanks, but we should get going." Naruto said turning to Kuroka nodded.

"You'll have to get away from me as soon as we appear, I might be able to his myself with senjutsu but my sister might catch my scent unlike the times when you were fighting against that stray and those fallen angels because she'll be more focused on her surroundings." Naruto nodded it made sense, Koneko was probably focused on fighting and watching him kill that stray at those times.

"Ok I'll make sure to head straight inside after we get there." He responded. She activated a magic circle and in a bright flash of light they were gone.

Satan Territory

Naruto and Kuroka appeared outside the Gremory manor where the wedding was suppose to be held. He had to say the place was probably bigger than any palace he had seen in the elemental nations. The front yard was huge! The lawn looked like it was cut by a professional into a bunch of intricate patterns that looked absolutely beautiful. In front was a tall gate that was lined with bricks which small trees on both sides. Past the gate there was a big fountain spewing out crystal clean water. Behind that was probably the biggest mansion he had ever seen, he couldn't help but let his jaw drop.

"R-rias' family owns all this." Naruto said shocked beyond belief.

Kuroka smiles "Actually she owns territory the size of a huge city in Japan. But that's not important you better get going." Naruto shook his head, trying to keep his surprise from showing that Rias owned that much. He stepped away from her and started to go to the house "And Naruto." He heard Kuroka say. He stood and looked at her "Kick his ass Nya.~" she said smirking.

He gave her a thumbs up "You got it!" He yelled running towards the mansion. She smiled a little, almost feeling sorry for Riser before activating a magic circle and heading back to fallen angel territory.

Naruto hid behind the gate wall as he inspected guests coming into the house through the gates. He knew the only way to get through was through the gate if he didn't want to break the barrier surrounding this house and alert the guards. He thought about transforming into one of those guests and sneaking in, but the guards could tell that he wasn't a devil. He closed his eyes and thought of ways to get inside without alerting the guards. His eyes snapped open, what the hell was he doing? He was supposed to be crashing this wedding not trying to sneak in and assassinate someone. He was about to go bust through the front gate and show everyone not to fuck with him, when he stopped and looked at the tree. He snapped his fingers as another idea came to mind. He took out a Hirashin kunai while turning around and firmly implanting it inside a tree, now he had an easy way to get to the underworld without someone having to teleport him.

After getting that done he turned around and went towards the front gate. The guards saw him approaching and made a move to stop him

"Stop! Who are you? You're not allowed in here." Said one of the guards. Naruto just brushed off his hand and walked past him. He didn't make it very far when a spear was thrust at him. He grabbed the spear without looking and shattered it by squeezing his hand. The devil stumbled back in surprise before Naruto turned around kicked him in the head, sending him crashing back into the gate. The gate broke down as the devil crashed into it any many of the party guests and devil guards started to take up defensive positions. Naruto smirked as dozens of Devils started to swarm him all intent on taking him down. He dodged to the left as another guard tried to slash him across the face, and delivered a quick punch to the man's to mans stomach knocking him out cold. He jumped upwards as some balls made of purple energy tried to attack him but just missed and exploded behind him. He descended upon the person who fired those at him and delivered a kick to his face. The man was knocked out in one hit, and multiple other Devils tried to shoot dark red beams at him.

He dodged left then jumped up to avoid the beams and while in the air he threw several Hirashin kunai amongst the small group. He disappeared in a flash of yellow, and reappeared in front of the small group and kicked them all away at once.

More people charged at him but he just dodged all their punches and magic while batted them away like flies. These people were nothing but a nuisance to him. He made his way to the entrance of the wedding ceremony punching and kicking people all the way. All it took was one hit from Naruto and they were knocked out cold. He bended backwards to avoid another kick before he delivering a knee to a man's abdomen. The man coughed up some blood before he slumped to the ground. Naruto looked behind his back to see hundreds of Devils knocked unconscious and laying on the ground. He turned his attention back to the large set of door where the wedding was being held, he was about to knock it down before he heard someone shout.

"Naruto?! What are you doing here." He heard Issei's surprised voice say. He looked at Issei confused

"What are you doing here." Surprised to see Issei here with his sacred gear activated.

"I'm here to save Buchou, there's no way I'll let her marry Riser." Issei replied.

