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Chapter 10

When Nick woke up the next morning, he found himself briefly dazed, looking around the room for a moment before he realized where he was. He thought it was all a dream. But it hadn't been. He looked over to see Trubel asleep and couldn't help smiling. They'd stayed up a while, talking, until they'd finally been able to fall asleep.

He carefully got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and taking a shower before heading down to the kitchen. Monroe was up already, breakfast cooked and plated, watching the coffee pot finish brewing.

"'Morning, Nick. How'd you sleep?" Nick just shrugged in answer. Monroe pointed to the empty seat next to him, "Breakfast is all ready. And there's coffee," he said, bringing the coffee pot over. He grabbed a few mugs, too.

Nick sat down on a chair and poured himself a coffee. He wasn't hungry, but he needed some coffee, that was for sure.

"Rosalee is still sleeping," Monroe said, sipping from his own mug of coffee.

"Just like Trubel."

Monroe nodded his understanding. "Ah, so it's just us," he said and watched his longtime friend intently.

Monroe's voice had a special tone to it and the Grimm knew it couldn't mean anything good. Nick swallowed, he could feel that he was being watched. And it was rather uncomfortable. Not that he didn't want to talk to his friend, he was always up for conversation with Monroe, but it was unsettling that Monroe would make it known they were going to talk when the women weren't there.

Nick took a sip of his coffee, holding the mug to his mouth and mumbled "Yup, that's true. So, what did you want to talk to me about?" he asked, putting down his mug and looked intently at Monroe.

"Nothing," Monroe was quick to say. "If you're not ready for it, I completely understand. I just wanted to make sure you know that I'm here for you. Trubel, too. If, you know, you want to talk "

"Thanks, Monroe," Nick said, genuinely touched. "But I don't think I'm ready just yet... it's still sinking in, you know?" Nick paused, twitching a little as he realized something. Monroe hadn't seen his son yet! He took his cell phone from his pocket and showed a photo of Kelly to Monroe. "By the way, this is Kelly," he said, handing the phone over so his best friend could see the pictures he'd taken. "Adalind's and my son."


It was the second night Trubel and Nick were sharing a bed.

Theresa woke with a start, senses on alert. She didn't know what woke her... but something was not right. Something was bothering her. But she didn't know what it was. Sleepily, she looked around the room, blinking the fuzzy feeling of sleep away.

And there it was again; a weepy sound and the bed shaking slightly.


Trubel took a deep breath and let it out slow and quiet. How should she react, now that she knew it was coming from Nick? She swallowed and turned over, watching Nick. Even in the dark she could see that Nick stilled, body tensing and going stiff. He did not move a millimeter more.

"Nick," she whispered. But he gave no reaction that he'd heard. Trubel laid a hand gently on his shoulder and repeated: "Nick."

"Yeah," Nick finally responded in a brittle voice.

Theresa's skin broke out in goosebumps and she shifted a little closer. "You know, if you feel like talking, I'm here. I'll listen to you," she said and meant it.

Nick slowly shifted onto his side, so he was facing Theresa. "I know, Trubel. And I really appreciate the offer." He didn't say more, not having to say aloud that he wasn't quite ready to talk about it. But he leaned into the touch on his shoulder a little, finding comforting the the warmth of Theresa's touch.

Neither of them said another word, both discreetly keeping the silence and just enjoyed the fact that they weren't alone.

To be continued?