EPILOGUE - Passion and secrets can equal MURDER!

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**Keep on drumming**

8 Months later October 2016:

Rachel and Finn Hudson were enjoying the vista of the beautiful sun kissed beach and azure water from their bungalow's palm fond covered patio in Cabo San Lucas on the Mexican coast. The third fingers of their left hands adorned with matching golden bands that were exchanged in an intimate ceremony 4 weeks previously, the ocean-side setting exactly like Rachel's dream from years ago. The soft sea breezes and sounds of the waves gently kissing the shore, along with the gulls and other birds lulling Rachel into a sleepy doze, when a soft voice from her left nudges her awake, making her smile at the concerned tone in her husband's voice.

"Are you ok baby do you need anything? Some more crackers or ginger aleā€¦ what about some nice juicy cantaloupe or grapes I can call for some..."

Turning over on her day bed well as much as she can she reaches out her left hand and takes hold of his and raises it to her lips pressing against his tanned skin a soft kiss. Then lifting her dark sunglasses off her face, locks her dark brown eyes on his soft cinnamon ones sending her love as she says.

"Thank you baby but I'm ok at the minute, though I do need to use the bathroom can you please help me up?"

"Of course honey hold on one sec."

Watching him lifting his hard toned (and thanks to their time in the sun tanned) body off the low sun lounger, forces an involuntary moan of desire from Rachel when his chest muscles flex with his movements, causing his tattoo to twitch. He bends down and puts one hand out for her to take and once she is on her feet, his other wraps around her waist rubbing over the pronounced bump, that in about 4 and a half months will introduce either their son or daughter.

He frowns darkly when his finger tips make contact with a large raised scar that lies in-between her right hip and her belly button, which at the minute is poking out cutely due to her expanding belly. Sensing he is upset Rachel presses her own hand over his and whispers "It is OK baby everything is good, please don't upset yourself any more it is finished with and Justice has been served!"

Finn takes a deep breath and bends his neck a little to kiss her lips knowing her words are true... but every time he closes his eyes he can still see her lying unconscious on the pavement, blood pooling around her and the bastard who caused it crying it was a mistake. He tries to forget about the resulting trial and the truth about poor Sam Evans and Bernadette Walsher, who lost their lives because of one gutless and sick individual who thought just because a beautiful woman smiled at him she wanted him so therefore he had to get rid of the competition. Not to mention Mercedes Jones who missed out on her chance at a long happy life with her soul mate. Even though De'Jansen didn't put up a fight when Finn took him down in the park and pleaded guilty straight away, it still left a sour taste in Finn's mouth when he thought about things.

When Judge Symons gave him a chance to speak all he did was look at the floor of the accused stand and mumble "He was sorry that he hurt Rachel and in the instant she stepped in-front of Hudson he realized that she would never like him the way he wanted." Then his voice turns cold "But as for Evans and his bitch of a grandma he wasn't sorry in the least coz they forced him to do what he did, His Grandma 'specially coz she was always on his back naggin' and putting him down blaming him for his mother's early death and never givin' him a freakin' moments peace over getting kicked out of the academy." Then he turned his hate filled glare to Finn says in a darker malice filled voice, "You haven't heard the last of me Hudson I still blame you for that so enjoy your life while you can..."

He is interrupted from his hate fueled rant by Judge Symons who says,

"I will have order in my court Mr De'Jansen if you please! So be quiet and listen closely to what I have to say. After reading the evidence from all sources and your personal file from the NYPD academy as well as the private journal of Mr Evans. I have come to the conclusion that you have no one to blame for anything but yourself. We all have the ability to make choices Mr De'Jansen when we come to the crossroad of life, you obviously chose the wrong path and it finally came to a dead end. The taking of one human life, simply because you think you deserve more than you are prepared to work for is bad enough but to take another just because you were jealous of that person's success and happiness. Then to try and take a third, again because you were jealous that he had the love of a woman, who showed you no more than a business friendship and who had been together since their high school days. I have seriously considered your punishment and have decided that you need some serious psychiatric counselling and a long incarceration to pay for your crimes so I am sentencing you to 30 years each for the heinous premeditated murders' of Mrs Bernadette Walsher and Mr Samuel Evans, and 5 years for the attempted murder of Ms Berry. Guards please remove this person from my court room."

With the final thud of his gravel Judge Symons calls the case closed as the courtroom gallery filled mainly with Sam Evans's family and friends expels a simultaneous sigh of relief at the result. Knowing the result won't ever bring their friend back but at least justice has been served. Finn was interested to see that Mrs Evans was not in attendance, but Miss Jones was and being comforted by Artie Abrams and Kurt Hummel.

The soft call of his name brought his mind back to the present and he realized his beautiful wife was right. Justice had been served and Bobbie De'Jansen wouldn't see the light of day for about 70 years depending on his behavior. So now he could put that case in the solved box and get on. He could do that, but first his wife needed attention and well when duty calls..., a man has to do what a man has to do so when he walks from the sitting room of their bungalow into the bedroom to see if Rachel needs anything, he is struck dumb at the sight of his tiny pregnant wife laying on their king sized bed naked as the day she was born. Her mane of brunette hair in a swathe across the pillow contrasting with the white cover. One tiny perfect finger bent in a come hither action, and her left hand rubbing tiny circles over her belly, stopping every so often to trace over the four letters that spell his name inked on her beautiful honey colored skin.

"Hi baby I missed you but I'm a bit sleepy now would you snuggle with me?"

Not needing to be asked twice he made sure the door was locked and in an instant was naked as well, taking a few minutes to palm his erection trying to calm down a little before laying beside her, his rock hard dick pressing into her thigh and his lips on hers in a hard but passionate kiss that without words told how much they loved the other...

On the 21st of March 2017 Finn and Rachel Hudson welcomed into the world a beautiful little girl they named Amy Michele Hudson, a 6 pound 20 inch bundle of miniature Rachel but with her fathers cinnamon eyes and lopsided dimpled smile

Snuggled together on their bed the first night they were home from the hospital, Finn was just laying there listening to his family's cute snuffly snores, thanking the universe for finally getting it right and giving him back his life because he knew that even with all the best in course awards and medals he has received over the years nothing compares to five minutes in the company of his beautiful wife and the most special and valuable gift in the entire world their baby girl.


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