Naruto smiled "I'm here for the same reason, let's save her together ok?" Before Issei could ask any further questions, Naruto busted down the doors to the ceremony.

The whole room looked their way while gasping. Riser turned his head to look at all the commotion and became infuriated at what he saw

"You fools again, get them!" Yelled Riser.

As the guards raced towards them, the rest of Rias' peerage moved to try and stop them but before they could could they heard Naruto say"Been wanting to try this out for a while." The guards were closing on him and Issei, Issei rose his sacred gear up prepared to defend himself. Naruto just stood there calmly until the guards came with a few feet of them "Chidori Stream" Naruto said. Lighting started so spread out from his body in different directions, it reached the area were the guards where and shocked them violently. Their screams were heard all throughout the hall as the lighting kept zapping them. Finally they fell to the ground twitching as the Jutsu fried them. Naruto walked past them without a care in the world, Issei followed behind him warily. Rias was absolutely shocked, how the hell did Naruto get here? That didn't matter, what did though was that both him and Issei had fought through dozens of gaurds and crashed this wedding for her. Well actually Naruto did but she didn't know that.

"This wedding is over." Naruto said in a time that left no room for debate.

Riser laughed "It doesn't matter what you want, this wedding is happening." He said amused.

"We'll be long dead before you could dream about marrying Buchou." Issei yelled. Riser snarled lighting his hand with fire

"That's right Rias is coming with us." Naruto said backing him up. This only served to anger Riser more

"And who are you to demand such a thing? I'm Riser Phenex, pride of the Phenex family you're just a lowly peasant so disappointing that your parents practically begged for someone to take you in so they didn't have to deal with you" Riser mocked while grinning thinking he had throughly insulted Naruto. Suddenly everyone took a sharp intake of breath as a dark aura can upon them. Standing in the middle was Naruto his hair shadowing his eyes. They had no idea how much that comment hurt him, just the mention of his parents was enough to make him sad for the whole day. He lifted up his head to reveal dark red eyes with slits going down the middle, most of the people in the room backed up terrified of this beast, even Rias and her peerage were feeling a little bit scared of Naruto.

"L-Lucifer-sama please get rid of this pest." Riser said feeling a little scared.. Meanwhile Sirzechs was busy sweating at the sight of the boy in front of them. While everyone was getting a small dose of his power Sirzechs could see it all clearly. This man, no being was powerful beyond belief. He identified this powerful being as the mage that Rias said had been helping her peerage, but she didn't mention he was this powerful. His guess was that Naruto didn't exactly want to reveal his power to the world yet and that comment from Riser had been enough to realize his restraints a little. Obviously he wasn't here to destroy any of them or else he would be blowing up half the underworld right now. This was disturbing. Usually powerful beings like him only came around for extremely important reasons, so why was he trying to help his sister ?He could see that he actually wanted to stop this marriage and would do anything to do it but why?he didn't know, any answer he can up with didn't make sense. For now he wouldn't question if Naruto wanted to help, he would take it and get Rias out of this marriage. So he decided to speak

"Please forgive Riser's foolishness, what were you here to talk about?" Sirzechs said in a calming voice.

'Calm down kit, if you keep this up you'll release one of my tails' said Kurama from inside his head. Naruto closed his eyes and shook his head to clear his thoughts, moments later he had calmed himself down. He reopened his eyes to show his normal inviting blue eyes and spoke with a friendly tone

"I do not think this wedding should happen, it's not right to have Rias forcible marry someone" Naruto said knowing that man in front of him was the head Maou front the textbooks he read.

"I see, and you think so to Issei?" Sirzechs said recognizing his sister's pawn. Issei was caught off guard that the king of the underworld knew his name

"Y-yes sir, there is no way I'll let someone like Riser marry Buchou." Issei said standing straight as a solider. Sirzechs smiled and said "Then it's decided we shall have a battle to decide." Riser now turned to Sirzechs, surprise written on his face

"What do mean Lucifer-sama? This marriage is set in stone." He said.

