Chapter 1

Owlkit watched as each other kit played and rolled around.

"I am snowstar, leader of stoneclan."

A white tom proudly stated.

"And I am the loyal deputy, sheepclaw!"

A white and black she-kit shouted.

Owlkit crawled up to the other kits, and wiggled over.

A tortie foot hit him in the face,

"Oof!" He squealed.

"I am troutscale, and I shall stop snowstar."

Owlkit crawled up to snowkit, and poked his foot.

"What is it, scrub?" Snowkit glared at his brother.

"Can I play?" Owlkit sweetly asked, poking around with a small pebble.

Snowkit raised a paw, and flicked owlkit's nose.

"Beat it, tiny." He smirked.

Sheepkit overheard. "Yeah, flea-brain."

Owlkit shifted his paws.

"That was not very nice.." He frowned at the other kits.

"Owlkit, you're just..." Tabbykit mumbled.

Owlkit raised his eyebrows


"Tiny. You are too tiny." She finished.

Owlkit looked diwn and the stony ground.

"Sheepkit is blind. You let her play." Owlkit protested.

Snowkit laughed at the brown tabby. "You are no bigger than a mouse! Sheepkit can still hunt and fight. You think you could take down a huge warrior, when you could be killed with one paw?" Snowkit snarled with a smirk on his face.

"I'll grow!" Owlkit yelled at his brother, snarling.

"Who told you that? Rooktalon? That stinky old rotting elder?" Snowkit teased.

"He's right owlkit." Said dottedkit. "Rooktalon and licheneye are the only cats you talk to. Just old elders, waste of clan space, and extra mouths to feed."

A dark shadow ran over dottedkit and snowkit.

"Hello youngsters." It was rooktalon.

"Hello, rooktalon!" Dottedkit put on a sweet voice.

"We were talking about how you were so wonderful!" Snowkit fakely smiled.

Rooktalon narrowed his eyes. "Wonderful as in, I'm a waste of clan space?" Rooktalon growled.

Snowkit gulped.

"Don't disrescept your elders. You are lucky that I'm not telling birchstar."

Snowkit and dottedkit waited until the elder was gone and snowkit spoke up again.

"Whatever. Scram." Snowkit pushed owlkit away with his hind paws.

"Leave us alone." Snarled troutkit.

Owlkit sighed.

'One day, I'll show them. One day...'

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