Passion & secrets can = MURDER!

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Summary: On a bitterly cold midwinter afternoon, the body of a man is found in a restroom at the busiest railway terminal in the USA. However, the immediate cause of his demise is unknown, as his personal effects are still intact and his body appears to be unmarked. NYPD Homicide Detective Finn Hudson, and Forensic specialist Rachel Berry join forces to try to solve the crime. However, once they start digging, they find the victim was maybe not as innocent as first thought, but still... did he deserve to turn up dead? Then again, that might be just a small part of the tale…!

**This is a Finchel story at heart **


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Chapter one:

14:00 hours, Tuesday January 20 2016- NYPD:

The impatient ringing of his desk phone tore Senior Detective Finn Hudson's focus away from the manila file marked (JAWORSKI-DW, case #7845- Dec-2015) open on the desk in front of him, and without taking his eyes off the papers he reaches out his left hand picking up the receiver and offering the caller a curt,


"Oh hey Jimmy…"

Finn's buddy Jimmy Delessio, who works the Grand Central Terminal beat, was letting him know that a body had been found in one of the restrooms there and he has the scene blocked off. He gives Finn as much detail as he has at this stage, but other than confirming the guy is dead Jimmy doesn't have much other info, except to say his lips are a bluish color.

"Shit, in this weather? Sigh, yeah ok thanks man, be there in 10 to 15."

Finn hangs up cursing aloud, before calling the Coroner's office, while he is waiting for his call to be transferred to the ancient pain in the ass! Jessie St James, (a man, who in Finn's opinion should have retired years ago even though he wasn't really that much older than Finn) after telling his dip-shit of an assistant three times who he was and what he wanted, Finn's call is finally put through and once he has repeated the info Jimmy gave him, his call is transferred once more, this time to the Forensic Dept. Again expecting the same boring, spaced out drone of the nameless assistant. (Finn doesn't keep up with the staff changes in that part of the world so he really doesn't know or care who they are).

His opinion soon changed however, when he was very surprised to have his call answered by a chirpy voice of the female variety.

"Good afternoon Rachel Berry's office, this is Dottie Kazatori speaking how may I help you?"

Losing his composed demeanor for a split second, when he hears the name Rachel Berry, Finn chokes out

"Er… yeah t-this is Snr. Det. Finn H-Hudson from the NYPD, I need someone down at Grand Central Terminal, to take a look at a body the boys down there think is suspicious…

Dottie interjects with a sad "Oh dear, that's terrible please hold the line a minute while I check if Ms Berry is free..."

While he waits, his heart does somersaults in his chest, stopping his lungs from working and when the hold music hits his ears, his eyes sting with tears, and Finn loses himself in his memories of a tiny beautiful, brunette and the feelings the words of the classic Barbra song evokes… His hands shake and his brow beads with sweat, caused by nerves, and anger at the prospect of hearing her voice after so long, (his anger is not directed at the woman in question… no, no never at her. But at himself for the hurt and heartache, he knows he put her through all those years ago), and wonders if there is any chance that they could ever regain the closeness they once had… Fuck he would take what ever she wanted to give him… a slap across the face, a hard kick in the balls, hell even one of her famous Rachel Berry rants… However, with no time to dwell on the matter, a quiet voice filled with something he can't quite decipher at the minute cuts through his thoughts.

"Rachel Berry speaking…"

The few minutes spent talking with Rachel, has Finn all wound up, (and totally not in a good way) so he grabs his cell phone and notebook, tugs on his long winter coat, gloves, favorite hand knitted dark blue woolly hat and scarf. Shivering a little at the thought of leaving his nice warm office before striding through the maze of cubicle's in search of his partner, Snr. Det. Mike Chang. Finding him drooling over his long time crush Tina who is one of his departments' secretaries. He drags Mike away by the shoulder of his coat, ignoring the pouts and whines of his friend he just walks on. Shaking his head in irritation at the pair of them, thinking they should just make what they have fucking official, and save all the dancing and tip toeing around, as it is obvious to anyone with working eyes they have it bad for each other, not to mention his friend's happiness all of a sudden made Finn jealous as fuck!

14:15 hours, Tuesday January 20 2016 New York City Hospital:

"Um sorry to interrupt you Rachel… but um... there is a call for you on line 1. It is um... a Finn Hudson? From the NYPD he needs your help with a body over at Grand Central Terminal…"

Rachel sighs loudly, "OK, thank you Dottie, I'll be right there, please ask him to hold a minute or if he is too busy take his number and I'll call him back when I finish here, Oh and you'd better call 'he who thinks he is god' and check he is aware of the new case as well."

Shaking her dark head in a yes motion and pushing her over-large glasses back up her nose, Dottie makes her way back to her desk to do her bosses bidding. Idly wondering at the funny tone Rachel used when referring to the policeman, she thought he sounded cute on the phone, shrugging her thin shoulders and dismissing the thought, she picks up the receiver and nervously relays the message to the impatient caller

"I'm sorry Ms Berry is busy and will be a few minutes, would you like to hold or have her call you back…?"

Nodding at the gruff, "I'll hold" from the police officer Dottie just says."Thank you, Ms Berry shouldn't be too long" then pressing the hold button on her switchboard that plays some old song about a man and loving him, or something, not Dottie's sort of music at all, (she prefers modern rap and techno) but apparently Rachel likes it and kicked up all sorts of noise when the department wanted to replace all the phones waiting tones with whale and animal sounds. She then goes about calling the creepy Coroner, who lords over the place like he owns it and who according to one of Dottie's friends (and topic of her nightly x rated dreams) 'Stoner' Brett, who works down there. He apparently has conversations with the bodies and plays them his favorite Broadway classics; though most times he forgets the music is playing and sings over the top of it.

Brett even said the other week when they were on a 'date' in the cafeteria, "He has heard St Creepy, tell the bodies that the person singing on the CD is doing it wrong."

As she finishes sorting the tray of delicate tissue samples, before putting the numerous labelled Petri dishes in the fridge. Rachel sighs again, this time sadly, as she removes her gloves and makes her way to the washbasin, her mind flooded with thoughts of the tall handsome police officer, who was once her whole world…

"Rachel Berry speaking" Tears suddenly spring to her big brown eyes the instant she hears the soft almost whisper…

"R-Rach…? Hi…"

Schooling her features and adding a calm business like veneer to her voice, (ignoring the way her tummy feels like it is full of squiggly worms) and putting her long disused drama class talents to work, she says "How can I help you Detective, my assistant said you had a body?"

Nodding as she listens to the deep baritone voice, Rachel moves to grab her kit and motions to Dottie to grab the camera and tripod. "OK I'll be there ASAP, goodbye officer Hudson."


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