"Actually I asked them to come, this joyous occasion deserved some entertainment and I had to offer them a prize to fight for so if they wish it then I have to make it happen. Unless you don't want to fight them for the crowd Riser." Sirzechs said playing on his pride. Naruto looked confused he was expecting some resistance from Rias' brother but it looked like he wanted this marriage to get canceled. He also was confused when Sirzechs said he invited him here when he had never even talked to the man.

"What are you implying?" Riser said narrowing his eyes.

Sirzechs just kept smiling "Well it's just that you had so much more experience than Rias-chan, having played 10 rating games, but you barely won only having 2 pieces left willing to fight. I just think you were losing your touch and that you didn't want to risk another fight with such high consequences." Said Sirzechs getting Riser even angrier than before

"No please I'll show you my power by defeating them, it's just seems unfair that it's two versus one." Riser said still unsure he could beat Naruto alone. Sirzechs nodded, knowing it didn't really matter how many people were on his team

"How about this, it will be those two against you and your peerage." Sirzechs proclaimed. Why not it would be entertaining seeing Riser lose with his whole peerage behind him. The whole hall was surprised at his proclamation, that was impossible odds to go against. Rias gave her brother an angry look, why would he give her a chance to get out of this then take it away just as quickly? Riser smirked too engrossed in his for sure victory to question why Sirzechs gave him those odds.

"Onee-sama, surely you can give them a better chance." Rias said stepping up.

"No, to get this reward they have to earn it." Sirzechs said firmly to his sister. Rias grit her teeth but backed away concerned for Issei's and Naruto's safety. "Now that this issue is resolved, everyone will you please head to the arena for the match." Sirzechs said loudly. All of the people got up and headed towards the arena, no doubt wondering how Naruto and Issei would fair against Riser's peerage. Rias saw her brother escort Issei and Naruto off and looked at them one last time with a concerned face before being dragged off by her peerage.


"This is a challenge between Riser Phenex and Peerage against Uzumaki Naruto and Hyoudou Issei. Just to clarify may I ask what your reward would be If you win? fortune, fame, beautiful women?" Sirzechs said in front of the huge crowd. Issei looked tempted at that last comment before Naruto smacked him across the head

"We would like the marriage between Riser and Rias to be cancelled." Naruto said while the crowd whispered among themselves.

Sirzechs smiled and said "Very well, that will be your reward. Let the game commence." Sirzechs said activating a magic circle. Naruto and Issei were transported to a huge chess board with gigantic chess pieces on it. The sky was red and had many dark clouds. The people in the arena all watched as Naruto and Issei prepared to battle

"Issei let me handle most of them." Naruto said looking at Riser's peerage who were all smirking at them.

"No way! I have something that'll blow them away. Issei responded activating his sacred gear. Naruto looked At Issei's power levels and was surprised to see that he was indeed a lot more powerful than he was in the rating game.

"What did you do." Naruto whispered wondering what Issei did to get this power in only three days.

"My sacred gear has a power up I can use, it's called balance breaker. For now I can only use it for 10 seconds before I run out of energy.

Naruto nodded then said "Look Issei that might work if you went against Riser only but we're going against his peerage, for now I'll take on some of the higher pieces you take on the pawns. When we get to Riser you should use that balance breaker" Issei grunted but nodded knowing what Naruto said was right.

"Are you done talking, I don't even know why Lord Lucifer is allowing such a worthless human compete." Riser mocked Naruto's show of power completely forgotten.

His comment didn't have any effect on Naruto who was just standing waiting for the first blow. "To terrified to speak? Okay then lets get this over with." Riser said snapping his fingers in a bored tone of voice. Two of Risers Knights and three of his pawns stepped up.

'He's too overconfident if he thinks that could beat us with just them, even Issei took down more pieces than this with Kiba.' Naruto thought.

"On behalf of Lord Riser you will fall here by my blade." Said a girl with light brown hair, wearing what looked like some medieval knight armor. "Yes Lord Riser wouldn't be happy if we were to lose to some pathetic human." Said a women with purple hair all tied up in a pony tail on the top of her head.

"Alright Issei let's roll!" Naruto yelled heading towards the women with the armor. Issei nodded and ran towards the chainsaw twins and the wind staff user.

As Naruto closed in the woman brought her sword up to defend. As he finally got to her she decided to slash her sword downwards upon him. Naruto quickly brought out a kunai to defend the attack. Sparks flew when they connected, and Naruto pouted a little. She was a lot weaker than one of the last opponents he had fought, this would be no fun at all.

