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This is a Nick/Trubel story :) Yeah, exactly, you read correctly and I repeat it best again: This is a Nick/Trubel story, this is just a precaution, be forewarned! Only just in case, that you are not surprised or complain ;-)

I have to admit that I thought, until recently, it was absurd to see these two as a couple.

A few weeks ago, I read it for the first time, in a conversation that some thought that "Nick / Trubel" that it is good. But until that time, I've never thought about these two coming together. Never ever! – Well come on, it's sounds obliquely!

I found Nick and Trubel always like a pair of siblings - Nick the big brothers and Trubel the little sister... Until recently, I had clamoring opposed to read a story about that "Couple" Let alone even to write something like that.

Okay, I always say that - but personally I am looking for "exceptional" couples - which do not occur as often ;-) And as luck would have, I found precisely, a story that satisfies me and now: the fat's in the fire =))

This is very much an Alternative Universe (AU) story.

But do not worry - Nick/Adalind and Nick/Juliette will have priority, but I needed to write this idea :)

Whoops - I think there went something wrong! I never thought I will ship Nick and Trubel :3

Chapter 1.

As Nick woke up, he felt slightly dizzy. He slowly got up from the ground, clumsy on his feet at first. "Juliette?" he called out, looking around. Carefully, he made his way upstairs, pausing mid-way up and cried when he realized the name that had come out of his mouth. When he remembered...

His stomach turned; he didn't know how to deal with the whole situation at the moment. Shaking himself a little, he instead called out "Trubel?" Once he finally got to the top of the stairs, he was quick to look in every room to see if she was in any of them.

She wasn't.

Perhaps all this was just a very bad nightmare. He was just about to go back down the stairs when a flurry of memories from last night flashed through his head. He held on to the wall to steady himself, reeling slightly with the shock and intensity.

Images shimmered, memories flickering rapidly:

His mother's head in a cardboard box.

And if that wasn't enough—Juliette being killed. By Trubel. To protect him so he wouldn't have to be the one to kill her even if it would have been self-defense.

Inside his heart, he knew that if it had been left to him, he would have failed it. No matter how much Juliette he had changed, he just could not bring himself to inflict harm onto her in any way. Even if he did not recognize the woman in front of him, he couldn't help that he was still in love with her.

Even knowing that that she'd been responsible for his mother coming to Portland, bringing Sean and Adalind's daughter, Diana, with her as well.

His thoughts circled to Trubel once more. How was she feeling about all this? Juliette had been like a big sister for her... he couldn't imagine that her having to kill Juliette had been easy on her, regardless of the reasons. She'd had to kill to save his life. Two arrows from a crossbow into Juliette, her friend and pseudo-family, to save his life.

Nick knew he and Juliette were both very important to Theresa—they were pretty much the only family Trubel had just then. Theresa hadn't known what had been going on in Portland... And to come home and see all that—it had to been a real shock.

Coming home to that... nothing as it once was.

His chest felt tight as he thought about the events of recent days and weeks. Juliette turned into a Hexenbiest. Adalind showing off her baby bump. Kenneth managing to get Juliette to his side. Nick didn't know how the Royal had managed it. Perhaps it was also because of the charmed offer, he'd simply exploited what he knew and managed to make a deal with Juliette—giving her something she must have wanted in return.

Nick sighed deeply, rubbing a hand over his face.

So much had happened, and now... he just felt tired. Exhausted. Sick with worry. And what made the entire thing worse was the worry about Trubel's whereabouts. Why she'd left. He knew she could defend herself, but it didn't stop him from worrying about where she was... What was happening to her.

He couldn't helping thinking about his child with Adalind. It was enough to make him light-headed sometimes when he thought about it. Fear and worry he figured any expectant father felt, but somehow compounded with him being a Grimm and all that came with that responsibility. But still, even with all that, he was delighted about his baby—even if it was with Adalind. His son would change everything about his life.

And of course, he was worried about his friends. If they knew he was all right and whether they might not need his help.

To be Continued?