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So, first of all I'm sorry for taking so long to update this. I've had some pretty serious medical things going on this past year, and that has made it hard for me to write consistently. I appreciate your patience, and I really hope it's been worth the wait for you (Sorry, if it wasn't—I tried!). Having said that, though, when I've had the chance I have greatly expanded this universe at the partial suggestion and complete encouragement of somebody who will remain nameless for now, and I now have about two hundred and eighty more pages for you to read. All of that has already been written, so it *shouldn't* take me more than a couple of days in between updates, but it still needs to be edited, because it was largely written out of order (part of the reason I haven't posted any of it before now). There are some minor changes to the mythos and family dynamics that have come with expanding this universe, but I've tried my best to bridge the gap between what you've already read and the things I have added in the last year as I explored this universe more and more. Another part of the reason I waited so long to post this last chapter was I wanted to make sure that the continuity between the two parts flowed as best as they could.

However, having said all of that, I completely understand if you're not ready to make that kind of time or emotional commitment to this piece of work and want to jump ship before you get yourself even more invested in the story! Thank you for coming along with me this far on the journey, and please feel free to swing back by in time you get a chance! You're always welcome!

I will confess that there are still more story arcs that I wish to explore in this universe beyond what I have written, and hope that I someday will, because I've had more fun writing this than I have doing pretty much anything else in a really long time, but there are other shorter fanfiction universes that I want to take to some time to explore, and I've neglected my personal works for far too long while I've shaped and crafted this.

The next piece that I'm going to add to this collection is actually a flashback, not a direct continuation (sorry!), but I think it gives important insight to those things like the mythos of the universe and some of the backgrounds of the characters as I have written them. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to group all of these together to make them easier for you all to get to them, but I think I'm going to make a community(?) and include all of the works in there? You guys should have access to that, right? That part aside, every title will start with "Nesting" followed by a brief description (much like the "Part One" I've added to this piece). This is cross-posted on AO3, but the two pieces will be exactly the same (for this arc—there might be some hanky-panky I only post to AO3 in the next arc due to the Terms and Agreements of , but I will let you know as soon as that happens!).

The points of view will continue to jump around from chapter to chapter, though the rest of them retain one "voice" through each individual chapter (with one minor exception, though I'll talk more about that when we get there). I had intended this past chapter to only have one point of view, like the rest, but some of the expansions impeded that goal and I wanted to add some of Kon's voice for those who wouldn't be continuing on. Both of these next two parts focus on Tim and Kon, however there are Jason and Dick centric sections down the road! Originally speaking I had intended on switching back and forth between the two couples every section, but I felt that this way was better.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them! Though, as a writer I have the prerogative to not answer them for fear of spoilers. I tried my best to explain certain quirks and things of the mythos as I went, but this is also my story so I already know all of the ins and outs of why everything happens. I will say that I have a tendency of leaving off on cliffhangers between chapters so I ask that you refrain from judging my decisions until you've had a chance to read the pieces as a whole. I like to believe that I am a very realistic writer in the sense that not everything is sunshine and roses, and my characters deal with some tough decisions as they go.

This last little chapter takes place just about a week after the last chapter, after everything else has more or less gone back to normal, and acts as both a epilogue for this section and a prologue for basically the rest of the story.

Once again, I greatly appreciate the support and patience that you have given me, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

"Huh," Dick blinked. "That would explain it."

He reread the screen a fifth and sixth time, just to make sure he hadn't missed something, before he hit the print button on the top corner of the screen and deleted the computer's history for the previous two hours. Bruce had asked him to run that week's set of blood work for the family (just routine stuff to make sure they had a head start on anything that went wrong), and Dick hadn't thought twice about it until the alarm started going off about half way through Tim's screening.

It took three and a half minutes for the computer's history to clear before he was folding the results into his back pocket and taking the stairs up and out of the Batcave two at a time. He thought about taking the printer and setting it on fire—just to be Batman-grade thorough—but he didn't think anybody would stoop that low to spy on him, and it wasn't like he was planning on hiding what he'd found out for very long. He just…needed to figure out how to break the news without Tim killing him or having a heart attack from the shock…

Yeah… That was it.

Part of Dick's mind raced ahead into the what-if scenarios at a hundred miles an hour, while the other lingered back in front of the computer, trying to process what he'd just seen.

Dick was happy—hell, he was ecstatic—he just…wasn't sure if all of the other parties involved would feel the same way. Sure, they all knew it was coming one day—Hal knew it was coming one day, for Superman's sake—but Tim had a tendency to plan out his life, down to the very last detail, and Dick was pretty sure he hadn't planned for this.

Not yet anyway.

Even with everything going on, he would have told Dick or Jason about it—certainly wouldn't have let Bruce or Dick run the blood tests and find out in such an impersonal way if he had his suspicions or was expecting it. He wouldn't do that, Dick shook his head as he took the last couple of stairs up to the clock's door. He'd want us—all of us—to be a part of this. Tim isn't one to keep things from the family.

And that little fact came as both reassurance and a point of contention for Dick, because on the one hand, it helped solidify his theory that Tim didn't know and wasn't keeping them out of the loop on purpose; but on the other hand, it also solidified his theory that Tim didn't know, and that meant that Dick was going to have to be the one to tell him.

And Dick couldn't just…not tell him—not with the lives they lived. It was too dangerous for Tim to be out on patrol in this condition (especially on his own), and he'd need to cut back on the time he put into Wayne Enterprises so he could take better care of himself for awhile. Not to mention all of the preparation they needed to tend to…

"Hey, Jay?" he called out as he stepped into the sitting room and let the Clock Face fall back closed behind himself. "Are you here?"

"…Yeah," Jason's response came after a minute and Dick redirected his course to the kitchen without a second thought. "You ready to go?"

"Um…not quite."

"Not quite?" Jason furrowed his eyebrows, and jumped a bit when Dick came around the corner and into sight. He was over by the sink, washing the dishes that had piled up in the sink in Alfred's absence throughout the day, but he craned his head around to hear Dick better (and so that he wasn't yelling into the open window over top of the sink).

"Yeah, not quite," Dick repeated himself, sidling up behind Jason and pressing a lingering kiss to the back of the taller man's neck as his hands slipped up underneath the waist band of his shirt and onto the warm skin of his back underneath.

"That doesn't sound good," Jason hummed, leaning back into the touch as he turned off the water and reached for a nearby dishtowel to dry his hands. "What's going on?"

"Well…" Dick mused, mulling over whether or not he should say anything because it really wasn't his place, but then again, he had no idea how to tell Tim, and Jason was usually better at these types of things when Tim was involved (and he wasn't being a total dick about it)…so… "Tim's pregnant."