She grunted trying to break through his guard but it just wasn't happening. She brought her foot up to kick him in the stomach while he was preoccupied, but he just pushed her sword away and caught her foot. Naruto quickly spun and threw her into the purple haired woman who had just tried to sneak up on him. They both went tumbling back into ground. After a few seconds the purple haired woman got up with an annoyed noise, but before she could move a devastating elbow connected with her head sending her face first into the ground. Blood came out of her mouth as she laid there in the small crater.

Naruto was forced to tilt his head backwards as a flaming sword went past him. The women gritted her teeth, mad she wasn't able to land a strike on him and continued her assault. He ducked, dodged left, and then jump over her avoiding all her strikes. Once he landed on the ground he did a sweep kick knocking her to the ground. He then grinned and held out his hand, a blue mist surrounded his hand a took a sword like shape. As the mist came together, out popped a sword made of ice.

Ice style, the new sub-element he had learned.

He had tried to unlock this when he had first got here. He wanted it because it was something he could use in order to remember Haku, and what he taught to him about protecting his precious people. He had finally unlocked it on his trip with Kuroka and was just waiting to use it! He posed the sword ready to strike as the woman closed in on him. His sword met her's as they were locked in a fierce sword battle. Naruto was swiping left and right giving her some shallow cuts while blocking all her attacks. She attacked again only to be blocked yet another time. Her face showed anger "How is your sword not melting! It makes no sense!" She screamed out in frustration. He grinned as she struggled to fight for dominance. Chakra really made this style strong, he remembered on that mission that not even Sasuke's fireball Jutsu couldn't hope to melt Haku's ice.

Their arms were raised high up in the air and Naruto took advantage of that. He head butted hard and she went flying back onto the ground once more. Before she could blink Naruto appeared above her sending a sword strike her way. While on the ground, she brought her sword up to block the attack and succeeded. Her victory was short lived when she saw her sword crack. Her eyes widened when her sword completely shattered due to the force Naruto put on it. She looked scared as Naruto approached her, his sword ready to strike. He looked left and suddenly ducked as the purple haired woman flew over him. He suddenly shot his hand forward thrusting the sword straight into her stomach.

Her face was wide in surprise as she started to glow and disappear. "One of Riser-sama's Knights has retired." The announcer said. Naruto turned back to the woman was on the ground who was looking at him in slight bewilderment. He sighed as he brought the sword down on her. Moments later she started to glow and scatter away "One of Riser-sama's Knights has retired." The announcer said. He turned back around and let his sword disappear into mist, turning to his left he saw Issei grinning with 3 naked women behind him. Naruto face palmed and blushed a little at their exposed bodies.

"You huge pervert! Why would you do this to us again!" Said a little green haired girl. Issei paid no mind at their curses and continued to ogle them with heart in his eyes.

He was nailed in the back of the head with a rock, by a whistling Naruto innocently tossing a rock up and down.

"Look can you hurry up with this Issei looks like Riser isn't happy." Naruto said jerking his head at Riser who was ordering more of his pieces to join the fight. Issei shook himself out of his perverted fantasies and raised his sacred gear at the girls and thrust his sacred gear forward. A huge red beam came out of Issei's hand and blew the girls up sky high. Naruto was certainly impressed, that attack could probably destroy a small part of a mountain(which it did).

"Three of Riser-sama's pawns have retired." The announcer said. Riser grit his teeth how could this worthless pawn and this pathetic ma take out so many of his pieces. There was no way he was going to let this marriage slip away from him

"All my slaves attack!" He ordered. They did as their master commanded and stepped up.

He suddenly moved quickly and got right next to Issei, there was no way Issei could take on all these pieces even if it was all the pawns. Naruto pushed Issei out of the way as he jumped over both of Riser's rooks who were intending to pound them.

"Keep your head in the game." Naruto yelled at him. Issei shook his head while on the floor. "Just keep them off me for a while I need some time to power up.

"Issei said moving behind him. Naruto heard a voice from his sacred gear say 'Boost!' Before he was forced into action.

Naruto was surrounded so he decided he needed some space "Ice style: Frost Wall Jutsu." He said slamming his hands into the floor. Suddenly a huge barrier of ice, the size of a small building came out of the ground and blocked all of the attackers out. Riser's rooks and Yebullana were throwing attacks at the wall but it was barely doing any damage. Naruto went through more signs "Ice style: Ice spikes Jutsu." He said his hands together in a seal. Suddenly hundreds of spike burst out of the ground and plowed into the wall. The Ice wall shattered and all the spikes burst through. This caught most of Riser's peerage by surprise, the wall he erected must have been as tall as a two story house maybe even 3, and then he shot hundreds of spikes all of them being no less than 10 yards at them. They became horrified as they saw the remaining five pawns get impaled by the ice spikes. "5 of Riser-sama's pawns have retired."came the announcers voice.

Who was this mage?

In the Satan's box

"That is quite impressive, I take it this was the reason you called us out here?" Said Ajuka.

"That was so awesome!" Said Serfall in a childish voice.

"Yea looks like he specializes in Ice magic from what we've seen." Said Falbium actually not bored for a change.

"He's good, but he can't compete with me." Serfall said giving a victory sign. Sirzechs smiled at her behavior, funny thing was he knew Serfall would lose in fight between her and Naruto

"I'm not so sure about that." Sirzechs said as politely as possible. Everyone turned to him surprised he would make such a statement, Serfall was the best at ice magic user they had ever known.

"How could you said that Sirzechs-chan." Serfall said holding her head down sadly.

"Take a look at his power levels." Sirzechs said simply. They all did as asked and found out something quite interesting

"He's holding back, a lot. How much I'm not sure." Said Ajuka taking some interest in this white haired mage.

"He's incredibly strong, I found out his power level when he flared some it during the ceremony. If I had to guess he is some sort of extremely powerful being like the infinite dragon God." Sirzechs said earning stunned looks from the rest of them.

"Are you sure? That's a pretty bold statement to make." Said Ajuka with a hint of worry in his voice.

"I'm pretty sure unless he did something to make it seem like he had more power than he actually possessed." Said Sirzechs.

"Well what do we do." Said Falbium.

"Nothing, he is helping my sister get out of this marriage and I should be thanking him not finding out ways to deal with him." Said Sirzechs smiling. They all agreed that they hated the idea of having people forcible marry each other, so they all pretty much didn't care if this marriage was ruined.

"Why would he come here to save you're sister." Said Ajuka wondering what could posses a being such as himself to help a high-class devil from getting married.

"I don't know but for now he's not a threat and we should keep this under wraps, besides I have something he could all help us out with later." Said Sirzechs leaning back in his seat. The others Satans thought back on his words certainly more interested by this Uzumaki.


"You piece of trash! I will not let you ruin this Union!" Yelled Riser commanding his remaining pieces to attack. Issei hopped back in next to Naruto with his sacred gear glowing.

"That ice thing you did was like totally cool." Issei said a smirk on his face. "Yeah yeah can you fight now." Naruto said preparing for the fight

"Yeah you bet I've got 12 times my normal power now baby!" He said loudly. Naruto nodded and then rushed forward to grab a punch from one of Riser's rooks.

He threw a kick to throw her back and then said "Ok there's only four now, let's take them together." Issei nodded and rushed towards the other rook and engaging her in hand to hand combat. One of the Bishops rose up and tried to fire a bunch of magic beams at both Naruto and Issei. They both dodged around the beams while still fighting the rooks in front of them.

Naruto dogded another beam while throwing a right hook at his opponent. She brought her arms up in order to block the strike, but grunted at the force behind it. She skidded back a little but didn't give, she went at him with more vigor attempting to put him down. She threw a punch at his face put he just ducked underneath it while grabbing her arm and side. The chucked her straight at the Bishop floating in the sky who was attempting to blast them away. The woman got hit full force by the rook and they both went falling down into the earth."Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu." Naruto yelled while breathing fire out of his mouth.

The fire turned into a huge dragon with yellow eyes that looked menacing and deadly. It gave off a loud roar before dashing towards the two downed women. Naruto saw a huge explosion of fire go off, the heat and light from the explosion could make anyone's skin tingle. "One of Riser-sama's bishops and one of his rooks have retired." Said the announcer over the speaker. He looked left just to see Issei deliver a hard punch to the other rooks face sending them off with a loud yell. They glowed before scattering into dozens of particles "One of Riser-sama's rooks has retired." Said the announcer. Naruto walked over to Issei and gave him a thumbs up "Nice job now only one left." Naruto said pointing to an enraged Riser.

How!? How could this lowly devil and this no name mage destroy his entire peerage! He would not stand for it, they would die here and now. Riser's lit his entire body with fire before yelling and charging at them.

"This is it! Issei activate your balance breaker!" Naruto yelled. Issei nodded as his sacred began to glow, suddenly his sacred gear started to extend starting from his arm and spreading towards his main body. Soon Issei was fully transformed clad in a red type of armor with multiple green orbs covering him.

"Boosted Gear: Balance Breaker Scale Mail" Issei said. Issei let out a huge yell before charging to meet Riser in the middle. Riser let out some saliva as a hard punch was delivered to his stomach and he flew towards one of the gigantic chess pieces. Riser crashed into the piece creating a huge hole. Naruto was certainly impressed, that was an incredibly amount of power Issei put behind that punch, not to mention that this transformation was badass.

Riser sat up, the ruble falling off of him as he did so. He sat there slightly dazed and rubbing his head but as quick as lighting Issei was once again there punching him in the face. This time Riser went clean through the chess piece and was still flying when he came out the other side. Naruto was right there wanting to deliver some punishment for all the trouble Riser caused.

As Riser rapidly approaches the ground Naruto backflipped hitting him with a bone crushing kick straight on his chin. Blood leaked out of mouth as he went flying into the air. Issei was up there waiting for Riser in order to send another punch his way, but Riser surprisingly recovered and sprouted his flaming wings and blasting Issei with a huge torrent of fire. Issei went flying through the air as Riser's prepared huge discs of fire to throw at Issei. Naruto quickly tried to divert Riser's attention by going through more seals

"Water Style: Water Cannon Jutsu." He said spitting multiple concentrated streams of water through his mouth. Riser was forced to dodge all the the streams of water, but one hit him sending him falling down to the earth before he corrected himself mid-fall.

He snarled and flew straight to Naruto his fist cocked back. His hand never made it though because Naruto was already there sending him flying through the air and onto the ground with a kick to the face. He yelled as he got right back up and charged at Naruto again. Naruto simply ducked under his falling hand and punches him in the abdomen. Riser grunted and prepared to strike again but a punch made contact with his face. Another to his stomach. One to his chest. Another to the side of his face. A kick to his stomach. Naruto pounded him relentlessly punching and kicking him harshly, Riser stood no chance. Naruto brought his fist up it began glowing yellow as he prepared to knock Riser out of this world.

Riser looked up with a horrified expression at the glowing fist that was descending upon him. Suddenly Naruto stopped his fist I front of a little girl's face "Please stop hurting him!" Ravel said throwing her hands up in front of Riser. Naruto recognized her as Riser's sister

"Why? He caused a lot of pain to my friends for his own selfish desires." Naruto asked his eyes turning toward her. She blushed underneath his intense gaze

"I-I know my brother can be quite stupid, and I know he hurt your friends and I'm sorry, but he's till my brother and I'll do whatever it takes to protect him! Please he just needed some humbling maybe this defeat can show him not to be so foolish, he's learned his lesson and he will never do something like this ever again I'll make sure of it." Naruto stopped at her words and took a look at the broken and beaten Riser who was holding his head down. He guessed that Riser had taken quite the punishment at his hands so maybe if he was willing to change Naruto would let him go. He then turned back to Ravel before smiling

"Ok, but he better not do anything who knows if you'll be there next time to save his ass." Naruto said smiling at her. She blushed at his kind smile and the inviting blue eyes, she had never such a warm and lively eyes such as his in her entire life. Ravel was suddenly pushed forward into Naruto as he caught her

"I will not lose!" Riser screamed firing a huge stream of fire at both of them. Naruto dodged left with Ravel screaming in his arms. He ran around one of the chess pieces and sat Ravel down on the floor. Ravel on the other hand couldn't believe her brother would do that.

She could have gotten seriously hurt in that blast, but it didn't look like Riser cared at all. Did she really mean so little to him that he would use her as a distraction? Naruto peaked around the chess piece and became surprise. There was Issei who only had his arm covered in armor battling Riser on the middle of the floor. He saw Riser and Issei punch each other in the face at the same time and both of them went flying back in opposite directions. Naruto turned back to Ravel

"Stay here, this'll be over over soon." Naruto said rushing toward Issei and Riser while Ravel watched from the safety of cover.

"How? There is no way you can hold that cross even with that sacred gear. Wait you sacrificed your arm to it didn't you?!" Riser yelled. Naruto surprised face turned to the panting and sweaty Issei

"You bet I did! Even if I had to give up my arm,stopping you from marrying Buchou was an arm well spent." Issei yelled back. That shocked Naruto to the core, Issei willingly sacrificed his arm in order to stop the marriage? He didn't think that Issei would go to such lengths to beat Riser, but apparently there was a lot of bravery in Issei Naruto hadn't seen before. Even though they only knew Rias for about a month or two, Issei had just showed his undying loyalty to his King and for once it wasn't about trying to get into someone's pants. He genuinely wanted to protect Rias' happiness and if she wasn't grateful when this whole thing was over, Naruto didn't know what was wrong with her.

"Issei pounding this guy isn't going to work we need to do something else." Naruto said as both Riser and Issei turned towards him.

"What do you think we should do?" Issei asked while Riser backed up a little.

"Do you have power for another attack?" Naruto asked walking up beside him. Issei smirked "Plenty." Issei said holding up his arm. Naruto didn't know if this would work with chakra like it did with magic but he would give it a try. Naruto started going through signs as Rise raised a ball of fire

"Ice Style: Frosted Earth." Naruto said before ice started to form on the ground spreading all over the floor. The ground became ice and in some parts giant spikes were coming or of the ground. All of it was heading straight towards Issei. He brought down his sacred gear as all of the ice went into his sacred and a symbol appeared.

"Transfer!" It said before ice erupted from his location in all directions, the chakra Naruto put into the Jutsu was so great that the ice froze anything in the surrounding area, the gigantic pieces were completely frozen over, if you stepped anywhere you would slip, giant spikes were jutting out of the ground as far as the eye could see. In the middle of it all was a Riser completely frozen in a thick block of ice. Issei looked down at his sacred gear amazed at how it could cause all of this "Awesome!" He yelled jumping around before slipping and hitting the ground. He rubbed the back of his head as Naruto let his domed wall Jutsu go. Out came Naruto and Ravel perfectly okay

"Uh Issei are you sleeping?" Naruto said looking at Issei snoring on the floor.

He snorted, looks like that last attack took a lot out of him. "Riser-sama can no longer continue, the winners are Uzumaki Naruto and Hyoudou Issei." Said the announcer. Naruto smiled looks like that was game. The magic circle appeared beneath all of them and they were teleported away.


As the Arena came into view they were met with hundreds off stunned Devils all surprised at the display of power and how 2 people took down Riser's peerage. Sirzechs stood up from the Satans booth "As declared by the challengers upon their victory the marriage between Riser Phenex and my sister is cancelled" Sirzechs declared. Immediately Rias and her peerage ran towards them. Rias immediately dropped to the ground putting Issei's in her lap and holding him close.

"Buchou we beat them.." Issei said weakly. She looked down at him smiling softly "You did, I'm really grateful you guys do all this for me." Rias said touched that Issei would go to lengths such as giving his arm away to keep her happy.

"Eh he I'll see you when I wake up Buchou." Issei said falling asleep. Rias kept smiling and handed him over to Kiba. She then turned around jumping into Naruto's arms, he was surprised but he returned it. He could partially feel the joy rolling off of her

"And thank you too Naruto, but I have to ask how did you know we would lose? Did you have such little faith it us" she said playfully breaking the hug. He laughed

"No, let's just say I have my ways." He responded hoping that would satisfy her, he didn't want to explain that he was watching the match back at Grigori headquarters. She eyed him suspiciously before giving up and smiling. This was a good moment she wouldn't ruin it by bombarding him with questions, for now she would just be happy she could marry who she wanted to.

It was a good day indeed.


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